Sixteen Steps To Joining Our Struggle Against Supremacism

1) You research the "Holocaust" or the 9/11 attacks, or both, and find that the official narrative(s) is / are a pack of lies.

2) You examine events such as the war in Iraq, or the policy of supporting a so-called "moderate" opposition in Syria, and find that our 'leaders' are lying, corrupt, fawning puppets who serve the interests of a crooked, warmongering, globalist, Jewish elite, rather than the interests of the citizens whom they are supposed to represent.

3) You find that Jews control the mass media, which explains (((its))) policy of presenting fake news as "fact", of accusing real news of being "fake news", and of broadcasting Zionist lies and propaganda.

4) You find that the "six million" hoax was fabricated by Zionist Jews prior to both World Wars in order to seize land in Palestine ("Israel"), and the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated to serve as the casus belli for a series of wars and foreign interventions aimed at establishing a Greater Israel, and designed to foment terrorism that would serve as the pretext for further "anti-terrorist" measures and interventions that would foment more terrorism and help to establish a Greater Israel...

5) You conclude that some Jews are very bad people, and become an anti-Zionist (as well as anti-terrorist, anti-fraud, anti-theft, etc.).

6) As an anti-Zionist, you are accused of being an "anti-Semite", scum, a "hater", a "Nazi", an "extremist", a "White supremacist", etc..

7) You find that, far from being pure as the driven snow and innocent as new-born lambs, Jews are responsible for a multitude of crimes such as crucifixion, ritual murder, revolution, genocide, terrorism, assassinations, pedophilia, all major wars, the central banking fraud, investment scams, the use of international institutions to destroy national sovereignty, massacres of helpless POWs and Palestinians, attacks on innocent third parties such as ambulances and UN observers, the deliberate creation of environmental disasters as a "collective punishment", and the fabrication of "hate crimes" against themselves.

8) You find out about Jewish hypocrisy over "multiculturalism". For example, the Jewess Barbara Lerner Spectre openly admits that " this point in time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role." But at the same time, Israel is officially "not an immigration country". Jews (funded and orchestrated by the likes of billionaire George Soros) impose the 'benefits' of diversity upon White nations, but they don't want to enjoy those 'benefits' - rape, bombings, stabbings, trucks mowing down crowds, etc. - in their own Jewish State.

9) You find that about 90% of Jews are not Semites; they are Caucasians, whose lighter skin color in comparison to their Semitic co-religionists helps them to pose as "White" so that they can infiltrate and subvert the White host population. In order to achieve their land grab in the Middle East, Jews not only had to lie about "gas chambers" and their so-called "suffering", but also had to lie about their origins by pretending that most of them are of Middle Eastern origin.

10) You find that Jews have already been expelled from more than 100 locations throughout history, after the host population got wise to their parasitical, subversive, nation-wrecking, civilization-wrecking, culture-wrecking, degeneracy-promoting nature. You find that there has been more than 70 years since the last expulsion (in National Socialist Germany) only because of Jewish control of the media and the banks, and the fact that Jews concocted a hoax about "gas chambers" and "lampshades" and keep whining about their 'unique' "suffering", all of which provides them with a free pass to carry out their self-serving, nefarious, destructive activities across the globe, whether massacring the Palestinians, or destroying White societies.

11) You find that Jews are responsible not only for communism and the Bolshevik Revolution, but also for cultural Marxism and all of its associated societal decline and degeneracy, such as the promotion of feminism, sodomy, transgenderism, multiculturalism and mass immigration, with the inevitable prospect (through miscegenation resulting from entry of hordes of foreign races) that unless the "progressive" policies are quickly reversed, Whites will become a minority in their own countries, and with many of those remaining being so brainwashed and confused about their roles that they are mere shells of the men and women they used to be.

12) You conclude that, although there may be a handful of "good" Jews, the Jewish problem is so profound that the only solution involves wholesale removal of Jews from White societies; in other words, expulsion, with liquidation as an option for those who refuse to go peacefully.

13) You believe in a natural system of the world's various races being largely confined to the regions in which they evolved their racial characteristics over tens of thousands of years following the migration out of Africa. There are some exceptions, such as colonization of America and Australia, since the native population density was low and the land was greatly under-utilized. You support your own White race, but do not want to exterminate other races or to deprive them of their own lands, or even to intervene unless they ask for assistance in building infrastructure and so on.

