A Tale of Two Viruses

The hoax about a "deadly" virus has gone on long enough now, and it's time to consign it to the dustbin of history. It's time for homo sapiens to rise up and begin acting like free human beings again, rather than frightened muzzled slaves.

The very first point for people to bear in mind is that the majority are living just like the shackled underground prisoners in Plato's cave allegory. They have a crippled epistemology, since they get all of their 'information' from the mainstream media or censored social media. Their 'reality' is the narrative touted by our psychopathic ruling elite who have perpetrated terrible crimes and perpetuated cunning deceptions upon society, of which we shall have more to say.

2020 has been the year of the virus. A growing number of people are suspicious of government overreach and media hype about the "coronavirus" - a virus that's so deadly you have to be tested to know if you've got it. A virus that is somehow 'clever' enough to know if there is someone to infect at the other side of a face mask, in which case it will have enough incentive to fly through, but will be stopped even at high velocity when being expelled from a mouth or nose, in contrast to basic physics and empirical evidence. A virus with a measuring tape and a watch, that will fly five feet above the floor to 'get' people walking to the toilet without a mask, and will only fly at lower altitudes to hit drinkers or diners after the evening curfew has started.

A virus with skills in geography and politics, so it does little to bother people in nations like Sweden or  Belarus that reject lockdowns, but takes great delight in seeing the policy changes in countries with corrupt or compromised leadership that go along with Operation Lock Step, such as "mandatory wearing of face masks", "body-temperature checks", "imaging [...] technology [...] to detect abnormal behavior that may indicate 'antisocial intent'."

Here's the Lazy Scammer's Guide to Fabricating a Scamdemic:

Some will just talk of billionaires conspiring to get even richer by destroying small businesses and the middle class, or "Big Pharma" aiming to profit from vaccines or from testing for viruses. And Bill Gates' name keeps coming up. Whilst there is some truth to all of that, it misses the fundamental importance of who is ultimately behind our societies' serious problems.

The SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was touted as a terrible threat, capable of killing some 2.2 million in the US and 510,000 in the UK. In fact, it's a mild flu-type virus with a 99.8% survival rate, and only a serious threat to the very elderly with several co-morbidities. Part of the "pandemic" scam is based on classing deaths with the virus as deaths from the virus. Another part involves a test that generates enough false positives that the hoax can be sustained, many months after an epidemic has peaked in a particular country.

Around April there really was a global epidemic from a flu-like virus. However, the number of deaths 'caused' by "the virus" was greatly exaggerated. By assuming from the start that the virus was somehow particularly lethal, Hoaxers could count any death with the virus as from the virus. There were excess deaths in some countries, but these were mostly a consequence of lockdown policies and untreated medical emergencies such as heart attacks and strokes.

Moreover, in 2009 the WHO changed its definition of pandemic. On May 4, 2009 its website defined a pandemic as "several, simultaneous epidemics worldwide with enormous numbers of deaths and illness." By the next day there was a new version that stated: "Pandemics can be either mild or severe in the illness and death they cause, and the severity of a pandemic can change over the course of that pandemic."

And so, Hoaxers could already declare a "pandemic" before they knew just how much success they would have with various subterfuge in inflating the stats, not to mention the all too real excess deaths due to lockdown policies.

In the early part of the scam, the virus was made out to be particularly lethal by the fact that the vast majority of infections, which are either asymptomatic or mild, were not counted. The infection fatality rate (IFR) was never more than around 0.2% (averaging across all age groups), yet by deflating the denominator and excluding most infections, the IFR could be made to appear frighteningly high.

Apart from the false claims about high lethality, another pretext cited for all the almost unbelievably stupid restrictions on freedom, like mandatory face coverings, was the lie about "asymptomatic transmission". It was claimed that individuals could be unwitting "super-spreaders" of the 'deadly' coronavirus, without exhibiting any symptoms. However, in June 2020, well after the epidemic had peaked in many countries, the WHO admitted that asymptomatic transmission was "rare" or even "very rare".

