The Parable of the Six Million Tumors

In 1898, at the Second Parasites' Congress, a group of leeches, worms, amebae, flunkies and other degenerates hatched a plot. One of them was known as Rabid Stephen Samuel Lies. They'd already plagiarized a very important idea from an 1864 book by a Frenchman called Joly; it was the concept of taking control of the press. These parasites recognized that in order to achieve their goal of world conquest, they needed to be able to shape public opinion and manipulate the minds of their hosts. So they came up with the idea of convincing cancer patients that a group of 'evil' doctors had "exterminated" "six million" cancer tumors, and that being beastly to tumors was something that only a mean, despicable, intolerant, anti-tumorist pro-human advocate would do. The parasites reasoned that if only they could get their hosts to believe that "six million" tumors had been "exterminated", then the hosts would have some sympathy for the 'poor', 'persecuted' parasites.

The "six million" figure was regularly bandied about in the parasite-owned press during the 1890s, the 1900s, the 1910s and the 1920s. For example, on June 10, 1900, at a Parasites' meeting, Lies spoke of "six million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of" Parasitism. Problem was, they couldn't get enough people to fall for their scam. No one could take seriously the idea that "six million" tumors had been "exterminated", "annihilated" or "massacred".

On June 30, 1942, The Goo York Times reported of an accusation by Lies that "1,000,000" tumors had been "slain" by "Nasty Anti-tumor Zealots and Incorruptibles" ("NAZIs"). At first, no one took it seriously. But this was during a World War that went on to kill tens of millions of people. In December 1944, months before the war ended, a parasite called Ilya Excreturd repeated the well-worn allegation that "six million" parasites had been eliminated. The novel feature in Excreturd's claim was that the "Nazis" were supposedly responsible for the 'crime'.

After the war ended, a confluence of factors favored parasite propaganda, and a critical mass of people came to believe in the fairy tale of the "six million" parasites that had been "exterminated" in a so-called "Final Solution". Parasites controlled a swelling sound and motion-picture industry, based in California. Before a movie began, the audience would be exposed to shocking photographs of human corpses who'd been killed by parasites (mostly typhus-causing bacteria of the Rickettsia species). These politically-motivated adverts served to trick folk into imagining that they were somehow 'proof'' of the systematic "extermination" of "six million" parasites, when in reality, the individuals in the pictures had died from a lack of food and medicines following Allied bombardment of supply lines towards the end of the war. The emotive images were repeatedly circulated in the press.

At the end of the war, it was originally alleged that all Nazi camps were "death camps" in which tumors had been systematically "exterminated". Unfortunately for the parasites, this accusation came apart at the seams when people were able to visit many of the camps to see for themselves. At one camp for example, parasites resorted to claiming that Nazis had spent three years attempting to build a "gas chamber" to eradicate tumors, and the work had been proceeding at a rapid rate, but they never managed to get the "gas chamber" to work. (Funnily enough, in a matter of months between late 1941 and early 1942, these technically "incompetent" Nazis were supposed to have been clever enough to circumvent the laws of physics in reducing the coke consumption of their cremation ovens by a factor of twenty, whilst simultaneously speeding up the process by at least four times, and extending the firebrick durability by ten times.)

However, parasite-controlled forces had "liberated" several Nazi camps in the east, and this allowed them to fabricate a "gas chamber" after the war at one camp. In others, they were able to dynamite facilities to cover up the lack of evidence, and then claim the explosions were the work of Nazis supposedly trying to cover up 'evidence' of "exterminations". Thus, the new, revised yarn held that by a bizarre 'coincidence', all the alleged systematic "exterminations" were said to have been conducted at camps in Polish or Soviet territory, and the 'evil' Nazis had never operated any "death camps" in Germany proper.

Another lucky stroke for the parasites concerned the fact that the Nazis really had been using poison gas (hydrogen cyanide) to exterminate parasites in gas chambers. The parasites were typhus bacteria and their insect carriers such as lice. The "gas chambers" were actually delousing chambers built to save human lives by using the gas as an insecticide. But parasites exploited this fact for their own ends, citing it as 'evidence' that "six million" tumors had been "exterminated". Autopsies on the corpses that were exploited in the aforementioned images as 'evidence' of "exterminations" failed to find so much as a single case of death by poison gas. That was one of many facts for which parasites had no answer, other than to accuse anyone critical of their "six million" myth of being an 'evil' anti-parasite and a "hater".

