The Protocols of Anti-Semitism: Conclusion and Solution

There is no doubt that the "Holocaust" was a hoax and 9/11 was a Zionist operation. The idea that "anti-Semites" "forged" the Protocols is also untenable, although Jewish / Khazar authorship is not proven to quite the same degree as the faking of the "Holocaust" and Israel's central role in 9/11.

The arch-villains who run the world have subjected Jews to psychological terror, since it's a necessary part of their program for world domination. Jews who'd become separated from their loved ones in WWII were cruelly duped into imagining that they must have perished in "the Holocaust", after being told not to bother looking for them. In Israel, the Zionist occupation regime guarantees terror attacks against Jews with anti-peace policies. Elsewhere, the Zionists have to try to perpetuate the myth that everyone hates Jews, in case people notice that Jews are less safe in Israel and start to suspect that Zionism might be the problem. So the Zionists employ sayanim to phony up "hate crimes" against themselves in the Diaspora, such as vandalising their own cars or graves, or poisoning their dogs and defacing their houses with swastikas, or cutting their clothes and drawing swastikas on their stomachs.

It's rather like evil parents who try to make their children love them by having someone pose as a monster in the dark to scare them, with the parents then acting the role of "protector". Jews need Zionists to "protect" them like they need a hole in the head. The Zionists are the instigators of conflict, and thrive on it. It's all very well controlling puppet presidents, poodle prime ministers, the central banks and the mainstream media, but wannabe world dictators also need their own sovereign state - preferably nuclear-armed - to give themselves even more political clout. So the system relies upon scaring Jews into thinking there might be another "Holocaust", that the "evil" Muslims / Germans / neo-Nazis / anti-Semites are out to get them. Similarly, Christian is pitted against Muslim, Allied against Axis, "democracy" against "dictator", all to further the interests of the global conspirators.

The importance of the legend of "anti-Semitism" to the crooked Zionist enterprise cannot be underestimated; Herzl recognized it as essential, and Protocol No. 9 describes it as "indispensable". However much Zionists have deceptively attempted to explain this away, there is no doubt Herzl wrote in his Diaries that "The anti-Semites will become our most dependable friends, the anti-Semitic countries our allies". It was a necessary part of the 1890s Zionist plan to trick the international community into giving Zionist swindlers their own sovereign state. And this, of course, was before Adolf Hitler was a teenager! But even after the "Holocaust" myth had become a heavily overhyped part of folklore, and the non-Semitic, Asiatic fraudsters from Khazaria had their own 8,000 square miles of sovereign land in the Middle East, about 1,900 miles on foot from their actual place of origin, Zionists continue to whine about evil "anti-Semites". We are supposed to accept that this so-called "anti-Semitism" was so bad that the 'wretched' Jews desperately needed a safe haven when Hitler was a boy, yet even today, in the century after Jews were supposedly exterminated and Zionists were given their own State, the 'wretched' Jews are still supposed to need the ADL, the Zionist Organization of America, the World Zionist Organization, AIPAC, Hasbara, control of the press, foreign aid to Israel, supply of arms such as cluster bombs to Israel, Dolphin class submarines capable of firing nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a 900-mile range, being treated as a special case when it comes to Israel's dealings with the Palestinians and its neighbors, and a host of other special privileges. What a "coincidence" that the 'wretched' Jews should supposedly have needed all of these measures for the past 120 years, and these measures are exactly what is needed by a gang of racist bigots and swindlers who have been working to take over the world for the past 120 years!

(And, when Israel has long had plenty of its own thermonuclear weapons, the likes of Benjamin "9/11" Netanyahu have the audacity and hypocrisy to claim Iran's peaceful nuclear program is a weapons program!!! By stating that Iran must prove its program is peaceful, Tehran is regarded as guilty until proven innocent.)

The conspirators needed to deflect criticism by turning the tables or inverting the accusations. Initially, they would pretend that instead of Jewish supremacists being the real racists, it was critics of Zionism and Jewish fanaticism, and instead of Jews writing the Protocols, it was those 'evil' "anti-Semites" who had "forged" the Protocols in order to make Jews look bad. But then the Jewish supremacists set up their "Holocaust" legend, by which time they needed to spin a complex, interwoven tissue of lies. Now they were able to derive a new false accusation by combining two other false accusations: (i) Anti-Semites forged the Protocols (ii) The Nazis murdered millions of Jews. This gave them (iii) Hitler and the Nazis murdered millions of Jews because they were inspired by the Protocols, the notorious anti-Semitic forgery. In reality, the Rothschilds copied the idea of profiting from wars, whichever side won, from the House of Hesse, and then in Maurice Joly's book they found a ready-made plan to take over the press and establish fake "democracies" in which the so-called 'leaders' of major political parties were their puppets. Joly would turn in his grave if he knew how his book was going to be misused for nefarious purposes by an unholy alliance of Jewish bankers, Jewish rabbis and Jewish politicians. 

