Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die

Here are a few of the reasons why most grown-ups know the so-called "Holocaust" is an outrageous hoax, a colossal fraud and a malicious libel that defames the memory of those who really did die. We'll examine some of these facts in detail below. More people died on the back seat of Ted Kennedy's car at Chappaquiddick than in any "gas chambers" throughout WWII.

(1) Insufficient time to cremate more than 400,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers claim more than a million were murdered there (after abandoning their claim of "four million" in the 1990s!).
(2) Insufficient fuel to cremate more than 100,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers allege more than a million were murdered there.
(3) Insufficient firebrick durability to cremate more than 108,000 bodies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, when Hoaxers contend more than a million were murdered there.
(4) Hoaxer claims about improving cremator performance by stuffing multiple bodies into each muffle are refuted by the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators.
(5) Auschwitz death books record only 68,864 dead, of whom 29,125 were Jews and 31,814 were Roman Catholics.
(6) Auschwitz death books included the young and old who were supposedly routinely gassed upon arrival, thereby demolishing Hoaxer claims that the books were faked by excluding "gassings" as part of a "cover-up" "conspiracy".
(7) Forensic tests conducted on the walls of the alleged "gas chambers" found zero or trace levels of stable cyanide compounds that averaged less than one-thousandth of the corresponding levels for the delousing chambers that were used to save human lives by exterminating typhus-bearing lice.
(8) Hoaxers were so worried about the forensic evidence refuting their allegations that the Polish government commissioned a pseudo-scientific 'study' that manipulated its methodology so as to detect only unstable cyanide compounds, in a politically motivated bid to fix its result so that cyanide levels for delousing chambers were nearly down to those of the alleged "gas chambers".
(9) The absurdity of mass murder conducted by having to drag out 2,000 cyanide-contaminated corpses from an underground "gas chamber", load them onto a 300 kg payload goods elevator that could take only five at a time (say loading, unloading and returning the elevator takes just 4 minutes; then 4 x 2,000 / (5 x 60) = 26.7 hours), and having the 2,000 piled up outside or in the oven room without raising suspicions of the next batch who think they are going to take a shower.
(10) Hoaxers' attempt to rationalize the lack of cyanide in "gas chambers" by citing hosing of walls backfires on them, since "witness" Tauber said only the floors were washed, Nyszili said the bodies were washed, and Bennahmias said the walls were whitewashed with a quick-drying paint after each "gassing". If the first two were telling the truth, the increased humidity would be more conducive to Iron Blue formation. If the walls were whitewashed after each "gassing", the HCN would be locked inside after having penetrated the wall, and cyanide compounds would be found across the interior as in the delousing chambers, yet they are not. Even if the witnesses lied and the walls were hosed, the HCN would have penetrated inside and evidence of it would be apparent.
(11) Hoaxers' attempt to rationalize the lack of cyanide in "gas chambers" by claiming it takes much more HCN to kill insects than humans backfires on them, by the sheer absurdity of the "Nazis" using 99.9% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners' lives whilst using the remaining 0.1% to murder them (or actually 99.99% and 0.01%, after allowing for the cool, moist, cement / concrete walls of the alleged "gas chambers" being more conducive to formation of Iron Blue).
(12) Topsoil at Treblinka was not disturbed in any extent commensurate with 870,000 corpses buried and exhumed.
(13) It would have taken until September 1994 for the 25 woodcutters at Treblinka to chop, saw and gather sufficient wood to cremate 870,000 bodies, or alternatively, they would need to be capable of attaining a productivity rate 88 times higher than well-fed and well-equipped Italian woodcutters in peacetime.
(14) The impossibility and absurdity of murdering nearly two million Jews by up to 32 minutes of exposure to diesel exhaust with more than 10% oxygen and up to 0.2% CO.
(15) The absurdity of building "death camps" such as Treblinka without any purpose-built crematoria.
(16) The absurdity of a "death camp" such as Auschwitz having a hospital, where Anne Frank was treated for scabies, and the contradiction of routine "gassings" for the sick at Auschwitz whilst Frank was sent to Bergen-Belsen, where she died - not at the hands of any fiendish "Nazis", but from typhus.
(17) The gas bottle at Majdanek with the inscription "1 kg CO2" that was claimed as carbon monoxide - or even "carbon oxide" (!) - by the storytellers.
(18) The absurdity of Himmler becoming so worried in late February or early March of 1943 that the Allies might discover millions of alleged buried corpses in Russia and Poland, including nearly 900,000 Jews at Treblinka, that he panicked and issued an order to exhume and cremate all the bodies as part of a massive cover-up, with the same Heinrich Himmler going on to talk openly about exterminating the Jews in a "secret" speech - and having it recorded so that it could be used as evidence against him (!) - at Posen later that year, on 4 October, 1943.
(19) The impossibility of 2,955 Einsatzgruppen - including the clerks - identifying and selecting 2 to 3 million Jews in a war zone out of an enemy population of tens of millions (by using callipers to measure their noses, or asking to see if they were circumcised?), shooting all those Jews without being killed themselves, and then eliminating millions of corpses without Allied aircrew seeing the flames and smoke from open-air cremations.
(20) The contradictory juxtaposition of 'honest' witnesses with so many 'witnesses' who are proven liars, e.g., it was "real in their mind", they repeatedly swallowed and defecated diamonds for two years, they were "raised by wolves", skin turned "blue" when Jews supposedly died from CO or cyanide poisoning, etc..
(21) The non-mention of "gassings" in encrypted communications and private diaries.
(22) The lack of any "Hitler order", or any budget, blueprint or central office for an "extermination" program.
(23) The impossibility of communicating a system of "code words" and "euphemisms" by telepathy or semaphore for "covering up" genocide that could be followed religiously, without a single blunder.
(24) The improbability that no German would take a photograph of a "gas chamber", and the impossibility of communicating an order not to do so by telepathy or semaphore.
(25) The improbability that the Germans would be able to instantly cremate all "gassed" victims whilst leaving victims of natural deaths piled up outside, so that Allied doctors conducting autopsies would never find evidence of death by poison gas, and the impossibility of ordering such a "cover-up" by telepathy or semaphore.
(26) The absurdity of the claim by Charles Bendel, a Jewish "medical doctor", that "German methods" would allow 1,000 people to fit into a "gas chamber" of 10 m x 4 m x 1.6 m = 64 cubic meters = 64 liters per person, which is a packing density of 55 / 64 = 0.859 if the average person weighed only 55 kg and had a density equal to that of water.
(27) The attempt to mislead by producing a fraudulent documentary in which a young redhead goes to Treblinka and becomes tearful, after pretending to think a cemetery with forty bone fragments is a mass grave and a pierced mullet star brand mark of a porcelain factory is a "Star of David".
(28) The requirement for the Soviets to construct a "gas chamber" at Auschwitz I after the war, in order to sell the legend to unsuspecting tourists.
(29) Lies about "death camps" in Germany proper, and the requirement to fall back on the claim that the "death camps" 'coincidentally' just happened to be situated behind the Iron Curtain, where Stalin and Beria had control of who was allowed to look at the 'evidence'.
(30) After the claim of a "gas chamber" at Dachau was shown to be a lie, the attempted cover-up by pretending that the Germans had been attempting to build the "gas chamber" for three years, but never completed the project even though "work was going on at a high speed".
(31) The impossibility of utilizing mortuary 1 of Krema II (allegedly responsible for most of the Auschwitz-Birkenau "gassings") as a "gas chamber", when there were no input holes in the ceiling for the introduction of Zyklon B at the time that the "gassings" were supposedly taking place.
(32) The absurdity of building a "gas chamber" for mass murder with flimsy wooden doors that opened to the inside, where bodies would be piled up.
(33) The absurdity of converting an underground morgue into a "gas chamber" by chiseling out square holes for the introduction of Zyklon B granules.
(34) Lies about mass murder by quicklime / vacuum chambers / steam chambers / a "building where the floor was electrified in a special way" / pedal-operated brain-bashing machines / masturbation machines / atomic devices for vaporizing 20,000 Jews / Jew-eating bear and Jew-pecking eagle / being made to climb trees that would be chopped down / being pushed off cliffs, etc..
(35) Lies about Jews being made into soap, knife cases, light switches, lampshades, shrunken heads, saddles, riding breeches, gloves, house slippers, ladies' handbags, and book-binders.
(36) Lies about flames shooting out of the crematory chimneys.
(37) The requirement for Hoaxers such as Raul Hilberg to spend a lifetime trawling through documents in the hope of finding something that could be deliberately misinterpreted as 'evidence' for extermination, and then not being able to come up with anything more incriminating than verbs such as "ausrotten".
(38) Hitler's remark of November 10, 1938, about needing to "annihilate" the class of German intellectuals, Himmler's statement (as quoted by his masseur, Felix Kersten, in a diary entry dated December 12, 1940) that Hitler wanted to "wipe out the Jews", and Himmler's statement of April 18, 1941 (according to Kersten) that "The Jews must be annihilated by the end of the war" - before Hoaxers contend any decision had been made to "exterminate" the Jews.
(39) The requirement to have dozens of "Holocaust museums" around the world to sell the story.
(40) There's no business like Shoah business.
(41) Lying about "six million" dead, fictitious "gas chambers" and about most or all Jews being of Semitic origin - when nearly all are from the Caucasus as proved by Elhaik (2012) - is a price worth paying for being handed your own sovereign state and 8,000 square miles of land, when your religion tells you that you are "God's Chosen People" and its Talmudist 'ethics' encourages lying, cheating, thieving, raping and killing, provided the "goyim" (non-Jews) are the victims. Christians - or even atheists brought up in a Christian White European culture - are particularly susceptible to falling for the Hoax, since their ethics is the polar opposite of the Talmudists. They find it hard to believe that "witnesses" would lie about an event of such importance, and so they tend to take the "witnesses" at face value and to ignore the material facts.
(42) The requirement for Hollywood and the mass media to devote a vast amount of coverage to the "Holocaust", Hitler and the "Nazis", whilst having very little to say about Mao Zedong and Stalin, whom even Hoaxers concede killed more than Hitler.
(43) Relentless whining and moaning about being hard done by, and extorting massive reparations, is inconsistent with the actions of people who have truly suffered great losses, yet is consistent with lying shysters who fabricated a hoax for political and business purposes.
(44) 'Confessions' obtained by crushing testicles, breaking jaws, tearing out fingernails, beating with clubs and brass knuckles, etc., along with a desire to protect one's family from reprisals.
(45) The Jewish "German" communist Bruno Baum admitted to being one of the main fabricators of propaganda at the Auschwitz camp. He said, "It is no exaggeration when I say that the majority of all Auschwitz propaganda, which was spread at that time all over the world, was written by ourselves in the camp. [...] We carried out this propaganda in [for] the world public until our very last day of presence in Auschwitz."
(46) Dr. Arno J. Mayer, a Jewish "historian", tried to explain away the absence of evidence by stating, "Sources for the study of the gas chambers are at once rare and unreliable. Even though Hitler and the Nazis made no secret of their war on the Jews, the SS operatives dutifully eliminated all traces of their murderous activities and instruments. No written orders for gassing have turned up thus far. The SS not only destroyed most camp records, which were in any case incomplete, but also razed nearly all killing and crematory installations well before the arrival of Soviet troops. Likewise, care was taken to dispose of the bones and ashes of the victims."
(47) Simone Veil, a Jewish "French" politician who survived the Auschwitz "factory of death", tried to explain away the absence of evidence by stating, "Yet everyone knows that the Nazis destroyed these gas chambers and systematically eradicated all the witnesses."
(48) There is a contradiction between systematically eradicating all the witnesses and releasing 20,000 inmates from Majdanek, who would be witnesses to the cruelty if it were a "death camp".
(49) Mainstream sources recognize that Simon Wiesenthal was a "liar and a fraud", who lied about nearly everything in his life. He had numerous contradictory versions of his wartime exploits, which are so far fetched that they are virtually a benchmark test of gullibility.
(50) A previous claim by Jews - in their Babylonian Talmud - that "four billion - or as some say, forty million" - Jews were exterminated by the Romans at Bethar, and there was so much blood, it was up to the horses' nostrils, and it was enough to move stones the size of 40 se'ah (293 liters) and to flow into the sea for a distance of four miles.
(51) Hitler's true policy - of expelling the Jews from Germany - was entirely consistent with previous expulsions of Jews from more than 100 locations throughout history, when the host population threw out Jews after becoming aware of their subversive nature and their destructive effect on the host nation's culture and civilization. There has never been any singling out of Jews for "extermination", which is why their population remains around 15 million today.
(52) Rabbi Stephen Wise's statement of June 10, 1900, as reported in the Jewish-owned New York Times the next day, "There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism", at a Federation of American Zionists meeting at Cooper Union in Manhattan.
(53) The 'prediction' by Joseph Seff, President of the Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America, as reported in The New York Times of September 8, 1919, of "This fact that the population of 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated".
(54) The 'prediction' by Jews, as reported in The New York Times of July 20, 1921, that "Russia's 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre".
(55) Rabbi Wise's claim, reported in The New York Times of April 18, 1938, that "millions of Jews are dying today".
(56) The allegation by "spokesmen" for Rabbi Wise's World Jewish Congress, as reported in The New York Times of June 30, 1942, that Jews "were being shot by firing squads at the rate of 1,000 daily" and "1,000,000" had already been "slain by Nazis".
(57) Soviet Jewish communist Ilya Ehrenburg's announcement in Soviet War News as early as December 22, 1944, months in advance of the war's end, that the Germans had "annihilated six million innocent people", together with claims prior to that by other Jews that "close to six million" Jews had been killed.
(58) The failure of the "six million" headline claim to be revised accordingly in the 1990s when the alleged Auschwitz death toll was revised downwards from four million to between one million and one-and-a-half million.
(59) The admission by honest Jews such as Gerard Menuhin (son of violinist Yehudi), Paul Eisen, Roger Dommergue, David Cole and Joseph G. Burg that the Holocaust tale is false.
(60) The requirement to prop up the official narrative by blowing up and killing François Duprat and crippling his wife, kicking in Prof. Robert Faurisson's face, attempting to murder Ernst Zundel by burning down his house and sending a pipe bomb in the post, threatening and beating up David Cole and other revisionists, ordering the blocking of certain websites in Hungary, making criticism of the "Holocaust" narrative an imprisonable offense in most European countries and even detaining and extraditing Germans from Canada and the US for criticising the fable, sentencing an 87-year-old grandmother to jail several times for saying she did not believe Auschwitz was a "death camp", and even jailing defense lawyers for defending their revisionist clients too well. Truth needs no laws to protect it.

