White Lives Matter!

Wake up, White man. Whites have a right to exist, and White lives matter! You are the rightful owner of Europe, North America and Australia. Your ancestors created all that was great and good about Western culture and civilization. But now that civilization has become polluted by the garbage of political correctness, and your lands have been taken over by a subversive group of parasitical, psychopathic, degenerate interlopers bent on world conquest by stealth. To that end, they have taken over the mass media in order to mould public opinion, with the result that they can not only prevent the misinformed from opposing their nefarious nation-wrecking agenda, but can even have them marching in support of it!

The interlopers have also taken over the central banking system, which means that they can siphon off all of the money they need (and then some) for controlling the press and peddling their propaganda, and for mentoring and bribing politicians to install as presidents and prime ministers who will do their bidding.

To identity which political leaders are puppets of the psychopathic plutocrats, consider to what extent the politician advocates their warmongering, nation-wrecking, globalist agenda, and look at how much support the politician receives from the mass media. For example, Tony Blair chose to go to war against Iraq despite strong opposition and protests in Britain and worldwide. Now, after the British voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, Blair is working to build a movement to overturn the Brexit vote, and is putting 8 million pounds of his own money into it. Blair's mentor and "tennis partner" was Lord Michael Levy (aka "Lord Cashpoint"), whom he met at an Israeli diplomatic dinner in 1994. In 1997 Blair was elected prime minister following strong support from the press, including Rupert Murdoch's The Sun, which switched sides to back Labour for the first time in 20 years. In contrast, Donald Trump was not endorsed by any of the top 25 (by circulation) US daily newspapers, and received only two endorsements amongst the top 100.

The crooked elite who control the mass media and the central banks are predominantly Jews. Of course, anyone who fights for White rights and criticises Jews for their anti-White activities is labelled a "Nazi", an "anti-Semite" or a "racist" by the Jews and their lackeys. For Whites who are just waking up to how they've been abused and exploited, the most important thing to note is that in this system of double standards, Whites can be "racists" merely for fighting for White rights including the right to survive, whilst other ethnicities and minority groups are supposed to be incapable of having a "racist" bone in their body. In any case, Hitler and the "Nazis" (National Socialists) did nothing wrong, as will be demonstrated and is easily proven. Being called a "Nazi" should be seen as a compliment. The second thing to note is that Jews cannot be classed as "White", despite their whitish skin color. Their Talmudic Jewish supremacist 'ethics' is entirely alien to that of White Europeans, which is based on Christianity. Jews are doing their damnedest to decimate and subjugate Whites, and meanwhile we are given the message that Whites can be "racists" but Jews cannot!

We'll list some of Jews' numerous crimes and transgressions in a moment (scroll down to here if you can't wait), but let's start with the matter of how they evolved to become greedy, grasping psychopaths who regard all non-Jews (whom they derogatively refer to as "goyim") as merely equivalent to bipedal beasts, to be murdered, raped or exploited at the whim of Jews. It turns out that Jews became psychopaths because of their cowardice and inferiority as fighters.

Throughout history, almost every race has had its own homeland. Approximately 90% of today's Jews - including all of Israel's prime ministers and most American Jews - are Ashkenazim whose ancestors came from the ancient kingdom of Khazaria in the Caucasus. Almost all of the remaining 10% came from Palestine. (Khazar Jews - the light-skinned Ashkenazim who did not convert to Judaism until around 740 AD - generally lie about their origins, since their program included seizing Palestine for themselves under false pretences. The "Ashkenazim are Semites" lie was refuted in a 2012 study by Eran Elhaik, a Jewish Israeli-born molecular geneticist. The study was published in a peer-reviewed journal. There are small minorities of other converted Jews, such as Ethiopians.) Both the Khazar Jews and the Middle Eastern Jews were kicked out of their respective lands by superior fighters, and so this gave rise to the phenomenon of the "wandering Jew". Many Jews came to Europe, but they got into white-collar professions such as banking (usury), trading, and scams such as clipping the coinage. Jews had a niche as intermediaries between Christians and Muslims prior to arriving in Europe, and so many carried on their tradition as merchants.

Over centuries of evolution during the Middle Ages, times were hard and it was a struggle for everyone to survive. The Jewish merchant was only interested in his bottom line - in getting the gold in his hands, because if he could successfully rip off his Gentile host, he could survive and reproduce. There was no room for conscience, compassion, a "soul", or empathy for the host population.

