To see why Israel attacked three hotels in Amman, Jordan (with the mainstream media spinning the usual yarns about "al Qaeda suicide bombers"), we have to consider the actions of Jordan's King Abdullah II some hours before the blasts.

King Abdullah - just like any normal, reasonable human being - was concerned about a possible US invasion of Syria. A US-Syrian war would not be good for Syria; neither would it benefit Jordan. So the King announced his willingness to mediate between the two sides.

The problem is that conflict and division are the cornerstone of Zionism's long-term strategy. Zionist Jews need peace like they need a hole in the head. Amman was given a message in no uncertain terms, warning King Abdullah to stay away from the matter. The incident would also serve to discourage any other would-be peacemakers who might stand in the way of the Jewish Mafia's ongoing policy of tricking its client satellite states ("allies") into fighting its enemies on a false prospectus.

In shades of Netanyahu's advance warning of London 7/7, Israelis were evacuated in advance of the bombings, and Israel tried to revise the story afterwards by denying it. A Los Angeles Times report provides independent corroboration that the Jews were evacuated before the blasts, with confirmation by a former senior Israeli counter-terrorism official. It also appears that the Mossad had a specific target - a head of Palestinian military intelligence.

The blast at the Radisson hotel was caused by a bomb hidden in a false ceiling, i.e. not a "suicide bomber". Israel's intelligence would have known of Jordan's mediation plans. With the bombs primed and planted soon before the publication of the King's announcement, the devices would have been remotely detonated by mobile phone, hours after the mediation news story surfaced. In contrast, the official story asserts that a Jordanian terrorist killed, maimed and injured mostly Jordanians, and kindly provided advance warning of the attack to Jews who were staying at the hotel(s). This terrorist is supposed to be on the same side as Sunni Moslems, yet attacked Sunni Moslems. And a "suicide bomber" hid himself above a suspended ceiling; presumably he was shy and had also been on a very successful diet. The authorities can prove that "al Qaeda" carried out the attack, because they said so on a CIA-administered website residing on servers somewhere in the vicinity of Maryland, USA.

Update: After rounding up and interrogating some 120 to 200 "suspects", the authorities have successfully persuaded a woman (either a Jordanian government agent or some unfortunate threatened with rape/torture, etc.) to "confess" to being a failed suicide bomber. Note: The Radisson hotel where the lady's husband was said to have blown himself up is the site where the bomb is known to have been placed in a false ceiling. The Jordanian authorities would have been better off claiming one of the other hotels as the husband and wife team's target.

In a pathetic attempt to bolster the official story that Arabs bombed Arabs (as opposed to the reality that Jews bombed Arabs), an audio tape - doubtless CIA / Mossad produced - appeared on the internet, with al Zarqawi purportedly claiming that the Muslim wedding party was not the target. The "suicide bombers" targeted US and Israeli intelligence officials, but part of the roof at the Radisson fell in on the wedding hall - possibly by a separate bomb placed in the ceiling though not by al Qaeda. That last part is getting closer to the truth; in fact it would be correct if we delete "separate" and there really were a Muslim terrorist organisation called al Qaeda (as opposed to the Mossad / CIA / MI5 shell front). So we are either supposed to believe that at the other two hotels, suicide bombers were so dense that they targeted Arabs rather than Americans or Jews, or in all three cases the targets on the same floor as the suicide bombers mysteriously escaped unscathed, and the roof fell in and killed Jordanian Arabs below. In reality, the Israeli Jews were all given advance warning of the attack and evacuated; the only Israeli casualty was an Israeli Arab.

The October, 2005 attack on New Delhi, India, certainly has the hallmarks of a London / Bali / Amman-style Mossad operation. If it had happened almost anywhere else, it would have been blamed on "al Qaeda suicide bombers". This latest atrocity suffered by India did not feature an advance warning and evacuation of Jews, and the authorities have also had more sense than to follow Bali et al in making up a corny tale of exploding vests or catapulted heads. In this case, Israel could be given the benefit of the doubt, since a conviction would be based upon its previous form rather than the facts of the particular case. However, it does seem rather odd that the bombings were supposed to have been carried out by a previously unheard of group, according to an unverified claim of responsibility. The Delhi police are installing surveillance cameras in major market places; let's hope they don't copy London Underground's mistake in giving the contract to an Israeli company.

Revised November 19, 2005