Zionist Ashkenazi Jews are supposed to be wondrous creatures, whiter-than-white shining examples of human diligence and integrity, who can do no wrong as they selflessly toil to provide goods or services sorely needed by the huddling masses. Yet for some unfathomed, "irrational reason", they are mercilessly persecuted even to the extent of being placed in gas chambers, whereupon they invariably manage to escape three times or even six times in quick succession by virtue of their sheer wits and charm, and are heavily compensated for having survived extermination. Indeed, some of the more infamous escapees even evade kidnap attempts by those nasty anti-Semitics who are identified when they thoughtfully leave a driver's license at the scene of the crime, and who said anything about Rudy Giuliani? Such evidence can then be used in attempts to "disable" those naughty anti-Semitic websites.

Dead parrots are merely "pining for the fjords"; Jewish "holocaust survivors" are really dead but have such empathy for Gentile genocide victims that they give the illusion of sentience as they shuffle around as the "undead", receiving handsome reparations for their anguish. Some become billionaires, probably as a result of their honest toils.

But that is the Lewis Carroll version, it turns out. In the real world we have Larry Silverstein's Runway 69 exploits which allegedly included laundering, assassinations and heroin trafficking. The New York Times even ran a story that the Runway 69 owner was another "Lawrence" Silverstein. For those who weren't fooled, they could always say it was a (rather belated) Purim spoof all along. Unfortunately, that theory must assert that Haaretz was fooled by the spoof or part of the conspiracy, too. Then Moshe Katsav faces multiple charges for sex crimes including rape, and any national leader bold enough to joke about the matter gets framed for poisoning critics with polonium.

Ehud Olmert and Frank Lowy are embroiled in the Bank Leumi sale scandal. Frank Lowy was a member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of Australia for ten years and is executive chairman and co-founder of the Westfield group. Back in 2002, Lord Michael Abraham Levy was heavily involved in a "cash for access" scandal in which he was allegedly paid up to 250,000 by Westfield in return for providing access to British ruling circles. Levy is a prominent Zionist, and as Tony Blair's "tennis partner" and "Middle East advisor", is a principal intermediary between Blair and the Zionist / Jewish Mafia. Levy is also a personal friend and "tennis partner" of Ehud Barak. More recently, Levy was arrested (in 2006 and 2007) in Blair's "cash for honours" scandal. It emerged that Tony Blair had been interviewed by police for a second time over the scandal, but had kept it quiet until after Levy's arrest and until the authorities could launch another series of dawn raids on Muslim homes as a diversion. Moreover, Downing Street was found to be using a secret, hidden, hacker-proof second email network, designed to Israeli military specifications.

The Blairs have been mired in a myriad of scandals, one involving Cherie using her influence to try to help Martha Greene's latest partner Jonathan Metliss in his attempt to lobby for NHS contracts. This is the same Jonathan Metliss who complained of racist chanting at football matches, yet is on the Executive Board of Conservative Friends of Israel, a terrorist apartheid state which, for example, beats up and jails Palestinians for travelling on "Jews only" roads, and punches and kicks women to the floor when they refuse to move to the back of a bus because their clothes are "too revealing". Martha Greene, who recently registered the domain tonyblairfoundation.org, is the new Carole Caplin: another example of a Jew attracted to the rich and powerful like moths to a flame, or - more precisely - like flies to s**t!

Somewhere in the omniverse, there is a parallel world where I prefer coffee to tea, pigs have sprouted wings, and the Ashkenazi tribe (or species) are the epitome of saintliness. In our reality, that is an absolute elsewhere like Alice in Wonderland / Through the Looking-Glass. Apart from the empirical evidence demonstrating that Zionists did 9/11, psychological profiling such as the Khazars' hedonistic proclivities and Zionist predilection for deception and corruption places them squarely as the prime suspects. It beggars belief that Jews are too noble to perpetrate a crime like the WTC demolition, and "militant Muslims" would have sacrificed their own lives merely to furnish Zionists with the pretext to attack Islamic nations.

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