Zionist Mafia lackeys Bush, Blair and Musharraf have concocted a hoax bomb threat, peddling the notion that there was a bizarre plot to blow airliners out of the sky with "liquid explosives". One of the Mafia's motives was to distract attention from Israel's July 2006 invasion of Lebanon on a false prospectus, which led to the killing of over 1,000 people, creation of more than a million refugees who were forced to flee their homes, and wanton destruction of infrastructure and pollution of the Mediterranean. Another was to reinforce the concept of a "war on terror", where Muslims are the "terrorists" and Israel, the US and UK are innocent victims in the forefront of this war - i.e., turning the truth on its head. In the UK, the Blair regime hoped to shape public opinion in favor of increasingly authoritarian measures such as raising the time limit for detention without charge from 28 to 90 days, and the introduction of compulsory ID cards.

Muslims were arrested around the globe. Many of the suspects' bank accounts were frozen by the Bank of England. Those detained included a soccer fan, cricket players, a taxi driver, an accountant and his nursery teacher wife who is expecting a baby within a few weeks, a security guard with a three-week old baby, a pizza worker, a tyre businessman and a science student. British police found tins of baked beans, peanut butter, low concentration hydrogen peroxide and a sugar solution (i.e., the latter two were probably bleach or disinfectant and a cup of tea) at the suspects' homes. None of the suspects had bought a plane ticket and many did not even have a passport.

Only the gullible, diehard conspiracy theorist would believe that these apparently normal, peaceable, well-adjusted people had all been consumed with an irresistible urge to kill themselves and destroy everything they had, and with such intense hatred that they were prepared to kill hundreds of others - and at the same time achieve nothing other than handing Zionists carte blanche to continue their invading, looting, and ethnic cleansing of Islamic nations and programme to turn Western 'democracies' into police states. It is not Islamic extremists who "hate our freedoms", it is Bush, Blair, and the crime syndicate that runs the corrupted, compromised, crooked Western so-called democracies.

In December 2006, conspiracy theorists took a hammering when Pakistani-British national Rashid Rauf - the alleged "ringleader" of the plot - was cleared of terrorism charges. A judge ruled that the case did not fall in the category of terrorism. Around the same time, it was also announced that police were to call off the search at a strip of woodland where bomb-making equipment had allegedly been hidden, as none of the authorities were prepared to continue funding the operation.

At the height of the "scare", the alert level was raised to critical in the UK, and red or severe in the US for incoming flights from Britain. Hand baggage was banned on flights, apart from a few essentials such as wallets and passports - which had to be displayed in plastic bags. Mothers were forced to drink baby milk before being allowed to fly, in order to prove that the liquid was not a dangerous explosive or deadly toxin. British pilots were not even allowed to take toothpaste or contact-lens solution on board. There was some relaxation of the rules after the airlines' losses from the hoax had extended to hundreds of millions of pounds, but the despots had achieved their goal of ratcheting restrictions up a notch or two. Tough security measures such as banning most hand luggage serves the Mafia oligarchs' agenda, by focusing people's minds on the "war on terror" and conditioning them into believing that freedoms must be given up in return for "security".

It was later reported that police had found a "bomb kit" in a suitcase. Planting a suitcase in a wood is a damned sight easier than planting WMDs in Iraq, or even suiciding a WMD expert in a wood.

Some media reports suggested that TATP could have been produced in an aircraft toilet by mixing liquids, studiously avoiding the fact that it requires a refrigerator and takes hours to synthesize in sufficient quantity to bring down an airliner. In the extremely unlikely event of a terrorist managing to use ice packs and hogging one of the plane's toilets for hours on end - without anyone noticing or being alerted by the fumes - too little of the product would have been formed before the reaction became violent. Hence, this "violent reaction" would be well short of a detonation, proceeding with insufficient force to present a threat to the integrity of the aircraft.

The Zionists liked to point to the possibility of a terrorist taking innocent, everyday substances aboard a plane, to be mixed in order to produce a deadly explosive. Unfortunately for the Zionists and their puppets, such manufacture would be impractical, and in any case could easily be circumvented by employing a few marshals on planes to prevent people taking substances into the toilets without providing good reason.

Alternatively, it is rather amusing to imagine the plotters driving a truck to the outskirts of a wood, a couple of the gang unloading and lifting a refrigerator over a stile and lugging it across the countryside, another carrying a four-stroke mains inverter to provide power - and all so that they can spend a day or two synthesizing an explosive compound without becoming too conspicuous!

Pre-assembled bombs based on nitroglycerin, for example, are a more credible threat, but these are relatively easy for airport security to detect. And there is nothing new about using liquid explosives to bring down up to a dozen planes - authorities were well aware of this in the mid-1990s. Nitroglycerin is older than airplanes; it was invented about twenty years before the Wright Brothers were even born.

The Blair government had already cried wolf so many times that few would ever believe it even if there were a genuine threat. The Forest Gate raid, for example, involving 250 police who smashed their way into a house in the middle of the night and arrested two brothers after shooting one of them in the shoulder, was based on intelligence from a "reliable", single source. Allegedly, there was a conspiracy involving a "cyanide bomb". Several days later, the brothers were released without charge. It was subsequently revealed that the source was a man with an IQ of 69 who was already in jail on a terror conviction. The Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes was killed with seven shots (dumdum-style bullets) to the head, one to the shoulder, and three that missed altogether and lodged in the train carriage after he was followed by police and soldiers on to the London Underground. The police made up a pack of lies to support their claim that they thought he was a "suicide bomber" with a suicide vest or belt; this claim was belied by the inaccuracy of the shooting. The Wood Green "ricin plot" was another Government hoax; there never was any ricin and the "plotters" were found not guilty of conspiracy to poison London with ricin. Naturally, the Zionist press were noticeably silent on the acquittals. Another psy-op hoax was about a supposed plot to shoot down an aircraft. In February 2003, just as the UK was about to go to war with Iraq, more than 400 soldiers and armoured vehicles joined police at Heathrow Airport, to serve as a stark reminder of the wickedness of those cunning Islamic militants. Nothing ever came of this, and, after the war in Iraq began, the incident was quickly forgotten by the mainstream media.

Revised 15 December, 2006 / Take Our World Back!