The criminal cabal currently directing most of the world's governments has arranged for one of its most formidable opponents to be deported from the US, a country which in 2005 still officially claims to permit free speech under the First Amendment. Arrest and detention without trial on trumped-up charges was followed a few weeks later by deportation from the US to a German jail. The motive is that he is considered guilty of "thought crimes" that could seriously jeopardize the cabal members' status as a powerful, wealthy, parasitic, global elite.

Germar Rudolf, a chemistry expert who played a major role in debunking the "Jewish holocaust" hoax, had been arrested in October 2005 and held in a prison some 50 miles from Chicago. The original charges related to an alleged missing of an appointment at the Chicago office of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). According to Rudolf and his lawyer, they did not receive a letter informing of the appointment, and they were never even shown a copy of the letter. A few weeks later, Rudolf was deported to Germany to face trial for "holocaust denial".

Rudolf proved that the walls of the tiny delousing rooms at Auschwitz had high cyanide concentrations whilst the large putative "gas chambers" rooms had zero or negligible cyanide content. Rudolf's findings were corroborated by at least three independent expert analyses. The "gas chambers" hoax was an opportunistic scam based on the fact that the Germans did actually use Zyklon B (hydrogen cyanide) in order to fumigate and delouse the internees' clothing in an attempt to reduce the number of typhoid victims. As long ago as 1992, the Head of Archives and Senior Curator at the Polish government's Auschwitz State Museum admitted to a Jewish researcher on videotape (available as a free download) that the "gas chamber" at the Auschwitz I main camp was reconstructed from an air raid shelter after the war. The Simon Wiesenthal Center was caught red-handed forging fake "smoke" onto wartime photographs of Auschwitz.

The Zionist cabal's strategy for obtaining their own country (which would allow them to practise racist policies, to ride roughshod over international law, and to blackmail other states into submission) always involved presenting Jews as "victims" of genocide. "Six million" was the number that they had in mind, although as with Saddam's "WMDs", it was a question of what they thought they could get away with. Rabbi Stephen Wise is reported in the New York Times of June 11, 1900, to have stated at a Zionist gathering that there were "6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favour of Zionism". Martin Glynn's 1919 attempt to create a hoax about six million starving Jews failed, since there weren't enough dishonest politicians around at the time. In 1936 at the Peel Commission which was looking into the partitioning of Palestine, Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Zionist Organization, asserted that six million Jews in Europe were, in effect, sentenced to be imprisoned, since they were unwanted. And Benjamin Blech tells us that an ancient Jewish prophecy foretold the return of the Jews to the Promised Land after the loss of six million of their number. All the evidence is that Jewish supremacists had a long-standing plan to use the "six million" figure to further their political agenda of global hegemony.

Six thousand was not enough; it happens all the time. Six billion was credible only to nincompoops. The derivation of the "six" relates to number symbolism in the Hebrew alphabet or "alefbet". The first letter, alef, has a numerical value of one; the sixth letter, vav, has a value of six. (After nine, the series is in ascending multiples of ten from ten to ninety; the final four letters correspond to ascending multiples of a hundred with the last letter, tav, equivalent to four hundred.) The sixth letter, vav, is said to be a picture of man, so six is the number of man in the Jewish tradition. Man was supposedly created on the sixth day, works for six days of the week, and the "beast" has the "number of a man" - 666.

The Bolshevik Revolution provided the crooked cabal with ample opportunity for looting from Russia, but it was not possible to totally wrestle control of the country from the natives. Hence, it became necessary to instigate a Second World War. The claims of "death camps" within Germany proper had to be withdrawn when people were able to see for themselves that it was unsubstantiated propaganda. Stalin and Beria would not allow independent observers within the Iron Curtain, and so the myth of "death camps" complete with "gas chambers" in Poland was widely believed for decades.

The "missed appointment" ruse is not new. In 2003 Ernst Zundel, another peaceable dissident whose research is a threat to the established pecking order, was abducted from the US and deported to Canada on similarly bogus charges of missing an appointment with immigration officials. After two years' solitary confinement, he was deported to Germany where he is currently in jail. A show trial has recently started, with the biased judge throwing out defence lawyers and playing for time. The Zionists' puppet government in Germany had requested that Germar Rudolf be extradited for the thought crime of "holocaust denial". US officials clearly had this in mind when deciding to arrest Rudolf. In August 2005 a Belgian revisionist historian, Siegfried Verbeke, was arrested in the Netherlands on "internet speech crime" charges. It has since been announced that he may be extradited to Germany to stand trial.

