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Latest: The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence"

Eric Hufschmid announced in September 2007 that he was to part company with Daryl Bradford Smith:

Smith no longer wants to work with me
Smith and I accomplished a lot together during the past couple years, but we will go our separate ways now. On 8 Sep 2007, Smith demanded that I defend him in his dispute with Christopher Bollyn, but I refuse to criticize Bollyn. Smith decided he no longer wants to work with me.

I suppose Smith will maintain his site, but I will put some articles here just in case


    Eric Hufschmid 2005

As of November 2007, it has become quite clear who are the genuine anti-Zionists, who are the Zionist agents, and who are merely nutcases. To hear a couple of genuine anti-Zionists explaining about agents, listen to Michael Collins Piper's November 12, 2007 show, available from:

...or Daryl Bradford Smith's show of the same date from:

See the "Darylgate Tapes" page featuring audio and complete transcripts of the Daryl - Eric telephone calls immediately prior to their separation. The immediate impression is that Daryl is the bad guy. However, upon examination of the conversations, it will become evident that it is Daryl whose account of events is self-consistent and in accordance with the facts.

According to Eric Hufschmid, 99% of 9/11 truth seekers are worthless and part of "the criminal network". The activities and claims of Hufschmid provide evidence that he is an agent provocateur with the task of dividing and disrupting the anti-Zionist 9/11 truth movement. For over a year, it had been quite obvious that there were problems with TFC and that Hufschmid was almost certainly an agent. But it was an open question as to whether Daryl Bradford Smith was knowingly part of the deception, or whether he was being manipulated. Following the Smith - Hufschmid split, Daryl Bradford Smith's versions of events are much more credible than Hufschmid's, and it is evident that Smith has been misled and deceived by Hufschmid into duplicating some of the latter's ludicrous claims such as "Bollyns missing" and "almost all truth seekers are fakes, dupes and agents".

Christopher Bollyn used to be the third member of the French Connection "TFC trio". However, on August 21, 2007, Bollyn finally severed ties with TFC in an open letter to Eric Hufschmid that accused him of spreading false news and baseless accusations. TFC were down to two front men, plus the associated handlers, shills and support. Then, September 9, Hufschmid announced that he would no longer be working with Smith. The former duo were, knowingly or not,  principal players in the criminal network of Crypto-Zionist agents employed by the psychopathic orchestrators of synthetic terror. This page is a compilation of the various developments and information that surfaced from the time of the Sam Danner hoax in the summer of 2006. It includes a review of some talk show archives, directing readers to the more notable portions.

Hufschmid and Bollyn's connections to Zionists and Israel are intriguing enough, such as Eric's relationship to Rupert Murdoch, and the fact that Bollyn's first wife Bosmat (when he lived in Israel and worked at a kibbutz) was Israeli, and worked for Israeli military intelligence. That was stated by Bollyn himself in an email. But that is not enough to convict them. The crucial evidence consists of writings, conversations and actions. Hufschmid's concerted attempts to provoke a schism in the truth and patriot movement, and his economy with the truth, belie his claim to be an anti-Zionist who is fighting corruption.

The theory "Smith and Hufschmid are both sincere" fails because they promote contradictory premises which cannot possibly both be true. For example: 1) American Free Press is "run by Jews" and is a de facto Crypto-Zionist organization, with Mike Piper, Willis Carto et al being blackmailed or controlled by ADL handlers. For example, refer to Smith's Dec 16, 2006 show with Eustace Mullins, at about 16:30 minutes into the broadcast. 2) Chris Bollyn has done an excellent job in exposing Zionism and Zionist involvement in 9/11. In fact, both 1) and 2) are false.

But if AFP was a Crypto-Zionist outlet, they would not have allowed Bollyn to "expose so much" about Zionist crimes. Was Mark Lane, who according to Smith is a "Zionist" who was running AFP, sleeping on the job? If AFP were not censoring incriminating articles exposing Zionism, then they were not acting as Zionist puppets. And if they were Crypto-Zionists, why was Bollyn happy to stay with them for so long? If he was trying to gather and document evidence of their corruption, he should have published some articles on it by now. And the idea that Smith and Hufschmid are both idiots who are too silly to know they are lying is contradicted by the publicity that their operation has already achieved.

More recently, in his September 5, 2007 audio [21:38], Smith says (re Chris Bollyn) he "never warmed up to this man ever", because he believed that "his lifestyle was abusing the children that he had." Yet in his July 18, 2007 broadcast [17:48] "I wanted to do a middle of the night file just to tell you how concerned I am. In fact, I can't sleep because of it, it's nightmarish, the idea that Chris is not safe, I can't sleep, not knowing that, that he and his family are in such danger." More likely, he is lying in the July 18 audio, because Hufschmid told him to. Smith turns on the crocodile tears and brings out the violins, pretending to be so concerned about a man that he "never warmed up to ever", that he "couldn't sleep". Further evidence that he was lying in his July 18 show is apparent by his mistake where he ought to have said "knowing" rather than "not knowing".

Another contradiction in The French Connection's position is demonstrated from a juxtaposition of their claims: 1) Hufschmid and Bollyn are great at exposing Zionist crimes (see the excerpt below in bold type). 2) The Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) is "Zionist-controlled", and its owner John Stadtmiller is a "liar" who is part of the Zionist "criminal network".

On May 22, 2007, RBN's Piper Report was a rebroadcast of the Piper Report originally aired by RBN on 6-6-06, which featured Chris Bollyn standing in for Mike Piper whilst he was away in Asia. Eric Hufschmid was also on the program. If RBN was Zionist-controlled, they would have been running a great risk in allowing two of the world's "greatest exposers of Zionism" to go on air for an hour. There would have been no telling what Zionist crimes they might have exposed. Maybe RBN could have pulled the plug in time, citing a "technical error" if Hufschmid / Bollyn started exposing too much about Zionism on that broadcast, à la the BBC's advance report that WTC7 had "already collapsed". In fact, when Eric and Christopher had the chance to expose Zionist crimes, they chose to spend a lot of time talking about the Apollo missions and whether NASA is a "hoax"!

In 2002, Eric Hufschmid published a book and video about 9/11 that failed to mention Zionist involvement. Yet prior to publication, Eric had been working closely with Chris Bollyn, who, along with his colleagues at American Free Press, had been looking into evidence of Zionist involvement that was already publicly available. Hence Eric, the "great Zionist exposer", deliberately chose to cover up the Zionist angle.