This was subsequently backed up by a November study showing that in Wuhan, out of a total of 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic positive cases who were traced, every single one of them tested negative for Covid-19!!! What's more, "virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no 'viable virus' in positive cases detected in this study". That's further confirmation that it wasn't simply luck that prevented those contacts from becoming infected; the asymptomatic "cases" were not infectious and thus it was impossible for them to transmit the disease!

Several months after most countries had seen their epidemic peak in the spring, the later stage of the 'pandemic' or plannedemic swindle became known as a "casedemic". The dubious RT-PCR test used to find "Covid-19" cases was never intended to diagnose disease. It will only detect the presence of viral genetic material; it cannot distinguish between infectious intact virus or fragments of inactivated virus from a prior infection that was defeated by the immune system months ago. And a typical RT-PCR assay involves up to 40 thermal cycles, each of which doubles (assuming 100% efficiency) copies of the viral target. Thus, even with only 30 cycles the target material - which could have originated from contamination in the lab - is 'amplified' roughly 230 times, or 1,073,741,824 times.

The RT-PCR tests used for "Covid-19" testing in the UK have over 95% sensitivity and specificity, which means that even under laboratory conditions, they can generate up to 5% false positives or 5% false negatives.

Many people, even politicians, who don't understand the maths about false positives think that 95% sounds quite good as an indication of reliability. They imagine that if you conducted tests on 100,000 people and found that 3,000 tested positive, it would point to 3,000 "cases" - or 3% of people infected with the virus. They probably see the real number of cases as within about 5% of 3,000, i.e., 2,850 to 3,150.

However, given the false positives, they are making the same petitio principii or begging the question fallacy as are those who assume the virus is quite deadly and consider it reasonable to class very elderly people who die with several 'comorbidities' and with "the virus" as having died from the virus.

If the real incidence of the disease in the population is very low, then the proportion of real positives to false positives becomes very low. Let R be the concept of "layman's" reliability that they confuse with the false positive rate, let N be the real incidence of the disease in the population, and let F be the false positive rate of the test procedure (all expressed as a percentage). And to simplify, we assume that there are no false negatives. Then we have:

R = N / (N + F - 0.01 * N * F)

For example, suppose 100,000 people are tested, the false positive rate is 3% and the real incidence of the disease in the population is 0.3%. Then we have R = 0.09116, which means that the true positives are only 9.116% of all positives. There are 300 real cases, and then of the remaining 99,700 there are 2,991 false positives. And so there are 9.97 times as many false positives as true positives.

For more examples and further explanation, see this article here.

There are many things that governments and their advisors have got wrong, such as their baseless assumptions that lockdowns and face masks, etc., work, in curtailing spread of "the virus". One merely need look at the official data of "Covid" deaths and infections, and compare with the timing of various "non-pharmaceutical interventions", to see that - while the measures certainly have extremely harmful effects on non-Covid illnesses, fatalities, mental health, the economy, people's freedoms, and so on, the NPIs at best do not reduce Covid mortality, and probably increase it slightly in the long term.

For example, as of November 28, 2020, Sweden - which most politicians have to pretend somehow doesn't exist, has had a total of 660 "Covid" deaths per million of population (pmp). The corresponding figures for the UK and USA, both of which in contrast have had lockdowns and mandatory face coverings, are 853 and 819 respectively.

Apologists for the orthodox narrative will misleadingly point to Sweden having a lower population density, but what matters is the proportion of the population living in urban areas, i.e., the degree of urbanization. For Sweden, 87.71% was urbanized in 2019, compared to a corresponding 83.65% for the UK. Since 97% of Sweden is uninhabited, the people have to be crammed into the remaining 3%.

Similarly, Brazil, whose President Bolsonaro has been a long-time critic of stay-at-home measures and has described new lockdown to control "second waves" as "crazy", has had 807 coronavirus deaths pmp. Peru, which imposed mandatory masks and a curfew, and banned people from leaving home except for accessing essential goods and services or producing, acquiring or supplying food, has had 1,081 deaths pmp from coronavirus.

In some cases, the politicians may be sufficiently ignorant, ill-advised or slack-brained to believe in their Covid dogma, and yet, especially in the case of the 'scientists' who advise them, the 'errors' are clearly deliberate, since the compromised scientists must deny things that they know to exist, such as T-cell immunity and herd immunity, in order to promote their politically-motivated flimflam.