14)  You are opposed to racial or religious supremacism. You are accused of being an "anti-Semite", scum, a "hater", a "Nazi", an "extremist", a "White supremacist", etc..

15) You find that the Jewish problem is ultimately a result of Judaism being a supremacist religion, in which its adherents believe themselves to be the "Chosen Ones" and see all other races as equivalent to beasts. Since both the Semitic Jews and the Khazar Jews believed that their "god" would protect them and destroy their enemies, they became cowards who, unlike members of other races, would refuse to give up their lives for the greater good of their tribe. Both the Semitic Jews and the Khazars were consequently kicked out of their homelands. They became wanderers, a nation within a nation. However, their allegiance was always to their own Jewish tribe, rather than to the host nation that had welcomed them in. Their criterion for evaluating a policy merely consisted of asking if it was good for the Jews. (And in their twisted mentality, anything bad for the Gentiles is rated as good for the Jews.) They are devoid of a conscience, and lack even the slightest empathy for the host population. This is why Jews are totally incompatible with White civilizations.

16) You are an anti-supremacist and an anti-Judaist. You are accused of being an "anti-Semite", scum, a "hater", a "Nazi", an "extremist", a "White supremacist", etc..

If, say, you were born in 1889, you would start at step 11), whilst including 3) and some of the points in 7). On the other hand, a youngster might start with part of 7), go back to 3), and then work through some of the other points.

In conclusion, the events of the last few thousand years show that, if hedonism and grabbing the gold is your priority, then having a fantasy religion about an evil, hateful racist god who will protect your tribe and destroy the others is a good way to go about it. It means that your tribe will get kicked out of its homeland (or homelands in the Middle East and the Caucasus), but on the plus side, there are advantages to being a nation of wanderers within the nations of your opponents. Being in white-collar trades like banking for centuries endows you with certain intellectual skills that allow you to rip off the host nation, to take over banking and the media, to siphon off funds for your own political projects and to have governments eating out of your hand. However, there is a terrible price to pay. You hate and despise the host population, and you become psychopathic, lacking a conscience and any empathy for the remaining 99.8% of humanity. In return, apart from a few bemused fools and the recipients of your bribes, the rest of humanity hates and despises you for the vicious, barbaric, warmongering, terrorist, money-grubbing, Satanic, hypocritical bastards that you are. Hence, throughout the centuries, you are regularly expelled from nations the world over.

For a time, you can prop up your position with your stranglehold on the mass media, by forming an ever-increasing array of powerful lobby groups, by peddling myths about how you've always been unfairly "persecuted" and hated for absolutely no reason at all, and how you've experienced a terrible 'unique' "suffering" in a war in which you were in fact the only winners, a war instigated and escalated by yourselves for political and business purposes. And you use the power of the law in an attempt to enforce the 'right' opinions amongst the sheeple, who think that history is what they see in a Steven Spielberg movie, read about in the press, and were taught by some teacher who would have lost his job if he had only exhibited enough philosophical independence to think outside the box. Such a situation is never sustainable, because the truth has a habit of breaking out. People recognize that truth needs no laws to enforce it. And a political system that's based on a bunch of bullshit lies will soon be no more than a historical curiosity.

The best move for the Jews would be to leave White nations voluntarily in a (real) mass exodus, and to negotiate the purchase of a new homeland for themselves. Given their vast, ill-gotten gains, they can afford to pay handsome reparations to the Gentiles. Whites would be compensated for some of their losses and (all too real) suffering at the hands of parasitical Jews. Blacks, Muslims and others should also be paid to allow for resettlement in their true homelands, after the failed social experiments of "multiculturalism" and the other "progressive" leftist claptrap of cultural Marxism bestowed upon us by Jewry's Frankfurt School. And the Kazakhs or the Russians, or whoever presently owns the Jews' new homeland, would be compensated handsomely for giving up some of their territory. The Jews would also have to pay for building a wall, so that they would remain safely contained and unable to harm their new neighbors.

The most likely alternative scenario will involve multi-muffle cremation ovens, approximately 450,000 tons of coke or equivalent (that's 434 times the documented coke deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau), and real, homicidal gas chambers of adequate volume, with airtight steel doors, a highly efficient ventilation system, and conveyor belts for moving the bodies along to the oven rooms. There is no place for supremacist religions in any civilized society.

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