And consider the 'quality' of Hufschmid's arguments:

Take a look at all the audio files of Daryl Bradford Smith since 2005:

Now compare that to what comes from Alex Jones, Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder, Mark Lane, Mark Weber, Curt Maynard, Webster Tarpley, the antiwar groups, the veterans groups, the Institute for Historical Review, Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer, and all other investigators and truth seekers.

The three of us (Bollyn, Hufschmid, and Smith) are the newcomers. Yet in the span of a few years, we have produced more important material that all of the other people put together. And all of those other investigators try to ignore us.

There are not many ways to explain this. Either the other people are incredibly stupid, or they are Zionist agents.

If you look closely at any of the un-productive people, you will find that they are not stupid. Instead, you will find that they have mysterious connections to one another.

It is too difficult for any of us to understand what these connections are, but you can see that something is suspicious. As an example, consider the strange connections between Anthony Hilder and other suspicious people.

So Smith, Hufschmid and Bollyn are the only true truth-seekers, they don't know what the "mysterious" and "strange" connections are between people, but it must be "suspicious". Talk about baseless allegations, unsupported assertions and paranoid conspiracy theorists! Hufschmid did a great job of promoting Smith as the TFC front man, but if his outfit were genuine, they would realise that they would do a far better job if they stopped their constant dissing of valuable contributors in the movement, and concentrated on putting out anti-Zionist information. A mere 2 minutes 20 seconds into his December 16 show, Smith is already slamming Mike Piper and David Duke as "a couple of clowns", and at 18:00 minutes Smith suggests David Irving is a homosexual pedophile who has been compromised by the Zionists. It is likely that people avoid Smith and Hufschmid precisely because they can see through the deception and recognise that the gossiping Smith and hate-mongering Hufschmid are or were acting as agent provocateurs. If it is possible that Irving is a compromised pedophile, then Smith himself could be a pedophile whose CIA sponsors gave him the ultimatum: Work for us and you'll be protected; refuse, and you'll go to jail. However, there is no credible evidence that either Irving or Smith are pedophiles.

Eric and Daryl have called for "all Jews to step back from the 9-11 investigation until we can figure out which Jews participated in 9-11 and which ones are innocent." However, in a delicious irony, it turns out that Eric is part Jewish, and Eric and his pals attempted to cover this up with a clumsy damage-limitation exercise.

Eric Hufschmid's connections and ethnic background provide important clues as to his motives. Eric's half-sister Kathryn Hufschmid left the north-west US with her mother for Australia many years ago, and Eric says he has not seen her since she was about four years old. Kathryn, who was a model and marketing executive, married Rupert Murdoch's son James in June 2000. Eric admits on his own website that the Kathryn Hufschmid who married James Murdoch probably is his half-sister (they share the same father). James Murdoch is CEO of British Sky Broadcasting Group, and Lord Jacob Rothschild is Deputy Chairman. As further evidence of the Hufschmid - Murdoch connection, consider that Hufschmid promotes the dubious "Apollo moon landings were a hoax" conspiracy theory on his websites, and Murdoch's Fox TV network ran a documentary entitled "Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?" in February and March of 2001. The plan was to discredit 9/11 skeptics as "crazy conspiracy theorists", establishing the groundwork in the months leading up to the attacks.

Michael Collins Piper's The Judas Goats has an entire chapter (Forty) on how Rupert Murdoch was installed by the Rothschild-Bronfman-Oppenheimer Mafia, in order to provide a controlled conservative 'opposition' to the Zionist-dominated liberal media. Murdoch has a formidable media empire at his command, including the William Kristol-run The Weekly Standard magazine, The New York Post, British newspapers such as News of the World, The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times, the Twentieth Century Fox motion picture studios, Fox Television stations and cable outlets such as Fox News. The idea was that Murdoch would dispel the increasing public perception of a media that was too representative of a Jewish elite. In fact, Murdoch himself is a crypto-Jew, and has certainly been promoting the interests of the Zionist elite. And Eric Hufschmid is another member of this fake 'opposition'; a "Judas Goat" amongst 9/11 truth-seekers and investigators of Zionist Mafia crimes.

Eric must have an eye on inheriting a share of Rupert Murdoch's $9 billion fortune. Is he really going to risk throwing that away by exposing Zionism, or guarantee a share for himself by carrying out the Zionists' agenda of luring truth seekers onto the equivalent of a spinning hamsters' wheel where they are no threat to the Zionist Mafia, and then tarnishing the evidence of Zionist crimes by association when TFC ship is scuttled?

However, the May 28, 2007 Piper Report provided information regarding Eric's ethnic background. Piper said that in the summer of 2006, when the Hufschmid Conundrum started to rear its ugly head, he started asking Chris Bollyn some questions about Eric. One such question was "what is Eric's ethnic background?" Bollyn sent an email replying that Eric is Swiss, Italian and Jewish. Piper pointed out that this was after Christopher had been dealing with Eric on the telephone almost on a daily basis, and had stayed at his house for several weeks. And we know that Eric and Christopher had been corresponding as early as 2002, prior to the publication of Eric's book and video. Piper also recalled Bollyn previously mentioning in passing that Eric was "part-Jewish", and said he refuses to believe that Bollyn could have made a mistake over Eric's ethnicity. But Bollyn then sent another email, saying he had been corrected by his wife Helje Kaskel (Kaskel is a Jewish name), and Eric wasn't Jewish, but he had a Jewish stepfather, who was a "very nice fellow" who'd helped Eric send out his books and videos. But wait a minute! According to Eric, he and his half-sister Kathryn share the same father.

Are we to believe that there were two mothers and two fathers, which itself would be evidence of Jewish debauchery? If Eric had a Jewish stepmother, that could explain how Kathryn was deemed kosher to marry into the Murdoch family without Eric being technically Jewish. But it looks rather like Eric originally came up with the correct cover story about the Jewish stepmother, and then Helje slipped up badly by forgetting it was supposed to be a stepmother; instead, making the claim about a "Jewish stepfather" and going on to fabricate an ad hoc story about him being a "very nice fellow" who'd helped Eric send out his books and videos.