Now let's examine some of the evidence in more detail.

Hoaxers contend that simultaneous introduction of multiple corpses into a single muffle would result in the increase in mass burning rate that they need to make their claims stick, and would also save on coke consumption. They are wrong on both counts. As an average, the fastest realistic estimate for the burning rate is a cremation rate of one body per hour per muffle, as was confirmed by statements from Topf engineers Kurt Prüfer and Karl Schultze [see Carlo Mattogno: The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz—A Technical and Historical Study (2015), pp. 309-311]. That rate of burning is based on sufficient fuel being available, but sufficient fuel was not available. As the available fuel becomes lower, the cremations will initially slow, and will eventually fail altogether (e.g., if you have only one-tenth of the required fuel). Before going into the question of cremation time in detail, we shall consider the matter of fuel consumption.

The exterminationist thesis is refuted by the fact that the fuel consumed at Auschwitz-Birkenau is less than one-tenth of what would be necessary to cremate more than a million bodies. Data from the Topf double-muffle oven at Gusen shows that 47.9 kg of coke per corpse was consumed in semi-continuous operation when run every other day over 260 days in 1941 (138,430 kg of coke for 2,890 corpses from January 29 to October 15). For continuous operation, 30.6 kg of coke per corpse was consumed when 677 corpses were cremated using 20,700 kg of coke over 13 days from October 31 to November 12, 1941. And then Hoaxers expect us to believe that the Germans somehow reduced their coke consumption by more than an order of magnitude over 1942 to 1944, to less than 2 kg per corpse in the Topf ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau, because the ovens were in continuous operation!

The recorded coke deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau total 1,037 tons, documented on approximately 240 delivery notes dating from 16th February 1942 to 25th October 1943, with the data for February 1942 to March 1943 being corroborated by calculations from 'Nazi' engineer Jährling. A generous extrapolation of 2,000 tons of coke for 1942-1944, divided by more than a million allegedly "gassed", obtains the figure of less than 2 kg of coke per corpse required by the Holocaust narrative.

[See: Mattogno, Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity (2010), pp. 302/3 for Gusen coke consumption, and Jean-Claude Pressac, AUSCHWITZ: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers p. 224 for the data on Auschwitz-Birkenau coke deliveries.]

The problem with Hoaxers' proposal that the delivery records are "incomplete" is that it is is refuted by corroborating evidence from Jährling's calculations (see the Appendix for more on this), and would require a bizarre scenario of approximately 2,400 delivery notes being randomly shuffled into non-chronological order followed by approximately 2,160 (90%) of those delivery notes mysteriously going missing, so that all months became similarly incomplete. The Hoaxer might suggest that the "missing" paperwork only applies to April 1943 or later, after Jährling had performed his calculations, in which case the same peculiar loss of at least 90% of the paperwork needs to occur for each of the months April to October 1943. Even in this case, there is the contradiction of the fact that the "extermination" policy was allegedly decided upon at the Wannsee Conference of January 20, 1942, but the decision to upgrade the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematoria with the Birkenau ovens of Krema II to V did not follow until August that year. Even for Hoaxers, with their wildly inflated assumptions regarding cremator performance, the idea that more than a million bodies could somehow be cremated on three double-muffle ovens (more than 166,667 per muffle) must be a non-starter.

The SS Main Economic and Administrative Office known as SS-WVHA took the decision to install the eight-muffle ovens of Birkenau Krema IV and V on August 26, 1942, more than seven months after the decision to "exterminate" millions of Jews had allegedly been taken. Construction of Krema IV began on September 23, 1942, and the Germans did not begin building Krema V until November 20, 1942. The five triple-muffle ovens for Krema III were first ordered by telephone on September 25, 1942, and then in writing by registered letter on September 30, 1942. There had been a decision in principle to build another five triple-muffle ovens on October 22, 1941 - three months in advance of the Wannsee Conference!). The original intention was to build those in the Main Camp of Auschwitz. However, the final bill for this order, costing RM 6,378 per oven, was dated January 27, 1943, and those ovens were built at Birkenau (Krema II). Construction of the Krema II ovens began in September 1942; building of the Krema III ovens took place from March to June of 1943. Given all the facts, it is clear that the decision to put the plan for those five triple-muffle ovens into practice and to extend the capacity further was not taken until August 1942.

The true reasons for the August 1942 decision to build those additional ovens are that (i) Himmler had given an order to bring the Auschwitz camp capacity up to 200,000 detainees during his July 17 and 18 of 1942 visit to the camp, and (ii) There had been a terrible typhus epidemic at Auschwitz in the summer of 1942, which peaked in August with 8,507 dying in that month alone. The three double-muffles of Auschwitz I were wholly unable to cope with the load. This prompted commissioning of the new crematoria at Birkenau, to come into service between March and June of 1943. From cross-referencing the coke consumption figures and the death books, and taking into account the known coke consumption of the ovens, it can be seen that some of the dead must have been cremated in pits using wood. The best estimate based on the death books and coke consumption is that over thirteen months before the introduction of Krema II to V, some 33,500 were cremated in pits.

Should the Hoaxer contend that coke deliveries suddenly rocketed, 'coincidentally', in November 1943, after the latest available coke delivery notes, they have the even greater problem of bumbling "Nazis" deciding upon an extermination policy in January 1942, but not carrying it out in earnest until nearly two years later (whilst being capable of holding out against the Soviets, the British, and later the US, etc., for nearly six years!). And then the Hoaxer must postulate that coke consumption suddenly rocketed from 71 tonnes per month to ~1,700 tonnes per month in November 1943. (See our page The Holocaust Believer's 'Logic' Flowchart, which goes into the various absurdities, depending upon which particular brand of fantasy the HoloBeliever opts for.)

The most optimistic but not impossible estimate for average coke consumption per corpse would be 20 kg. But that is likely to be too optimistic, since pre-heating was required following breakdowns, and the ovens had to cool for several hours per day to allow for cleaning out slag. 2,000 tons divided by 20 kg of coke per corpse = 2,000 / 0.02 = an upper limit of 100,000 corpses cremated on the Auschwitz-Birkenau Topf ovens. Add 33,500 cremated in pits and we have a total of 133,500. This is the same order of magnitude as the revisionist position, and is an order of magnitude out from the Hoaxer narrative.

A more realistic estimate would go like this: 2,000 tons of coke divided by 30 kg of coke per corpse = 2,000 / 0.03 = 66,667 corpses cremated on the Topf ovens at Auschwitz-Birkenau, plus 33,500 cremated in wood-fueled pits, totalling ~100,000. The 66,667 is comfortably within the firebrick durability limits of 108,000 (see below), the 100,000 nicely extrapolates from the 68,864 recorded in the death books that exclude 1944, and the coke consumption reflects the fact that most cremations were carried out on the triple-muffle ovens, which in theory could go down to around 20 kg per corpse, but the 30 kg allows for some pre-heating.

Then the problem of firebrick durability deals yet another mortal blow to the Holocaust tale. A lifetime of 3,000 cremations before firebricks needed replacing was achievable in an electric oven, where the temperature distribution was more uniform. However, for the coke-fired ovens, the limit would have been 2,000 cremations per muffle. The records show that the firebricks were only replaced once in one oven, the second double-muffle oven at Auschwitz I. Thus, the three double-muffle ovens at Auschwitz I had a capacity of 6 x 2,000 + 2 x 2,000 = 16,000 bodies. The 46 muffles of Birkenau had a capacity of 46 x 2,000 = 92,000 bodies, making a total capacity of 108,000 bodies. [See: Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity, pp. 297-9.]

But it's worse than that for the orthodox narrative, because attempting to run the ovens with minimal auxiliary fuel would increase temperature fluctuations over the cremation cycle, which would increase spalling and cracking of the firebricks, thereby lowering their durability.

Even if all the coke in the world was available at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and we forget about the firebricks, the problem in terms of cremation time alone demolishes Hoaxers' claims. The first figure below is the number of days in service in 1943 after excluding periods of breakdowns; the second is the corresponding figure for 1944. Here is the maximum capacity of the crematoria based on a realistic time of one cremation per muffle per hour. [See: Mattogno, Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity (2010), pp. 290-7 regarding breakdowns and number of days that the Birkenau crematoria were in service.]

Krema II 167 + 266 = 433 days (5 triple-muffles, 15 muffles); max. capacity @ 1 hr cremation per muffle and 24/hr day = 433 x 15 x 24 = 155,880

Krema III 190 + 266 = 456 days (5 triple-muffles, 15 muffles); max. capacity @ 1 hr cremation per muffle and 24/hr day = 456 x 15 x 24 = 164,160

Krema IV 50 + 0 = 50 days (1 x 8-muffle); max. capacity @ 1 hr cremation per muffle and 24/hr day = 50 x 8 x 24 = 9,600

Krema V 82 + 144 = 226 days (1 x 8-muffle); max. capacity @ 1 hr cremation per muffle and 24/hr day = 226 x 8 x 24 = 43,392

Total capacity = 373,032 for 24 hours a day; thus, cremation of 1,000,000 would require operation for 64.34 (sixty-four) hours per day.