An excellent article showed two central 'errors' in the assumptions of SAGE, the "scientific advisory group" that advises the UK government on 'emergencies', with its members including the deceptive duo of "Sir" Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty, and the infamous Professor Neil Ferguson.

They started out by (1) incorrectly assuming that 100% of the population was susceptible to the coronavirus at the start of the 'pandemic', since it was described as a "novel" virus, and there was supposedly no immunity to it. And (2) they also falsely assumed that measuring prevalence of antibodies in the general population would show the fraction of the population that had been infected by the virus. Since they found antibodies in some 7% of the population, they concluded that 7% had been infected, leaving ~93% of the population susceptible.

Their postulate (1) is false, because of ~30% prior immunity. There are four coronaviruses (OC43, HKU1, 229E and NL63) that cause the common cold, endemic in the population. Evidence suggests that people previously infected by a common cold coronavirus are provided with some degree of resistance or immunity to the closely-related Covid-19 coronavirus. Multiple research groups found that some 30% (with outliers ranging from 20% to 80%) of the population showed a strong T-cell response to the Covid-19 virus (SARS-Cov-2) before the virus reached their countries.

Mateus et al (2020) conduced a study to determine the immunological mechanisms behind pre-existing reactivity to SARS-Cov-2 and found a range of pre-existing memory CD4+ T cells that are cross-reactive with comparable affinity to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and the common cold coronaviruses.

SAGE's postulate (2) is false, because it pretends the human immune system relies wholly or mostly upon antibodies, and ignores other aspects such as memory T cells. Pro-lockdown, anti-freedom advocates also tried to scare people by peddling a related claim that pretends declining levels of antibodies corresponds to declining levels of immunity. In fact, it is highly inefficient for the immune system to continue producing a particular antibody for the rest of a person's life after an infection, and so the encounter with the pathogen becomes recognised by memory T cells, that will generate another antibody response if the same pathogen is encountered again.

So, months after the epidemic has peaked, in the typical person who caught Covid at the peak their T cells have been primed but antibody levels have naturally declined. SAGE's 7% of people with detectable antibodies only include those who recently encountered the virus and needed to generate a robust antibody response to beat it.

When we allow for those who aren't testing positive for antibodies but did indeed catch the virus and already have memory T cell immunity, this adds approximately 25% to SAGE's 7%. Also, another 10% of the population can be discounted - young children are very unlikely to become ill from the virus, and are unlikely to transmit it to others.

Rather than SAGE's 7% Covid-infected and 93% susceptible, there are 32% Covid-infected, 30% with prior immunity from other coronaviruses, and 10% who are not susceptible or likely to transmit. This leaves 28% susceptible to Covid, and means that the UK is already close to herd immunity.

Given Hoaxers' wildly inflated claims about IFR, typically around 1% as opposed to 0.2% or lower, they would claim 68,000,000 (UK population) * 93% * 1% = 632,400 possible deaths without their lockdowns, face masks and other insane policies. The true figure - if we deny herd immunity - would be 68,000,000 * 28% * 0.2% = 38,080. Yet 28% is close to herd immunity, so that the virus could never again bring about any more "waves" in any way comparable to the 'first' wave.

Viruses don't come in waves. There is a wave, and then possibly a ripple or two, particularly if cretinous politicians have placed restrictions on travel, and regions of a country were not badly hit first time round. The consequence of kicking the can down the road is that the vulnerable need to be shielded for longer, the economy is further ruined, there are more deaths from all causes, and a decline in mental health.

Hoaxers have to deny Sweden, herd immunity, T cell immunity, cross-reactive immunity, etc.. They have to postulate a virus that is more intelligent than they are. They have to pretend lockdowns and face coverings work despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. And the only reason they can get away with this and dupe millions into believing their bovine excrement is because of their control of the media.

There is actually another type of 'virus', which more precisely, is a parasite. An elite group of parasites, perverts and psychopaths bent on world domination. Interestingly enough, there is a strong correlation (r = 0.65) between "Covid" deaths per million of population (pmp) and the number of these 'viruses' pmp, when both are on a log scale.

