Fortunately for innocent Iraqis, and unfortunately for Tony Blair and his masters, British forces were caught red-handed in a failed false flag operation. Had their scheme gone according to plan, with some random Muslim bystander dragged off the street, shot or beaten senseless, and pushed into the car a minute before it was remotely detonated, the "suicide bomber terrorist attack" would no doubt be said to have "all the hallmarks of al Qaeda". Dozens would have been sacrificed to provide the pretext for UK forces to remain in Iraq.

Blair's controllers ordered him to make sure UK troops did not leave Iraq, or else. How it was done, was down to Blair and the special forces on the ground. Now, as speculation mounts that the Government is considering an exit strategy, there is the risk of a major "al Qaeda" attack in Iraq that would "prove" that the Iraqis could not be left to manage their own security.

A central plank of the government case for continuing the occupation is that "the Iraqis want us there". Yes, a few figureheads in a puppet government - installed months after we illegally invaded their country and deposed the lawful government - say what they have been paid to say. The best indication of what the Iraqi people want can be seen in their interactions with Warrior armoured vehicles, and their treatment of the flaming soldiers forced to leap for their lives.

This new development does show that Israel/Mossad no longer has a monopoly on false flag black ops. In 9/11, the Bush administration's role was limited to the remote piloting of an unmanned plane or missile into a renovated section of the Pentagon (and with their own complicity forcing them to cover up Israel's role in demolishing the WTC in a $3.6 billion insurance scam). Although it is still unlikely that a government would stage a massive phony "al Qaeda" terrorist attack in its own country, the increasing Israelization of the UK, US, etc means that special forces of these countries will become increasingly involved in black ops abroad. After all, they regard the natives as little more than animals.