A doctor makes a mistake resulting in the death of a cancer patient and gets eighteen months' jail. A president and a prime minister "make a mistake" resulting in at least 50,000 deaths, countless more maimed, injured and condemned to future ill-health, the wrecking of a country's infrastructure, a breakdown of international law, an incitement to terrorist groups to target Britain and the US, and the wasting of billions of pounds of public money on destructive activities. Yet it is not even inevitable that they will be thrown out of office at the next elections. Update: One had to rely on the help of Diebold electronic voting machines to swing the Ohio result; both had Zionist Jewish opponents who did their level best to lose.

John Pilger's expose includes Colin Powell's Cairo press statement of February 24 2001, which is still to be found on the State Department's website. Powell said that Saddam had not developed any significant WMD capability, and could not project conventional power against his neighbours. The "incompetence" apologist must now claim that Powell, Rice et al lied in 2001 when they said that Iraq was no threat to its neighbours or the West, in addition to semantic games about over-egged dossiers.

The evidence that the key players were motivated by greed, bribery or blackmail grows stronger by the day.