On June 25, 2007, Christopher Lee Bollyn, 50, failed to show up in court where he was due to be sentenced after having been found guilty on charges of "resisting arrest" and "aggravated assault". Chris, Helje, and their children, it subsequently turned out, had fled to Sweden (where Helje needed to receive emergency root canal treatment), and then on to Estonia, where Helje's family live. All the facts suggest that Bollyn's assignment as agent saboteur had been concluded. But irrespective of whether Chris was an agent, by this point it was clear that Chris wanted nothing more to do with TFC. However, TFC had to provide their followers with an 'explanation' for this. So in spite of all the evidence, they peddled a bizarre conspiracy theory about the Bollyns having been "abducted" and possibly "murdered". If emails had been sent purporting to be from the Bollyns, or their website had been updated, this must have been "impostors" posing as them. If Chris had telephoned someone, then an "impostor" must have been using "voice morphing technology", to make himself sound like Chris. TFC are never going to let the evidence get in the way of a good conspiracy theory!

In order to herd in their followers, the iamthewitless team were able to exploit the phenomenon whereby named individuals and publishing outlets hold back for fear of a lawsuit, or of losing their job or of being labelled an anti-Semite or a conspiracy theorist. For example, Liberty Lobby was sued by E Howard Hunt when The Spotlight newspaper published an article implicating him in the JKF assassination. Hunt initially won a substantial settlement, but the judgement was reversed on appeal. Incidentally, note that it was Mark Lane who got the judgement reversed in favor of Liberty Lobby, which doesn't do much for Smith's claim about Lane being a "Zionist". Since the iamthewitless trio are working for the criminal network, they can say whatever they like. They will then claim that other truth-seekers are holding back, not because they are being kept in check by the established institutions and taboos, but because each is being blackmailed or bribed by an ADL handler. This is as silly as someone who observes a crowd of 1,000 who have got wet from standing in the rain, and then concludes: "No, it wasn't the rain. It was 1,000 invisible men, each with a water pistol!"

According to the Hufschmid team, it is all a grand conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands or millions of "Crypto-Zionists". Are the Zionists paying $5,000 a month to all those people, or blackmailing them? If it costs them just $1,000 per month per Crypto-Zionist and there are a million of them, the total cost over 5 years amounts to $60 billion. And how many controllers does the ADL need to employ to handle the million? How do they ensure that someone won't talk - "I used to be a Crypto-Jew, a shill for Israel and World Jewry!" - hire a lot of hit men? Smith should get his supporters to raise funds to offer a reward for one of these "Crypto-Zionists" to defect and tell their story.

Some cannot accept the idea that Bollyn, Hufschmid and Smith are, or were, Zionist agents, because they have "done too much to expose Zionism". However, the concept of gatekeepers who shift attention from Israel over to the Bush administration is generally accepted by truth-seekers. An early example was Jared Israel's Emperor's Clothes site, which debunked the official 9/11 story and detailed incriminating evidence against Bush, Cheney and Myers. Gerard Holmgren produced an excellent article debunking the official story but suggested the Bush regime was to blame, and Alex Jones fights the Orwellian police state and exposes the crimes of the "globalists". All three tend to avoid mention of Israel, or say they do not think there is evidence against Israel. This has raised question marks over their sincerity, but does not prove that they are secretly working for Israel. A better explanation is that they are not secretly receiving payments, but are genuine anti-war, pro-liberty activists who share the view that their approach of not broaching the subject of Israel provides the best prospects for their career.

Zionists could include the Israeli state, the Mossad, the CIA, the Bush regime, the Rothschilds, organised World Jewry, all of whom are not necessarily one big happy family. For example, when Pan Am 103 exploded in 1988 in the skies over Lockerbie, the bombing is believed by some to have been the work of the Mossad, in order to eliminate CIA operatives who stumbled upon a Mossad drug running operation. If it is not too unreasonable to imagine that Israel might sponsor agents to shift the blame on to Bush, surely the CIA or Bush regime would correspondingly try to divert attention to Israel. Daryl Smith has often suggested that Dubya is merely a moron who couldn't even "wipe his own fanny". Bollyn, Hufschmid and Smith expose some of Israel's crimes, in order to present themselves as "genuine anti-Zionists". Their intelligence agency connections would provide them with relatively harmless information to 'reveal'. A proportion of disinformation would be thrown in to tarnish the credibility of the sheep who fell for the Judas goats' deceptions and replicated the claims.

The Zionists employ a few key people such as Smith, Hufschmid or Bollyn. Their agent provocateur role is intended to create division and mistrust between people in the movement who should be natural allies. Smith's followers - call them the Smithsonians - are taught that iamthewitless is the one true truth-teller, and Smith skeptics are "Crypto-Zionists". If a Smithsonian sees someone posting in an internet forum who is anti-Smith, he or she is encouraged to counter it. In turn, Smith skeptics suspect the motives of Smithsonians. Note that the Hufsmith team's labelling their critics and rivals as "Crypto-Zionist agents" is a typical Zionist tactic of blaming others for their own crimes. E.g., a critic of Jewish supremacism is called a "racist" or a "white supremacist", or an opponent of state-sponsored terrorism is said to be a "terrorist". But Smith and Hufschmid's operation is designed to poison the truth movement by creating a cult following of Smithsonians who blindly follow Smith on ideological grounds. Thus, they are inadvertently acting as Zionist agents when their only 'crime' is naivety and inability to distinguish between their enemy's enemy and their enemy who poses as their enemy's enemy.

The regular disinformation agents would include the likes of Tom Flocco, Mike Ruppert, and Richard Grove. Other supporters of  Israel will volunteer out of a misguided sense of tribal loyalty, encouraged by organizations like GIYUS. The Judas goat will then try to promote himself as a 'genuine' truth seeker and anti-Zionist by publishing some good information, targeting the bad guys and taking advantage of the newspaper or prominent person's requirement to tread carefully. Judas goats generally have a guardian angel: friends in high places.

