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Los Angeles, May 2005…Spending nearly $4 million in America, Jimmy Walter has launched advertising blitzes in the most prominent newspapers and magazines, including full-page color ads in Business Week, Forbes, Newsweek, the New York Times, Washington Post, Readers Digest, New Yorker, etc., entitled "Are We Safer Now? According to Mr. Walter, The 9/11 Report has been published, but some very troubling questions remain unanswered." Mr. Walter is now prepared to do the same in Europe, launching a mega tour throughout Europe including Amsterdam, Vienna, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, London and Manchester, England.
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Walter first turned to paid advertising two years ago when he saw the mainstream press self-censoring to support the impending Iraqi quagmire. He felt impelled to get the word out that Colin Powell had lied before for the George H. W. Bush administration and was lying again to the American people, the Congress, and the UN to falsely justify another Gulf War which would increase terrorism, create a new Vietnam, and cause an economic disaster for America. Presciently, his predictions have all come true: the war has increased terrorism against the American people, jobs are scarce, oil is running out, and the world economy and environment are being wrecked by Bush's fanatical actions. Despite the fact that Walter's car was attacked with a 25-pound boulder, and that anonymous people have threatened him, Walter continues his courageous crusade against the Bush administration.

Walter has more than war on his mind. Even though he is a successful businessman he supports organized labor and a living wage. While in New York City to protest the Republican National Convention, he carried a sign saying, "Fair pay for Firemen and Police". "The police, firemen, EMS, sanitation, and other public labor forces do not have the right to strike or even protest. I have always supported labor as the smart thing for the whole economy", said Walter. He believes that the Republican mayor and governor have perpetrated an injustice on New York's Finest, firemen, and other essential service employees. Walter says, "I believe in "flood up" economics, not "trickle down". If the people at the bottom get money, they spend it, business makes more profits, and more people are hired. The Bush tax giveaway to the rich went to higher interest bearing banks and bonds abroad, not to buy American."

As a patriot, philanthropist, activist with a genius IQ (Cum Laud at Asheville Prep School and winner of the prestigious Morehead Scholarship ( at UNC. Today. Walter is parlaying his knowledge of business, finance, psychology, economics, behavior management, religion, computer science, and philosophy to build a truly sustainable Eco-Utopian society.

Barrie Zwicker
Canadian best-selling filmmaker Barrie Zwicker, maker of The Great Conspiracy- The 9/11 News Special You Never Saw, is from Toronto, Canada where he was, for many years, the host of a national TV show and a media critic. The film addresses what Zwicker calls the "9/11" cover-up which he says became obvious to him when he saw that no planes intervened in the 2 hours they had to stop the planes from going into the WTC in New York, he saw how the Bush Administration didn't do much of anything (Bush continued to read to children in school in Florida), and how there was no investigation into the crime until over 400 days later when Kissinger, the master of many cover-ups, was put in charge. The 9/11 Commission Report didn't even address the most important issues of the crime.

Zwicker says he has decided to devote the rest of his life to uncovering what happened on 9/11/01 . He's currently writing now about 9/11 with some emphasis on exploring the issue of why people don't question that the US military didn't intervene in this attack, that the US Government had the names of the alleged perpetrators minutes after the attack, but didn't stop them before, etc.--many pieces of information that should cause people to question the official story.

Webster Griffin Tarpley
Webster Griffin Tarpley is an activist and historian based near Washington, DC. He is best known as the author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992, reprinted 2004), which has become an underground classic since it was posted online in October 1996. This was the first book to document the complicity of Prescott Bush, grandfather of the current tenant of the White House, in the rise of Hitler. From 1972 to 1984, Tarpley worked as a journalist and editor in Italy and Germany. He co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro? -- Who Killed Aldo Moro? -- (Rome, 1978), a groundbreaking study which attributed the kidnap and murder of the Italian political leader to NATO intelligence. After moving to Washington DC in 1985, he co-authored American Leviathan: Administrative Fascism under the Bush Regime (1991). His essays and speeches from 1970 to 1996 were collected as Against Oligarchy. In 1999 he published Surviving the Cataclysm, an analysis of the world financial crisis. Tarpley’s most recent book is 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA, just published by Progressive Press of California; this book contains a refutation of the 9/11 commission report and shows how a rogue network within the US government concocted the September 11 events as a coup d’état to launch the war of civilizations, the latest form of Anglo-American imperial geopolitics. He can be reached through

Christopher Bollyn
Christopher Bollyn (Correspondent with the American Free Press) was born in Chicago in 1957 and grew up in Schaumburg Township where he attended area schools until 1975 when he graduated from James B. Conant High School and began an extended sojourn in Europe and the Middl East.

