Was Woolwich soldier killing "faked"?

Some commentators have claimed the killing of soldier Lee Rigby in Woolwich  was "faked" and was a "hoax" for the cameras. The incident certainly boosts public support for the government and the military, and the Zionist Jewish Mafia must love its potential for setting Whites against Blacks and Christians against Muslims. There are some suspicious aspects to the Woolwich incident. A friend of the meat cleaver-wielding suspect Michael Adebolajo said MI5 had tried to recruit Adebolajo about six months previously. The friend was quickly arrested - even before leaving the BBC's London studios - and was soon being vilified by the Zionist-controlled media as having links to a banned Islamist group.

Sensationalist newspapers claimed the soldier was "beheaded". However, three women bystanders "comforted" him, e.g. by placing something under his back. Video footage of Adebolajo speaking after the killing shows several woman bystanders walking past him as if nothing untoward was happening. (There are shorter clips that start later and cut before the lady in blue with the shopping trolley reaches him.) Adebolajo then crosses the street to join his accomplice Michael Adebowale who was carrying a knife and a gun. Aerial footage - see the "extended footage" video on this page - also shows the lady with the shopping trolley walking up to where Adebolajo was giving his "interview" by the "Humps for 400 yards" road sign. The shopping trolley lady passes Adebolajo at around 1:18 into that video, which soon cuts into another clip showing the suspects charging at the police and being shot down and wounded. The first aerial clip reveals a bus parked by the side of Adebolajo, which by an odd coincidence must be just out of camera shot on other footage as he does the interview. The bus later starts reversing. And in the aerial footage, the soldier's body on the side of the road with the crashed car is pixelated out.

Evidently, on some media footage the color was edited such that red became orange, in order that the bloodied hands would not be too shocking for the more squeamish. There are also versions that show the blood smeared on the ground and others without it. Some cited that as evidence that the murder was a "hoax". The aerial shots show the correct color with the lines in the road being red rather than orange/yellow, and this can also be seen in the Google Maps Street View.

Assuming the event happened largely as claimed, the tales of "beheading" were exaggeration, and blood was edited out to cater for a family audience, then the women who walked past the killer may have assumed that they were seeing a film set and that such things didn't happen in real life, in London, in broad daylight. Adebolajo talked a lot of sense about "remove your government - they don't care about you", etc., whereas the part-Jewish Zionist puppet David Cameron deceptively claimed the incident is "an attack on Britain and on the British way of life".

No, David Cameron is an attack on the British way of life. The killing of Lee Rigby was regrettable and misguided, albeit sadly predictable and understandable. It was an event spawned by British foreign policy, intended as an attack on the Zionist / Rothschild way of life and control of Britain. However, the murder will not achieve any useful purpose and merely plays into the hands of Zionist agitators, who love to spark conflict between Muslims and the indigenous population, and love to promote the concept of crazed Islamist "terrorists". (The cowardly murder of civilians by remotely operated drones is terrorism: state-sponsored terrorism.) Adebowale and Adebolajo made the wrong decision. They would have done more to help Islam and decent folk across the globe had they shunned violence and concentrated on exposing the hoax of "the Muslims did 9/11" myth, and how it was used as the pretext for Zionist invasion and occupation of Muslim nations. MI5 probably played a role - at minimum, in letting the Woolwich killing go ahead, and possibly even brainwashing the killers. Both suspects had been "under their radar".