For example, the USA has 24,585 of these 'people' pmp and had 686 "Covid" deaths pmp (as of around October 22, 2020). The UK has 4,970 of these 'viruses' pmp and had 649 "Covid" deaths pmp. The Netherlands has 2,515 'viruses' pmp and 401 "Covid" deaths pmp. Poland has 182 'viruses' pmp and 106 "Covid" deaths pmp. Japan has 9 'viruses' pmp and 13 "Covid" deaths pmp. S. Korea has 4 'viruses' pmp and 9 "Covid" deaths pmp. China has 2 'viruses' pmp and 3 "Covid" deaths pmp. See the Appendix for full data.

Some of the pages at the thousands of hyperlinks on the other pages at this site have subsequently been taken down, but there is a good chance they will have been archived at the Wayback Machine. The crooks can censor posts on the major social media that they control, they can have paedophile-infested outlets like the BBC present lies as 'fact', they can bias the results on the major search engines that they control...


...but they can't eradicate everything that exposes their chicanery. There is enough material remaining for anyone to verify all of the information presented here. But don't just use Google, use alternative search engines like DuckDuckGo.

To learn how it all came about, we must go back to 1864 when a book was published by Maurice Joly titled The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu. Any elite group seeking to rule over and enslave the majority, and exterminate any pockets of resistance, would need a blueprint for a Machiavellian approach to gaining great political power, and one essential part of the plan is to take control of the press - and subsequent media such as radio, TV, movies, and "social" media.

The psychopaths can never micro-manage all press including local outlets throughout history to such extent that all of the evidence against them is suppressed. What they can do is manage the editorials and the 'conclusions' based on rejecting facts and cherry-picking 'evidence'. Investigators who show any signs of wanting to compile evidence-based reports that are not flattering to the psychopathic rulers are told that to do so would be tantamount to career suicide.

And so the masses are living just like those in Plato's cave allegory. They don't even know that their so-called 'reality' is merely "shadows" projected on a "wall" in front of them, since they cannot "turn" their heads and see the puppeteers who are doing the projecting behind them. In other words, they don't even know that "the coronavirus" is - at worst - merely a mild flu virus, if it even exists. They are not aware that the official 9/11 narrative is a pack of lies that is wildly improbable (see below) and physically impossible. They have no idea that the orthodox version of WWII  has been scientifically refuted and comprehensively debunked, and can only be sustained by jailing people such as a nonagenarian grandmother who called fraud on the most colossal, outrageous, malicious slander in the entirety of human history. And they are blissfully unaware of the fact that the same people who pushed for war against Iraq with lies about "WMD" were also behind the Soviet Bolshevik Revolution and ensuing decades of enslavement and oppression across Eastern Europe, which they hope to bring to the entire globe.

However, an increasing number are beginning to wake up. They can smell a rat. They are aware that something is wrong with the narratives. They have been able to "turn" their heads to see puppeteers behind them. Although it is a much smaller number who have been able to escape from "the cave" out into the sunlight, to learn the identity of the puppeteers, and everything about them. And, unsurprisingly, when such enlightened people return to "the cave" and attempt to educate the mask-wearing, TV-brainwashed prisoners, the latter would initially experience such cognitive dissonance that they would do anything to cling on to their fallacious beliefs - such as harming the messengers.

People who merely suspect that something is wrong, and are left wondering if it's cock-up or conspiracy, or whether the motive for conspiracy is money or some political agenda, are always going to be very much out of the loop. They may understand very well the technical details of why some particular set of lies is false, but fail to see the bigger picture.

It's time to call a spade a spade. It's time to name the people responsible for humanity's most serious problems. It's time to expose who plagiarised the Machiavellian blueprint for world domination in Joly's 1864 book that included taking control of all shades of political opinion in the press, who was behind the creation of the fraudulent US Federal Reserve private banking system that allowed access to almost unlimited funds, who only four years later funded a communist revolution in Russia, who in the wake of WWI and even earlier claimed that "six million" of their number were going to be "exterminated", who were responsible for escalating WWII from a "phoney war" and limited regional conflict to a World War, who in the wake of WWII presented themselves as 'victims' rather than perpetrators with the blood of tens of millions on their hands, who spent ten years planning and orchestrating the 9/11 terror attacks, who pushed for war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and whose media hyped up a normal annual flu outbreak in order to oust Donald Trump and advance their satanic globalist communist agenda.