Suppose some two-bit pervert abducted, sexually mutilated and molested eight-day-old baby boys, and, upon arrest, claimed he did it because his "God" had "commanded" him to do it. Is it a defense that is likely to hold up in court, after he is dragged off to jail so quickly that his feet don't touch the ground? Yet when a bunch of depraved racial supremacists, bent on creating a "Utopia" in which they have power over the rest of us and accumulate the world's riches for themselves by lies and deception, proclaim themselves as messengers of "God" and leaders of some minority tribe, and mutilate all the male members of that group, under the pretext that it will somehow make the tribe more successful by pleasing their "God", the parents connive in the assaults and it is seen as perfectly "normal", simply because people have already been fooled for many centuries, going back to a time when critical thinking skills were in even shorter supply. Apart from satiating religious leaders' debauchery, another motive is to limit the birth rate and keep down the tribe's population, so that these 'leaders' can keep alleging there have been "exterminations", "annihilations", "massacres", "holocausts", "persecutions", everyone else hates them for no reason at all, and all the rest of the baloney. Let adults mutilate themselves if they so desire, but infants are not capable of giving informed consent. It's perceived as normal to castrate cats and dogs on the grounds that they're merely "animals" and the property of the "owner". But Jews are human beings, and their leaders should treat them as such.

It is time for the Tribe to find themselves a new set of leaders. Or better yet, to dispense with leaders. The Jewish people have to regain their liberty by refusing to let power-grabbing, money-grubbing charlatans tell them how to think and lead their lives. On a minor note, individuals should be free to make their own decisions on whether the benefits of eating bacon, ham or pork are outweighed by any health risks, rather than blindly follow decrees from priests acting the part of "doctors". Although at some time, infestation by tapeworms may have been rife, the risk today from undercooked pork is limited to countries where the people lack access to decent toilets, or rare cases of transmission from immigrants who are unwitting carriers of the parasite. More importantly, the Jewish people should not be lumbered with a black view of the world that alleges exterminations where none existed and greatly exaggerates hatred and ill-will, which condemns them to a wholly unnecessary but terrifying paranoia of worrying about a "new Holocaust". There is not likely to be any "Holocaust" of the Jews because there is no precedent for one apart from a hodge-podge of fictional narratives deliberately concocted by a lying, swindling elite in order to incite hatred and mistrust. Those who are stupid enough to have an irrational hatred of some religious or racial group are never going to be more than a tiny minority (although there is nothing irrational about disliking murderers, war criminals, terrorists, liars, charlatans, child abusers, etc.). And it is time for the rest of us to take our world back by stripping those perverted racist fanatics, religious zealots and pedophiles of their powers, privileges and ill-gotten gains, and, in some cases, giving them the choice between incarceration in a secure institution or rehabilitation into becoming useful members of society.

Now the ball is in the court of the Jewish people. They can continue to live in the past, to believe their criminal leaders' lies, and to back those criminal leaders, which risks a terrible catastrophe in which there would be no winners. Or they can unite with the rest of the world against crime and terrorism, help to expose the crimes of Jewish (and non-Jewish) leaders, and help to create a better world for all law-abiding, peace-loving folk. If they don't wise up to the fact that the Zionists are the problem rather than the solution, and continue to blindly support them, some people would start to perceive all Jews as the problem. (That wouldn't be fair, but that's how some would see it.)

Ultimately, the cancer of Zionism is the central problem facing the world today. It was with the advent of Zionism in the 1890s that the conspiracy for world enslavement really crystallized, with Jewish fanatics commencing their detailed program of taking over the press and installing puppet political 'leaders', with talk of "six million" Jews being "persecuted" or "harried" for no reason at all, when Hitler was just a young boy. By the next decade the press was widely plugging claims of "extermination", "massacre", "annihilation", "6,000,000 Jews", "the holocaust" and the "holocaust of Jews" (before the 'h' was capitalized). By 1910 and 1911, the press was peddling conspiracy theories about a "systematic" "grinding down", "oppression" and "persecution" of the "six million" Jews. And this was still before World War One! By September 8, 1919, the fanatics were 'predicting' that "6,000,000" Jews in Europe were going to be "completely exterminated", which is somewhat like Benjamin Netanyahu's 1995 'prediction' that "militant Islam" would bring down the World Trade Center (in both cases the 'prediction' preceded the allegation, with the difference being that the WTC was brought down by Netanyahu and his pals, whereas six million Jews were not exterminated). It was October 1919 when Martin Glynn wrote in the American Hebrew about "Six million men and women" who were "dying" in a "threatened holocaust" that was a result of a "bigoted lust for Jewish blood".