It is always possible that Eric Hufschmid is correct and he is one of the few honest Zionist exposers, but his theory implies that the Zionist criminal network includes so many people such as Germar Rudolf, Ernst Zundel, Fredrick Toben, Mark Glenn, Mark Farrell, David Irving, David Duke, Mike Piper, Jack Blood, Mike Berger, Phil Berg, Victor Thorn aka Scott Makufka, Jim Hoffman, Gerard Holmgren, Wayne Madsen, Kurt Nimmo, Webster Tarpley, Frank Whalen, Willis Carto, Christopher Petherick, John Stadtmiller, Dylan Avery, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, William Rodriguez, Mike Rivero, Ellen Mariani, Rebecca Cerese, Frank Weltner, Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ingrid Rimland, Linda Shelton, Chris Jon Bjerknes, Hesham Tillawi, Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Dave von Kleist, Karl Schwarz, Jim Marrs, Fred Burks, Lisa Pease, Jenna Orkin, Mike Ruppert, Marsha McClelland, William Lewis, Ted Pike, Carlos Porter, Peter Kawaja, Peter Shank, Leuren Moret, Bob Bowman, Mark Fuhrman, Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Ron Paul, Suzette Bates, Cindy Sheehan, Gerhard Frey, Rosie O’Donnell, Mark Weber, Michael Moore, Alex Floum, Ry Dawson, Charlie Sheen aka Carlos Irwin Estévez, Arthur Silber, Justin Raimondo, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, just to mention a few on TFC's hit list. Some of those are worthy of criticism, but not all of them - not by a long way. On grounds of economy, it would seem more logical that most of these people are genuine.

Eric makes a false analogy in which all of the above characters are assumed to be merely the equivalent of some anonymous Chicago gang member:

This is as stupid as somebody in 1920 saying:

It is possible that John Doe is correct and that there are several organized crime gangs fighting for control of Chicago, but his theory implies that these gangs have dozens of members! On grounds of economy, it would seem more logical that most of these people are honest.

The difference is that one can read, say, Germar Rudolf's books such as Lectures on the Holocaust or Dissecting the Holocaust, and it will become evident that he is no Zionist plant. It's the same with Ernst Zundel; why would he volunteer to spend his twilight years in jail to help the Zionists? Hiring gang members is trivial compared to persuading long-standing anti-Zionists to defect, getting them to successfully pose as anti-Zionists, providing them all with handlers, and ensuring that not even one - just one! - ever blows the whistle on the scheme. Yes, there are suspect names on that list. And there probably are a lot of disinfo agents out there, given that 9/11 was worth trillions of dollars to the crooks. It is possible that some Jews are not actually paid disinfo agents, but unconsciously end up 'volunteering' to help deflect attention from the criminals because brainwashing has led them to believe that Jews can do no wrong. But there are many individuals who have been critical of Zionism for years - Piper, Carto, Duke, Rivero, etc. The probability that these were all ADL moles for so long, or the Zionists have managed to recruit them after many years, becomes vanishingly low. Smith was even promoting the lunatic conspiracy theory that the Iranians are "crypto-Zionists", which is about as crazy as imagining that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were crypto-communists!

The following compilation of audio clips from the March 8, 2007 Piper Report is essential listening!

Alternatively, the complete show is available at the archives:

Scroll down, download the March 8, 2007 broadcast, and start listening at 13:39.

Michael Piper's charges against Bollyn opened up a whole new can of worms. He describes the information as "very disturbing" and "frightening".

Piper says American Free Press had long suspected Bollyn, and in fact Piper himself suspected Bollyn of being an intelligence operative soon after they met. In Piper's The Judas Goats (Chapter 10), he recounts how he correctly identified Roy Bullock as an ADL operative. It turned out that Willis Carto had already been independently informed, by Dr Edward R Fields of The Thunderbolt newspaper.

American Free Press recently hired a top private investigator, who was dispatched to investigate Christopher Bollyn. In the preliminary investigation they found that Bollyn was receiving money from overseas, and that he was being visited regularly by an individual or individuals bearing untraceable license plates.

The P.I. went on to report, "This case contains many unanswered questions. ... As your investigator, I do not recommend you proceed further. I have discovered the distinct possibility of involvement by intelligence people of a higher order. Briefly stated, there are certain risks to be considered before proceeding. The target (Bollyn) is spending more money than he is capable of earning." Piper says that Bollyn is "being protected at the highest level."

Piper makes the point that Bollyn's second wife Helje Kaskel is apparently of Jewish origin; "Kaskel" is a Jewish name. His first wife was Israeli, and apparently Israeli intelligence to boot. Piper also claims to have information, from a "reliable source", that CB enjoys a tax exempt status. A good - but very long - thread with in-depth analysis of the Christopher Bollyn case can be found at the Cassiopaea forum:

This is important reading for those trying to understand what has been happening with Bollyn. For readers who haven't the time to wade through that, some important points about Bollyn's Israeli connections and pro-Zionist activities are covered below.

For more background from another perspective - and the newcomer would probably be best advised to start here, following events in chronological order from July 2006 at the height of the Danner hoax - it is worth downloading some of Piper's radio talk shows from the archives:

...and listening to some relevant parts concerning Hufschmid and Piper. One can then reach a judgement about who is more likely to be lying - Piper, along with another 99% of the truth movement, or Hufschmid. It is not necessary to download all shows or listen to the entire hour; many of the more interesting points are listed below. Our local cache has the description of RBN Piper 2006 archives along with some of the audio .mp3 files from 2006 that were missing in the RBN archives.

Those who want to go right back to the Sam Danner affair, that is from July to early August, could start with the July 7 broadcast. (The narrative at the above link is a pointer to most of the particularly interesting dates, although there are no notes for July 7). July 7 features Piper and Bollyn, but Sam Danner does not call in. At this point, Piper and Bollyn are friends and Hufschmid is at least on speaking terms with Piper. Piper and Bollyn introduce the story of Sam Danner, who claimed to have seen something rather like a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. July 10 and 11 feature Sam Danner as a guest, along with Bollyn. Danner had initially approached Hufschmid; Hufschmid and Bollyn are the main promoters of the Danner story, and at this point it appears as if Eric has scored an excellent coup.

Over the next few weeks it gradually became clear that Danner was lying. The proof of this is demonstrated by these voicemail recordings of Sam calling his son Matthew, which include quotes such as "the made-up stuff like the Global Hawk and all that crap", and Sam says (about his story) there was "some lying in it" and it was only about "65% true". He also claimed in one message to have cancelled his ISP and email accounts and said he would never send any more emails, and then said in another that he would be sending emails to people. Some researchers such as Russell Pickering saw through the hoax relatively quickly. Piper became suspicious, but Bollyn and Hufschmid mysteriously kept trying to keep the Global Hawk story alive. Even after Sam Danner had admitted lying, they were trying to excuse that with other lies about Sam being intimidated by "sunglass-wearing Feds in a large, black government SUV" who "rammed Danner's car". There was no evidence to support that (such as damage to Sam's car), and when that story fell apart, Hufschmid continued to suggest - in spite of all the evidence - that Danner might have been lying when he said he lied, or the voicemail recordings might have been faked.

