--- Sam Brand wrote:

> Mike, et al:
> I am not part of any team with Hufschmit and
> Smith. I and AFP helped Eric with his book before
> it was published

It's news to me---and I think to probably a lot of
other AFP people --- that "AFP helped Eric with his
book before it was published."

Did you just slip up and reveal something here that we
never knew before.

Paul Angel was just commenting on the great production
values of that book and how much it cost to produce
and was wondering what kind of financing Eric had.

and he was on my team during the
> European tour with William Rodriguez and Jimmy
> Walter.
> I did visit him for a few weeks this spring when
> he let us stay at his house while I worked at the
> UCSB library. He is familiar with those articles
> because I wrote them from Santa Barbara.
> Hufschmid has learned a lot about the Zionist
> involvement in 911 FROM my articles and research,
> which is why he posts them and writes about me on
> his website. Eric saw how I had to defend AFP,
> Willis Carto, and myself EVERY day of the European
> tour while I was attacked daily from a Zionist agent
> named Jenna Orkin.
> I actually had to go through a similar
> interrogation process and offer my mea culpas and
> actually withdraw from the lectures in Vienna
> because of Walter's fears that the whole event would
> be shut down because of my presence. Hufschmid saw
> the pressures put on me and the bizarre Zionist
> agent who followed us in Paris and London and got
> down on his knee and pleaded with me not to talk
> about Chertoff or depleted uranium at the WTC. He
> saw it all and was amazed.
> You arranged your show to have two of your
> supporters, Lisa and Scott, rail against me.

You are a godamned fucking liar.

I repeat: CHristopher Bollyn is a godamned fucking

Danny Romero and John Stadtmiller know better.

However, you obviously think that Danny and John were
in on this so-called scheme to "get" you since John
has been vocally critical of Hufschmid, too.

Those "two of your supporters" are supporters of
AMERICAN FREE PRESS and as anyone who has listened to
that show knows godamned well, the last few minutes
were spent BY ME criticizing Victor Thorn and
defending you.

Paul Angel, Chris Petherick and Julia Foster say that
they were amazed that you failed to defend American
Free Press against the false allegations of Eric

I'm going to start sending these emails out publicly
because I know godamned well that you're sending them
that godamned little weasel Eric hufschmid.

> either didn't show or simply stayed back. The
> subject of the show was supposed to be about my
> arrest and Wing TV's coverage of it. You then
> allowed Scott to change the entire subject of the
> show twice and act as the Great Inquisitor.

I also allowed Scott to be subjected to a relentless
attack from Jack Blood.

I also allowed Mark Bilk an extended amount of time to
defend you, attack Lisa AND the cops.

If you can't admit that, Christopher, then I can only
allow the rest of the people at AFP and RBN who are
privy to this sadness to reach their own conclusions.

What am
> I supposed to think?

Such bullshit.

Christopher: give up now. There's nobody on this list,
I guarantee you, that believes that you were set up by
me or by anybody.

Why did I ask you to sit in for me on RBN and even
suggested Eric as a guest host?

Was that part of some grand Zionist scheme to "get"

Was I "setting you up" even then?

Come off it.

> CB
> Michael Collins Piper
> wrote:
> --- Sam Brand wrote:
> > Michael, et al:
> >
> > The first thing I was told when I started to fill
> > in for you on RBNlive.com was that I could not
> > criticize or attack any of the other RBN hosts,
> such
> > as Webster Tarpley, who I have reason to believe
> is
> > covering up the Israeli involvement in 911. That
> > was the main ground rule and I followed it.
> >
> > I guess, however, that this simple ground rule did
> > not apply to on-air criticism of me. Tired and
> > beaten as I was on Thursday night I walked into an
> > on-air trap that was carefully laid for me.
> You are asserting that I laid a trap for you. This
> is
> remarkable. No, its horrifying, puzzling, astounding
> and beyond belief and I don't think there's anybody
> on
> this list who thinks that I would do that, in the
> first place, and if they actually listened to the
> broadcast (which several have), they know it isn't
> true---(more about which later).
> Funny thing is that I specifically took Jack Blood's
> call at John Stadtmiller's suggestion (via the
> computer board) knowing full well that he was going
> to
> go after Victor, largely because of their own
> personal
> pissing match that had nothing to do with you. And
> now
> you are saying that I laid a trap for you.
> This is after Lisa Guliani sent out an email
> complaining that I had asked them to come on to
> debate
> you and that I had referred to you as a "friend" but
> only referred to them as people who had paid me a
> stipend.
> >
> > From what I gather, I had been discussed on other
> > shows prior to the one with me and Scott Makufka.
> > By the way, his name is Scott Makufka, and that is
> > how the newspapers write about him, etc. Victor
> > Thorn is his nom de plume. It is deceptive to
> carry
> > on a conversation and use fictional names.
> This has nothing to do with me.
> >
> > I have been very exhausted and tired since this
> > ordeal. It was all I could do to get my articles
> > written and make the most important calls and
> > appointments. In general, I don't read the
> websites
> > of Eric Hufschmid
> You are prominently featured there to the point that
> Hufschmid and Smith have consistently made it sound
> as
> though you are part of their team.
> or Wing TV. I'm not very
> > interested and don't have the time. I don't follow
> > all the accusations and allegations floating
> around
> > the Internet. If I did, I would never get anything
> > done. People accuse me of all kinds of things all
> > the time.
> >
> > You said that I should have responded to the 4
> > rapid fire questions from Scott Makufka. Why? Am I
> > a witness in a court of law? Why should I submit
> to
> > on-air interrogation from Scott Makufka.
> No, what I said was that I was shocked (as were all
> the other AFP employees) that you would not defend
> as to Hufschmid's accusations.
> >
> > Makufka said that Eric had something about AFP
> > that I had not even seen and I'm supposed to
> comment
> > on it on the air? He said something about AFP
> being
> > controlled by Zionists, I now know. As I said, I
> > can't comment on that and have no opinion on it. I
> > don't know enough to comment on such a question.
> >
> > How should I know what goes on at AFP? I simply
> > write stories and do my research on my own. I have
> > seen that Chris P. and AFP in general is reluctant
> > to get into the nitty gritty of Zionism, which I
> > attibuted to the fact that don't know Zionism with
> > their own eyes as I do.
> I am surprised to see that you would say that Chris
> Petherick and AFP in general are reluctant to get
> into
> the nitty gritty of Zionism.
> All of the articles that you have written and I have
> written on the topic.
> >
> > I have lived in Israel/Palestine for years and
> > seen my friends shot, maimed and killed. I was
> > married to a woman who worked in Israeli military
> > intelligence. I was the subject of an Israeli
> > inquiry when I was 21 years old. I have been to
> > Iran, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey,
> > and other Middle Eastern capitals since I was 18
> > years old.
> >
> > I know what has gone on in Israel and Lebanon
> > since 1977-78 when Israeli Air Force bombers used
> to
> > scream over my head at 5 a.m. in the morning when
> I
> > cleaned the pool on the kibbutz in the Jordan
> > Valley. I learned Hebrew and Arabic because I
> > needed these languages on a daily basis.
> Yes, I know that. I'm not sure what the point is.
> It's
> a feather in your cap that you have all this
> background.
> >
> > When I visited you last time in Washington I was
> > surprised that you were unaware of Shimon Peres
> > terror attack on the FIJIBATT UN camp in Cana,
> > Lebanon in 1996.
> I don't know everything about everything, nor do I
> pretend to. The godamned Jews have massacred so many
> people in so many places it is a little hard to keep
> track of.
> Are you suggesting that because I didn't know about
> this particular massacre that:
=== message truncated ===