Captain Ken Masters, 40, of the Royal Military Police, was found dead on October 15, 2005 within the main British military base at Basra Airport. On October 17 it was announced that he had hanged himself in his quarters. There was apparently no suicide note, and he was not known to be suffering from depression or any mental condition or physical injury.

Captain Masters, a married father of two, was "responsible for the investigation of all in-theatre serious incidents". Thus, he would have been heading the investigation into the recent failed false-flag operation, in which two British SAS officers were caught red-handed attempting to plant a car bomb which would then have been blamed on "insurgents", possibly "aided by Iran". After these two terrorists were apprehended and, understandably, imprisoned by Iraqi authorities, British forces demolished the jail in order to rescue their men. It would have been disastrous for Zionists if the perpetrators had been forced to admit that UK, US, and Israeli operatives are behind much of the supposed "insurgents' suicide bombs" in Iraq.

Just like Dr David Kelly was murdered - with a crude attempt to make it look like a "suicide" - to prevent him confirming that the UK Government's claims regarding Saddam's weapons were not only false but a deliberate fabrication, Captain Masters was killed as soon as it appeared that he might not back the official story of British soldiers dressed as Arabs in order to spy on insurgents. So their car was packed with explosives and guns in order to pass themselves off as Iraqi insurgents? Iraqis would have been able to distinguish between their own countrymen and British soldiers with wigs and Arab dress.

Revised October 24, 2005