The Bollyn arrest and assault, discussed on Piper's August 16 show, followed hard on the heels of the Danner fiasco. The thread on the SOTT forum started on August 16; it did not take long before people were pointing out the inconsistencies and peculiarities of the Bollyn arrest story.

Piper's Thursday August 24 broadcast sparked off the rift between him and Bollyn. This show gets quite heated at times. Eric Hufschmid, who was on the Friday 25th show but not Thursday's, had been claiming that American Free Press had "censored" Bollyn's work and refused to publish four of Bollyn's articles, allegedly because AFP had been "infiltrated" by Zionists. Piper, who writes for AFP as an independent contractor (as did Bollyn), had denounced Hufschmid as a "liar". At around 25:00 minutes into the August 24 show, Victor Thorn (Scott Makufka) asks Bollyn several questions including whether he will publicly denounce the "lies" of Eric Hufschmid and Daryl Bradford Smith, and whether he agrees with them that AFP has been infiltrated by Zionists. Bollyn refuses to answer the questions. At 26:20 minutes, Piper weighs in and confirms that he did denounce Eric and Daryl (as "liars" and "parasites"), and then Bollyn continually refuses to defend his employers by saying whether or not he thinks they have been infiltrated, or to say anything against Hufschmid. He says that if "Scott Makufka" has an issue with Hufschmid he should take it up with him. At 29:15, Piper states three times that "Eric Hufschmid is a liar" (regarding Bollyn's articles being "censored").

It turned out that none of Bollyn's work had been censored; only one article had failed to appear and that was because it missed a deadline. On the Friday August 25 show, Eric calls in (34:20 minutes). He has no defense to Piper's refutations of his claims that AFP "censored" Bollyn's articles, except to admit that his subscription to AFP had lapsed and say (35:18 minutes) that he made a mistake. But he does not retract his claims about "Zionist infiltration" at AFP. Hufschmid doesn't come across at all well in this confrontation.

In late August 2006 when the fallout from the Sam Danner hoax and the Bollyn arrest led to doubts about Hufschmid's integrity, it was still possible to make a case that Christopher Bollyn was a genuine, first-rate Zionist exposer, and the cabal's plan was to drive him away from American Free Press and into the camp of Hufschmid, in reality a "Judas goat" who posed as the friend of Bollyn and Danner. However, in hindsight, in order to make that hold up, it was really necessary to overlook the discrepancies in Bollyn's accounts of his arrest. And subsequent events were to indicate that not only is Hufschmid a probable Zionist agent working for Rupert Murdoch, but Christopher Bollyn appears to have been installed in 2000 as Israel's agent-to-be in the 9/11 truth movement.

Bollyn's arrest back in the middle of August, following the discrediting of Danner as a reliable witness, had some suspicious anomalies. The police said that there wouldn't have been a situation if Bollyn hadn't created it, and unfortunately the police account is more consistent than Bollyn's version. Bollyn started out closer to the police account, with him turning to go into the house in order to "call his brother", being tasered and then the handcuffs put on him after he'd been forced to the ground. Then, in radio talk shows, he changed his account to being tasered after being handcuffed. There was never any mention of being shocked twice, and being shocked whilst walking away versus shocked whilst in handcuffs is not the sort of detail that one would be expected to confuse or forget. The police version is that he was tasered and then restrained because they thought he might be going to get a weapon. Bollyn did not explain why he lied over this.

Another of Bollyn's lies was that he claimed the three police officers who arrested him were "heavily-armed agents" from an "undercover tactical unit", "wearing body armor" ... a "covert gang-suppression unit". In fact, all three of them were regular traffic cops. Officer Tim Stoy had been given a DUI enforcement award for making 25 arrests, Officers Michael Barber and Darin Felgenhauer had received "Honorable Mention" awards relating to DUI, and Michael Barber had a Police Dept. Meritorious Police Duty Award relating to Hurricane Katrina.

The Piper - Hufschmid row led to a split between Piper and Bollyn, who aligned himself with Hufschmid / DBS. On the August 28 show Piper announced that his friendship with Bollyn, going back to about 2000, was over. However, callers to his programme said there was no need to be so hasty, and on August 31 Piper was still asking people to send contributions to Bollyn's legal fund. Later, it was announced that AFP would return all the money to contributors, and Piper expressed doubts that Bollyn spent any funds that he did receive on "legal expenses".

Piper outlined an intriguing theory on his August 28 show regarding a "sinister force", an organization that could have played a role in orchestrating the Danner hoax and "stop Bollyn" operation. In order to save RBN from a lawsuit, Piper did not explicitly name the organization. He said it is considered by many to be a cult - a very weird, very wealthy, very powerful cult. It has a history of harassment against people. On the face of it, the organization has nothing to do with Israel or Zionism, but it is controlled from behind the scenes by Israel, the Mossad, wealthy Jewish organizations and wealthy Jewish families. Some say that the Bronfmans bought the organization in 1981, source: Secret Societies, van Helsing, Jan.

The organization Piper refers to is the Church of Scientology, which has been described as a "school for psychopaths". The "Church" was found to be offering "counselling services" to 9/11 victims at Ground Zero.

The Thursday 31 August broadcast concerns what Piper calls "The Hufschmid Conundrum" (he launched into it in detail soon after 35:00 minutes). The archives page has a particularly extended summary of this broadcast.

On the Monday September 11 show, Piper is still supporting Bollyn - and pointing out (at about 11:00 minutes) that Bollyn is on the ADL's hit list, confirming that he must be doing a good job. Piper talks more about Hufschmid (from 18:00 minutes), saying that Eric's operation is a modern-day equivalent of a notorious 1960s ADL-FBI cointelpro operation known as "Deguello" (de-gway-o), which was designed to divide and discredit leading figures in the nationalist or patriot movement. At about 50:00 minutes, Piper says that there is almost a cult following (behind Hufschmid and Smith).

Friday September 15 is another show where (18:00 and 37:30 minutes) Piper repeats the point about Hufschmid and Smith developing a cult following, adding (at 37:50) that "new people who don't know anything about it will believe what they say". At 19:00 minutes he talks about how a lot of good, decent people have "become entranced" by Hufschmid and Smith. At 36:25 minutes, a caller - Mark Glenn - offers another theory: "Hufschmid and Smith - they're lunatics ... they're just nuts".