It's worse than that for Hoaxers, since the above figures don't allow for breakdown of individual muffle-pairs (or triple-muffles for II and III). Even if you increase the total cremated by 20% to allow for children, that still comes nowhere near what Hoaxers require for their allegations. And this is after reducing to 1 million for Birkenau and assuming that another 100,000 could have been disposed of by the Auschwitz I ovens and by open-air wood-fueled cremations in 1942. The Auschwitz alleged death toll stood at 4,000,000 until the 1990s, and even today, Jews can be seen claiming more than two million died in Auschwitz-Birkenau. For example, the Jewish Virtual Library alleges that "Historians and analysts estimate the number of people murdered at Auschwitz somewhere between 2.1 million to 4 million, of whom the vast majority were Jews." And claims for Auschwitz-Birkenau: "2.1 to 2.5 million killed in gas chambers, of whom about 2 million were Jews". If Jews are as pure as the driven snow and as innocent as newborn lambs, and would not dream of exaggerating the figures, they would not continue to lie, more than 70 years after the alleged horrors.

Given that Hoaxers require 1,000,000 / 373,032 (or roughly 2.68 times) those numbers for their extermination theory, Krema III for example would have needed to perform some 440,069 cremations. Dividing by the number of muffles (15) obtains 29,338 cremations per muffle. The firebricks might endure 2,000 cremations; they certainly could not take 29,338. Since some individual muffles would have been out of action at times, the maximum per muffle would be higher than 29,338. If there had been just ten firebrick replacements for the Birkenau ovens, a massive amount of paperwork would have been generated, and there is not even the slightest hint of such repairs.

The Hoaxer might postulate that the paperwork mysteriously got lost. However, consider the extra amount of downtime. It is known that when Topf sent August Willing to fix the double-muffle at Gusen in October 1941, he spent a 68-hour week rebuilding the refractory brickwork, then another 68-hour week rebuilding the refractory lining, did a test cremation, and then remained for another week or two to adjust the oven and watch its performance. There is the downtime waiting for the engineer to arrive, and then a triple- or eight-muffle should take longer than a double-muffle. If the job takes only three weeks each time per oven, that's another 30 weeks = 210 days of downtime for ten rebuilds of a single oven. If they had only one engineer, then rebuilding the ten triple-muffle ovens of Krema II and III ten times each would take him 2,100 days = 5.7 years, which is longer than the time the ovens were in operation!

The three double-muffle ovens at Auschwitz I could have accounted for tens of thousands (ignoring firebrick durability), but we are still many hundreds of thousands short of Hoaxers' wild allegations of more than a million murdered at Auschwitz. The first of those double-muffles was built in July 1940. The second was constructed between January 26 and February 22, 1941. The construction of the foundation for the third oven began on November 19, 1941, but there was a delay in obtaining the refractory material, and the oven was built in March 1942. Then the three double-muffle ovens of Auschwitz I were taken out of service on July 14, 1943, and dismantled. Two double-muffle ovens were reconstructed after the war (like the "gas chamber", except that was a first-time construction!) for showing to tourists.

The first oven has a maximum of three years' service, say, 1,096 days. The second was in service for up to 870 days. The third was in service for up to 16 months, say, 487 days. If we are really optimistic, assume no breakdowns, 20-hour per day operation, and one-hour cremation times, then we have (1,096 + 870 + 487) x 2 x 20 = 98,120. That should be adjusted to allow for breakdowns.

On page 291 of Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity, Mattogno gives the times that the Birkenau ovens were actually in existence. Based on those periods of existence, and assuming a 24-hour day, the number of muffle-hours is 625 x 15 x 24 = 225,000 (Krema II) plus 522 x 15 x 24 = 187,920 (Krema III) plus 566 x 8 x 24 = 108,672 (Krema IV) plus 656 x 8 x 24 = 125,952 (Krema V) = 647,544. Now compare that with the maximum capacity calculated above of 373,032 for 24 hours a day operation, after allowing for breakdowns. The breakdowns have reduced the capacity by a factor of 373,032 / 647,544 = 0.57607, so if the Auschwitz I ovens suffered the same rate of breakdowns as Krema II to V, the 98,120 becomes 56,524. We can add on 33,500 for those cremated in pits, but the 373,032 should be adjusted to reflect 20 hours per day operation instead of 24, to give 373,032 x 20 / 24 = 310,860.

So now we have a quite realistic estimate of the cremation capacity based on cremation time - but ignoring coke consumption and firebrick durability. 56,524 cremated by the three double-muffles of Auschwitz I, plus 33,500 cremated in pits, plus 310,860 cremated in the Birkenau ovens of Krema II to V, totals 400,884.

Even that figure may be too high. Note that Ivan Lagacé, the licensed professional embalmer-funeral director who testified at a Zundel trial, stated that each muffle at Auschwitz I could cremate four bodies per day, in contrast to the 20 assumed above, or about 11.5 after making an estimated allowance for breakdowns. In any case, the total for the Auschwitz I ovens and pit burning will be less than 100,000, and given Hoaxers' allegations of 1.1 million or more exterminations at Auschwitz-Birkenau, that leaves more than a million to be cremated on the Birkenau ovens. So that would require operation of those ovens for more than 64 hours per day as demonstrated above, and the exterminationist thesis can be dismissed on grounds of time taken, even before we take into account the amount of available fuel and the durability of the firebricks.

However, if the ovens are running with insufficient fuel, the cremation time takes longer, and when the fuel is an order of magnitude below requirements the cremation will simply fail. Cremating two or more bodies simultaneously per muffle provides no fuel or time saving. At this point, rather than going into the theory of why this is so, we can examine the empirical evidence by considering the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators that, unlike the 'Nazi' Topf ovens, are actually designed to be used for multiple, simultaneous cremations (per "muffle"). 

First we find out what mass burning rate is required by the Holocaust narrative, and then find what fuel consumption is required to obtain that burn rate in modern animal cremators and incinerators. Then we compare that fuel consumption with the less than 2 kg per corpse required by the Holocausters.

Mattogno uses three different types of corpse when considering the heat balance of the ovens. The "normal" corpse is 70 kg, the "medium" (moderately lean) corpse is 55 kg, and the emaciated corpse is 40 kg. The moderately lean body is assumed to have lost 25% of proteins and 30% of fat; the emaciated body is presumed to have lost 50% of proteins and 60% of fat. In these cases, the heavier corpses require less fuel to cremate because of the heat released from burning the fats and proteins. For example, the three-muffle oven has a consumption of 16 kg of coke per corpse for the "normal" corpse, 19 kg for the "medium" corpse, and 22 kg for the emaciated corpse. (Those are theoretical minimum figures, assuming no pre-heating, so in practice the consumption would be somewhat higher.) To represent the average Auschwitz victim, we shall use the "medium" moderately skinny 55 kg corpse.

For the moment, let's pretend that the wood-fueled cremations in pits together with the Auschwitz I crematoria can deal with 100,000 bodies, which leaves one million to be eliminated by Krema II to V of Birkenau. Thus, the requirement of 64.34 hours' operation per day calculated above for the one million supposes a burn rate of one corpse per hour per muffle, i.e., 55 kg per hour per muffle, which is possible (but somewhat optimistic) for each of the 46 Birkenau muffles. The ovens could actually be operated for about 20 hours each day, which allows 4 hours down time for routine maintenance such as cleaning out slag, after some cooling so that the operators are not burned. If you attempt 24/7 operation, the slag builds up and the burn rate decreases, so there is no time advantage from such operation. And so we need a burn rate of 55 kg x 64.34 / 20 = 177 kg of organic material per hour.

In corroboration, find the number of muffle-hours available. We have 15 muffles x 433 days x 20 hours/day (Krema II) plus 15 muffles x 456 days x 20 hours/day (Krema III) plus 8 muffles x 50 days x 20 hours/day (Krema IV) plus 8 muffles x 226 days x 20 hours/day (Krema V) = 129,900 + 136,800 + 8,000 + 36,160 = 310,860 muffle-hours available. One million corpses x 55 kg per corpse / 310,860 muffle-hours = 55,000,000 kg / 310,860 muffle-hours = 177 kg/hr required mass burning rate per muffle.

Now for the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators. Since these are specifically designed for multiple simultaneous cremations of animals, their performance will be considerably better than the Topf ovens that were designed for one-at-a-time cremations of human corpses. Even so, as we shall see, their performance falls far short of what is needed by the Holocaust narrative.

Inciner8 has a particularly useful page that shows the fuel consumption and mass burning rate for a range of models of incinerator. Under the natural gas and LPG options, for 177 kg/hr, we need something between the I8-140, which has an animal burn rate of 120 kg/hr, and the I8-200, which has an animal burn rate of 200 kg/hr. The former uses 19.9 cubic meters of natural gas per hour; the corresponding figure for the latter is 33.3. Both of those are about 1 cubic meter of gas for every 6 kg of animal tissue burned. Assuming a calorific value of 39 MJ/m3, that's a fuel requirement of 39 MJ for every 6 kg burned, and so a 55 kg moderately skinny corpse would require 357 MJ.

For simplicity, and to be as favorable as possible to the Holocaust narrative, we assume here a rather optimistic 30 MJ/kg for the heating value of the coke. That doesn't allow for the fact that the engineer Richard Kessler, a German cremations expert in the 1920s/1930s, found 21 kg (4.8%) out of a total sample of 436 kg of coke was "incombustible" slag; see Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity [pp. 282-283]. In his 2015 work The Cremation Furnaces of Auschwitz, Mattogno does allow for the slag, and has a detailed chemical analysis of the coke [p. 348] (based on information from the German engineer Wilhelm Heepke). Mattogno arrives at a lower heating value of 6,470 kcal/kg for the coke, which is 27.1 MJ/kg. And so our assumptions for coke requirements below are probably about 10% too low, which widens the gulf between Hoaxer claim and objective reality a little more.

So at 30 MJ/kg of coke, 357 MJ corresponds to 11.9 kg of coke per 55 kg moderately skinny corpse. This is better than the 30.6 kg per corpse that we know the Topf ovens were capable of, but it's still a far cry from the requirement of less than 2 kg per corpse required by the Holocaust narrative. The required burning rate has been achieved with this modern incinerator (not a cremator, and not 1940s technology!), but we can only believe in the "Holocaust" if we overlook the fuel requirements, and overlook the firebrick durability. (Not to mention dozens upon dozens of other absurdities and impossibilities!)

The corresponding figures for LPG consumption in cubic meters per hour for the I8-140 and I8-200 are 15.45 and 26 respectively. Those are around 1 cubic meter of LPG for every 7.7 kg burned, or 7.1 cubic meters for 55 kg. At a calorific value of 94 MJ/m3 in vapor form at atmospheric pressure, that works out at 667.4 MJ, which equates to nearly twice as much coke as the natural gas version.

For light oil as the fuel, the two models average 7.32 kg of organic tissue burned per kg of fuel consumed (they assume one hour for pre-heating and 7 times the hourly burn rate over 8 hours). Light fuel oil is 44 MJ/kg, so we have 44 MJ per 7.32 kg burned and 330.6 MJ per 55 kg burned, which is equivalent to 11 kg of coke. This is in line with the natural gas figure. The heating value for LPG depends on how much air is in the mix, so we can take the 11 to 11.9 kg as more reliable.