They call themselves "Jews", ostensibly of Middle Eastern origin, but most 'Jews' are Ashkenazi, non-Semitic white-skinned Khazars from the Caucasus, who only converted to Judaism around the 8th century A.D.. This was proved in a 2012 study by Eran Elhaik, a Jewish Israeli-born molecular geneticist. In a grotesque misnomer, these creatures allege that the many honest people who expose their crimes are "anti-Semites" or "anti-Semitic", yet, not only are the Khazar Ashkenazim not Semitic, they are the greatest anti-Semites of all, having spent more than 70 years steadily genociding the Palestinians, whose land they stole under a false prospectus of "exterminated" 'Jews'.

The liars can never refute the overwhelming evidence against them, hence they must resort to censorship and name-calling. Another ludicrous example of this is when their accusers are claimed to be "conspiracy theorists". Yet a plethora of facts are proof positive of an international conspiracy by Jewish supremacists who seek a global government based in Jerusalem, when national boundaries would have been abolished, apart from the boundary between the rulers tucked away in their Greater "Israel" and the enslaved populace on prison planet territory, where the only escape is to outer space.

As the appalling racist and hater Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said, "Goyim [Gentiles or non-Jews] were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel. [...] Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created." On the question of making peace with the Arabs, Yosef asked, "How can you make peace with a snake?" and described Arabs as "evildoers". His verdict on Muslims was: "They're stupid. Their religion is as ugly as they are."

Yosef was described by Benjamin Netanyahu as "one of the wisest men of this generation".

Over the centuries, Jews have always dreamed of fulfilling the Isaianic prophecy about the riches of the non-Jews passing over to the Jews. For example, from Isaiah 45:14, "The labor of Egypt, and merchandise of Ethiopia and of the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over unto thee, and they shall be thine: they shall come after thee; in chains they shall come over, and they shall fall down unto thee, they shall make supplication unto thee..." And from Isaiah 60:5, "...the abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee, the forces of the Gentiles shall come unto thee." And from 60:11-13, "...that men may bring unto thee the forces of the Gentiles, and that their kings may be brought. For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted. The glory of Lebanon shall come unto thee..." And from 60:16, "Thou shalt also suck the milk of the Gentiles, and shall suck the breast of kings...".

Jews aim to establish "a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles", and to bring about the Jewish dream of a time when "Israel is mighty" and Gentiles can be killed or raped with impunity. In short, their goal is nothing less than world conquest.

Their motive for their media-fuelled "coronavirus" hoax about a 'deadly' "pandemic" was part financial, but mostly political.

For example, the Jews' insider foreknowledge of the panic about to come early in 2020 offered up the prospect of making vast fortunes by shorting oil futures and the stock markets. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) fell from 29,551 on February 12, 2020 down to 18,592 on March 23, less than six weeks later. A certain Jewish 'gentleman' named George Soros made a profit of $1.5billion in September 1992 by betting against the pound during the "Black Wednesday" crisis, as the British government was forced to withdraw sterling from the European Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM).

More importantly, Donald Trump was an obstacle to the globalist Jewish supremacist agenda. The Jews' virus hoax offered the prospect of Donald Trump being defeated in the 2020 US election, and replaced with a globalist puppet such as the dementia-ridden pedophile Joe Biden.

Some commentators suggest that Bill Gates is behind the chicanery, and the motive is merely financial, of profits for Gates and vaccine manufacturers. However, at the very top of the food chain are those who run the mass media, censorship of 'platforms' such as Facebook and YouTube, the Jeffrey Epstein / Ghislaine Maxwell pedophile blackmail ring, and the Federal Reserve. The Jewish Mafia's stolen funds are funnelled through the Gates Foundation (so that the non-Jew Gates appears to be the source and can be presented as a "philanthropist"), on to their agents such as Professor Neil Ferguson and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Ferguson's group the "Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium" is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

And Fauci's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) received a grant from the Gates Foundation in November 2019. Only a month previously, October 18, 2019, the Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum and the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health conducted their Event 201 exercise in New York, a tabletop simulation of a pandemic involving a novel coronavirus transmitted from bats to humans via an intermediate animal.