The Jews - especially the 90% who came from the Caucasus - were certainly not lacking in terms of their verbal and numerical intelligence, which was honed by their centuries as middlemen and usurers, etc.. They developed a great deal of cunning and business acumen. However, they failed to develop many of the traits that make the rest of us human. Most people evolved with a mix of intelligence and conscience, and an understanding that the best way to interact with others is through a combination of competition and cooperation. For example, Whites involved in agriculture or manufacturing would need to cooperate with other Whites. And Judaism encouraged racial supremacist attitudes with its "chosenness" concept of Jews being the "Chosen People", and its Talmudic contempt for non-Jews, whereas Christianity took the entirely reasonable view of treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. That's why, despite some superficial likenesses that are only skin-deep, it is the utmost folly to perceive Jews as White people. For more about how Jews' history led them to become the kind of 'people' that they are, see this page.

So now we are at a crossroads in history. Some are awakening from their slumber as the scales fall from their eyes, and they see the globalist agenda for what it is - beneficial for the ruling classes and the political elite, but disastrous for Whites. We matter. Our lives matter. There is no reason to feel guilty for being White. And if some fanatics get upset by Whites asserting their rights, then let's make those fanatics cry a river of tears.

The goal of the Jewish supremacists and their globalist shabbos goy cucks is to create a world government based in Jerusalem to rule over Jew and Gentile alike. Since Whites are the Jews' only serious challenger, Jews plan to wipe out most Whites ( for example, through abortion, miscegenation, wars for Israel, and promotion of faggotry / transgenderism) leaving just enough - the cucks - to carry out specialized tasks. Naturally, this world government would be a dictatorship. It's not just Whites who will suffer, Blacks and others would be better off living as free people in their own homelands than as slaves under a Jewish supremacist tyranny. And this plan for world government is actually part of Judaism 101.

From "Judaism 101", "Mashiach: The Messiah":

"Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. [...] The mashiach is the one who will be anointed as king in the End of Days. [...] The mashiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The mashiach is often referred to as 'mashiach ben David' (mashiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11:2-5). He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being."

And, crucially:

"He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1)."

Moreover, one need merely watch the video "When Israel is Mighty" (it's spoken in Hebrew, but has English subtitles) to see some of the downside of this Jewish 'master race' 'paradise', in which the bigoted fanatics can kill Gentiles or rape 3-year-old Gentile girls with impunity. (See here for a full transcript of the video.) When they come to power, it won't matter if you're Black or White, Muslim or Hindu, they'll still expect you to serve them. Naturally, these hypocrites will accuse any critics of being "racists", "bigots", etc.. They project their own vices onto their critics, in a tactic that has been described as inverting the accusations.

The Zionist program was billed as providing the Jewish people with a homeland. In reality, it is a program for world conquest, comprised of taking over the press and the banks, grabbing Palestine, installing puppet 'leaders' who do everything in their power to help the evil Zionist agenda, and having the "goyim" fight a series of wars to decimate or destabilize Israel's enemy neighboring states in preparation for establishing a Greater Israel prior to forming their world government. The displacement of millions caused by the military interventions and mischief-making, together with Zionist policies of open borders and mass immigration, is aimed at wrecking the nation-state, and destroying White civilization and culture by the inevitable miscegenation (race-mixing) from the flood of migrants, so that Whites become a minority in their own nations within decades. The current political system of Machiavellian pseudo-democracies, in which a servile bunch of fawning, grovelling, Israel-worshipping toadies pretend to serve the public, would be replaced by an international tyranny.

However, the Jews' program has hit a major stumbling block. It relies upon control of the media, which allows them to have their puppets elected to high office, to have the public think that supra-national institutions such as the EU are somehow necessary for international trade and for maintaining living standards, that White people are inherently evil and "racist", that Jews are hapless "victims" of an irrational, ubiquitous "anti-Semitism", that anyone who opposes the agenda of globalism and political correctness is an evil "racist", and that a "war on terror" - in which the dumb "goyim" would fight Israel's enemies for them and, far from curbing terrorism, would actually foment it - is somehow necessary to counter the terrorist threat. And now the rise of the internet-based alternative media has allowed many to see that the mainstream media is a purveyor of false news and biased opinions aimed at tricking the readership into supporting the nation-wrecking, money-wasting, warmongering Zionist program.

Bribery, bribery and bribery is what works - or worked - for the Jews. At the top level you have the fawning, grovelling puppets who are bribed with the trappings of power. Obama, Bush, Merkel, Cameron, Blair, etc.. They are propelled into office through the power of the press, and once they are set up as president or prime minister it's payback time. They know who pulls the strings, and he who pays the piper calls the tune. At another level, the Whites of White nations are effectively bribed to betray their own race by going along with the establishment agenda of open borders, mass immigration, war for Israel, "gay marriages", etc., because they are scared into thinking that if they rock the boat and the system breaks down - such as countries exiting the EU - it will be bad for the economy and the stock market, and they will be less wealthy. Whites who are 'educated' in universities haven't enough experience to distinguish fact from fiction, and are conditioned into helping their predator spread his mischievous, malicious lies, such as "man-made global warming", the "gas chambers" of the Third Reich, and the 'benefits' of globalism and multiculturalism. Some people are fired simply for posting comments that are not politically correct. And at another level, the people from poor nations are encouraged to flock to the better-off White nations. But the system is unsustainable, because it's based on a pack of lies. Truth and justice are more important than money.