B&L Cremation Systems offers the BLI 5000, a large animal incinerator capable of batch loads or continuous feed at an incineration rate of 550 lb = 249.48 kg per hour. The maximum input rating, including the cremation burner and afterburner, is "3,692,694.60 KJ per hour". That's 3,692 MJ / 30 MJ/kg of coke; which is equivalent to 123.1 kg of coke per 249.48 kg of animal tissue, or 27.1 kg of coke for a 55 kg human, plus electricity costs. The same manufacturer has an animal cremator that consumes more fuel for a lower burn rate. Its BLP 2000M is a large animal cremator for horses capable of a cremation rate of 300 lb = 136.08 kg per hour. In this case the burner maximum input rating is "5,275,279.25 KJ per hour". 5,275 MJ per hour is equivalent to 5,275 / 30 = 175.8 kg of coke per 136.08 kg of animal tissue, which is 71 kg of coke per 55 kg of tissue.

U.S. Cremation Equipment offers the model US75/300 animal cremator, rated at 75 lb per hour, with a load capacity of 300 lb. So that's 34 kg per hour; a load capacity of 136.1 kg. The power requirement is shown by the "Flow" of "1,500,000 BTU/hr" under "System Requirements". 1 BTU is approximately 1,055 J, so 1,500,000 BTU is 1,582,500,000 J = 1,582.5 MJ. Divide by 30 MJ/kg to convert to the equivalent mass of coke, and we have 52.75 kg of coke per hour for 34 kg of organic waste, which is 85.33 kg of coke per 55 kg of animal tissue. If we interpret these high ratings as maximum or peak energy flow, then the average fuel consumption would be lower, whilst still many times higher than required by Holocausters.

Nanjing Clover Medical Technology Co. Ltd. offers the pet animal cremator A1500 which has a burning rate of 90 kg per hour. The fuel consumption is 13-35 cubic meters of natural gas per hour or 14 - 40 kg of diesel oil per hour. Both diesel (per kg) and natural gas (per cubic meter) have higher calorific values than coke. Taking the calorific value of diesel oil as 44.8 MJ/kg, the minimum of 14 kg is 627.2 MJ, which is equivalent to 20.9 kg of coke. Thus, 20.9 kg of coke per 90 kg of animal tissue is 12.8 kg of coke per 55 kg of animal tissue. Taking the calorific value of natural gas as 39 MJ per cubic meter, the minimum figure of 13 cubic meters per hour is 507 MJ per hour, which corresponds to 16.9 kg of coke per 90 kg of animal tissue, and is 10.3 kg of coke per 55 kg of animal tissue. However, that nearly trebles for the maximum figure. It is a cremator (albeit modern technology!), but the burning rate is too low and the fuel consumption is too high to support the "Holocaust" tales, even before allowing for the firebrick lifetime.

Their YZ-150 "economical incinerator" has a burn rate of about 150 kg/hr of medical waste. The fuel source is diesel oil. Both the primary burner and the secondary burner have fuel consumptions of 7.5 to 14.5 kg/hr. Thus, the total is 15 to 29 kg/hr. Taking the minimum, we have 15 kg of diesel oil x 44.8 MJ/kg = 672 MJ = 22.4 kg of coke for 150 kg of medical waste = 8.2 kg of coke per 55 kg of organic material. Again, that nearly doubles for the maximum figure. The minimum figure would involve waste that was particularly easy to burn, the design is quite unlike the Topf cremators, and yet even the best possible performance from this modern incinerator is out by a factor of more than four from what is required by the "Holocaust" fable.

Facultatieve Technologies offers the FT 40 "small animal cremator". This states a fuel consumption of 5 cubic meters of natural gas "per cremation", described as "typical figures for average sized animal". 5 cubic meters of natural gas is 5 m3 x 39 MJ/m3 = 195 MJ = 6.5 kg of coke for an animal. Since it's classed as a "small animal cremator", the average cremation will be considerably lighter than a 55 kg corpse, which, Hoaxers try to tell us, can be cremated with less than 2 kg of coke! The mass burning rate is not stated, but a small animal cremator like this would certainly be nowhere near 177 kg/hr.

Volkan offers the 300E medium-capacity animal carcass incinerator, with a burn rate of up to 50 kg per hour. Typical diesel consumption is 6 to 8 liters per hour. Taking the calorific value of diesel fuel as 44.8 MJ/kg, the density as 0.832 kg/l, and a consumption of 8 liters per hour as associated with the maximum burn rate of 50 kg per hour, then 8 liters is 6.6 kg, which is 298 MJ, and equivalent to 9.9 kg of coke. Thus, 10.9 kg would be required for 55 kg of carcass. It fails to support the Holocaust story on grounds of mass burning rate and fuel consumption, before we even allow for firebrick lifetime.

CMTS offers the AC 150 animal carcass incinerator, which has a throughput of 150 kg per hour. Fuel consumption is 55 liters per hour. Liters suggests diesel oil, which is 37.3 MJ/liter, and therefore 2050 MJ = 68.3 kg of coke per 150 kg of tissue = 25 kg of coke per 55 kg of tissue. The burn rate is is nearly sufficient, but the fuel consumption fails to support the "Holocaust" by an order of magnitude.

Apart from these modern machines being designed for mass cremations, another reason why the Topf ovens would have greatly underperformed today's animal cremators is that the average farm animal is likely to have more fat that the average Auschwitz prisoner, and so the animal would need less auxiliary fuel to reduce it to ash. For example, a typical 65 kg human corpse has 13.8% fat (8.97 kg), and the moderately skinny Auschwitz victim of 55 kg is down to around 6.4 kg of fat, a 28.6% loss that brings the percentage down to 11.6%. A full-fed pig has a lipid content of 22%; a restrict-fed is 12% lipid. If the typical pig is only 17% fat, then it's fatter than the typical human corpse, and fatter still compared to an Auschwitz victim, making it easier to cremate.

So at the required mass burning rate of 177 kg per hour per muffle, 11 kg of coke per 55 kg moderately skinny corpse is about the best fuel economy achievable from modern animal incinerators or cremators. Lower burn rates can go under 10 kg of coke per corpse, but still considerably off the requirement of less than 2 kg per corpse. Both are ruled out in terms of coke consumption at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The lower burn rate also fails due to the time taken for cremations. On both counts, the data proves that the "Holocaust" is a hoax.

Canadian engineer C.H. Beek provided detailed technical information on human cremators, including heat and mass balance calculations, in his 1979 publication Cremator Design and Performance. Of particular note is the amount he gives for the "Net heat available to raise the temperature of the gases" that was required to achieve the required design temperature of 1,873 °F for one hour: 3,391,552 BTU (3,578 MJ). There's 943,460 BTU allocated to "heat storage" which wouldn't be needed in continuous running (although by then conduction and convection losses would increase a little), so the 3,470,000 BTU from natural gas could be reduced by 943,460 (27.2%) accordingly. The 1.8 kg of coke per corpse that the Hoaxers have available can provide only a paltry 54 MJ (56,970 BTU) at best, even if we forget about losses in the heat of the smoke and the efficiency of the coke, not to mention the fact that it would have been counterproductive for the Germans to run the Topf ovens' gasifiers without modifications by drilling new, smaller air inlet holes, so that they could continue to perform as CO gasifiers at a fuel-rich stoichiometry that did not allow the carbon to burn to completion. See our page The Non-Destruction of the European Jews for more about Beek's work, about the requirement for modifications to the ovens if there was an attempt to run the gasifier hearths with minimal fuel, and much more.

How odd that the manufacturers of modern animal cremators and incinerators, along with the engineers who have written about cremators over the last 100 years, should all happen to be "far-right" "haters" and "anti-Semites" who are trying to rehabilitate Hitler and the Nazis!

One Hoaxer gambit is to cite a patent application for a "continuous operation" cremation oven for mass use, filed on October 26, 1942 by Topf's engineer Fritz Sanders. The idea is that corpses would be loaded onto the top slide, and would gradually slide down due to gravity. When they hit the gasifier products (mostly carbon monoxide and nitrogen; the CO would burn to completion as combustion air was introduced) they would dry out and then burn, and the theory was that relatively little external energy would need to be applied.

This patent application by Sanders was a speculative idea that was never put into practice, like cars that are supposed to run on water. (And, like Sanders' idea, the reason those cars never caught on is not because of a secret conspiracy by the oil companies, but because they could never work. Water, as an end product of combustion, already has a highly negative heat of formation of -285.1 kJ/mol in liquid phase; you cannot 'burn' it and get an exothermic reaction. After allowing for inefficiencies, it would inevitably require more energy to reduce the water to hydrogen as could be obtained from burning the hydrogen. And hydrogen is not a particularly safe fuel.)

Topf did not even have sufficient confidence in Sanders' idea to build a prototype. That's why they chose instead to build the three-muffle and eight-muffle ovens at Birkenau. All the Topf ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau were designed to cremate a single corpse at a time in each muffle, and were very different to Sanders' proposed large "continuous operation" oven. The idea that the Birkenau ovens could somehow be operated more efficiently because of a speculative claim in a patent for a very different type of oven that Topf themselves did not have confidence in is like suggesting that gasoline or diesel cars can be improved because someone claimed that cars can run on water back in the 1970s. And as demonstrated above, the performance of modern animal cremators and incinerators refutes the idea that stuffing in multiple corpses per muffle can somehow produce a miraculous reduction in fuel consumption together with an increased mass burning rate, to such a degree that the "Holocaust" narrative could be anything other than a colossal lie.

For more about the Sanders oven, and the incompetence of 'experts' such as Robert Jan van Pelt who testified for the Holocaust industry, see Mattogno, Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity [pp. 446-451]. For more about why multiple simultaneous cremations per muffle could not possibly have improved the performance, see our page The Non-Destruction of the European Jews here. Or see here details of our computations on the time taken for the initial endothermic evaporation phase in the cremation cycle, with the result that multiple corpses per muffle actually increased the time per corpse.

Those interested in the question of what determines the minimum energy required for cremation can peruse the sections on calcining the bones at our above-mentioned page, here, here, and here. The greatest energy requirement is the need to heat up the incoming combustion air. Calcining is the final (and lengthiest) phase in the cremation cycle; it is endothermic, i.e., requires an input of energy, just like the first phase of drying out the corpse. The purpose of calcining is to make the bones porous and friable in order to facilitate grinding into a fine, white ash or powder. But calcining requires very high temperatures of around 850 °C, together with a constant supply of fresh air, which must be heated to those temperatures for a minimum of about half an hour. The minimum temperature for calcining is around 500 °C, at which the time required goes up to seven to eight hours. If you heat the air up to temperature but fail to supply enough fresh air, the bones merely carbonize, leaving black bone char that is relatively strong and hard to grind. In that case, the National Socialists would have been left with so much bone char that Auschwitz would have looked like a coal mine. But if they supplied the air throughput without having the energy to heat it to 500 °C (which they certainly didn't at less than 2 kg of coke per corpse!), the calcining would have failed altogether, the bone fragments would have remained strong, and they would have been left with the problem of how to dispose of the remains of at least 1.1 million skulls, 2.2 million thigh bones, 26.4 million ribs, etc., comprising a total of at least 226,600,000 bones.

It's preposterous to imagine that mass murderers, desperate to conceal the evidence of their crime, would have resorted to half-baked measures by skimping on the quality of their cremations, just to save on fuel, with the result that the cover-up would fail. And it's generally accepted that Hitler didn't believe in taking half measures.

Then we have the Auschwitz death books. The Hoaxer must claim a "cover-up" conspiracy in which the Auschwitz death books were "faked" to exclude "gassings", and were then faked a second time to include the young and the old so that the age distribution would not give the game away by showing that those groups were "gassed" upon arrival, and were then faked a third time so that the number of Jews was nearly equal to the number of Roman Catholics in order to prevent arousing suspicion. Of course, there is a very simple explanation. There was no cover-up, no cover-up conspiracy, and no extermination conspiracy. The Germans were meticulous with their documentation, and tried to record all the details as accurately as possible.

