The First Law:

A defenceless resource-rich country will remain in a state of rest or uniform progress unless an external force is applied.

The Second Law:

The degradation of a State of constant mass is proportional to the associated neglect or bombing campaign applied. We do not loot countries; we liberate them.

The Third Law:

Whenever resources allocated for one State's protection are exerting a force upon a second State, the resultant resource deficit exerts an equally destructive force upon the first State in opposition to the intended effect. Since we oppose looting, any desperate starving masses commandeering food or drink are to be shot on sight.

Note: Of course, Bush is just a front. The idea that a dry drunk with an IQ of 80 - who can't even ride a bicycle or swallow a pretzel - actually determines US foreign policy, is akin to assuming that data manipulation within a computer is carried out not by the CPU, but by one of the nuts holding the assembly together.