The Children’s Safety Institute (CSI,, is a recognized leader in school safety assessment and security plan implementation, and has been helping schools nationwide to implement successful safety programs.

CSI’s principals of the company and their consultants have an average of 30 years’ experience in education, law enforcement, and/or district level school safety and security services. They all possess the educational component necessary to conduct an effective assessment serving communities as teachers, coaches and/or administrators. The majority of our work has been in the K-12 marketplace, but we have performed assessment in the K-20 and commercial workspace arenas as well. In the past ten years we have performed “School Safety and Security Assessments” in over 30 states across the nation.

Number of years of relevant experience
Over 60 years collectively among the principals and consultant team. We are a National firm providing field personnel with project management support. The company headquarters is located in Winter Springs, Florida.

The assessment team will be composed of two full time CSI employees and a select group of consultants from across the country. Mr. Halbig will manage and lead the assessment effort personally and review each assessment. Mr. Elliott will be a member of the assessment team and manage the writing effort to insure prompt completion of each phase of the project.

List of five (5) references as described above shall include:

  • Asheville Public Schools, Asheville NC. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Robert Logan, School Superintendent. Phone: 828-255-5064.
  • Indian River School District, Vero Beach FL. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Melinda Gielow, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 772-564-4863
  • Lee County Schools, Raleigh/Sanford NC. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Gloria Lunsford, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 919-774-6226
  • Mountain Home Schools, Mountain Home ID. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Mr. Ray Lamb, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 208-587-2580
  • Millard Public Schools, Omaha, NE. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Dr. Roger Farr, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 402-895-8200
  • Harlem Public Schools, Chicago IL. Assessments and training programs. Contact information: Mrs. Michele Tegland, Director of Student Services, Safe and Drug Free Schools. Phone: 815-654-4501

All Agreements will be executed by the staff from the home office in Winter Springs, Florida. All billing assessment reports and contacts will be coordinated through the home office.

Currently we have three full-time employees and 10 part-time consultants who are available dependent upon the demands of the job. All of our consultants have over 10 years of relevant experience and have been trained by our corporate staff. Full-time employees staff every team first and consultants are only brought in as needed. Our staff are the always the team leaders and prepare the final documents. Current planning calls for all teams to be CSI staff.

The company or its employees have never been cited, charged, or sued for criminal acts or poor performance.

The company is in good standing with all local, state and federal governments.

The company has never filed for bankruptcy/receivership or other defalcation.

1. Customized Programs
Ability to customize the components of the presentation to accommodate local needs.
Dr. Michael Dean, Director of Transportation-Nassau County Schools-Florida
2. Experienced
It is apparent that only presenter’s experience could conceptualize a safety program that meshes so well with school needs.
Dr. Michael Dean-Nassau County Schools-Florida

3. Good Ideas
Every evaluation was positive and can be summarized by one participant comments of excellent motivator–very energetic– love their job responsibilities created areas for deep concentration and presented good ideas for prevention.
Bob Butterworth-Attorney General of Florida

4. Passion for Safety
I was impressed with the sincerity of purpose as well as the message of passion. The passion was clearly for safety and welfare of our youth and staff.
Superintendent J. Wyman Harvard, Jr.-Suwannee County Schools-Florida

5. Motivational
You motivated us all toward becoming more focused on school safety,
Superintendent Oscar M. Howard, Jr.-Taylor County Schools-Florida

6. Empowering
The workshop should be required for all teachers, teacher assistants, bus drivers, and school based administrators. This can help teachers to once again feel empowered by providing them with the knowledge and hands-on practice to help them regain the feeling of being in charge.
Nancy Wheeler-Executive Director FTP-NEA

7. Confidence
Your presentation to our Exceptional Education Teachers and staff gave the confidence when dealing with more challenging students and parents.
Richard L. Ivill, Principal-Lee County Schools-Florida

8. Thought Provoking and Positive
We were particularly impressed with your ability to hold the attention of 650 bus drivers for the duration of your presentation. We heard nothing but positive comments.
Michael Fleming, Director of Transportation-Pinellas County Schools-Florida

9. Professional
Thank you for your most professional presentation-material was perfect in that it was easy to understand yet full of great information.
Dr. Kenneth T Murray, FASA School Law Conference Chairman

10. Valuable Information
Your observations on the various scenarios that were presented during the session were of tremendous practical value to school administrators and attorneys attending.
Professor Joseph Beckman, College of Education, FSU