Then we have the firebrick durability. Hoaxers have no response to that, so they simply close their eyes, put their fingers in their ears, shut their mouths, and ignore it in the hope that it will go away.

In order to believe in the "Holocaust", one needs to believe in cremation ovens with a performance equivalent to a Trabant that is capable of cruising at 200 mph nonstop for a million miles whilst consuming a mere 400 mpg and making barely any more noise than a ticking clock.

Then we have the fact that the forensics confirmed that hydrogen cyanide gas was used in the delousing chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, but there were only zero or trace levels of stable cyanide compounds in the alleged homicidal "gas chambers". Of course, there is a very simple explanation. Zyklon B was used as an insecticide to generate poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas in the delousing chambers in a bid to save the camp inmates' lives by fumigating clothes and bedding in order to exterminate typhus-bearing lice and other insects. But Zyklon B was never used to murder humans beings. The Germans didn't want their wartime slave labor force to die; that's why they did their best to reduce the typhus mortality rate.

Gerard Menuhin (son of violinist Yehudi) summarizes the deception well in his book (download here, also available in German) Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil [pp. 26-27]:

"A good lie takes time to plan, and this was a very good lie; one which a defeated and demoralized enemy was in no position to refute. Misrepresent the purpose of a conventional delousing gas at the concentration camps, inflate the figures of typhus, typhoid and malnutrition deaths in the latter months of the war to match a symbolic figure, support with endless faked and staged photographs, purposely edited films and statistics, “find” a few “eyewitnesses” among the “survivors” – and the improbable becomes fact."

And here are some more statements from other Jews who have spoken honestly about the hoax...

"The 6-million-gas-chambers myth is an arithmetic and technical nonsense. As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling, Shoah business, 50 years after the war, is disgusting, debasing: it is a disgraceful shame." -Roger Dommergue
"The trouble is, that the forensic, topographical, documentary, chemical, photographic etc. evidence, all contradict the narrative." -Paul Eisen
"I know from years of my own research and the research of others that proofs of the Holocaust are few. Literally, all there is are the 'eyewitness' testimonies and the post-war confessions. There's no picture, plan or wartime document dealing with homicidal gas chambers or a plan to exterminate Jews." -David Cole aka David "Stein"
"World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine." -Joseph G. Burg aka Josef Ginsburg

In 1988, the Leuchter Report showed zero or trace levels of cyanide in the walls of the supposed "gas chambers" (0 to 7.9 mg/kg), but a high cyanide level of 1,050 mg/kg in a sample from a delousing chamber that was used as the control. These results were confirmed, ironically, by the Jan Sehn Institute for Forensic Research (IFR) of Krakow (1990/1) - who needed a different result for political purposes, and by the German chemist Germar Rudolf who conducted his own independent forensic tests at Auschwitz in 1992. The IFR had obtained low or zero cyanide concentrations, and Leucher's samples were nearly all from the so-called "gas chambers", and so Rudolf took most of his samples from the delousing chambers. Rudolf's highest cyanide concentration of 13,500 mg/kg was found in the plaster of a delousing chamber, whereas his "gas chamber" samples could not muster up any more than 7.2 mg/kg.

Also see Rudolf's chapter "Some Technical and Chemical Considerations about the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Birkenau" [5.3.1, Table 3] in Dissecting the Holocaust, which summarizes the findings of Leuchter, Rudolf and Ball.

 photo CyanideGasChambers_zpsyphqvzrk.png

 photo CyanideDelousingRooms_zps1luihwkc.png

Source: Rudolf: Some Technical and Chemical Considerations about the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Birkenau [5.3.1, Table 3]

The average cyanide concentration found in the alleged "gas chambers" is 1.827 mg/kg from 22 samples, compared to an average level of 4,723.823 mg/kg for the delousing chambers. Thus, on average, the delousing chambers have cyanide concentrations 2,585.56 times higher than those in the so-called "gas chambers". The ratio between the highest delousing chamber concentration and the highest "gas chamber" concentration is similar, at 1,709 : 1.

Also note Rudolf's average result for the inmate barracks is 0.667 mg/kg, which is more than one-third the value for the "gas chambers". And the collapsed Bavarian farmhouse had 9.6 mg/kg of cyanide, which exceeds the value even for the highest "gas chamber" sample.

So what are we to make of the low cyanide values, with some "gas chamber" samples reading zero, and other results not reproducible? Leuchter has ten "gas chamber" samples (1-7, 10, 11 and 31) that showed zero cyanide concentration. One of Rudolf's "gas chamber" samples gave a result of 6.7 mg/kg from the first analysis, but a subsequent (control) analysis was unable to confirm that and returned a result of zero. Similarly, his inmate barracks sample that gave the highest result (for the barracks) of 2.7 mg/kg was also found to have zero cyanide on the control analysis. Those latter two samples are the two to which Rudolf refers in the next paragraph: R 3 & 8. (The average concentrations noted above are based on the first result in the above table.)

Rudolf says, "On the basis of control samples it can be shown that due to the nature of the sample material, concentrations of less than 10 mg/kg are unreliable and hence must be considered null (see control analyses to samples R 3 & 8).[146] One can thus observe that the alleged 'gas chambers' exhibit the same concentrations of hydrogen cyanide residue as any building selected at random - namely, none that are great enough to be reliably interpreted. The unreliability of low cyanide residues is additionally proven by a sample from a collapsed Bavarian farmhouse..." [Some Technical and Chemical Considerations about the 'Gas Chambers' of Auschwitz and Birkenau, 5.2]

Leuchter's findings had already dealt a body blow to the Holocaust industry. The Polish government-sponsored IFR needed to get a result that would support the "gas chambers" legend, but they knew they could not do so by any honest, scientific investigation. The best they could hope for was to fix their 'study' in order to get the delousing chambers cyanide levels nearly down to those of the "gas chambers". First they manipulated their results by tampering with the methodology. They did that by excluding the stable cyanide compound Iron Blue (or Berlin Blue or Prussian Blue) from their analysis, and looking only for unstable cyanide compounds. Their analysis used the micro-diffusion chamber procedure, which does not detect Iron Blue, but it can detect other cyanides right down to a detection threshold of 10 micrograms per kg of building material [see The Rudolf Report, 8.2]. In contrast, Leuchter, Rudolf and Ball's analytical procedure could detect Iron Blue, but had a higher detection threshold. Leuchter's procedure (carried out by Prof. Dr. J. Roth, Alpha Analytic Laboratories) could detect cyanide concentrations down to 1 mg/kg. The procedure for Rudolf's samples had a detection threshold nominally in the range 0.1 to 0.5 mg/kg, and Ball's analysis was evidently based on a similar procedure to Rudolf's. The closer the results are to the detection threshold, the less reliable and reproducible is the result.

Of course, if you want to know whether or not hydrogen cyanide gas was present decades ago, you look for stable cyanide compounds, as Leuchter, Rudolf and Ball did. Looking for unstable cyanide compounds is barely any more relevant than looking for gold.

But in 1990/1, the IFR's initial findings (shown in Table 18, The Rudolf Report, 8.3.2) was still not good enough for them - after their politically-motivated manipulation! They got up to 0.588 mg/kg of cyanide for delousing chambers, but their "gas chamber" sample was only 0.024 mg/kg. (Note how that is based on the same scale of mg of cyanide per kg of building materials as stated above in the Leuchter / Rudolf / Ball analyses; the fraudulent IFR methodology led to all cyanide levels being much lower.) The IFR would later try to rationalize their exclusion of Iron Blue by claiming they could not understand how it could have formed from hydrogen cyanide gas. But since their first results were still not deceptive enough, they did not publish them, and the findings were only published by revisionists after an unknown person smuggled the article out of the Jan Sehn Institute in 1991.

The IFR (Prof. Markiewicz et al) finally published an article in 1994 that gave the results of 0-0.8 mg/kg of cyanide in delousing chambers and 0-0.6 mg/kg of cyanide in alleged "gas chambers". They were using the same fraudulent methodology of excluding Iron Blue from the results, but this time they were using new samples. They must have been disappointed at not being able to find a "gas chamber" sample with more than about 1/20th the cyanide concentration of the highest delousing chamber sample, and kept on until they got their politically required result.

Hoaxers have racked their brains to try to 'explain' the "gas chambers" forensics. First of all, Markiewicz et al needed to deny that Iron Blue could form in building materials exposed to hydrogen cyanide (or Prussic acid, HCN), so they could justify using the micro-diffusion chamber analytical procedure that does not detect Iron Blue. An account of how hydrogen cyanide can lead to formation of Iron Blue was provided by Rudolf in a 1993 publication. Markiewicz et al were aware of that publication when they wrote up their 1994 'study' because they quoted it, but only in order to condemn it as the work of "deniers" and the "whitewashers" of Hitler.

The Polish scientists had no other explanation for the origin of the Iron Blue in the delousing chambers than the proposal by J. Bailer that it was "blue paint". Unfortunately for HoloBelievers, there is a long list of absurdities and problems with that hypothesis. For example, they must postulate a "paint" that exclusively uses Iron Blue when blue paints do not exclusively use Iron Blue because it is unstable in the alkaline, slaked lime environment of a freshly plastered wall, and will precipitate, leaving a patchy blue which gradually degrades. They must postulate "painters" who bizarrely chose to apply this "paint" only to delousing rooms that are to be gassed and, most of the time, will not be occupied by people who could admire the decor. They must postulate "painters" who apply this blue "paint" over a coat of white lime paint. They must postulate a "paint" that does not contain fillers, binders and other additives contained in paint, a "paint" that leaves no pattern of brush strokes, and a "paint" that permeates deep into the walls and even through to the exterior, in contrast to the properties of paint. They must postulate "painters" who are equipped with X-ray eyes who can imitate the brick structure lying beneath the plaster. They must posit the existence of another novel type of "paint": "Iron White", in order to account for the high cyanide concentration in the superficially white, iron-poor material of the walls of the Building 5b delousing chambers.

Hoaxers' "paint" hypothesis is risible, so they used their imagination to come up with some alternative 'explanations'. One of their 'theories' is that it takes much more HCN to kill insects than it does to kill human beings, and so the cyanide levels were higher in delousing chambers. However, conditions in the so-called "gas chambers" were more conducive to formation of Iron Blue. Rudolf estimates a factor of eight for the higher tendency of the cool, moist walls of the morgues to absorb hydrocyanic acid compared to the warm, dry interior walls of the delousing chambers. Then he proposes another factor of at least two for the fact that the morgue walls and ceilings were comprised of cement mortar and/or concrete. Of these, Rudolf says, "due to their longer-lasting alkaline properties and due to their greater specific inner surface area, [they] are able to adsorb and bind hydrogen cyanide for a longer time and more strongly", compared to the cement-poor mortar and plaster of the delousing chambers. 

It would have been absolutely crazy for the Germans to have used 99.99% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners' lives, whilst using the remaining 0.01% to murder them!

Should the Hoaxer claim that the delousing policy preceded homicidal "gassings", that is refuted by the Zyklon B deliveries (by Tesch) to Auschwitz-Birkenau during the years that "extermination" by "gassings" was allegedly carried out: 1942, 7.5 tons; 1943, 12 tons; 1944, 6 tons. Since 9,999 times as much Zyklon B was needed for delousing in order to account for the difference in cyanide levels, then 254,974 tons of Zyklon B would have to have been delivered over 1940 / 1941.