In October 2006, American Free Press fired Christopher Bollyn and issued a statement regarding the dismissal. Daryl Bradford Smith's site contains a copy of the email that Chris Petherick sent to Bollyn telling him not to send in any further articles, and that they would be unable to pay his salary. This included a quote of the ancient Roman legal maxim: falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus. In his Tuesday October 10 broadcast, Piper talks about the firing of Bollyn and reads out (34:00 minutes into the show) and comments on the dismissal email.

The Wednesday November 1 show soon goes into Piper talking about a new claim of Bollyn: that Piper has a gay lover named Phil, who is a Jew, who is Piper's handler for the ADL. However, if this was true and Piper was secretly a Zionist agent, would they really be likely to walk hand-in-hand along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC?

The 2007 Piper Reports are available at:

In the January 8, 2007 show, at 2:09 minutes Piper says there is a "real poison inserted into the American patriot movement", going on to talk about Smith, Hufschmid and Bollyn. At 4:35 Piper says that Eustace Mullins is not going to have any more to do with Smith. Eustace comes on the show, and it turns out he has never met Smith, never even seen a picture of him, but Smith wanted Eustace to move to France and stay with him. Piper points out that would be "pretty dangerous". At 11:40, Piper says: "I gather, Eustace, from what you told me that he seems to call you up and kinda try to pup you for information, or try to put words in your mouth, and then he gets you on the air, and just starts running at the mouth himself." 11:56: Eustace Mullins: "Oh he does, and he leads me on about things that I have no interest in whatsoever." At 13:46, Eustace points out that he is alone when he does the talk shows, and he does about a dozen a week. Piper: (14:30 minutes) "I had someone here call this program one time who was apparently trying to lead me into endorsing violent acts of..." Eustace Mullins: "Oh yes, that's a typical FBI technique." Piper: "Yeah, yeah... Now this guy Smith has apparently perfected this as one of his operations and..." Mullins: "Well I really think so, because judging by my experiences with him, this has been a deliberate entrapment." 15:45: Mullins: "I knew Chris (Bollyn), and he's a very fine person, and I could not believe that he was involved in something like that." At around 24:00, Piper explodes Smith's myth about Mark Lane being a "Zionist" who controls the American Free Press, saying that Lane is not even the lawyer for AFP, and since 2001 he hasn't been in the office more than about 8 times.

On Piper's February 21 show (start of broadcast), he says how angry he is with Smith, Hufschmid and Bollyn. They have published a document on their website that accuses Eustace Mullins and two other gentlemen many, many years ago of committing a homosexual rape on a teenage boy. Evidently, this was a baseless slander in an attempt to discredit Mullins. Piper describes it as "bullshit", and none of the three went to jail. Piper describes the iamthewitless terrible trio as "pieces of garbage" who are "below the sewer", "coprophiliacs" and "hookworms regurgitating garbage" who are assaulting the integrity of an 83-year-old man.

On the April 6, 2007 Piper Report, he suggests that a cash-rich Mossad-controlled cult (which is the Church of Scientology) could be the secret force behind Eric Hufschmid - the ultimate answer to the "Hufschmid Conundrum".

The task of the "iamthewitless" partners - who became a Gang of Three after Bollyn's cover was blown at AFP - has been to drive a wedge between 9/11 researchers, and to discredit those who identify the true perpetrators. By presenting themselves as "Zionist Exposers", they hoped that those who had correctly identified the North America-based Bronfman Mafia and Israel as the guilty party would blindly side with them on ideological grounds, and against others who were "Zionist Deniers" or shills. These "Zionist Deniers" would even include people who were writing about the Zionist Mafia's crimes more than twenty years ago, supposedly decades before the concept was even a twinkle in Hufschmid's eyes. Hufschmid's own book and video about 9/11 had little, if anything, to say about Israeli involvement, which is why it received plenty of publicity - a classic case of "limited hangout". By posing as their 'friends', the agents probably gather e-mail and other personal information of individuals within the truth movement.

Rudolf, Irving and Zundel were jailed precisely because they had been doing such a fine job - and reaching a lot of people - in exposing Zionist deceptions and correcting a decades-old hoax, whose purpose was to establish the crooked parasitical apartheid pariah state of Israel as a means for establishing a fascist global dictatorship, a tool for war criminals and a sanctuary for swindlers. They were not part of a stunt where they would be paid to be knocked down and discredited after having made deliberate error-riddled half-hearted attempts at debunking the hoax. Wing TV could be another "Deguello": Thorn (Makufka) would spend two or three years establishing himself as a "Jew-hater", as Wing take the opportunity to knock other researchers. They then self-destruct as planned, with Lisa Guliani assigned the role of pointing out Thorn's psychological shortcomings. But the Wing split looks genuine enough. It does not seem likely that the cabal would consider it worthwhile to employ Thorn and Guliani to run Wing TV for several years simply so they could make Zionist Exposers look like psychologically-challenged "anti-Semites" by a staged 'falling out over ideological differences' in November 2006. The jury is still out. As for Piper, if he was a limited hangout disinformation merchant, his modus operandi just might include writing a book about the JFK assassination that contains so much information that many will never read it all, and will just think that it was an incredibly complex web with Israel playing some part but "the (Italian) Mafia" having been the arch-villains. But that is being too cynical; this could equally apply if Piper was genuine. He has written a number of other books critical of Zionism, which also bear no resemblance to a mixture of diluted facts and misinformation that seeks to deceive, writes for AFP, hosts a radio show for RBN, and attends conferences around the world, and it is inconceivable that he has been a clandestine ADL mole for so many years.

There is a small probability that Rense and Alex Jones are getting up to $5,000 per month from the Zionists, but Rense's policy of including dubious material such as UFOs and Jones' preference to talk about "globalists" as opposed to "Zionists" are much more convincingly explained as career strategies that would leave them less vulnerable to attack. Deborah Simon, Karl Schwarz, Phil Jayhan, Dylan Avery and Co could well be part of the 9/11 cover-up, but given that this theory was promoted by Hufschmid and Bollyn, it loses most of its credibility. As for the likes of David Duke and Willis Carto secretly working for Zionists, the idea is bunkum.

Eric correctly identifies some agents such as James Fetzer who is working with the obvious shill Morgan Reynolds (who is a 'former' Bush Admin member in the same sense that bin Laden was or is a 'former' CIA asset!) and the probable mind control victim Judy Wood, to discredit the very genuine and appropriately qualified Professor Steven E Jones. Jones is yet another of Hufschmid's "Crypto-Zionists", along with Kevin Ryan and Jim Hoffman! Reynolds and Wood promote ludicrous absurdities such as "no planes hit the WTC", along with their "Star Wars beam weapon" distraction theory. Wood's students at Clemson university generally thought that she was not a good teacher and did not really know the material. Bizarrely, she had been in a coma for six years. A poster on a Clemson forum described her as "arguably the dumbest person [he'd] ever met, and by far the most incompetant [sic] instructor Clemson has ever hired". It doesn't seem likely that a Professor of Philosophy could be taken in by shills and retards; Fetzer has been bought out, but possibly after forming Scholars for 9/11 Truth. But Hufschmid's handlers would have giving him plenty of good information to mix in with the disinformation. The aim is to give an impression that Hufschmid is an unusually good researcher - albeit with some idiosyncrasies like his "moon landings hoax" and "Germar Rudolf a Zionist agent" ideas. The same strategy was employed with another prominent player who at one time seemed worthy of the title "the best reporter bar none"...

One theory is that Eric suffered a sort of breakdown and temporarily lost his grip on reality. But then we have the question of Christopher Bollyn's veracity. If the "mental breakdown" theory holds, then both Bollyn and Hufschmid would have to be victims. Both of them were supposedly suckered by the Sam Danner "Global Hawk" hoax. If only Eric is ill, then Bollyn should not have been lured over to his camp and away from AFP. But it would be a remarkable coincidence if the two brightest stars in the 9/11 truth movement happened to be the very two who suffered from paranoia, and those who thought that 9/11 had been done by the "Russians" or the "Black Pope" or the "Saudis" or some other crackpot theory were normal, well-adjusted personalities who simply lacked critical reasoning skills. Moreover, this outcome would have been a remarkably good result for Israel and the Zionist Mafia. And Bollyn's 'mistake' about "spikes" in the seismic record as the towers started to collapse would have to be a genuine error, along with the coincidence of the convenience it lends Zionists in discrediting Bollyn's reports of pools of molten steel in the basements of WTC 1, 2 and 7. But the publicity achieved by iamthewitless does not support the theory that Hufschmid is merely a paranoid blogger, Bollyn is a third-rate out of work journalist with a fervid imagination and something of a Walter Mitty character, and Smith is a nutcase.

Here is the theory regarding Bollyn's role: Back in 2000, Bollyn was installed as an Israeli agent. His job would be to expose Israeli involvement in 9/11 along with the physical evidence that disproves the official theory as set out here, such as pools of molten steel. He would then be discredited and tarnished as an unreliable source, casting doubt on the validity of all his articles.

The 9/11 planners would have known that their WTC 1, 2, and 7 demolition procedure would leave an unmistakable fingerprint - tell-tale signs of a smoking gun - such as molten iron and steel, heavily sulfidated steel, high barium levels in the dust, and the risk of video evidence of molten iron or steel pouring from the side of a tower in the minutes leading up to collapse. This would pose severe problems for the official theory of "fire-induced collapse" as a result of "Muslim suicide pilots".

What better than to install a man (Bollyn) in 2000 who had spent several summers working on a kibbutz in the Jordan valley, who spoke fair Hebrew and Arabic and whose first wife was Israeli {see just over halfway down at that link} and worked for Israeli military intelligence, according to Bollyn himself. But more on that in a moment. Their man would infiltrate American Free Press after being introduced to Michael Collins Piper using a dubious cover story about a library banning a book, and establish his credentials with truth-seekers by being allowed to photograph David Rockefeller at the 2003 Bilderberg conference and writing a number of hard-hitting articles that exposed Israel's complicity.

Bollyn would write truthful reports on molten steel and the Israeli connections, but would make some deliberate mistakes such as the 'seismic spikes' and the Sam Danner 'Global Hawk hits Pentagon' hoax. A particularly important scoop was when Bollyn got to relay Peter Tully and Mark Loizeaux's reports about pools of molten steel at the bottom of the basements of WTC 1, 2 and 7. It is possible that Loizeaux said that molten steel was found at various levels from near the surface right down to the basement, down seven levels at the bottom of the elevator shafts, with Bollyn spinning that into it all being found at the bottom to make it seem more sinister. He would also work with the Hoffman Estates police department (and be photographed smirking with them) in a stunt in which he was supposed to have been tasered, denied water whilst in jail, and suffered a minor fracture to an elbow. Hence, his truthful, excellent identification of Israel's central role in 9/11 could be knocked down and dismissed.

Interestingly, Hufschmid's website carries a photo of Christopher Bollyn's wife Helje toting a gun and posing rather like a "secret agent". Maybe Helje is part of the team, and the three of them perceive themselves as rather like James Bond characters.

The problem with Bollyn is that he is rather economical with the truth. Consider his claim that his first wife worked for Israeli military intelligence, in an email by Bollyn - using his email pseudonym Sam Brand - to Mike Piper. But in a speech available on a video at this page, Bollyn starts talking about his time in Israel (41:30), saying that he only had a D visa, and "I'm a Christian ... as a Christian, you cannot get married to an Israeli, you cannot own land in Israel." So ... was he lying in the email, or was he lying in the speech?

A major advantage of thermate as a cutting agent to take out the lower core box columns below the targeted impact area and the perimeter columns at the impact area (both perimeter and box columns being hollow, so the thermate powder could be pumped in through the access holes) was that the criminals' disinformation agents could then promote "it's a natural phenomenon" disinformation theories as 'explanations' for the pools of molten steel or iron and sulfidation of structural steel. Various specious hypotheses would be advanced, such as "natural thermite reactions", "acid rain", "sulfur contamination from burning gypsum wallboard", "eutectic reactions", "exothermic reactions between water and molten aluminum from the planes", etc, which don't stand up to scrutiny. In order to make these 'theories' work, there are about half a dozen stages that are either impossible or about as likely as winning a lottery. And they fail Occam's Razor. The idea that "natural reactions" just might have melted the steel is rather like a scenario involving a murderer found in a locked room with a smoking gun and a corpse riddled with bullet holes. "But just think of all those chemicals in the body," says the killer, "there is potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, water... Isn't it reasonable to suppose that these might have combined to produce exothermic reactions to account for the observed wounds?"

The other problem was all the obvious connections to Israel, from Larry Silverstein's close links with Binyamin Netanyahu, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, etc, to Dov Zakheim to the Zim Shipping company. It was clear that individuals such as Hufschmid and Bollyn would have to be installed in order that they could "take a dive" several years later, the plan being to discredit honest, accurate truth-seekers and researchers as "paranoid, lying anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists".

In Bollyn's article about the molten steel, he mixed in some misinformation about "sharp spikes" in the seismic record. If he was sincerely working to expose Zionist crimes back in 2002, he could have genuinely misunderstood the Palisades seismographs, imagining that on the compressed x-axis expanded y-axis version, the 50-second period of relatively low amplitude disturbances following the collapses was the 10-second collapse time, and the 10-second period of waves twenty times the amplitude was a sinister 2-second spike at the start of the collapse. On balance, the odds would seem to favor the idea that this was a straw man that could be easily knocked down to cast doubt on the molten steel reports.

This link is to a typical Bollyn article on Israel's involvement in 9/11. Unfortunately for the criminals, the reports of molten steel or iron were confirmed by numerous other sources, as listed here and here and here. And although Mark Loizeaux said that he did not personally witness the pools of molten steel - that was reported to him by contractors - he did not deny that such pools were found in the basement.

One theory holds that almost everyone in the 9/11 truth movement (apart from Hufschmid, Smith and Bollyn) are working for the Zionists, and so are jailed historical revisionists and nationalist types who have been accused of being anti-Semitic white supremacists. A second theory has Hufschmid and Bollyn both suffering some sort of breakdown, and teaming up with Smith who is also nuts. In both of these theories, Hufschmid's connection to Murdoch and Bollyn's ties to Israel are just coincidence, rather like the official story claims about Larry Silverstein, Dov Zakheim, and the "dancing Israelis" being linked to 9/11 and to Israel. It is also a bizarre coincidence that three of the 9/11 truth movement's most brilliant researchers have psychological problems. According to the third theory, most truth-seekers are genuine, but a trillion-dollar crime on the scale of 9/11 would include the installation of some agent provocateurs to stifle the truth movement and muddy the waters. Hufschmid, Smith and Bollyn were three of the principals who were promoted or manipulated and provided with some important scoops. One was supplied with a limited hangout book and video that raised "Painful Questions" and exposed "Painful Deceptions" (but not about Zionism). His goal was to divide and distract honest researchers. Another was fed a lot of genuine information about Zionist connections to 9/11 before other researchers got to find out, allowed to photograph David Rockefeller at the Bilderberg conference, and named on the ADL's hit list to enhance his credibility. His role was as a fall guy, to be knocked down by Zionists attempting to deny the physical evidence of WTC demolitions (e.g. molten steel) and Israel's connections to 9/11. Another was installed as host of a radio talk show in which guests would be encouraged to gossip and slander others in the truth movement. The first two theories suffer from so many inconsistencies, impossibilities and improbabilities that they can be safely dismissed, which leaves us with the third theory.

So the Zionist Mafia doubtless have an influence on seemingly unconnected cults which they employ behind the scenes in order to manipulate events. To some observers, it might seem as if two researchers (Hufschmid and Bollyn) who did sterling work in exposing Zionist involvement in 9/11 have become unhinged, and are lying and acting so as to discredit their previous work. But Hufschmid and Bollyn appear to have been cointelpro right from the start. Hufschmid was installed by his uncle Rupert Murdoch to discredit researchers trying to expose Zionist crimes, and Bollyn (a CIA or Israeli agent) was charged with discrediting those pointing out Israel's crimes. On the face of it, his articles are quite good and have some very useful information, but contain some deliberate errors (such as claims of "seismic spikes") that the researcher must identify, else they will be used as straw men to be knocked down. American Free Press fired Christopher Bollyn because they could no longer trust everything Bollyn wrote, and were not prepared to check the veracity of his articles. Later, Smith was deceived into working with Hufschmid, when the truth movement snowballed way beyond the expectations of the Zionist planners and theorists in 2000 and 2001.

Supporters of Hufschmid and Bollyn  - the Bollschmiders - claim that all the evidence against them, copious as it may be, is merely circumstantial. But this exposes another of the long chain of contradictions inherent in their position. They are quick to criticise Alex Jones, etc, as "Zionist deniers". Along with the Zionists' previous record, there is a tremendous amount of circumstantial evidence against Israel, the Mossad, and powerful North American Zionists as the prime suspect for staging 9/11. The multiplication of improbabilities transforms this circumstantial evidence into the equivalent of smoking gun evidence. The Zionists are not only the prime suspect, but the evidence is sufficient to convict them. Zionist deniers refuse to accept this reasoning, and see the evidence against Israel as merely circumstantial. Yet the Bollschmiders lambaste them for this and cite it as evidence that they are "Zionist agents".

However, in the case of Murdoch's agent Eric Hufschmid and his sometime accomplice Christopher Bollyn, the Bollschmiders complain that, even though there are reams of evidence against them, it is all merely circumstantial. But we are not trying to convict Murdoch's men of mass murder and send them to the guillotine or the gallows. The charge is of being Zionist agents who are not worth listening to. So the standard of proof against the dreadful duo need not be as high as that required to convict Israel.

In summary, Hufschmid's / Bollyn's modus operandi is: 1) Impress anti-Zionists by telling them what they want to hear, affirming each listener's own beliefs. 2) Waste the anti-Zionists' time by supplying titbits of information on audio files mixed with gossip and rumors about how all their rivals in the truth movement are "Zionist agents". 3) Sow the seeds of fear and mistrust in the listener. 4) Present Hufschmid, Bollyn or Smith as the "only true truth tellers" who can be trusted. Thus, they establish a degree of control over the flow of information. The last thing the Zionists need is thousands of pesky truth seekers conducting their own personal research and delving into evidence of Zionist complicity in mass murder for profit and power.

The evidence is more conclusive than ever. Hufschmid and Bollyn are agents: intelligence operatives, disinformation promoters or agent provocateurs. They should be shunned like the plague. With a trillion dollar crime such as 9/11, it was always inevitable that some "Deguello" operations would be set up.

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