For centuries, England/Britain led the world in personal liberties, justice and tolerance. In recent times we were lied to about the "Common Market", and about the "serious and current threat" of WMDs. Taxes continue to rise as public services deteriorate. Following bans on driving without seatbelts, hunting, etc, we are about to be banned from buying vitamin and mineral supplements, and subject to arrest and detention without trial because of an alleged threat.

One need merely look to Canada to see the inevitable result of an increasingly authoritarian move to a State which features detention without trial. Ernst Zundel, 65, was deported from the US to Canada on trumped-up visa violation charges, held in solitary confinement for two years as a "terrorist", then deported to Germany to face up to 5 more years in jail. His alleged crime? Running a website that questioned the official version of events in WWII.

Our phoney government and fake opposition kowtow to a tiny global elite. It is high time to replace them with those who will represent the British people.

Update: Exterminationists - Zionist spin doctors who claim that in WWII the Germans had a specific policy of extermination - haven't a leg to stand on. In order for their account of history to be true, the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic and psychology would require a complete overhaul. One of the more obscene sights of 2005 was an ageing Jewish actress asserting on a television newsclip that she had "escaped from the gas chambers" - not once, but three times, because "the gas chambers malfunctioned". There were only two possible candidates for a "malfunction": the laws of gravity, or the laws of thermodynamics. (We could also include the fact that there were no input hatches in the roofs through which the Zyklon B was supposedly thrown, but in this case the "malfunction" would have been permanent. And the fact that the captors would have been poisoned. Let's overlook that, as Zionists never let facts get in the way of a good story.) And we are supposed to believe that 'evil' Germans said, "Okay, you deserve to escape since the gas chambers failed. Here's a map and some food and drink. We hope you have a pleasant journey. Good luck!" However, the laws of physics and psychology inter alia have already had to be rewritten for the exterminationists' other wild claims. So the triple escape story could be accommodated, too.

When a massive, organized fraud - the fraud of the century - has brought in hundreds of billions of dollars and hundreds of billions of marks over the previous sixty years for its principals (albeit at a blood cost of tens of millions of innocents killed and maimed), there is ample funding remaining to pay some third-rate actress ten thousand shekels to play the role of a 'victim' on television, and to pay government goons to harass individuals deemed to be a threat to the swindle.

Not surprisingly, the Zionist propaganda strategy is based upon force rather than debate.

Revised September 17, 2005