There is the lie about race. People are supposed to believe that all races are perfectly equal, and you can just mix everyone together to produce some sort of multicultural Utopia where everyone integrates, without the formation of ghettos where people prefer to be with their own kind. And there are the lies about history, which we'll get into in a moment, and which are so preposterous that they need to be enforced by jailing octogenarian grandmothers who merely express their disbelief. The system of a soft tyranny consisting of Machiavellian fake 'democracies' in which people falsely imagine themselves to be "free" cannot endure, because the liars cannot continue indefinitely to impose their brand of 'truth' by imprisoning dissidents, and by broadcasting propaganda via their lying media outlets that have a declining market share, losing out to internet-based alternative media outlets. A political system based on lies is like a house of cards. Ultimately, the only choice is between hard tyranny and revolution. Hard tyranny can be dismissed, and so the remaining choice subdivides into hard or soft revolution, preferably soft as in the collapse of the former USSR and its satellite states.

The question remains as to whether enough members of the Whites and other Gentile races will fight to survive, or whether they would prefer to mutate into coffee-colored drones to serve the Jews, who have made sure that they will rule supreme if we fail to build on Brexit and the Trump victory. Because that is what will happen if we maintain our course of replacing the nation-state with international institutions, open borders for most nations but not for Israel, flooding White nations with migrants and refugees from ill-fated foreign interventions, and warmongering billed as fighting terrorism whilst designed to foment hatred and terrorism whilst helping to create a Greater Israel. Amazingly, some Whites have been so brainwashed that they perform as the Jews' Pavlovian dogs - they will even march in support of the globalist agenda holding banners such as "refugees welcome". The Jews who call the shots are well aware that these so-called "refugees" are better described as rapefugees.

Jews coined the term "Nazis" as a pejorative for National Socialists, and use their media to propagate the view that Hitler and "the Nazis" were the epitome of evil, if not the Devil incarnate. But Adolf Hitler not only did nothing wrong, he was the greatest leader for 650 years (since King Edward I booted the Jews out of England in 1290 AD for ritual murder of Christian children, usury, and clipping the coinage). Western Europe was threatened by Bolshevik communism, which was a Jewish construct (see below), and had already led to countless deaths and atrocities. Meanwhile, the Jews of the Frankfurt School were responsible for the revolutionary movement of cultural Marxism (better known as "political correctness") aimed at destroying everything that was great and good about Western civilization and culture. This dastardly movement promotes leftist lunacies such as feminism, multiculturalism, anti-White discrimination, and encouragement of sexual perversions and degeneracy.

Hitler recognized the grave threat posed by Jewish Bolshevism, and the degeneracy and depravity that Jewish cultural Marxism had already brought to Berlin. Ethnic Germans were being butchered and abused in Poland, and so Hitler launched a regional military intervention to save his countrymen, which at most would have led to the deaths of tens of thousands. (As of 30th September, 1939, 10,572 Germans were killed and 3,404 were missing.) That is much lower than the toll of the illegal war waged by Bush and Blair against Iraq, for example, which was not fought for any legitimate purposes. And Hitler's final territorial solution for dealing with the Jewish problem was to expel Jews from Germany - transporting them out to the east. However, Zionist Jews had vowed in 1933 to oust Hitler's regime. And back in the Zionist World Congresses of the late 1890s, Jews had already concocted a plot to grab Palestine for themselves on the back of world sympathy that they aimed to generate using a hoax about "six million" 'dead' Jews. See here or here for more details. For example, in the wake of WWI, in September 1919, Jews claimed that "6,000,000" Jews were going to be "completely exterminated". And in July 1921, Jews claimed that "6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre".

It is a sad fact of human nature that so far, dishonest, traitorous, cowardly, corruptible leaders have always outnumbered honest, patriotic, courageous, incorruptible leaders such as Adolf Hitler. And in 1939, Jews had a suitable fawning, servile, treacherous puppet in the form of Winston Churchill, who, by declaring war against Germany, escalated a regional military conflict into a World War with a death toll in the tens of millions. The casualties were multiplied a thousand-fold, but it allowed the Jews to emerge as the only winners from the war. Fifty years and two world wars after Jews had conceived their "six million" hoax, a suitable confluence of factors enabled them to dupe a critical mass of people.

