The importance of this Current Issues TV interview with Mordechai Vanunu cannot be stressed too highly. It is essential reading for all those striving to understand the current global situation.

Source: This page is over 1 MB, but worth downloading for its content. Clicking on the Vanunu picture provides the video stream of the interview (starts at 10 minutes into the programme; finishes at 35 minutes). The link just below the image is the original transcript of the interview, (19 KB). This story has already been duplicated all over the internet.

Clicking on the Thorn / Guliani (Wing TV) image leads to the next interview that was broadcast in hour two - which covers the 9/11 "Arab-hijacked planes collapse skyscrapers" legerdemain. The site has much material of interest, with more to be added.

Unprovoked wars against Middle Eastern countries on spurious pretexts - countries which coincidentally happen to be enemies of Israel. Attacks by "suicide" bombers or hijacker/pilots from a mysterious, elusive, international terror organization, where the alleged culprits have gone out of their way to leave incriminating identification documents that just happen to have survived massive explosions or fireballs. Introduction of increasingly authoritarian domestic policies - e.g. imprisonment without charge or trial - supposedly to prevent the "terrorists" from taking away our freedoms. Persecution of peaceable dissidents whose research leads to conclusions that are not approved by the powers-that-be.

The ludicrous official theory posits that the religion of Islam mysteriously mutated - spontaneously. Colonialism in Aden (Yemen), Bahrain, Brunei, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Nigeria, Palestine (Israel), Qatar, Sudan, Transjordan (Jordan), etc, had not led to suicide bombers or a terrible enmity between Muslims and Christians. But at the turn of the 21st century, Muslim militants were lurking everywhere and carrying out suicide bombing attacks with increasing regularity. No satisfactory explanation was offered as to what had changed between, say, 1991 and 2001. In contrast, the development of Israel's nuclear capability is perfectly correlated with the emergence of staged terror attacks and the increasing alignment of Western policy with Zionist goals - from mass immigration and a federal Europe with a $120 billion budget that auditors refuse to sign off year after year, to increasingly repressive "anti-terror" laws, restrictions on freedom of speech, and wars for profit where the target is Israel's enemies and the main beneficiary is Israel. In May 2000, Israel tested its new submarine-launched modified nuclear-capable cruise missiles with a range of 900 miles. From the evidence presented in other material on this site, we know that the link between Israel and terror attacks is causal as well as correlative.

World Wars One and Two, together with the Bolshevik Revolution, allowed the Zionist Jewish Mafia to obtain their own country, after successfully creating a hollow hoax about the loss of six million of their number. President John F Kennedy opposed Israel's plans to develop nuclear weapons; hence he was assassinated by Mossad agents and replaced by Johnson, a puppet.of Israel. Now that the cabal is an amoral nuclear power driven by a racist Jewish supremacist goal, it can blackmail other states to carry out its bidding. Ergo, the consequences include wars where Israel is the sole beneficiary and pays the least blood price, and a relentless move towards a World Government, with Zionist Jews installed as the ruling elite as predicted in The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion.

The US, UK and France created a monster - the rogue nuclear State of Israel. The Zionist State was created 130 years after the publication of Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, Or, The Modern Prometheus. With a combination of half-truths and bare-faced lies, the victors of WWII presented themselves as the righteous side, with Jews victims of a "deliberate genocide" on an industrial scale. The US bribed or threatened smaller nations to swing the 1947 UN vote on the partitioning of Palestine, covered up the Kennedy assassination, and then turned a blind eye to the Zionist State's nuclear weapons programme. France built a reactor and a plutonium production facility at Israel's Dimona nuclear centre. The UK supplied 20 tons of heavy water. The US supplied cruise missiles.

For decades, Zionist mobsters had been swindling increasingly vast sums from the global economy in "reparations", "foreign aid", interest on public debt, etc, with the successful holohoax racket playing a major role. The 2001 $3.6 billion insurance scam of Larry Silverstein, Frank Lowy et al from the World Trade Center demolition "Muslim hijackers with boxcutters" hoax was a mere drop in the ocean compared to Rabbi Dov Zakheim's exploits. Zakheim, a dual-nationality Israeli-American who co-authored a September 2000 PNAC paper calling for a new Pearl Harbor, had been Comptroller of the Pentagon from May 2001. On September 10, 2001 - well aware that it would be a good time to "bury bad news" - Donald Rumsfeld admitted that $2.3 trillion of Pentagon funds could not be accounted for. By then, much of the money would have been in a dollar-denominated account at Israel's Bank Leumi.

