An on-line book available here, Holocaust or Hoax? - The Arguments by Jurgen Graf, is essential reading for the dwindling band who are still unaware that the so-called Jewish "Holocaust" is a myth that was deliberately created for political and business purposes - such as the power to coerce governments into waging illegal wars on a false prospectus, and the annual expropriation of billions of dollars and billions of marks or euros from the US and German nations. Note in particular Chapter 9 on the scientific impossibilities. Here is a recent discussion on the hoax. This page has links to another on-line book Did Six Million Really Die? and a free downloadable book Lectures on the Holocaust - for which the authors and distributors have been variously persecuted, prosecuted, assassinated, and imprisoned.

The President of Iran makes an eminently sensible remark about moving Israel to Europe, or [preferably] wiping it off the face of the map, and corrupt Western leaders say they've "never come across" anything like it before, and express "revulsion", "shock" and "outrage". Removing Israel does not equate to exterminating Israelis or Jews. The terrorist-sponsoring bribing blackmailing criminal Zionist cabal would be brought to justice and dealt with on a permanent basis, and ordinary decent Jewish and non-Jewish people alike would be liberated from the oppression of quasi-democratic regimes controlled by despicable despots. President Ahmadinejad's remarks have been confirmed as the official Iranian government the Holohoax continues to crumble worldwide. Iran is the first country to quit covering up for this imposture; the West tries to present itself as enlightened and a champion of free speech whilst keeping its citizens in the dark and censoring debate.

It's not a question of whether, but when, the hoax is finally laid to rest. If it is within a few years - and we can safely bet each member of the crooked cabal is desperately hoping Judgement Day can be delayed until after he has breathed his last - there will be a substantial peace dividend for the benefit of the innocent majority. Trillions of dollars (when one includes Dov Zakheim's embezzlement) and hundreds of billions of marks have been salted away in Israel's Bank Leumi. The proportion spent by the swindlers on importing sex slaves from Russia and Eastern Europe and drugs from Asia and South America is fairly insignificant. Repatriation of these huge funds to the world's peoples would provide for hospitals, schools, infrastructure, etc. The US and Germany, as the primary victims, would receive a significant proportion; poorer nations should also share in the windfall. National debts incurred under the old, corrupt system could be written off.

The Zionist big banks' cartel would be dismantled, and replaced with a large number of small, local banks - competition would ensure that those whose service was unacceptable would soon go out of business. Interest rates should be as low as possible. Savers in safe investments would receive relatively little return, but inflation should be near zero. With the cost of money lower, business profits would be higher and equities would offer a higher yield and capital growth. Objective analysis of Germany's economic miracle between 1933 and 1939, following its liberation from the Zionist bankers' usury straitjacket, should provide for an interesting debate.

As the old order of the terrorist Zionist State crumbles, there is one small group who will be facing extermination. The arch-villains - e.g. Dov Zakheim, Abe Foxman, Paul Wolfowitz, Henry Kissinger, Edgar Bronfman, Marc Rich, Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowry, Binyamin Netanyahu, Rudi Giuliani, the Rothschilds - would be brought to trial and dealt with accordingly. Small fry such as Bush, Blair, Berlusconi, Howard and Aznar could be offered commutation to life imprisonment if they sung like canaries.

Revised January 11, 2006