Another Hoaxer ploy is to cite hosing down of "gas chambers" after each "gassing". However, their "witness" Henryk Tauber said that only the floors were washed. Their "witness" Miklós Nyiszli said that the "hill of bodies" was sprayed, in which case the walls would be dampened by all the humidity in the room, but an indirect, misty spray would do little to rinse them. The increased humidity from washing or spraying would be more conducive to Iron Blue formation. And their "witness" Daniel Bennahmias said that after each "gassing", the walls were "whitewashed with a quickdrying paint" to cover up blood and excrement so that the next batch of victims would not suspect they were "walking into anything other than a shower". The problem with this is that the HCN gas would penetrate the walls long before it would be safe for anyone to go in to begin preparing for the next batch of victims. The HCN would be locked inside the walls, but it would permeate through and turn the exterior surface blue, as happened in the delousing chambers. Thus, under the Bennahmias scenario, cyanide compounds would be found on the wall's exterior surface, and right across the depth except for the interior "whitewashed" surface.

Another amusing feature is that the Hoaxer must either propose a failure of the law of gravity, so that the excrement can fly up to the top of the walls, or the Hoaxer must suppose that the Jews were forced to keep marching into the "gas chamber" until they were piled on top of each other up to the ceiling, and still no one ever suspected that they weren't there just to take a shower!

Hoaxers originally hoped to be able to claim that "six million" Jews had been "exterminated" in "death camps". Since independent observers were able to visit the camps in Germany proper and see for themselves, they were able to see that there were no working "gas chambers", and so the early claims about death camps in Germany proper were rapidly abandoned. The "death camps" had to be in Poland, in territory that was controlled by the communist Soviet Union, where Stalin decided who would be permitted to see the 'evidence', and where the communists would have time to construct a "gas chamber" after the war, for demonstrating the 'evils' of Hitler and the "Nazis" to unsuspecting tourists who'd bought into the legend.

At first, the "six million" was made up from an alleged "four million" Jews murdered at Auschwitz, and another two million in other "death camps". However, in the 1990s, the claim of four million dead at Auschwitz was so over-the-top that it was abandoned, firstly for an allegation of one-and-a-half million, and then gradually reduced further to around 1.1 million by most Hoaxers as of 2016, although some Jews still hang on to the claim of four million. The allegations for the other camps currently total some two-and-a-half million, so Hoaxers need to conjure up another two or three million dead from somewhere. They did this by shifting the sites of the alleged "exterminations" ever further eastwards, so that the other millions were allegedly murdered in Ukraine and Russia.

The Germans had a force of 2,955 Einsatzgruppen operating behind the scenes in the war zone, and Hoaxers have exploited this fact to allege that all those 2,955 people - including the clerks, were somehow capable of shooting millions of Jews, in a war zone, after selecting them from an enemy population of tens of millions, all without being killed themselves. And it gets even funnier. The Hoaxer needs to find some way of explaining away the total lack of evidence for any "exterminations". So they must propose that those 2,955 super-"Nazis" were not only capable of each shooting an average of nearly 1,000 victims, after selecting them out of the enemy population, but were able to gather sufficient fuel to cremate all the bodies, and were somehow able to carry out all these massive open-air barbecues without ever being spotted by Allied aircrew!

They could, for example, postulate the existence of tens of billions of trillions of trillions of sentient, sapient, "anti-Semitic" photons (typically around 1.9 eV) that colluded in the cover-up by adjusting their energies as required, so that the orange flames and grey smoke from all the cremations would appear to aircraft crew as the normal green and brown of a forest landscape, to make it seem like the event never happened. Or they could suggest that the aircraft crew were all blind; the pilots just happened to be so good at flying that they could overcome their disability! Or they might simply cry, "Anti-Semite!", "Nazi!", or "Scum!" at this point.

As for Treblinka, Hoaxers claim some 870,000 Jews were "exterminated" there. And as per usual, they are faced with having to find some way of accounting for the fact that there is zero evidence to support their extravagant claims, apart from "witness" testimony and forced 'confessions'. They also have the problem that, because Treblinka was a transit camp, it did not even have any purpose-built crematoria. So Hoaxers made up a story about 870,000 Jews being buried, and then they claim that Himmler panicked about the possibility of evidence of this fictitious crime being uncovered, and issued an order in February or March of 1943 to exhume and cremate all the bodies. (According to Hoaxers, this is the very same Heinrich Himmler who, by October 4 of that year, was so blasé about exterminations that he talked openly about "exterminating" the Jews in a speech at Posen, and, moreover, had the speech recorded so that it could be used as evidence against him!) The digging up and burning of all the corpses was supposed to have been carried out between March and September of 1943, which leaves seven months at most for completing the task.

Of course, Hoaxers spout the usual nonsense about self-burning bodies, blood is a "first-class combustion material", women's bodies were used to kindle the fires, the 'cunning' "Nazis" had a special super-duper system of piling up railway sleepers, and so on. Back in the real world, it is well known that open-air cremations require a massive energy supply, given the vast quantity of energy that is radiated and convected out into the environment. In India, for example, they need 500-600 kg of wood per corpse for open-air cremations. Jürgen Graf says that Carlo Mattogno's original calculations in the Graf / Mattogno book about Treblinka stated that 160 kg of wood (equivalent to some 88 kg of coke) is needed to cremate a human body. However, that's assuming dry wood, and the eastern "extermination" camps used green wood, not seasoned (dry) wood. The conversion factor for green tons to dry tons is about 0.5; 0.463 for softwood and 0.529 for hardwood. Thus, in the case of green wood, 300 kg per body is a realistic estimate of the fuel requirement.

So open-air cremation of 870,000 corpses requires 870,000 x 300 kg of green wood per corpse = 261,000 tons of wood. In peacetime, six Italian woodcutters, fed on bread and cheese, sausages, eggs and bacon, and equipped with good quality, sharp hatchets and a variety of saws, were known to be capable of cutting and sawing 50 tons of wood in 15 working days, working from sunrise to sunset, which is 0.555 tons per day per woodcutter. According to Czech Jew Richard Glazar, a witness at Treblinka, the camp had 25 Jewish woodcutters. Thus, the time taken for them to gather sufficient wood is 261,000 tons / (25 woodcutters x 0.555 tons per day per woodcutter) = 18,811 days = 51.5 years = from early 1943 to late 1994, assuming they can achieve the same productivity on wartime rations as the well-equipped, sausages-eating, bacon-eating Italians.

Alternatively, in order to complete the task by the end of September 1943, the Jewish woodcutters would have to perform at a minimum of 51.5 / (7 / 12) = 88 times the productivity rate of the Italian woodcutters.

There was no massive area of deforestation at Treblinka, no aerial photos of mass open-air cremations, and no evidence of mass soil disturbances, whereas such evidence would be an inevitable result of the burial and exhumation of 800,000 bodies. In 1999, the revisionist Richard Krege conducted a study at the territory of the former Treblinka camp using ground-penetrating radar. There should have been an area of around a million square feet of soil disturbance. However, the study found "Almost all of the ground consists of undisturbed soil, sand and rocks. The trees are over 50 years old." And what it didn't find was "Individual or mass graves, fragments of skeletons, human ashes, wood ashes, ground irregularities, construction compounds or remnants, remains of trees or stumps, cavities, [or] golden teeth."

More recently, in January 2012, the Hoaxer Dr. Caroline Sturdy Colls claimed to have uncovered "evidence" of mass graves and "gas chambers" at Treblinka using ground-penetrating radar. Sturdy Colls' 'research' was soon exposed as yet another Hoaxer fraud. Her team dug at a spot which is known to be a cemetery ten minutes' walk south of Treblinka 1. They found forty bone fragments, and tried to pass it off as 'evidence' of a "mass grave"!

Sturdy Colls claimed to have found four pieces of ceramic tile with "Stars of David" on them, which supposedly 'proved' that they were on the site of the alleged "gas chambers". But the symbol was on the back of the tile, where it would have been cemented to the floor, not visible, and thereby making Sturdy Colls' claim that "the symbol was there to 'make people think they were going somewhere safe' complete nonsense". More importantly, the New Observer debunking goes on to say: "But, even worse for Colls, Schute, and the Smithsonian, the symbol which they all claim to be a 'Star of David' is nothing of the sort. It is in fact a brand mark of the 125-year old Dziewulski i Lange porcelain factory in Poland. That factory still exists, although it was renamed the Opoczno Terracotta Products Factory in 1950 and is today just called Opoczno S.A. The company's symbol is known in the heraldic world as a pierced mullet star, as is not unusual for porcelain marks and coats of arms around Europe."

Moreover, Sturdy Colls was aware "that the tile was made by Dziewulski i Lange—because she mentioned that on her official website dealing with the excavations", and so this is deliberate fraud rather than amateurish incompetence and ignorance.

It should be obvious to anyone at this stage that the stories about "gas chambers" and "six million" dead Jews are a whopping pack of lies. But the question remains of why people would lie about such a serious matter. Christians, and non-Believers who have been raised in a nominally Christian country, are particularly susceptible to falling for the Hoax, since they are brought up to believe that it's wrong to lie, cheat, steal, kill, etc.. The first thing to bear in mind about Jews is that their Talmud teaches them that it's okay to murder, rape, rob, thieve, deceive, lie, etc., provided the "goyim" (non-Jews) are the victims. Their 'ethics' is the polar opposite of Christian ethics, no matter however much rubbish is spewed about a "Judeo-Christian" tradition. The only thing the two religions have in common is monotheism.

But the religious aspect is only one factor at play here. In a nutshell, Jews evolved so that lying for them was a way of life, because it conferred a survival advantage for them over the centuries approximately from 1,000 CE to the 20th century. Throughout that time, human existence was perilous. There were no guarantees; it was hard to get enough to eat and to avoid succumbing to infectious diseases. Jews were unique in that they were involved in usury, banking, commerce, and generally ripping off their Gentile competitors. These could be classed as "white collar" roles; they were more cognitively challenging than the roles that many White were in such as agriculture. The traits that got selected for were Jews' money-making skills and ruthlessness. Those who made more money would tend to survive and reproduce. On the other hand, traits such as compassion, conscience, and understanding that there are more important things than money, did not evolve. Such traits did not confer any survival advantage for the Jewish banker or merchant, and would even have been selected against.

And those roles in capitalism meant that Jews evolved particularly good mathematical and verbal skills, but their visual-spatial abilities were relatively low, e.g., compared to Whites working on the land. Moreover, these Jews were only interested in grabbing the gold; they didn't care about inventing or creating anything. So their verbal and mathematical abilities increased, but not their creative skills.

This is best told chronologically, and it goes into the matter of racial or ethnic differences, and how they evolved. But first, we should consider the false left-right paradigm of contemporary politics. Our system is badly broken, because people are conditioned to be so concerned with making money, or gaining celebrity status, that they totally miss the point, which is that we need to build a very different set of incentives. For example, people should be rewarded for honor, integrity and honest toil, rather than lying, cheating, deceiving, warmongering, and playing the system. Those who tell the truth about the events of WWII are frequently accused of being "far-right", "right-wing extremists", "anti-Semites", etc.. The latter needs some more explanation. But it's our current "left-right" politics that is "far-right", because the players who control the game are a tiny minority - approximately 0.2% of the human population - who want to have the wealth of the 99.8% transferred over to them, and they want the 99.8% to be exploited and farmed as a form of "cattle", so they can serve their needs.

Prof. Robert Faurisson described Holocaust revisionism as the "poor man's atomic bomb". For one thing, puncturing the bag of hot air known as the "Holocaust" would destroy Israel's "sword" and "shield" and cut Zionism down to size. But it can do much more. It can destroy the existing far-right system that is designed to benefit 0.2% of the population at the expense of the remaining 99.8%, and replace it with a much more equitable set of affairs that empowers and enriches the 99.8%. Under the existing financial system, any so-called 'leader' is bought and paid for by Jewish bankers and propelled to power by the Jewish-controlled mass media. Under the new system, leaders would serve the citizens they are supposed to represent, rather than a greedy elite who mentored them. So in this sense, Holocaust revisionists are left-wing, not "far right".