Given the context of tens of millions of actual dead, the public could entertain the notion that six million Jews might have died. Other factors included the bribing of Franco's generals not to enter the war on the Axis side, the bribing of Churchill by Jew-funded pressure group The Focus and other secret benefactors such as Sir Henry Strakosch, a Jew, the establishment of Jew-run Hollywood as a major player in the motion picture industry, the use of poison gas in disinfestation chambers that could be passed off as a weapon of mass destruction, the motivation for Jew-backed governments to peddle atrocity propaganda to distract from their own indiscriminate mass murder of civilians (e.g. Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), the Soviet motive to tamper with evidence and coerce witnesses in order to pin the blame for the Katyn massacre on the Germans as revenge for the Germans' discovery and exposure of that Soviet war crime, and the seizing of territory in Poland by the Soviets who prohibited access to the alleged extermination camps and constructed a fake "gas chamber" after the war.

And so a hoax was successfully foisted on the public by the victors, in which "six million" Jews were allegedly murdered by Hitler and his 'evil' "Nazis" using bug spray in "gas chambers" disguised as shower rooms. Now that Jews have stolen 8,000 square miles of land in the Middle East, they have all the extra political clout from having their own nuclear-armed sovereign state.

As the "gas chambers" hoax began to fall apart, they had to start reducing the numbers allegedly killed by poison gas at the alleged "death camps" such as Auschwitz (in reality, the concentration camps were either work camps or transit camps). And in order to maintain the headline "six million" claim, which was based on population statistics provided by the Jews themselves, an even more retarded allegation was introduced, in which a mere 2,955 (nearly three thousand!) Germans known as the Einsatzgruppen, some of whom were clerks, were supposedly such brilliant fighters that they somehow managed to kill two or three million Jews. Not only that, but the Hoaxers tried to account for the absence of evidence by claiming that these 2,955 Einsatzgruppen had eliminated all the 'evidence' by cremating all of the bodies - in a war zone, in occupied territory, without being detected by Allied aircrew or aerial photography. Thus, Hitler's final territorial solution to the Jewish problem was morphed into a "final solution" (chance would be a fine thing, as they say), and the delousing chambers were morphed into homicidal "gas chambers", by the professional liars whose job was to peddle wartime atrocity propaganda as "fact". They had powerful motives: to deflect from Allied war crimes such as the firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg and the Katyn massacre, to enable Zionist Jews to grab Palestine for themselves, and to let Jewish spivs grow rich from the fact that there's no business like Shoah business.

So now - or at least, in the pre-Trump, pre-Brexit era - the Western world has multiculturalism, unending war against Israel's enemies billed as a "war on terror" that actually foments terrorism and provokes a flood of refugees, mass immigration that will make Whites a minority in their own countries if they continue like sheep and do nothing, "gay marriages", and other degeneracy. It's not the West that won WWII, it is the predatory Jewish interlopers!

It is high time that our predatory enemy gets the "neo-Nazis" that they are so fearful of. We need a new Adolf Hitler for the 21st century. This does not mean that the predator will be exterminated - unless they choose to make a fight of it. They merely need to be sent packing, so that they cannot cause any further damage to our societies.

Recently the question came up as to whether or not Jews are people. Jews are a type of 'people'. They are a 'people' who:

We shouldn't "hate" the Jews. They did not choose to be the kind of 'people' that they are. Their traits are a consequence of natural selection, given their unique circumstances. But what we surely should do at the earliest opportunity is to get them out of our countries!

We should return to the old world order in which every race had its own homeland, and that was where they lived. No one race should exploit or rule over another race or races, since that would constitute supremacism. If Africans want to let Whites assist with infrastructure for example, they should be able to decide for themselves how much assistance they require and how much independence they wish to retain.

Jews are hardly short of money. Let the 90% of Jews who are of Caucasian origin use their vast wealth to buy land in a suitable area. For example, Kazakhstan has only 7 people per square km, is large enough to accommodate the Caucasian Jews, is in the vicinity of their racial origins, and has mineral resources such as oil. Jewish bankers could easily afford to come to an arrangement with the natives to hand over a substantial proportion of their fortunes as compensation for accepting them, and to pay for a wall to isolate and contain the Jewish sector. Similarly, the few Jews who are truly of Middle Eastern stock should compensate the Palestinians for their suffering and buy some land in part of Palestine for a Jewish (non-Zionist) state. Keep a wall if necessary, but Jews and non-Jews were able to coexist peacefully before Zionism reared its ugly head (courtesy of the Khazars).

And closer to home, we should abolish all of the politically correct lunacies from the Jewish Frankfurt school of cultural Marxism, such as "multiculturalism" and "diversity", "gay weddings", feminism, discrimination against Whites, open borders, exporting of jobs to Third World countries, promotion of "transgenderism", and all similar such nonsense. It is time for the Jews' 'contribution' to our culture and civilization to be exterminated, once and for all.

White lives matter!

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