This analysis of the present global situation provides a concise description of the program employed to effect it. A lengthy narrative with links is available here. Note that anti-Zionism is not anti-Jew; it is opposition to global enslavement by an international fascist oligarchy that runs a protection racket for its puppet "national" governments.

The Rise of The Fascist Zionists

Criminals are the root of the problems, not a particular race or religion. Imagine a flow chart with four boxes. On the bottom level are C and M: the nominally Christian Western democracies and the Muslim nations. The next level up, in the centre, is a J box, for Jewish people. Above this is a box labelled Z, for Zionist crime syndicate. There are six straight lines connecting each box with each other (draw the C and M boxes so that J doesn't block them from Z). Atheists, agnostics and members of alternative faiths could be represented by points on the horizontal line between C and M. The bottom three boxes and the lines connecting them correspond to the vast majority of the world's people, including all religions and races. These are the decent, honorable majority, although this section includes a minority of relatively minor criminals. The top box are the arch-villains whom we should target for prosecution, conviction, and subsequent removal from the scene.

The horizontal line between C and M represents how the Christian and Muslim people are played off against each other. This ranges from wholesale killings such as the Iraq war to the anti-Islam cartoons furore which led to "only" some 15 to 20 deaths in a single day. The two diagonal lines from J to C and M denote how Jews are being played against everyone else. The criminals exploit Jews' fears of persecution, and also hide behind the Jewish people's coat-tails by claiming that attacks on the criminals are attacks on "the Jews". In this situation, the Zionist criminals are able to recruit Mossad agents by telling them that they are needed to "save Jews" around the world. The Mossad agents loyally warn their own people of forthcoming attacks, e.g. WTC, London 7/7, Amman, Dahab, etc. So there is the overt war against "Muslim militants", and the covert false-flag operations by Israeli agents, who are only foot soldiers and no more culpable than the troops in Iraq. The three remaining lines from the Z box down to J, C and M represent the Zionist cabal's malign influence.

Now to explain the Zionist program for setting up this situation:

(1) Establish a mighty banking empire (e.g. Rothschilds) to raise the seed money for the forthcoming political operations.

(2) Buy up and take control of the press (in the wealthier nations; the developing nations would provide a less worthwhile return on investment.

(3) Start a political movement (Zionism) to obtain a sovereign state (occupied Palestine / Israel).

(4) Start a new religion (Holocaustianity) about a "Holocaust" of a very large number - e.g. "six million" - of the minority religious group (Jews). Jews are selected as the allegedly persecuted group, merely because they are the minority group.

(5) Set up an organization (Anti-Defamation League) in order to deflect any criticism of Zionism by claiming it is an attack on Judaism and Jews. If anyone comes after the criminals, label them as an "anti-Semite".

(6) When (3) and (4) do not succeed, start a World War.

(7) Start a revolution (Bolshevik).

(8) When (3) and (4) have still not succeeded and (7) starts to lose its potential for ethnic cleansing and looting because your own candidate (Trotsky) was defeated and killed, start a Second World War.

(9) Seize any opportunity to promote the new Holocaustianity religion. If, say, concentration labor camps employ Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) in delousing rooms in order to save lives by reducing the toll from typhus amongst the slave labor inmates, then claim that these were really "extermination gas chambers", and propose a ludicrous conspiracy theory about a plot to murder six million Jews - in the absence of an iota of credible supporting evidence. This is a major paradigm shift for the newcomer, and a tactful introduction to the "disinfestation rooms were really gas chambers" myth may be found at:

which offers a free .pdf download. The author is now in a German jail, which demonstrates that the criminals are desperate to try to keep the lid on this hoax. The irony is that if one persists with the mythical official historical account, the resulting theories are either racist or include absurdities about governments practising genocide on their own people, or one is left floundering with a fuzzy notion of an "Illuminati".

(10) Pay some of the minority (Jewish) community to phony up hate crimes against themselves, e.g. vandalising their own cars, desecrating Jewish graves, slashing their clothes and drawing a swastika on the stomach with a marker pen, etc.

(11) As a consequence of (9) and (10), the Jewish people are fearful of persecution. They will accept that tough measure against "terrorists" and "haters" are necessary.

(12) As a consequence of (11), it is possible to recruit a clandestine army of terrorists (Mossad), who will stage false-flag attacks that exploit divisions between the Christian (Western democracies) countries and Islamic nations, in the belief that these are necessary in order to protect and save Jews.

(13) Obtain nuclear weapons for your sovereign state. Assassinate any president (Kennedy) that exhibits resistance.

(14) Ratchet up the bribery and blackmail of world political leaders, with the aid of (12) and (13), to the point where you have a de facto protection racket for governments, run by the Zionist / Rothschild international crime syndicate. As a consequence of (12), it is possible to recruit the armed forces of Western democracies as your own proxy army, de facto private mercenaries who will loot and decimate the population of Muslim nations, thereby neutralising opponents of your very own nuclear-armed sovereign state (Israel).

In conclusion, anti-Jew sentiments serve the interests of the criminals who seek to establish a prison planet. The idea that someone should be targeted and persecuted merely due to their race or religious beliefs is of course deplorable, and anyone with sufficient hatred of some group to want to do them harm is a dim-witted, sick individual who ought to be locked up. However, it is only to be expected that in the initial phases of suspecting that there is more than meets the eye, members of one racial or religious affiliation will regard the others with suspicion. It is high time we moved beyond these primitive tribal differences, and progressed to a new alignment based upon ethics rather than ethnics.

A more complete narrative of this program may be viewed at or here for an illustrated version.

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