24 Carat Disinformation Fiasco


The 9/11 disinformation agents seek to distract truth seekers with false news and conspiracy theories, such as "TV fakery" / "no planes at the WTC". In comparison with these absurd theories, the "suicide hijacking pilots" tale appears eminently reasonable. There is not a scrap of evidence to support the former. The latter at least had the advantage of planted passports, FBI statements, fabricated videos and a compliant media - albeit requiring some ad hoc temporary revisions of the laws of physics such as Fourier's Law of heat conduction.

Another piece of disinformation is the story that gold bricks to the value of hundreds of billions of dollars were stolen from beneath the World Trade Center, before the Towers collapsed. Some claim that the events at the top of the Towers were a diversion to deflect attention from events at or below ground level. Let's be generous to this theory and take the 2006 price of gold at some $600 per troy ounce - it was more like $300 in 2001. A troy ounce is nearly 10% greater than an avoirdupois ounce. There are about 14.583 troy ounces per avoirdupois pound, so $600 x 14.583 x 2,000 ~ $17,500,000 per short ton. Hence, 10,000 tons of gold would be worth $175,000,000,000 which might just qualify as "hundreds of billions of dollars". Incidentally, this is more than the entire US gold reserves at around 8,133 tonnes or 8,965 tons. The WTC vaults were hardly likely to have contained more gold than Fort Knox.

Even if we allow the longer time of 102 minutes for the WTC 1 collapse, and suppose that only 100 trucks were employed to "liberate" the gold with each carrying as much as 100 tons, then each of these very large trucks would have a mere sixty-one seconds in order to maneuver into place and to be loaded with its 100 tons of gold (we'll ignore the unladen weight). Assuming 16 seconds to position each large truck, there is 45 seconds available for each loading. We'll suppose that ten forklift trucks can each carry as much as ten tons of gold, and their movements are synchronised such that each crashes into a large truck (hopefully instantly dislodging the gold and container) at 0, 5, 10, ... 40 and 45 seconds past each minute. The time available to load each forklift is much less than sixty seconds.

Let's suppose each human loader can lift 80 pounds of gold at a time and place it onto the forklift in only three seconds, and return for the next load in another second. Hence, 20,000 / 80 = 250 such cycles are required per forklift per 61 second larger cycle. If we allow 40 to 44 seconds for loading each forklift, then each human loader can place ten 80 pound loads over 40 seconds, so 25 human loaders might suffice per forklift. So there are 100 truck drivers, 10 forklift operators, and 250 Arnold Schwarzenegger types required as part of the conspiracy, all to be paid and/or silenced! Admittedly, some of the manual loaders and forklift operators would be "eliminated" in the collapse. Even this bizarre scenario assumes they all manage to dodge the explosions in the basement, whether bombs or kerosene deflagrations.

Actually, figures quoted for the gold and silver stored in the WTC vaults do not exceed $650 million, apart from a rumoured figure of $160 billion originating from the New York Daily News and quoted in the Sierra Times (also at Rumour Mill News and in the Loose Change video). The "hundreds of billions of dollars" (particularly with regard to a robbery) is untenable. The "robbers" might have had a slim chance of getting away with tens of millions of dollars worth of gold and silver, but it would not justify going to all the trouble of crashing planes into two skyscrapers. And Dov Zakheim would have already got his hands on a proportion of the Pentagon's $2.3 trillion of accounting reconciliation adjustments that lacked receipts, prior to 9/11, which was why the bookkeeping section was targeted. A trillion-dollar crime syndicate that has just pulled off the greatest robbery in history has no need to blow up buildings after they have the loot. The Bush administration's complicity in crashing a UAV into the Pentagon's west wing, together with Israel's submarines equipped with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with a 900-mile range and its spy-ring's gathering of secrets with which to blackmail politicians, provided Israel with the necessary leverage that would force the US authorities to cover for Netanyahu / Zakheim's Pentagon embezzlement and Netanyahu / Zakheim / Silverstein's WTC controlled demolition $3+ billion insurance scam.

Silverstein would have kept a percentage of the $3+ billion insurance proceeds and sent some money on to Israel. The true value of 9/11 was in providing a pretext for the US and other countries to spend hundreds of billions of dollars and sacrifice thousands of their own servicemen on immoral, unjustified wars on a false prospectus, in order to loot and neuter Israel's enemies and install puppet Zionist-controlled regimes. And by the time Rumsfeld announced on September 10th 2001 that $2.3 trillion of Pentagon transactions could not be tracked, Dov Zakheim had probably already transferred a sizeable proportion to a Bank Leumi dollar-denominated account.

Time and time again, the disinformation spin doctors rely on the fact that most folk will not bother to do the calculations or check out the feasibility of the claims. They introduce deliberate "errors" such as confusing millions with billions.

Revised October 5, 2010

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