Thirty days later, on November 17, 2019, the first person in China's Hubei province was apparently infected by the novel coronavirus and contracted "COVID-19". Towards the end of December there were hundreds of cases, and Chinese doctors were recognising them as the novel coronavirus. The official Western narrative would go on to say that the virus jumped from bats to humans via some intermediate animal.

In the looking glass "clown world" of the True Believers, we are supposed to imagine that the following facts, which can all be verified, are mere 'coincidence':

Suppose there is an anti-lockdown protest, and the police claim it is a "gathering" and attempt to disperse the protestors. Given that governments who promote the official 9/11 conspiracy theory are also necessarily coincidence theorists, how can they prove it wasn't just a coincidence that a relatively large number of people turned up around the same place at around the same time?

An example of how investigators are steered off the trail is the case of the Carl Cameron Fox News investigation into Israeli spies operating in the US shortly before the 9/11 attacks. Investigators said that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying through Comverse (which was also involved in the London 7/7 bombings) was tantamount to "career suicide".

Imagine a group of people so repulsive and psychopathic that they need to have laws enacted making it a 'crime' to hate them. Even before the early 1940s when a certain gentleman named Adolf Hitler would go on to do the exact same thing, Jews by their own admission had been booted out from scores of locations on at least 108 occasions, after the local populace had leaned of their true nature. If you get thrown out of a bar once, then you could argue that it was the fault of the bouncer or the bar owner. Twice, and it could be coincidence. But 108 times??????

We are supposed to believe that the laws of physics were suspended on 9/11/01, so that "office fires" (which briefly reach temperatures of around 1,000 C locally) would partially evaporate steel beams (even melting requires at least 1,426 °C or 2,600 °F for the WTC steel, given its maximum sulfur content of 0.05%; the maximum of 0.3% carbon would barely lower the melting point to below that of iron's 1,565 °C) and melt fireproofing (NIST conducted measurements on the Blaze-Shield II to determine specific heat at temperatures up to 1,200 °C; any phase changes or decomposition would require considerably higher temperatures).

We are also supposed to believe that science was again suspended in the early 1940s, when cremation ovens that had always previously required at least 20 - 30 kg of coke per corpse were somehow able to do the job with a mere 1.6 kg of coke per corpse, which isn't even enough to evaporate the water in the typical corpse, let alone calcinate the bones so that they can be crushed, and another 1034 "anti-Semitic" supernatural photons colluded in another part of the "cover-up" by making mass open-air cremations invisible to people and cameras in Allied aircraft.


And "anti-Semitic" walls played their part in aiding and abetting the 'evil' Germans, by only allowing Prussian (or Iron) Blue staining to become visible in those gas chambers used to save human lives by exterminating typhus lice in clothes and bedding, preventing it from forming in the basement morgues alleged to be homicidal "gas chambers", and somehow ensuring that the cyanide concentrations in the alleged "gas chambers" would be 2,586 times lower in those "gas chambers" compared to the delousing chambers, as if the "human exterminations" had never happened.

And now we are supposed to believe in a new 'biology', in which antibodies, vaccines, face masks, antisocial distancing and obsessive compulsive hand-washing are the only things that can save human beings from viruses, there is no such thing as memory T-cell immunity, and there is no such thing as herd immunity (except, bizarrely, if it's been brought about by a vaccinations policy). Even though early vertebrates such as fish were fighting off viruses back in the Devonian Period, hundreds of millions of years ago.

The liars have had their way for long enough. It is time to build a new society, based on truth rather than lies.


This shows the scatter plot and some of the values when we take the log of both the independent variable - Jews per million of population (pmp), and dependent variable - alleged "Covid" deaths pmp.


On the linear scale Israel is the huge outlier that masks the correlation elsewhere. Exclude Israel and the correlation goes up to 0.26 (still weak) even on a linear scale. Take the log of just the independent variable and the correlation becomes moderate at around 0.50, with a small increase when Israel is excluded. Take the log of both variables and the correlation becomes strong at around 0.65. (For cases where a variable is inputted as zero to denote negligible levels, we take the log as -2 to prevent an infinity error.)

