Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a group comprised of 50 academicians and others including physics professor Steven E. Jones whose paper on the WTC collapses demonstrated that they were controlled demolitions, has released a statement suggesting that the Bush administration knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks, and deliberately let them happen for geopolitical purposes. The LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) theory is sometimes promoted by misinformation agents who are trying to deflect attention from Israel's role. In fact, Cheney, Rumsfeld and cronies agreed to the no-casualties scenario of having a remote-controlled unmanned plane hit an unoccupied section of the Pentagon that was undergoing renovation; the 'passengers' such as Barbara Olson and Raytheon executives were to be either killed beforehand, or paid to fake their own deaths and given sanctuary in Israel. Dov Zakheim, Larry Silverstein et al extended the programme to feature the WTC controlled demolition billion-dollar insurance scam and trillion-dollar embezzlement of Pentagon funds. As accessories to the crime, along with bribes paid by AIPAC, personal blackmail based on information obtained by Israel's spy-rings and control of the US telecommunications network, and nuclear blackmail utilizing Israel's diesel-powered submarines equipped with nuclear-tipped modified cruise missiles with a range of 900 miles, US officials were given an offer they could not refuse.

Fortunately, Scholars for 9/11 Truth go beyond the "bin Laden did it, Bush let it happen" premise. As any scientist is aware, the laws of physics and chemistry are invariant on the earth's surface (with those of mathematics and logic invariant in any possible universe or in close proximity to the singularity of black holes), and the probability that plane crashes and fires could have brought about the total collapse of three WTC skyscrapers is vanishingly low. Thus, the collapses were a controlled demolition - which is consistent with witness accounts of basement explosions seconds before the plane impact(s), let alone an absolute minimum of 8.6 seconds after the impact to allow for the free-fall of kerosene from an altitude of 1,200 feet. Scholars for 9/11 Truth also recognise that the conveniently-found video of "bin Laden" allegedly admitting responsiblity for 9/11 was a fake, with an actor playing the role. They do not go on to identify the real perpetrators.

However, after studying the ever-present links to Israel and the actions of the criminal Zionist mafia over the previous 100 years and more, it is clear that this crooked cabal - whose ancestors under King Bulan's rule converted to Judaism more than 700 years after the death of Christ, after having been booted out of the region to be known as Russia and before being expelled from their Khazar Empire by Genghis Khan and driven towards Eastern Europe - is the sole remaining suspect.

The scholars are hoping that the New York Times might make up for its failure to vigorously investigate US election fraud, lies leading to the Iraq war, illegal NSA spying on US citizens, etc, by exposing the crimes of 9/11 as the greatest hoax of recent times. Hoping that the Zionist press will tell the truth and incriminate the Zionist mafia is like hoping that the sun will shine for 16 hours on a bleak midwinter day. Disappointment is not merely likely - it is inevitable!

Revised February 1, 2006