During several summers he traveled from Norway to the Middle East on bicycle trips, crossing Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Balkans, Greece, Turkey and a number of Middle Eastern countries. Several summers were spent working as a lifeguard on an Israeli kibbutz in the Jordan Valley. Through traveling and course work, Bollyn has learned to converse in several languages.

After three years he returned to the United States and began studies at the University of California at Davis. In 1992, after spending a year studying in Norway and the newly independent Baltic states of the former Soviet Union, Bollyn received a bachelor's degree in history from the University of California at Santa Cruz.Bollyn's area of specialty was Israel and Palestine, and the Middle Eastern wars that have arisen out of this core conflict.

In 2000, while working with IBM Global Network Services, Bollyn discovered a book on the Kennedy assassination entitled Final Judgment by Michael Collins Piper. After donating a copy of the book to the Schaumburg library, Bollyn discovered a censorship process at work at the library. This led to a First Amendment controversy and an event at the library in which Mr. Piper presented his case to an audience of 200.

In June of 2000, Bollyn began working with The Spotlight, a populist newspaper and predecessor of American Free Press, in Washington, D.C. His first assignment was to photograph the Bilderberg conference attendees as they met at Chateau du Lac, Genval (near Brussels), Belgium. Since then, Bollyn has covered 3 other Bilderberg conferences, exposing the membership of that secret and elite organization.

While returning to Washington from a weekend in Vermont, the Bollyn family passed through New York City in the early morning hours of September 11, 2001. Unable to return to Washington, the Bollyn family traveled on small roads to their home in Chicago.

Bollyn immediately began writing and investigating the crimes of 9/11 and has continued his research to this day. Many key discoveries about the attacks have been uncovered through Bollyn's research over the years.

He has also brought forth important information, not published before, about the intrigue behind the sinking of the Baltic ferry Estonia (Sept. 28, 1994) and the health effects caused by the use of depleted uranium weapons by the United States armed forces.

Bollyn's other areas of interest include the widespread use of insecure electronic voting machines and the undemocratic aspects of globalization, such as the European Union.

Penny Little
Filmmaker Penny Little for her disturbing new DVD: 911 from Dust to Deceit:

When President George W. Bush came to Ground Zero two days after the 9/11 attack, he urged everyone to shop. Ironically, the expression – Shop Till You Drop – would have been more appropriate. In fact, the raw truth about the air is that is was, as scientist Marjorie Clarke says, “Equivalent to dozens of asbestos factories, incinerators and crematoria.”

The White House Council on Environmental Quality changed EPA's press releases turning warnings of asbestos into reassurances. The EPA also said "The air is safe to breathe" at the World Trade Center. This has seriously injured the health of Manhattan workers and residents. It is even killing some of the heroes who worked at Ground Zero.

Christine Whitman, EPA administrator, and Mayor Giuliani lied to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world that there were "no significant problems". Shockingly and no consciousness of forethought, the New York City Dept of Health told residents to clean their apartments with a wet mop or wet rag.

And, despite the studies which continue to point to the hazards of exposure to Ground Zero contaminants, neither the federal government nor New York City has yet cleaned up the city's firehouses. One firefighter who did not join the department until after the World Trade Center fires had gone out has now been found to have new onset asthma attributable to exposure at his firehouse near Ground Zero.

Plain and simply — extremely hazardous materials became airborne when the World Trade Center disintegrated and thus posed a most serious health threat to people who live and work in the downtown area, not just ground Zero.

Public trust in government has diminished as some workers and residents have become sick and required medical attention. It is time that the various governmental agencies at the federal, state, and local level do whatever is necessary to protect the public health and safety and thereby regain the public's trust.

Comprehensive, representative testing has yet to be performed in the area affected by the dust and fires of the disaster. Following a year of discussions with the World Trade Center Expert Technical Review Panel, the EPA is expected to release a new sampling plan within a few weeks. A preliminary plan submitted to a panel of outside technical experts was found wanting in several areas including quality control, number of contaminants to be studied and reliance on a 'signature' to determine the presence of World Trade Center dust.

William Rodriguez
William Rodriguez was the last WTC employee to leave the North Tower before it collapsed; surviving by hiding underneath a fire truck. As the only person with the master key to the North Tower stairwells he single-handedly rescued fifteen people and saved the lives of hundreds more by leading firefighters up the emergency stairwells and unlocking doors along the way. Despite losing his job and livelihood of 19 years as a WTC maintenance worker and living with the horrors of that day, Mr. Rodriguez has devoted his life to helping those affected by the terrible events that occurred on 9/11/01. He is now the subject of an upcoming documentary film entitled "The Keymaster" by director Mario Diaz. Complete info and film trailer can be seen HERE.