The Protocols of Anti-Semitism


The Protocols of Zion - Volume One: The Protocols of Joly

The "Holocaust" - Volume Two: The Non-Destruction of the European Jews

The 9/11 attacks - Volume Three: Israel's 9/11 False-Flag

Conclusion and solution


There are three pernicious lies that deserve to be consigned to the dustbin of history:

  1. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is a "proven" "hoax" or "forgery" that was fabricated by "anti-Semites" in order to smear Jews.
  2. The "Nazis" murdered "six million" Jews, many of whom were "exterminated" in "gas chambers".
  3. Muslims with box cutters killed thousands, demolished three skyscrapers, and brought down a section of the Pentagon.

As will be demonstrated, it isn't the Protocols that is a proven hoax, it is the legend about homicidal "gas chambers" and a "Holocaust" of "six million" Jews. And it wasn't Muslims who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, it was a group of Jewish terrorists who planned and orchestrated 9/11 as a false-flag attack, specifically in order to blame it on the Muslims and provide a pretext for NATO military aggression.

The truth behind any one of the three great myths corroborates the truth behind the other two, and an examination of one of these issues in isolation is liable to leave the researcher unable to see the forest for the trees. For example, those who initially hear allegations that Israel did 9/11 will be asking how a tiny country the size of New Jersey could get away with it. Alternatively, the idea that Bush masterminded 9/11 - possibly sub-contracting some tasks to the Mossad - quickly unravels, since the press would have exposed it before you could say "Watergate", and the Democrats would have exposed it before you could say "election". But there is plenty of proof of Israel's central role, such as three Israeli Jews who were seen celebrating with high-fives and hugging each other as they videoed and photographed the World Trade Center, even before news of the first plane crash had broken on the local AM news station 1010 WINS, which occurred between four and four-and-a-half minutes after the first plane crash. They were seen at a place that is at least a 4-minute drive from their "moving company" offices, which is where they claimed to have read on the internet about the first impact. That information is sourced from an FBI report, so it can hardly be dismissed as an urban myth.

The key to the manipulation of public opinion is the matter of who dominates the mainstream media, who mentors the leaders of the major political parties, and who controls the central banks.

And there is ample proof that the "Holocaust" is merely a hodge-podge of half-baked wartime propaganda, concocted by opportunists to elicit sympathy for the Jews, in order to further the political aims and business purposes of a criminal group of elite Jews. Multiple forensic tests converge on the fact that there were delousing chambers at Auschwitz with high levels of cyanide on the walls in the form of easily visible Iron (or Prussian) Blue stains, whilst the alleged "gas chambers" - in reality, mortuaries - had merely trace levels of cyanide that were 1,000 times lower than those of the delousing chambers, and equal to a control sample from a typical building selected at random. The purpose of the delousing chambers was to save the lives of prisoners in the work camps by killing typhus-bearing lice. In the 21st century, people have been jailed for exposing the evidence that debunks the "Holocaust" fable, whilst the press colludes in propping up the official stories about WWII and 9/11. This follows from the fact that Jews dominate the mainstream media, and have gained sufficient political clout as to be able to have chemists and historians jailed merely for publicly stating their beliefs about the events of WWII. The blueprint described in the Protocols includes Jewish control of the media, and the installation of Jewish-sponsored puppets who do the bidding of the Jews whilst acting the role of presidents and prime ministers who purportedly run their nations.

The 9/11 attacks were staged to provoke a "clash of civilizations" (whilst also swinging public opinion and sympathy in favor of Israel), and the "Holocaust" hoax was fabricated in order to seize 8,000 square miles of real estate on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to distracting from Allied forces' own war crimes such as the firebombing of Dresden. The plot to claim "six million" dead or dying Jews, as a means of enabling the conspirators (who are actually of Asian - or what is now termed "Eurasian" - rather than Middle Eastern extraction) to seize their own country, was devised in the 1890s. It just happened to take about fifty years, two world wars, and tens of millions of actual deaths, before they succeeded in creating a suitable background for the general public to believe their "six million" allegation. The Protocols describes the criminal group's program for world domination as it stood at around 1889, although they couldn't predict everything, and they adapted their strategy as circumstances demanded. They're not superhuman; they're merely very bad human beings.

It must be emphasized that most Jews are not party to all that criminal deception. The perpetrators are a relatively small group of racist Zionist Jews - or, more precisely, fake "Jews" who migrated to the West from the ancient kingdom of Khazaria to the north and west of the Caspian Sea, and used their self-styled "Jewishness" as part of their argument for obtaining their own sovereign state. Most people, Jews and non-Jews alike, have still not woken up to how the wool was pulled over their eyes. The conspirators had no incentive to share the plot with more people than was absolutely necessary. Even if someone is less likely to talk because of a misguided sense of loyalty to their race or co-religionists, that doesn't guarantee that they won't blow the whistle. And if all Jews are in on it, that would imply that they all have some sort of "telepathic" ability, which is preposterous. But unless the internet is banned, and there are more Draconian restrictions on free speech, the truth is bound to emerge. Zionism was never about "protecting" Jews; it was always about satiating an unbridled greed and lust for power by an evil elite. If Jews continue to back their criminal leaders whilst other people wake up to the reality, then Jews collectively will be perceived as the problem, and that could lead to a terrible conflict in which there would be no winners.

Debunking the official stories about 9/11 and the "Holocaust" is a cakewalk, provided you know where to find the relevant information, and in this trilogy you will find all the proof that anyone could ever wish for. It's easy to refute the claim about the Protocols being a "proven forgery" and there is solid evidence that the Russian secret police didn't compile the Protocols, although some mystery remains as to the author(s) and the date of completion. An investigation of the Protocols of Zion (which effectively are the Protocols of Joly) allows us to get to the crux of the matter of how the world's greatest conspiracy was born, and to identify some suspects.

It turns out that several elements of the program, such as war-for-profit, were copied from others who had already used them to great effect. The conspirators were only interested in results - getting the "gold" in their "hands", obtaining political power, and ultimately, world conquest in which a "despotic ruler" could maintain "civilization" by resorting to "cunning", "make-believe", "bribery", "deceit", "treachery", "terror", "violence" and so on. They would simply exploit any method that worked. They certainly weren't going to reinvent the wheel and deny themselves lucrative profits from established winning formulas, merely for the satisfaction of knowing that all of their crooked enterprises were their own creation. Similarly, if a book was published about Machiavellian machinations and much of the content appealed to them, they would shamelessly incorporate the ideas into their program - and even steal the author's metaphors, if that provided some advantage.

It will be seen that playing the "anti-Semite" card is an essential part of the Zionists' con trick, as noted in Protocol No. 9 and by Herzl in his Diaries. These deceivers will tell you that their critics are 'evil' "anti-Semites" or "neo-Nazis". They know they will never be able to refute their critics' arguments, and so must resort to name-calling. It's aimed at turning the tables (or inverting the accusations) on their critics, by implying that the deceivers are actually honest and innocent, and the so-called "anti-Semites" are lying because they're mindless morons who hate Jews for no reason at all. The idea that people who work to correct government and media lies and deceptions are actually mindless "haters" is ridiculous enough on its face. For example, if the Zionists were telling the truth, in which case the Germans murdered six million Jews and critics of Zionism are mindless morons with an irrational hatred of Jews, then the "morons" would be exaggerating the numbers killed, not denying them. They'd be claiming it was twelve million, not six million, and joking and making tasteless comments about how they all "richly deserved it". But the acid test is to compare the claims of the Zionists and their critics, and see which best fits the facts, is internally consistent, and is in accordance with established scientific and natural law.

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