Here are the full input data; actual values on a linear scale for both Covid deaths and Jews per million population.


North Macedonia 20 414 95
Moldova 21 404 1583
Netherlands 22 401 2515
Montenegro 23 398 0
Armenia 24 381 100
Ireland 25 377 750
Iran 26 372 136
Aruba 27 327 0
Bahamas 28 322 1250
Romania 29 321 689
Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 315 229
South Africa 31 315 1327
Canada 36 260 12262
Iraq 37 257 0
Israel 38 249 757366
Costa Rica 39 242 571
Switzerland 40 235 2588
Luxembourg 43 219 1333
Portugal 44 219 78
Dominican Republic 46 203 19
Guatemala 48 198 71
Suriname 49 185 667
Paraguay 51 175 191
Russia 52 173 2180
Kyrgyzstan 53 171 113
Czechia 55 162 472
Bulgaria 60 151 563
Bermuda 63 145 3279
El Salvador 64 144 31
Ukraine 65 138 2293
Hungary 66 135 7653
Denmark 67 119 1293
Germany 68 119 1805
Turkey 71 112 239
Poland 73 106 182
Malta 74 104 500
Austria 75 103 1591
Belarus 76 100 1895
Croatia 78 99 585
Slovenia 79 96 95
Kazakhstan 80 95 267
Serbia 81 89 300
India 82 84 4
Morocco 83 83 71
Finland 91 64 291
Azerbaijan 93 63 1061
Philippines 94 62 2
Tunisia 95 62 104
Egypt 97 60 2
Jamaica 99 59 103
Estonia 100 54 2000
Namibia 101 52 80
Greece 102 51 514
Norway 104 51 283
Indonesia 107 47 1
Lithuania 108 46 1679
Georgia 109 45 1154
Afghanistan 112 38 0
Australia 113 35 5102
British Virgin Islands 116 33 0
Iceland 117 32 0
Pakistan 119 30 0
Venezuela 121 27 318
Latvia 122 26 4211
Liechtenstein 123 26 0
Barbados 124 24 0
Nicaragua 126 23 0
Cyprus 127 21 167
Slovakia 130 21 667
Haiti 131 20 0
Lesotho 132 20 0
Yemen 133 20 0
Senegal 134 19 0
Sudan 135 19 0
Zambia 136 19 0
Myanmar 137 18 0
Congo 138 17 0
Cameroon 139 16 0
Kenya 140 16 10
Liberia 141 16 0
Uzbekistan 142 16 185
Zimbabwe 143 16 36
Cayman Islands 144 15 0
Syria 145 15 11
Uruguay 146 15 5714
Japan 149 13 9
Ethiopia 150 12 5
Cuba 151 11 88
Ghana 152 10 0
Botswana 153 9 87
Madagascar 154 9 8
Malawi 155 9 0
S. Korea 156 9 4
Sierra Leone 157 9 0
Angola 158 8 0
Mauritius 160 8 0
Tajikistan 161 8 0
Brunei  162 7 0
Chad 163 6 0
Curaçao 164 6 0
Malaysia 165 6 0
Mali 166 6 0
Somalia 167 6 0
Togo 168 6 0
Guinea 169 5 0
Ivory Coast 170 5 0
New Zealand 171 5 1771
Nigeria 172 5 1
Singapore 173 5 175
South Sudan 174 5 0
Benin 175 3 0
Burkina Faso 176 3 0
China 177 3 2
DRC 178 3 2
Mozambique 179 3 0
Niger 180 3 0
Rwanda 181 3 0
Fiji 182 2 0
Uganda 183 2 0
Western Sahara 184 2 0
Papua New Guinea 185 0.8 0
Thailand 186 0.8 5
Sri Lanka 187 0.6 0
Vietnam 188 0.4 0
Taiwan 189 0.3 8
Tanzania 190 0.3 0
Burundi 191 0.08 0
Anguilla 192 0 0
Bhutan 193 0 0
Cambodia 194 0 0
Dominica 196 0 0
Gibraltar 200 0 20000
Greenland 201 0 0
Grenada 202 0 0
Laos 203 0 0
Mongolia 205 0 0

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