As of 2005, most governments have been relegated to the status of local regional assemblies, with Israel dictating foreign policy and much of domestic policy. There are laws against "thought crimes", such as not believing in the religious myth of the "holocaust" which has proved so lucrative for the vicious band of Zionist hoodlums. Never in the field of human endeavour was so much appropriated from so many by so few. Client satellite states are ordered to lie regarding the identity of terrorists, and in any case no government would readily admit to being subservient to international racketeers and terrorists. Nowadays a typical hit by Israel's forces involves three synchronized blasts, around 50 dead and 100+ injured. Blame is pinned on "Muslim suicide terrorists" who have been framed by Mossad's shell front organization "al Qaeda". They should sack whoever came up with the appellation "the secret organization of al Qaeda in Iraq"; imagination is hardly Jews' forte. Previous scapegoats included Libya (when Reagan was President), Abu Nidal/Black September, Baader-Meinhof, etc.

At the Ernst Zundel trial, the bizarre situation under German law is that the defence lawyers automatically become guilty of "Holocaust denial" (unless they fail to do their job, or the proceedings are closed to the public). So at subsequent prosecutions, the next set of lawyers need a third set who will then need a fourth set ... ad infinitum. Delaying tactics are used by the judges. The policy is to silence the revisionist rather than provide a timely, impartial trial. Given suitably speeded-up proceedings, an amusing possibility presents itself: a future when all the ordinary Germans are in jail, half a dozen fatcats remain lying on their sofas, eating greasy snacks, trying to watch TV, and wondering why things have stopped working ... and then, following a mass jailbreak, are surprised to see large crowds advancing on them with lengths of rope or piano wire.

The problem is that if the revolution occurred in only one state, the other corrupt leaders would inevitably mount an invasion to snuff out freedom before it reached a critical mass. The present system of Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) benefits, at most, 0.2% of the population at the expense of the remaining 99.8%. It is ironic that the vast majority of the majority who broadly believe in maintaining the status quo, of government by globalist gangsters, are harmed or impoverished as a result.

The ZOG system could be overturned with very little bloodshed if the world's armed forces were to stop fighting each other and instead returned home to escort their leaders to war crimes trials. Given the right system of peaceful co-existing nationalist nation-states, the winners would be the vast majority of Earth's 6.5 billion. In a sense, even the millions of parasites and scoundrels would benefit, since they would be forced to become contributing members of society.

There is always hope. The situation is now more serious than at the time of the phony "Cold War", and events are beginning to turn more rapidly as we go into the endgame. The globalists are becoming increasingly desperate to cling to power. Their Machiavellian plan was brilliant, but it relies on total control of the media, and did not allow for the emergence of the internet. Ideally, a civilization would develop computers and the internet well in advance of nuclear or biological weapons. We are still a long way from the worst of all possible worlds, which would feature weapons of mass destruction but no internet; hence a words of mass deception monopoly.

A great article by Germar Rudolf, published in the last issue of The Revisionist to be shipped before Rudolf was deported from the US to a German jail for "thought crimes", goes into detail regarding how the whole rotten edifice of the current oligarch-enriching world regime is propped up by Stalinesque revisions of historical events.

Politicians increase the tax burden, but they increase public spending at an even faster rate. Consequently, public debt rises, requiring an ever greater proportion of GNP to consist of servicing the debt rather than producing goods and services. The winners are the financial oligarchs; the losers are the working people and middle classes as wealth is redistributed from the poor or moderately wealthy to the wealthy. Compound interest plays a large role in this wealth transfer. In the 1930s, Germany showed how to achieve economic success in the face of worldwide depression. The Holohoax myth of "evil" Nazis stifles objective research of Hitler's economic success, which would help to overturn the current corrupt system of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.

Opponents of the oligarchs' global ideologies of war profiteering, human homogenization, and deculturization, are demonized and isolated as "evil Nazis" or "far-right extremists". It is the oligarchs' regime - of looting countries by tricking other people's children to decimate the natives and pollute their lands with uranium dust, cluster bombs, napalm, white phosphorus, etc; staging phony terror attacks as pretexts for wars and moves towards police states; a mass media monopoly; and redistribution of wealth from bottom to top - which more accurately matches the label of "evil far-right extremist".

Revised November 22, 2005

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