It has been said that the fable of Auschwitz's mass-homicidal gas chambers is a shabby lie believable only by well-brainwashed children and village idiots. This is not fair, since a host of people have seen only one side of the story - the version promoted by Hollywood, the mainstream media, state-controlled educational institutions, and lickspittle governments. There is a well-known aphorism in computer science: garbage in, garbage out (GIGO). The analogy does not quite extend to human brains; here, the equivalent specious propaganda in, specious beliefs out (SPISBO) is applicable. Superficially plausible claims are widely promoted by the mainstream media, with the dupes not provided with the correct account. Since this latter part is crucial to the hoax, it is indispensable that dissidents are not allowed to present their opposing view. Most people are too busy earning a living and pursuing harmless (i.e. no threat to the established order) hobbies in their spare time to conduct any sort of investigation in order to verify the "information" they have been provided with. A more reasonable stance would hold that only well-brainwashed children and village idiots would continue to believe in mass-homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz after they had been provided with all sides of the argument and had devoted sufficient time to a study of the material.

The book reviewed in the previous link, Germar Rudolf's Lectures on the Holocaust, published August 2005, is an excellent choice for the newcomer to Holocaust scepticism. All the arguments and counter-arguments are presented tactfully, and the 568 pages provide a very comprehensive up-to-date demolition of the Holocaust hoax in a single volume. The book is now available at his US online store which is up and running in his absence, and also offers the full text as a free 13.4 MB .pdf download. A linked UK site does not carry this title as yet. A search at returns this result and has one supplier who is reasonable on price and despatch time. The UK may have a few copies in stock.

Lectures on the Holocaust shows that there is a precedent for this phenomenon of a multitude being suckered by politically correct nonsense, with the truth surfacing decades or even centuries later. The "Donation of Constantine" was eventually exposed as a forgery, after a revisionist produced work of great quality and detail that inexorably led to a breakthrough.

Did Six Million Really Die? [HTML] / [.pdf file], originally published in England in the 1970s, dealt a massive blow to the legend and encouraged other researchers to publish their work. Banned in many countries, the Zionist Mafia were so anxious to suppress this that a French distributor was assassinated (and his wife crippled) by a car bomb, and Ernst Zundel was prosecuted for publishing the book in Canada.

Consider which makes the most sense: (i) Holocaust is true. People run the risk of having their cars blown up (whilst they are inside), acid thrown at their faces, their jaws broken, their career ruined, languishing in jail for years, etc, to promote a lie. Governments and Jewish thugs overreact and go to all the trouble of prosecuting and attacking deniers, whom few would believe in any case since the evidence is incontrovertible. (ii) Holocaust is false. "Deniers" run the risk of assassination etc in order to correct falsehoods, inform others of the truth, and replace the current crooks in government with men of integrity. Hoax promoters prosper through being part of a multi-hundred billion dollar, multi-hundred billion mark racket that enables control of 90% of the world's governments. Consequently, it is crucial that truth seekers not be allowed to debunk the hoax.

When people are tricked into believing hoaxes that have been concocted for political purposes, it is not just a matter of an increasingly greater proportion of their money being taken as "taxes" as the "services" provided become more worthless by the day. The consequences include countless deaths, mass maiming, and a disproportionate loss of basic human rights and decent living standards for some unfortunates, not to mention a regrettable atrophy of the capacity for independent, critical, rational analysis. It is high time that the murderous band of outlaws, who delight in profiteering from misery of the masses, are stripped of their power and brought to justice.

Update: David Irving, a British historian, was arrested in Austria on November 11 for "denying the holocaust", and could have faced ten years in jail. On Tuesday, November 22, it was reported that Austrian prosecutors had filed charges in relation to two speeches delivered by Irving in 1989. On Monday, February 20, 2006, Irving was sentenced to three years' imprisonment. Given that he made a statement to the effect that he had been wrong and had changed his views in the light of "new evidence", it is clear that this peaceable 67-year-old was threatened with ten years if he did not cooperate.

Revised February 26, 2006