To go right back to when early man was migrating out of Africa, around 100,000 to 60,000 BCE, the Africans faced no selective pressures for higher IQ, since they merely needed to carry on doing as they had always done. In the Sub-Saharan equatorial climate, plants were available all year round. There was little need for clothing or shelter, and no need to hunt, or to farm. Being able to sprint from predators however was an advantage. But the further migrants traveled to the north and east, the greater cognitive challenges they faced, largely as a consequence of the colder winters. The lowest national IQ is found in sub-Saharan Africa, and the North East Asians are found to have the highest.

Richard Lynn has a table of national IQ for 185 countries. This represents average IQ based on children's test results, and has been confirmed from high correlations with educational achievements and real GDP per capita. Templer and Arikawa (2006) [download .pdf] found a high negative correlation of -0.92 between IQ and skin color (on a scale of 1 for very light and 8 for very dark), whereas the correlation between IQ and mean winter high temperature was not so highly negative, at -0.76. The reason for this is that although temperature, not skin color, is the determinant of IQ, skin color reflects many years of ancestry, natural selection and genetic evolution within the particular climate.

Here are a few examples for national IQ so as to provide a general picture; note the difference between those around 87 on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean and those at 93-96 in the Caucasus and eastern Europe. Those are very important for understanding the very large difference in IQ between the main two races of Jew, and the whole matter is crucial to understanding how the more cunning race of Jews was able to hoodwink the rest of the world into falling for the "Holocaust" hoax for decades. For further details, see our pages IQ By Religion and Debunking the Myth of Anti-Semitism.

Ethiopia, 63; Somalia, 68; Lebanon, 86; Jordan, 87; Syria 87; Armenia, 93; Georgia, 93; Russia, 96; Belarus, 96; Ukraine, 96; United Kingdom, 100; Japan, 105.

There are basically two types of Jew. The first group, which at about 10% of all Jews is numerically by far the smallest, are those who are of Arab or Semitic ethnic origin. Their ancestors lived on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, around 2,000 years ago. This group is a rather unremarkable people, with average IQ below the European average. They can be subdivided into the Sephardim and the Mizrahim, the difference being that the Sephardim gained considerable intelligence from living amongst Europeans and going into "white collar" industries such as banking and trading. The Mizrahim were merely living amongst the Arabs, and were in professions such as court doctors and officials. A tiny, inconsequential group are the Ethiopian Jews, who converted to Judaism fairly recently, and are barely more intelligent than their ethnic Ethiopian Gentile counterparts.

Jewish Israeli-born molecular geneticist Eran Elhaik proved in his 2012 study, published in a peer-reviewed journal, that the vast majority of Jews - about 90% of the current population of some 15 million - came not from the lands to the east of the Mediterranean, but from the Caucasus and lands much closer to the Caspian Sea. There were two opposing hypotheses about the origins of the Eastern European Jews: The Rhineland hypothesis, and the Khazarian hypothesis. Jewish liars and dreamers who for political purposes want to pretend that "the Jews" came from Palestine will cite the Rhineland hypothesis. Unfortunately for them, in his paper, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, Elhaik exposed the Rhineland hypothesis as pseudoscientific claptrap.

Elhaik's findings are corroborated by the very large differences in IQ between the Askenazi Jews and other groups of Jew. Richard Lynn, The Chosen People - A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement, in his Chapter 2, gives examples of four types of Jews: The Mizrahim, the Sephardim, the Ashkenazim and the Ethiopian Jews. Let's take Lynn's figures for average IQ from his Table 20.1 on p. 316, which summarizes those four types of Jewish people. They are: Ashkenazim 110, Sephardim 98, Mizrahim 91, Ethiopian Jews 69. But some estimates place the Ashkenazim, which includes most Jews in the US, at up to 117.

The racial differences evolved over tens of thousands of years, especially between around 60,000 and 10,000 BCE, which was after the migration but before the end of the Würm glaciation - the ice age when colder winters would have posed particularly hard cognitive challenges. Because the racial origins of the Ashkenazim are from the Caucasus, and they then spent time further north in the course of eventually migrating to eastern Europe, they started out with a higher IQ than the Arabs of the Middle East. They were known as the Khazars, and only converted to Judaism around 740 CE. They would have already been at around 96, consistent with the national IQ of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. In contrast, the truly Semitic Jews of Arabic origin started from the 86 or 87 of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Thus, as in Table 1, the Khazars have managed a gain of between 14 and 21, depending on whether we take the 110 or 117 Ashkenazi score or an intermediate value. The gain of the Sephardim is about 11.

Table 1

Group / national IQ Starting IQ Current IQ Gain in IQ points
Ashkenazi Jews (Khazars; converted ~8th century CE) 96 110 to 117 14 to 21
Sephardi Jews (Semitic ethnicity; already Jews as of BCE) 87 98 11
Mizrahi Jews (Semitic ethnicity; already Jews as of BCE) 87 91 4
Ethiopian Jews (Negroid ethnicity; converted relatively late) 63 69 6

The time of "Starting IQ" can be taken as around 1,000 CE. That's after the tens of thousands of years of evolution that accounted for racial differences, based on to what extent, if any, the tribe needed to develop skills in hunting, farming, making clothes and building shelters. It's "Starting" inasmuch as it was at the beginning of the next important phase of evolution, when the roles taken in society determined not only intelligence, but the particular intelligence profile, and even the ethics of the group.

Over these centuries of the medieval age, and nearly up to the present, life was still a struggle, and so any quality that conferred a survival advantage was still being selected for. In this matter of the "Holocaust" hoax and the mess of the world's current political system, the answers we seek are related to why the Ashkenazim developed their particular intellectual and psychological traits. Cochran, Hardy and Harpending nailed it with their 2006 paper Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence. In their Introduction, they say that (in medieval Gentile society) the Ashkenazim mostly had "jobs" in which increased IQ strongly favored economic success, and the circumstances (of general poverty and a struggle to survive) meant that economic success led to reproductive success. Lynn, The Chosen People - A Study of Jewish Intelligence and Achievement [pp. 336-9], has an excellent summary of Cochran et al's hypothesis on what Lynn calls the "Genetics of the High Jewish IQ".

As Cochran et al say, those "jobs" in banking and commerce needed an IQ of at least 100. In medieval times around 600 to 1,000 years ago, the Khazar converted 'Jews' would have had average IQs of at least 96, consistent with the Russia, Belarus and Ukraine climate. But they may have already gained a few points by then. They'd already been honing their white collar skills, since their position as Jews gave the Khazars the opportunity to trade with both Christians and Muslims. Although the Sephardim also went into banking in European nations, their lower increase in intelligence is easily accounted for by the fact that in starting from a lower base, fewer of them would have succeeded as capitalists. And the Cochran paper says an increase of 0.8 IQ points per generation is quite feasible, with 500 years or 20 human generations sufficient to elevate the Khazars to 16 points above the European population.

So evolution selected out this certain measure of intelligence in the Ashkenazim that is all about getting one over on their opponents, winning at casino capitalism, and worshipping gold and shekels, whilst lacking all moral values and any of the empathy that a normal person would feel. Today, we see these Dalek-like creatures drawing hundreds of millions of pounds from an ailing company, e.g., so they can live the high life aboard a yacht, try to pass the buck by selling for a nominal sum to a serial bankrupt shortly before the company goes bust, and caring not an iota about the black hole in the pension fund. Or we see them shelling a Gaza beach to blow up picnicking Palestinian families, or bulldozing homes out of spite, or repeatedly targeting Gaza's power plant as another "collective punishment", or 'accidently' firing at a UN observer post, or the very center of the red cross on several Red Cross ambulances, or Syrian peach pickers. Or carrying out a sustained attack on the USS Liberty in international waters, and claiming it was an "accident".

There are good Jews who have admitted the "Holocaust" is a lie. There are good Jews who have used their talents for constructive purposes (or so they thought) in the sciences. But there are many Jews who blindly support Zionism, and there are many bad Jews who are only interested in satisfying their own lust and greed whilst sowing death, disability, misery and poverty. As Einstein said, we need to change our way of thinking.

We need to abandon the financial system of fractional reserve banking, in which a particular group of people who control the central banks can "create money out of thin air". These people therefore have access to an almost never-ending supply of money, which they use to install puppet politicians, and to control the mass media, with the result that the citizens are under the misapprehension that they are living in a "democracy" and can vote for leaders who will represent them. In reality, the 'leaders' serve only their rich mentors who propelled them into power, and the difference between the main political parties is barely more than the width of a cigarette paper, with each serving the cause of Zionism. The choice is not between left and right, as the false paradigm would fool people into imagining.

On the one hand, people can choose Zionism, globalism, and "anti-racism", in which case they will reap a future based on lies, deceptions, and cultural Marxism (aka "political correctness"), with an evil elite bent on enslaving the billions of normal, honest people who have a right to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. On the other hand, they can reject the current system, and replace it with a future based on truth, justice, honor, integrity, nationalism, and the preservation of today's unique races and cultures. The international banks need to be replaced by a barter system for trade.

Racial difference deniers are equivalent to cretins who pretend that two equals three and one plus four equals six. Synonyms for "anti-racism" include anti-truth, anti-science, anti-intelligence, anti-liberty, pro-bankers, pro-exploitation, pro-imbecility, and pro-ignorance.

Around the middle of the last century, the Ashkenazi Jews introduced a policy of turning nations into giant melting pots for the world's population, and this has been accelerated in the current century, partly as a deliberate 'accident' that was designed to "rub the Right's nose in diversity", and partly by Western (Zionist) warmongering and meddling foreign policy causing such chaos and destabilization as to prompt a flood of refugees and migrants. One Jewish motive was to destroy White civilization and culture (the White race being their only serious competitor), eventually exterminating the White race through the inevitable miscegenation, and turning the nations into a multicultural 'paradise' in which 'refugees' would 'enrich' the host nation, e.g., by raping and molesting its young women. Another Jewish motive was to establish a situation where the existence of foreigners in a nation was accepted as "normal", so that the presence of Jews themselves could be accepted as part of that "normality". Because Jews had already been expelled from more than 100 locations throughout history, they were determined to do all that they could to prevent any reoccurrence. However, conning the world into falling for the "Holocaust" hoax was another means to that end.

Ashkenazi Jews tricked the world into handing them Palestine on the basis of two massive lies: (i) the "Holocaust" hoax about "gas chambers" and "six million" dead Jews, and (ii) the claim that Jews were all of Semitic origin, when in fact only about 10% of Jews are Semites, and the other 13 or 14 million are of Khazarian ethnicity.

The Semitic Jews have never controlled the Zionist State of Israel, since all Israeli prime ministers have been Ashkenazim. The Semitic Jews are not particularly intelligent, cunning or dangerous, and these one-and-a-half million people would never have been capable of duping everyone into falling for a lie about "gas chambers" and "exterminations". Neither would they have been capable of planning and organizing a ten-year project to topple Manhattan skyscrapers and blame it on Arabs who "got lucky", as a false-flag terror operation that would serve as a "new Pearl Harbor", a casus belli that could be used to launch an open-ended series of wars aimed at neutralising Israel's enemies and preparing the way for a greater Israel, from where the ultimate aim is to set up "a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles", and bringing about the Jewish dream of a time when "Israel is mighty" and Gentiles can be killed or raped with impunity.

