The global organ grinders who instigate war for private profit would have known months in advance of the imminent expose of Iraqi prisoners' abuse. Their monkeys have displayed a propensity to bury bad news with the use of:

  1. press releases and leaks timed to benefit from distractions
  2. creation of distractions such as tanks at Heathrow, arrest of "terrorists"
  3. campaigns such as "f*** Gilligan", to smear or ruin bearers of news that does not suit their agenda.

If the UK forces "torture" pictures were staged, their release within days of the genuine abuse photos' emergence was intended to discredit Piers Morgan and the anti-war Daily Mirror, distract the UK public from the real systematic abuse, and reinforce to the Arab world the consequences of resisting their new masters. The latter is the raison d'Ítre of the abuse policy and its exposure.

If an investigation does identify a key player in the hoax who subsequently lies to protect the government, it is odds-on that he will be promoted to head of MI5 before the year is out.