Independent researchers conducted analyses of the walls of delousing chambers and alleged "tumicidal gas chambers". They found cyanide levels in the delousing chambers to be so high that the blue coloration could be readily observed on both the inside and outside wall surfaces, and the cyanide was present throughout the depth of the wall through which it had permeated. In contrast, the "tumicidal gas chambers" merely had trace levels of cyanide that were comparable to those for any building taken at random, and the difference in cyanide levels was around a thousand-fold. (In the delousing chambers, hydrogen cyanide gas formed cyanide salts, and subsequent reaction of those salts with iron oxides within the brickwork or plaster led to formation of the stable cyanide compound Iron Blue.)

Parasites hit back. They accused the independent researchers of being 'evil' 'Nazis' who were politically motivated and unqualified to take samples from brickwork. Parasites commissioned a scientifically fraudulent 'study', to be conducted by an agency of a parasites' puppet government in Poland. The 'study' deliberately fixed its methodology so that the cyanide levels in delousing chambers would more closely match those in the so-called "tumicidal gas chambers". They refused to look for stable cyanide compounds, and only included unstable cyanide compounds in their findings. In both types of chambers, these government-sponsored scientific frauds found less than one part of cyanide per million parts of building materials, in contrast to the more than one part of cyanide per thousand parts of building materials found by independent researchers in the delousing chambers. Yet for all their tampering, the parasite-friendly deceivers still found more cyanide in the delousing chambers than in the "tumicidal gas chambers".

Another parasite trick was to make it a crime in many countries to question the tale of "tumicidal gas chambers" and "six million" "exterminated" tumors. The 'crime' was punishable by years of imprisonment, under the pretext that it was inciting hatred against parasites, or inciting pride in one's own race, civilization and culture. Out of all historical events over the millennia, the "Tumoco$t" was the only one whose 'truth' needed to be enforced by law.

Over the decades, the myth of the "six million" "exterminated" tumors took hold, and humans came to believe that they did not deserve to live. Rather than fight cancer and eradicate tumors, they felt that they should simply succumb to fate, because it was better than being an 'evil' "Nazi" that was being beastly to 'poor', 'persecuted' tumors. And there was a witch hunt against people who believed that it was right to value humans over parasites, and to correct false beliefs that were based on hearsay and lies rather than hard evidence, logic, and scientific law.

Moreover, anyone who opposed policies of uncontrolled mass immigration, meddling in countries to destabilize them and instigate mass migration, and the promotion of supra-governmental bodies to weaken and eventually destroy the nation-state, was denounced as a "racist" "bigot" and suspected closet "anti-tumorist". The craziest part of the situation was that many people had been brainwashed by mass media propaganda into supporting the system of puppet governments that served a corrupt elite rather than the native population they were supposed to represent, together with the associated parasite-orchestrated policy of extermination of the host races and destruction of their cultures and civilization by measures such as "diversity", cultural "enrichment", miscegenation, and other forms of parasite-backed degeneracy. This all came about because the wise Leader, who decided to value humans over parasites and serve his countrymen rather than sell them out to greedy, murderous parasites, and was beaten after a six-year war that parasites won because patriotic leaders were heavily outnumbered by corruptible traitors who preferred to enrich themselves by doing the parasites' bidding, was repeatedly demonized by the parasites' press. The parasite-backed victors got to write their 'history', and patriots could be denounced as 'evil' "Nazis".

There is no advantage to host populations in permitting parasitic entities to leech off them, and there is no advantage to Whites, Blacks, Muslims or Asians in being uprooted from their traditional homelands or forced to accept mass migration, cultural "diversity" and "integration", with the ensuing destruction and replacement of their respective cultures by parasite-backed degeneracy and desolation. It is absurd that any member of a host population should ever condone the destruction of their race and culture. Yet this is what happens, when otherwise rational people have been exposed to a relentless barrage of parasite propaganda.

It is time to extirpate the parasites, take back control of the mass media, and take back control of our once proud nations. We must never forget. Mass brainwashing by parasites must never be allowed to happen again.

Footnote: Unfortunately, this scenario is largely a reality, save for the analogy about six million "tumors". The analogy is valid, since those who have been indoctrinated into supporting the status quo are necessarily supporting the mass migration and miscegenation that is tantamount to a genocide of Whites and other races, and will lead to Whites being a minority in their own nations within decades, along with the final destruction of their culture (which is already well underway) and the eventual extermination of the host population. For the facts about the "Holocaust" hoax, see: