The purpose of measures such as house arrest without trial is precisely the same as in the 1630s, when Galileo provided empirical evidence against the geocentric solar system and proposed the heliocentric model as reality. For countless centuries, the elite have employed myth, legend and superstition in order to rule over the masses. Since at any given time the prevailing power structure rests upon a house of cards, any personal initiative that might expose the myths is the Achilles heel of the mountebanks. No national newspaper would be allowed to spell out today's key fables, but readers may identify these hollow hoaxes by studying alternative media.

Update: This can be explicitly stated, as this site is not subject to the editorial restrictions of the mainstream media. Do a search for "Holohoax" to investigate the WWII "gas chambers" hoax. Click here for an excellent debunking of this opportunist mass deception. A modern-day cremation oven such as the Newton takes 70 minutes to reduce a body to ashes, excluding the bones which must be pulverised, (and that's in peacetime, without the problems of obtaining fuel and manpower whilst fighting a war on several fronts against the USSR, the US, UK, etc). Apart from the fact that simultaneously cramming several bodies into an oven would at the very least be a major physical challenge and place immense strain on the firebricks, this does not lead to any improvement in cremation time or fuel required per body (scroll down to 4.3; but this link has lots of useful information throughout the page). The bodies of the claimed "eleven million" (Jews and others) "victims" of the Third Reich would therefore require 770 million minutes = 1,464 years of burning time divided by the number of muffles (oven units). And that is assuming a 24/7 100% duty cycle, with no stoppages for maintenance or to replace the firebricks every 2,000 - 3,000 cremations (same link as above; scroll down to 5.4).

The promoters of the official theory admit that the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematoria, for example, were in operation for no more than two years. Similarly, no one has ever suggested that Auschwitz-Birkenau had more than about 52 muffles. The original claim for the number dead at Auschwitz was "4 million". When this was exposed as wholly unsustainable, the figure was reduced to around "1 million", without a corresponding reduction of 3 million in the headline "6 million Jews" figure.

If one muffle takes 1,464 years to cremate 11 million bodies, it therefore requires 1,464/2 = 732 muffles to carry out the process in two years, operating 24/7. Where were the other 680 muffles? Why have independent experts found that there were negligible traces - between 0 and 7.9 mg/kg - of cyanide in the ruins of the putative "gas chambers" supposedly used for mass killing, whilst the walls of the small delousing rooms, used to treat the inmates' clothing in order to provide some protection against typhoid, contained between 1,035 and 13,500 mg/kg of cyanide?

Why would ethnic cleansing not simply involve bayonets, or bullets to the back of the head (as has been the case in actual historical holocausts)? Or why not just asphyxiate the prisoners, rather than have an elaborate process of mass gassing (whilst omitting the required ventilation systems to prevent the captors from getting poisoned) and reducing the bones to ashes in a (failed) attempt to escape war crimes charges? That is rather like Saddam was supposed to have sent his WMDs to Syria, to avoid getting into big trouble. In such cases, absence of evidence is evidence of absence.

Given the number of muffles available to the Germans even when we include all work camps, in order to reduce all claimed eleven million bodies to ashes by 1945 it would have been necessary to begin mass gassings and cremations many years before Hitler became Chancellor. In order for the official theory to work, the laws of mathematics, logic, physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology would require considerable revision.

The modern-day equivalent of the Holohoax is the ruling elite's promotion of the "Muslim suicide bomber" fantasy. There have never been any suicide bombers in the UK or US, and it is doubtful whether any bombers in Iraq or Palestine are "suicide bombers". Real suicide bombers would be rather more fastidious in their choice of target, to maximise enemy casualties and minimise their own toll. War, military occupation and religion have existed for millennia with suicide fighters no more than a tiny (and somewhat respected) minority. Evolution has hard-wired a strong survival instinct into its successes, and the idea that a religion would suddenly mutate around 1985 to produce the ubiquitous Muslim suicide bomber is totally absurd.

In Iraq, drivers are stopped at checkpoints, their driving licences are seized and they are told to report to a police station to retrieve them, whereupon they find out (albeit often too late) that their vehicles had been wired with explosives as they were being questioned at the checkpoint. In Palestine, Arabs are drugged, tricked, or coerced into carrying packages. In the US, planes are operated by fly-by-wire remote control technology (e.g. Raytheon), buildings are demolished with pre-installed explosives, along with a 1/2" thermite coating between the core columns' steel and Cafco Blaze-shield spray-applied fire resistive material which raises the steel temperature above 700C, and Arab patsies are groomed and set up by a Mossad cell that lives a few hundred yards along the street. In the UK, Mossad operatives place military-grade explosives underneath Underground train carriages and on buses (after their security company Verint Systems ensures that the video system is down and similar measures have been taken with the bus cameras), and Arabs are selected for the frame-up from the UK 2001 Census database.

Tricks such as spoon bending and clocks that repair themselves by psychic power are entertaining. But scams that kill countless thousands or millions of innocent people and cream off trillions of shekels for a greedy, grasping, over-privileged minority are an entirely different matter. The best solution is not to eliminate the perpetrators, but to dispense with the statist system of a monopoly on the initiation of force that nourishes and enriches them. By substituting anarcho-capitalism for the shackles of government, the talents of everyone would be unleashed - including Jews who make a significant contribution as did Einstein, Feynman, Bohr, Born, Gell-Man, David Deutsch and many others in science, and the Friedmans - David and Milton - in politics. In the last century, governments murdered more than 100 million people. A system of privately-produced law and private protection agencies would reward contributors to society as opposed to parasites and bribers and blackmailers of governments.

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Revised October 12, 2005