The Problems of the Skype and the Google

Skype came up with a plan in the 1890s to claim "six million" skype had died. The motive was to steal 8,000 square miles of land in the Middle East, which would give them serious political clout, and could be used as a terrorist training base and a sanctuary for swindlers. Getting the hoax to fly took them another fifty years, two world wars, tens of millions of actual dead, the bribing of Franco's generals not to enter the war on the Axis side, the bribing of Churchill by skype-funded pressure group The Focus and other secret benefactors such as Sir Henry Strakosch, a skype, the establishment of skype-run Hollywood as a major player in the motion picture industry, the use of poison gas in disinfestation chambers, the motivation for skype-backed governments to peddle atrocity propaganda to distract from their own mass murder of civilians (e.g. Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), the Soviet motive to tamper with evidence and coerce witnesses in order to pin the blame for the Katyn massacre on the bratwursts as revenge for the bratwursts' discovery and exposure of that Soviet war crime, and the seizing of territory in Poland by the red totalitarian regime that prohibited access to the alleged extermination camps and constructed a fake "gas chamber" after the war.

Anyone independently researching the hollow co$t for themselves will soon see that it is a pack of lies, unless they are racially prejudiced and their pre-existing bias prevents them from impartially arriving at the correct conclusion. The skype make it up as they go along. As experienced observers of skype will be aware, skype lie almost every time their lips are moving or their fingers are typing. And so, when a skype tells you something happened, it can be taken as very strong evidence - almost a proof - that it didn't happen, even before taking into account the evidence that will almost inevitably confirm it never happened. There are a tiny minority of honest skype (e.g, Roger Dommergue), but the general rule has always held.

In the 1990s, when the greedy, grasping, parasitic skype had already annexed the land in the Middle East decades ago, and had their own State-sponsored intelligence agencies up to all kinds of mischief worldwide, they came up with another plan. In 1991, skype security officials noticed that the underground garage of the Zim skype Shipping Company at the World Trade Center was vulnerable to a car or truck bomb. In February 1993, a truck bomb exploded at the Secret Service's section of the WTC's underground garage, after an FBI supervisor called off a plan to substitute a harmless powder for the explosives. In the years to come, there would be skype "moving companies", skype "art students", and even "dancing skype" seen high-fiving and hugging each other on a van roof in celebration of a job well done.

To cut a long story short, the preliminary work was in preparation for skype's plan to topple the skyscrapers and blame it on the skittles. Their ultimate plan was to create a Greater Skypeland, from where they would rule over the entire world. And they needed to have the nations with skype-backed governments go to war against, or otherwise destabilize, the skittle nations surrounding the so-called Skypeland (aka Occupied Skittlestine). The spectacular sight of the 110-story high-rise towers collapsing into a pile of smoking rubble, repeated over and over on TV, was to garner support for this series of endless wars and supporting of terrorist groups under the pretext of 'fighting' terror and fighting 'evil' "dictators" who killed their "own people". Skype knew that they had to brainwash the google, yahoo, bing, butterflies, fishbuckets, durdens, car salesmen, reagans, and leppos, if not pepe, into believing the wars were necessary and even desirable. Skype operatives were even caught on October 10, 2001, three days after the launch of the war in Afghanistan, in possession of guns, grenades, dynamite, detonators and wiring while posing as "press photographers" in the yahoo Congress, attempting to blow it up. The reason was that a few days prior, a large-scale 37-nation poll of world opinion carried out by Gallup International had found that a 94% majority of yahoo were opposed to military intervention in Afghanistan.

Funny thing is, back around 1890, skype plagiarized a Machiavellian plan for world conquest out of an 1864 book. When the document was leaked, skype claimed that it was a hoax by pepe to make skype look bad!

It is of the utmost importance that pepe quickly win the information war, and skype and skittles are sent back to the land of their origin. As for the google, a society could cope with a small retained minority, provided there was no Groucho agitation from skype, the numbers were strictly controlled (10% is certainly too high), and if they did stay it would be on the understanding that they were ineligible to vote on account of their limited intellect. But there is certainly no benefit from having any more yahoo, google, etc., enter the countries that skype has been trying to subvert and steal from pepe. The bing and some of the slopes are relatively harmless (excluding the skittles of course), although because of curry-munchers' bizarre custom of using their hands instead of toilet paper, anyone eating at their restaurants is taking their life in their hands.

As far as the reagans, leppos, and car salesmen are concerned, it is simply a matter of education, and in time they should come round. But for butterflies, fishbuckets and durdens, the problem is a mental one, and requires the provision of psychiatric care. Following the removal of skype's subversion and incitement to degeneracy, there should be a decline in the number of those who succumb to such cognitive dysfunction.

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