Zionism was necessary, but not sufficient. And also necessary, but not sufficient, was to have some minority religious group, a wandering people who, rather than having a nation of their own, relied upon the hospitality of host nations, but chose not to assimilate with the customs and traditions of the host, preferring to set themselves apart. This self-imposed isolation stemmed from the tyranny of the Talmud. "Weighed down by the yoke of the Talmud", which "left room neither to reason nor to freedom", the people were "fatally led on to strive after gold", as described by Bernard Lazare (who was Jewish). The bigoted filth in the Talmud about how non-Jews were equivalent to beasts who could be murdered, raped, robbed, defrauded, etc., by Jews without the Jew bearing responsibility, was complemented by the mischievous nonsense in the Torah prescribing genital mutilation of infant males in the group and claiming that the Jews were God's chosen people, with the 'predictions' in the Book of Isaiah about how the Nations would bear homage to the Jews. Thus, the conditions were set for an international group of bigoted fanatics who would try to take over the world:

Whatever one's ethnic origins, we are all human, and we all came out of Africa. (The Neanderthals, however, migrated much earlier: 300,000 to 400,000 years ago, as opposed to 60,000 years ago for Homo sapiens.) To persecute individuals because of their race or religion is abhorrent, although "positive discrimination" and political correctness is nonsense and will create more problems than it solves. And the solution should involve as little bloodshed and violence as possible. For example, torture and execution of the Rothschilds, Benjamin Netanyahu, Abe Foxman and other Zionist leaders isn't the best possible outcome. Their punishment should depend on how well they cooperate. If they spent their final years writing their memoirs under house arrest, and also being allowed out on occasion to conduct speaking tours, thereby providing full details of their crimes, humankind would have a complete documentary record of the 125-year-old conspiracy for world conquest, and profits from book sales and lectures could be used as a small compensation to 9/11 victims' families. But if they were tried and convicted, and then refused to cooperate, they would face what is described in the Protocols as "exemplary punishment".

In the new Age of Reason, medieval creeds based on superstition, fairy tales and hatred will be replaced by reason, truth, justice, tolerance and humanity. There is a need to plan for the transition period, so that it is as smooth and painless as possible.

In the nearer term, Jewry's criminal-loving, warmongering puppet politicians need to be thrown out of office and replaced with those who will represent the people. Most politicians start out as relatively honest and well intentioned. The problem is with the servile poodles who have been propelled to leadership positions, then it's payback time for their mentors, and the honest politicians find it is not good for their careers to resist the programs pursued by the corrupt presidents and prime ministers. In order to provide an incentive for full confessions from the principal perpetrators of Jewry's conspiracy, there might need to be some temporary restrictions placed upon the occupations of Jews; in particular, "dual nationality" Israeli-"Americans" with political grievances, and others with a passion for disinformation. For example, they would be barred from influential positions in politics and the mainstream media - although they would be allowed to produce newsletters and magazines for Jewish audiences. The objective would be to stop lying Jewish propagandists playing the part of prize retards who imagine that proofs of Israeli involvement in 9/11 are equivalent to claims that the planes were "holograms". In the meantime, any who innocently lost their jobs as a result of this policy should be paid a living wage from the money saved by stopping "aid" to Israel, and from the massive savings in defense expenditure by no longer screwing around with other people's countries. (Those who were already proven liars would not be eligible.) After Jewry's leaders had confessed and people were aware of how they'd been deceived, Jews could again work in all sectors. Anyone who attempted to lie and deceive as before, whether Jew or Gentile, would soon be exposed and out of a job.

Since barring people from positions because of their race or religion, even as a temporary measure, is hardly an ideal solution, and best avoided if at all possible, a better alternative would be for journalists to form and sign up to a new union dedicated to changing the mainstream media from an outlet for lies and propaganda to the fount of truth and reason. The policy would be that its members were going to expose the reality of 9/11, the "Holocaust", and the Rothschild conspiracy for world domination, and if influential Jewish media bosses, the ADL or the Simon Wiesenthal Center didn't like it, they would have to train a new set of puppets from scratch, to write their lying drivel. Media bosses who refused to accept the international union's demands would have no workers left and their circulation would plummet. Rather than wait to see if they could persuade any more new recruits to write baloney (although it might be an interesting experiment to see how lying media outlets could compete against competitors who told the truth), an even better solution would be to have any belligerent media moguls arrested as accessories to terrorism, war crimes and fraud. They would not even be allowed to produce so much as an internal newsletter for the jail! In the meantime, there would be tremendous opportunities in journalism to expose the various deceptions and bring the truth to the man in the street.

After the conspiracy has been fully documented, there can be an understanding that it must never be allowed to happen again, and if it did, there would be no escape from torture and execution for the perpetrators. In any case, whether or not our current-day plutocrats cooperate to save their skins, their ill-gotten gains can be redistributed to enrich the world's people. Every $7 trillion recovered is a lump sum of almost $1,000 apiece. And with national debt a thing of the past, governments no longer having to pay usury to Jewish bankers, and presidents and prime ministers acting as representatives of the people rather than the Rothschilds, it wouldn't be Utopia, but it would still be a great step forward. To stick with the same old, corrupt, perverted system of lies and injustice masquerading as "democracy" would be absolute folly.

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