Neither would the Semitic Jews have been capable of putting into effect the contents they plaigiarized from an 1864 book that featured a Machiavellian program for world conquest, including taking control of the press, which allows the powers-that-be to deceive the populace into imagining that they are living in a democracy, when in fact a Rothschildian "democracy" serves only the bankers who are financing the press and political apparatus. And then trying to cover up by paying a serial con artist / jailbird  / forger / briber / blackmailer (Princess Radziwill), a convicted traitor and former chief of propaganda with a reputation for duplicity (Count Armand Alexandre du Chayla), a woman who needed money for a legal battle to attempt to cream off a share of a $1.7 million legacy (Henrietta Hurlbut), and a couple of others who were "financially distressed" (Sergei Svatikov and V.L. Burtsev), all to testify in support of their ludicrous claim that the document was an "anti-Semitic" "forgery" by the Russian secret police!

The Ashkenazim (Khazars) who converted to Judaism (because they couldn't create a religion of their own) are the only group capable of pulling off such subterfuge, with their unique combination of exceptional verbal and mathematical skills and a total lack of conscience. It is quite possible for a group that already has an intelligence on a par with a host population (e.g., White Europeans) to elevate itself well beyond the host on certain aspects of intelligence, whilst paying the price of failing to develop other desirable traits, by way of its particular activities and experiences within that civilization. What is not possible is for a group of Semitic people, whose national IQ is more than ten points below the host population, to enter and then to not only match the host population, but to surpass them in IQ by ten or more points, so that the infiltrators can fabricate false histories and continue to pull the wool over the hosts' eyes for decades.

It is clear that the "melting pot" policy of "multiculturalism" must be abandoned immediately, and Jews should immediately be removed from all positions of power concerning banking, the mass media, education, and the judiciary. Jews have demonstrated that they cannot be trusted any more than a six shekel bill. The ideal solution would involve repatriation of the various ethnic groups to the lands in which they evolved their skin color and racial characteristics. For example, the Khazar 'Jews' would be located in the vicinity of Eastern Europe or the Caucasus. They could have part of southwest Russia, part of Georgia, part of Armenia, part of Azerbaijan, part of Belarus, or part of Ukraine. The land would be purchased using Jewish bankers' money. A tiny minority of Jews would share Palestine peacefully with their fellow Semites, the Palestinians (as was the case before the advent of the Zionist project). For example, if the Semitic Jews were allocated the Gaza Strip and the Palestinians were given modern-day "Israel", the Palestinians could hardly complain. And maybe the Semitic Jews could be given more. The point is that the land should be distributed according to the true number of Jews who have ancient ties to it, as opposed to the inflated number that includes the non-Semitic 'Jews'. The British would have Britain. The Japanese would have Japan. The Chinese would have China. And traitorous politicians would be arrested and put on trial.

It is also clear that there should be no persecution of individuals simply on the basis of race or religion. There should be no mindless attacks motivated by hate, such as beating up, or painting swastikas on doors, etc.. Some of the goals, such as immediate removal of Jews from banking and the mass media, are high priority, and others, such as repatriation of followers of relatively benign religions such as Hinduism, can be postponed. For example, stopping immigration and offering certain groups a choice between repatriation and sterilization, or even a voluntary agreement not to have more children after a deadline, with compulsory repatriation for those who break the agreement, would allay concerns about the host population becoming a minority in its own country within decades. The distinction between Indians and bomb-loving, amputation-seeking, knife-carrying, sex-crazed Pakistani migrants confirms that religion is an important factor as well as race. We could also add male genital mutilation, of which the Jewish revisionist Roger Dommergue had some things to say about its deleterious effect on the psyche of victims of this primitive custom, which is why the MGM group (Jews and Muslims) must be subjected to compulsory repatriation.

Execution is one option for dealing with traitors. But another would be to strip them of their wealth, and to give them the option of writing memoirs and conducting speaking tours that would allow a detailed documenting of how the establishment had been corrupted and how the "Holocaust"  hoax had been foisted on the public. Putting such details on record and into the public domain would allow us to ensure that such deception and manipulation of public opinion can never be allowed to happen again.

The debate is no longer about whether or not there is something wrong with the present financial and political system, and whether or not something needs to be done. It is about how to bring about a solution that is fair and sustainable. And these are the choices that society is faced with. It is nothing to do with "hating" or not respecting different races, it is simply recognizing the fact that races are different, and seeking the greatest good for the greatest number.

It is simply absurd that White people in White nations should support traitors who are nothing more than puppets of greedy, grasping, parasitic bankers who are alien to their land, since the bankers' ancestors evolved near the Caspian Sea. For White people to support policies that will lead to their enslavement and eventual extermination is like turkeys voting for Christmas.

The current political system has the lie of the "Holocaust" as its foundation. The foundation and the system need to be uprooted and replaced by a return to the natural order of mankind.


For those curious about how the calculations of "Nazi" civilian engineer Rudolf Jährling corroborates the recorded coke deliveries prior to the March 17, 1943 date that he wrote down his estimates, here are the monthly coke deliveries, followed by Jährling's note of that date.

PressacCokeDeliveries photo PressacCokeDeliveries_zpscd2d6249.png

 photo Jahrling1_zpsddntjmdq.png

 photo Jahrling2_zpsb0ci4teg.png

Source: Pressac - Auschwitz: Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, p. 224

Firstly, take the total coke deliveries for the one-year period over March 1942 to February 1943 inclusive. The total amounts to 373.5 tons, which averages 31.1 tons per month. This is prior to the operation of any of the 46 muffles of Birkenau Krema II to V. We divide by the six muffles for the three double-muffle ovens of Auschwitz I and obtain an average monthly consumption of 5.19 tons per muffle.

Now note that Jährling has arrived at a total of 7,840 kg for all 46 Birkenau muffles, Krema II to V, operating over a 12-hr day. We therefore have 7.84 x 30.44 = 238.6 tons per month, which divided by 46 muffles equates to 5.19 tons per muffle per month, the same quantity as recorded on the delivery notes.

If Jährling 'cheated' by finding the annual total for six muffles, adjusted it pro-rata for 46 muffles, and then fixed his calculation to yield the same result, then we know that in March 1943 he was seeing the same 373.5 tons that we have recorded today. That rules out the preposterous possibility that ten times as much coke was delivered on 2,400 rather than 240 delivery notes, with 90% of delivery notes mysteriously going missing in the intervening years, as Hoaxers require in order to lend the smallest vestige of credibility to their allegations. Not only that, but a similar proportion of delivery notes has to go missing for each and every month. The fact that the number is 5.19 tons per muffle per month in both cases suggests that Jährling did have an eye on the known consumption when he made his estimate.

And if the estimate was purely theoretical, then again it is in remarkable agreement with the recorded coke deliveries, and we can rule out the possibility that 90% of each month's paperwork somehow went missing, and that at the same time there was a massive order of magnitude discrepancy between theoretical and practical coke consumption.

Pressac points to that equality of tons of coke per muffle per month. A more accurate starting point, and also the basis on which Jährling starts his calculations, is to take into account the consumption per gasifier hearth, which is not quite the same. The double-muffle ovens of Auschwitz I had a hearth and gasifier for each muffle. The triple-muffle ovens of Krema II and III had only two gasifier hearths, each feeding a muffle. The final muffle did not have the benefit of direct heating from the CO to CO2 reaction as the hot gas exits the gasifier and meets fresh combustion air in the muffle. Thus, the final muffle had to relying upon exhaust gases from the preceding two muffles. In principle, some saving in fuel consumption could be possible, but the cost would be that the corpse in the final muffle would take longer to cremate than the one-hour per muffle time that is a realistic average for those muffles with direct heating from a gasifier.

The eight-muffle ovens of Krema IV and V had only four gasifier hearths for eight muffles. Corpses in the 'first' muffles that were heated directly by the reaction from the gasifier might cremate in an hour, but the corpses in the 'final' muffles would not cremate so well.

For the double-muffle ovens, each hearth had a standard throughput of 30 kg of coke per hour. For the triple-muffle and eight-muffles, the standard hourly throughput of the hearth grate was 35 kg of coke.

So we see Jährling starts off his calculation for Krema II and III like this:

"10 feuerungen = 350 kg stdl"; "10 firing systems [or hearths] = 350 kg stdl".

Each of Krema II and III had five triple-muffle ovens, so that's 15 muffles but 10 hearths for each. The standard hourly throughput of 10 hearths is 350 kg of coke per hour. Jährling multiplies by 12 for a 12-hour day, but assumes that a reduction of 1/3 can be assumed for continuous operation.

"Bei dauerbetrieb vermindert sich diese Menge wesentlich, sodass mit 2/3 der Menge gerechnet werden kann"; "During continuous operation, this quantity is significantly reduced, so that 2/3 of the quantity can be expected".

So for Krema II + III he gets a total of 5,600 kg of coke for a 12-hr day, rather than 2 x 350 x 12 = 8,400 kg without his 2/3 adjustment factor.

And Krema IV and V each had one eight-muffle oven, which is eight muffles and four hearths. He has 2 x 4 x 35 x 12 x 2/3 = 2,240 kg of coke for a 12-hr day, down from 3,360 kg without the adjustment.

The coke deliveries for March to October 1943 totalled 641.5 tons, which is 80.2 tons per month or 2.63 tons per day. Compare with Jährling's 5,600 + 2,240 = 7.84 tons for a 12-hour day. The 2.63 tons is only 33.5% of the 12-hr day estimate, which would make it about a 4-hr day, which is certainly not continuous operation. However, breakdowns, and the fact that Krema IV's oven suffered irreparable damage as early as May 10, 1943, would increase somewhat the hours that working ovens were operating.

It is clear that the Auschwitz I double-muffle ovens were operating at a much greater proportion of their capacity; in fact, probably at full capacity for much of the time, taking breakdowns into account. In contrast, even allowing for breakdowns, the Birkenau ovens were not likely to be running anywhere near 12 hours per day.

Nevertheless, let us assume that a relatively small number of muffles were operating at any one time, so that we have allowed for breakdowns, and can realistically apply Jährling's 1/3 reduction for continuous operation. Suppose there were an average of 8.9 muffles from the triple-muffle ovens of Krema II and III operating as long as a 19-hour day. We have 8.9 muffles x 35 kg-coke/hr per hearth x 2/3 hearths per muffle x 19 hr x 2/3 (discount for continuous operation) = 2,630 kg of coke, which was the actual consumption over March to October 1943.

Suppose that the Auschwitz I ovens along with open-air cremations in pits could take care of 100,000 bodies, which is quite a stretch. From the time that the Birkenau ovens were in existence commencing mid-March 1943 through to October 30, 1944, when homicidal operations at the crematoria are said to have finished (see Mattogno, The Case for Sanity p. 296), Hoaxers therefore have at least 1,000,000 bodies to dispose of according to the typical allegation of 1.1 million killed. Or it leaves between 2 and 3.9 million according to the even more ludicrous claims of the Jewish Virtual Library. (You would think that in a multi-billion-shekel enterprise, the hucksters could at least get their stories straight to the nearest million!) So one million bodies over 19½ months amounts to 51,282 bodies per month = 1,685 bodies per day = 88.7 corpses hourly.

Now if there are 8.9 muffles operating a 19-hr day, then taking in account the maximum realistic performance of one corpse per muffle per hour (if we forget that the corpse in the final muffle would take longer!), 169 corpses could be cremated daily, compared with the 1,685 required by HoloHoaxers. This is all really just another way of looking at the fact that the coke consumption is short of the amount Hoaxers require by a full order of magnitude. If coke deliveries were ten times higher, Hoaxers would be stuck with the lesser problem of needing the ovens to cremate about 3.2 times more rapidly than they actually could (plus of course all of the other insurmountable holes in their narrative as detailed above).

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