Terrorists' Friends Pose as Truth Seekers


Updated: April 21, 2007

Since this piece was written in May 2006, evidence has emerged that Eric Hufschmid is an agent provocateur and Christopher Bollyn was installed as a Zionist infiltrator at American Free Press. Hufschmid's role, aided by Daryl Setter a.k.a. Bradford Smith, is to divide the 9/11 truth movement, gather information on truth-seekers, and control the flow of information. Bollyn's brief was to write some hard-hitting articles that exposed Israel's involvement in 9/11 and forensic evidence of the WTC demolition, e.g. pools of molten steel or iron. His cover story was that he got to meet Michael Collins Piper and joined American Free Press after Bollyn attempted to place one of Piper's books in a library, but the library banned it. It does not seem very likely that someone would get so worked up over a library banning a book, that they would be motivated to join a newspaper and devote the next six years of their life to writing articles exposing Israel's crimes. The idea was that Christopher Bollyn would write about 90% truth, 10% hoaxes, so that all of his work could subsequently be knocked down as unreliable. See this page for much more on Hufschmid and Bollyn's operations, such as the Sam Danner hoax and the Hoffman Estates arrest of Bollyn.

Since Bollyn and Hufschmid are the source of claims regarding the individuals named below, the conclusions are rendered highly suspect. If these people are innocent of the charges of being an "agent", then an unreserved apology is offered. It is probably worth taking a look at what they have to say, and referring to as many sources as possible. The page has been retained for historical purposes, but Hufschmid, Smith and Bollyn are certainly not to be trusted...

There are three kinds of 9/11 truth seekers: (i) Those who can connect the dots. (ii) Agents employed by the perpetrators to muddy the waters. (iii) Those who have been misled and misdirected by the latter group.

It has now emerged that Deborah Simon - a woman who married into a wealthy family of Zionist billionaires - is a common link between many of the phony truth seekers and Zionist real estate billionaires who are in regular contact with Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli State. Deborah Simon is linked to Phil Jayhan (who runs www.letsroll911.org), Tom Flocco, Karl Schwarz (aka Jon Carlson), John Kaminski, and is also believed to have financed the Loose Change video after a meeting with  Dylan Avery.

For months, Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid have maintained that the 9/11 truth movement is dominated by Zionist  disinformation agents working to protect the 9/11 perpetrators. Initially, this seemed somewhat exaggerated, and Hufschmid's treatment of the three lads who made Loose Change appeared less than fair.

The Simon family includes two Deborahs. Deborah J Simon is the daughter of Melvin Simon and Vice President of Simon Properties. The shills handler, Deborah S Simon, is the daughter of Gerald Cox, a former Captain of Naval Intelligence, and married Jeffrey who was one of the sons of the Simon family. Jeffrey died, evidently of a drug overdose, in the Eighties. Deborah S Simon is still in close contact with Diane Meyer Simon, who married Herbert Simon in 1981. Herbert, 71, is ranked 346= with $1.0 billion in the Forbes 400 (Richest Americans); Melvin, 78, is ranked 93= with $2.5 billion.

Melvin Simon is a business partner of Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, who acquired the World Trade Center - and made sure the insurance did not exclude terrorism - a mere six weeks before the 9/11 attacks. Larry Silverstein had close ties to Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, and Benjamin Netanyahu. The latter used to call Silverstein every Sunday afternoon, New York time, without fail. Netanyahu is linked to both 9/11 and the London bombings.

Christopher Bollyn of American Free Press was interviewed by Daryl Bradford Smith on May 18 and by Michael Collins Piper on May 23, 2006. On Wednesday May 24, WING TV gave an overview of the previous day's Piper-Bollyn broadcast. These are all worth downloading before they disappear. WING TV's Thursday show features the "Holocaust" hoax, and includes pointers to a free excerpt of a video with some unique 1940s footage.

Jayhan promotes nonsense such as the "pod" theories, Flocco pushes absurd stories about Barbara Olson being arrested at a non-existent border, Schwarz/Carlson also directs people to the Bush administration rather than Israel (when Rumsfeld and Cheney agreed to crash a UAV into the Pentagon they were not told about the planned WTC demolition and that Israel's agents were setting them up as reserve patsies), Kaminski is trying to turn those who recognise the true WTC demolishers into racists who hate all Jews, and the Loose Change producers are basically innocent but were persuaded not to broach the subject of Israeli culpability in 9/11. In a telephone conversation, Deborah S Simon admitted to Christopher Bollyn that the evidence is overwhelming that the Israeli government was involved in and had foreknowledge of 9/11. The products of the people she works with are inconsistent with that position.

Revised 21 April, 2007 / Take Our World Back! See statement at top regarding dubious reliability of these conclusions.