Multiculturalism - the Final Solution to the Problem of Whiteness The Jews' program of White genocide can be traced to a few Jewish bankers who were flush with cash after the Federal Reserve System was created.

The Good, the Bad and the Gullible Why it is crazy for people to deny and condone their own genocide.

Does Melted Snow Prove Assad is a Mass Murderer? The Trump administration has made a lunatic claim about melted snow 'proving' Assad is a mass murderer.

The Khazars' Rise and Fall How our current rulers gained power, and the ultimate fate that awaits them.

The Fable of the Wolves and the Sheep A tale of subversion and intrigue.

Barmy Blockheads Battle as their Delusions Unravel Believers in the myth of the "Holocaust" and the 'evil' of Hitler and "the Nazis" slag each other off as their web of lies collides with hard logic.

David Cameron's Thought Police Proposals Dissected The choice faced by Zionist puppet 'leaders': attempt to hold back the tide of truth and risk catastrophe, or break out of the chains, go with the flow and work for truth, justice and peace.

The Protocols of Joly Refutes the nonsensical claim about the Protocols of Zion being a "forgery", which, for example, is based on a claim that Russian secret police were hard at work "forging" a document to smear the Jews, and they inexplicably chose to reveal their secret plot to a woman who'd just been exposed in the press in April of the previous year as a destitute confidence trickster, and had been released from prison in August of the previous year for crimes of forgery, fraud, bribery and blackmail - and they show it to the fraudster's friends. (!) And the Jews' argument that anti-Semites fabricated the Protocols to make people hate the Jews relies on a claim that a Jew helped to write the Protocols to make people hate the Jews. More importantly, it shows who really wrote the Protocols, and how the perpetrators plagiarized Joly to steal his Machiavellian program for world domination for their Zionist project, which allowed them to get away with their next two massive hoaxes: the Hoax of the twentieth century and the Hoax of the twenty-first century.

A Comprehensive History of Zionist Crimes  Start here for a detailed compilation including wartime hoaxes, 20th century false-flag operations, 9/11, 7/7, Litvinenko assassination etc, in a single long article. Revised version.

How to Achieve Total World Domination - over 1,250 to 6,000 Years The Zionist programme spelt out. / Concise version

Identifying the Archfiends A crooked clique hides behind a race.

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