The death toll resulting from violence sparked by Danish anti-Islam cartoons, republished in several European newspapers, is rising. In Nigeria on Saturday February 18, 2006, at least 15 were killed by mobs armed with machetes and iron bars.

This deliberate fomenting of racial and religious hatred between Western and Islamic cultures can be traced to the usual suspects:  Zionist agent provocateurs. Let's suppose you are a criminal organization bent on world domination. You have already stolen your own Middle Eastern state on a false prospectus including a hoax about a "holocaust", for use as a centre for international terrorism, deception, embezzlement, and the practising of mass murder for profit. The latter involves tricking, bribing or blackmailing nominally "friendly" but rival states into spending their peoples' money and sacrificing their young men's lives on fighting enemy states such as Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan.

Naturally, it helps to have control of the mainstream media in these countries who are to provide the blood and the cash. If you control the banks and have the politicians in your pocket, so much the better. Have some cartoonist insult the prophet Mohammed, and sit back and enjoy the fireworks. The irony is that in many of the European countries which are claiming free speech as giving them the right to insult Islam, one cannot tell the truth about the events of WWII, or the Armenian Christian holocaust (a real Holocaust of one and a half million Christians slaughtered by the Zionist mafia's tribe when, as the "Young Turks", they seized control of Turkey), without risking imprisonment.

Historian David Irving was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in Austria on Monday February 20, 2006, with prosecutors having filed an appeal to try to lengthen the term. Back in 1989, he had expressed opinions in two speeches in Austria about events of the Second World War - views prohibited by the thought police whose purpose is to allow the Khazarian Zionist mafia to cling to power for a few more years. For creating cartoons in a deliberate attempt to stir up religious and racial hatred, which "successfully" resulted in widespread violence and dozens of deaths within a few months, the perpetrators did not go to jail. In fact, they probably received bonuses from their mobster paymasters.

The greatest irony of the Zionist Alice-in-Wonderland world is that those who attempt to expose war criminals bent on decimating the Arab population are labelled as "anti-Semites", and those who attempt to correct the system in which a tiny, crooked elite plunders the wealth of the proletariat and middle classes alike are dubbed "right-wing extremists". The ex-Khazar tribe who fabricated the hoax about a "Jewish holocaust" are not Semites; they are mostly Turks with a dash of Finns and Mongoloids. It is the Arabic peoples who are the Semitic races. Thus, the Zionist mafia's toadies in the mainstream media are anti-Semitic for fomenting hatred against Arabs. Similarly, it is they who are the "right-wing extremists", for propping up a corrupt order that transfers wealth from billions of honest, hard-working, impoverished folk to a few million murderous, unctuous fatcats in Israel, New York, and North London.

The "red sign" ex-Khazar Thirteenth Tribe has been exploiting divisions between Christians and Muslims since cynically converting to Judaism circa AD 740 for that very purpose. With over 1,200 years of practice, it is no surprise that they have gained a reasonable proficiency in their divide and rule strategy, along with establishing an unchallenged position at the top of the hypocrisy charts.

Revised February 22, 2006