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For a three-minute audio clip of Christopher Bollyn talking about his first wife, click here. More about that here. And see here about his claims of "Zionist" Mark Lane "controls" and "owns" American Free Press, as promoted by Bollyn on the R.J. Hender show and in his article Why Are We Unable To Resist?

For quite some time, it had been pretty evident that Eric Hufschmid, the self-styled 'anti-Zionist' part Jewish half-brother of a $9 billion Zionist media empire heiress, was a Zionist agent. Until September 2007, he had been working with Daryl Bradford Smith who seemed to be a possible agent provocateur.

After being fired by American Free Press in October 2006, Christopher Bollyn was effectively the "third member" of The French Connection (TFC) trio. On August 21, 2007, Bollyn finally severed ties with TFC in an open letter to Eric Hufschmid that accused him of spreading false news and baseless accusations. For about three weeks, TFC were  down to two front men, plus however many handlers and shills it took to administer and support the operation. Then, in early September, Daryl Smith and Eric Hufschmid went their separate ways. After the Hufschmid - Smith split, it became apparent that Smith was a sincere anti-Zionist truth teller, Hufschmid had been misleading and abusing Smith, and since Smith believed strongly in remaining loyal to friends and associates, had given him the benefit of the doubt when, from the perspective of other observers, it was already evident there was something wrong.

Brought to the former Liberty Lobby's The Spotlight - forerunner of the American Free Press - in 2000 by self-described Khazar and troublemaker Jerry Myers, Bollyn cited a weak cover story in which he had encountered opposition from Jewish interests when trying to place Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment in his local library at Schaumburg, Illinois. However, although Piper first "officially" met Bollyn and his wife Helje Kaskel in May of 2000, there is evidence that the Bollyns were tailing Piper ever since 1994 - the year that Final Judgment was first published. Documented evidence surfaced in 2009 when Anne Cronin, who had worked at Liberty Lobby going back to 1964 before the launch of The Spotlight, came across some interesting information when flipping through old guest books.

For July 11, 1994, there were just two visitors to the Liberty Lobby office who had inscribed their names onto the relevant book covering that date, with the previous and following names falling on June 13 and July 18 respectively. The first name on July 11, 1994, was Christopher Bollyn, 220 Kingman Lane, Hoffman Estates, Illinois 60194, and directly beneath it on the next line was Helje Kaskel, Estonia (they married the next year). It was around January of 2000 - the time of Bollyn's little altercation with the library - that Bollyn first contacted Piper and said that he'd just heard about his book Final Judgment on the internet, had just obtained a copy, was trying to put it in the library at Schaumburg, and Jewish interests would not allow that. Later in 2000, when Bollyn returned to Washington to work for The Spotlight, he never indicated that he'd already set foot inside or had any contact with the Liberty Lobby office. Assuming that was his signature on the guest book, such an omission would be rather curious behavior. Along with the odd 'coincidence' of Bollyn visiting the office frequented by the author of Final Judgment just months after its first publication in January 1994, a book that Bollyn claimed to have been unaware of until 2000 when he "found" it on the internet. However, from an intelligence operative with intent to deceive, such actions would be entirely normal.

But it wasn't just in 1994 that the Bollyns had evidently been interested in Mike Piper. In April of 1997, they were tailing him in Cancun, Mexico. Piper was in a cigar store, looking into a cigar case, and he heard a squeaky American voice say, "Hey, cigars". It sounded like "Hey, seegars". Piper turned around and saw a striking couple - a tall, handsome guy with his fabulously beautiful woman, looking like American tourists. They were not speaking to Piper, but hovering nearby. Then, in May 2000, when Piper met the Bollyns in Chicago and Christopher mentioned that he smoked cigars, Piper suddenly recalled the "Hey, seegars" encounter of three years ago, and realised that the two of them were the same couple that he'd seen previously in Mexico.

About six months prior to Piper's first official contact with Bollyn (by email) early in 2000, he had been contacted by a Swedish gentleman who'd expressed an interest in doing a documentary on Final Judgment. He told Piper a story about one of his experiences in the Middle East in the company of another individual. As Piper visited the Bollyns at their Chicago home in May 2000, Christopher Bollyn told the same story as recounted by the Swedish gentleman. It was about the same incident on the Israeli border, and yet neither Bollyn nor the Swedish gentleman said that they knew each other. The recognition that the Bollyns were the "Hey, seegars" couple, the shared experience by two gentlemen who omitted to mention that they knew each other, and a bizarre incident in which Helje showed Piper her nude modelling photos as husband Christopher looked on, led Piper to ask himself whether he was caught up in some intelligence operation involving the Bollyn couple. This was nine years before the discovery of documented evidence of the Bollyns' 1994 visit to Liberty Lobby.

Some truth seekers have been misled by Zionist attempts to promote Bollyn as an "honest American patriot". In fact, Bollyn - a proven liar with convictions for theft and assault - has been playing the role of agent saboteur, to complement Smith's one-time apparent agent provocateur and Hufschmid's central role in co-ordinating the counter operation against the 9/11 truth movement. To hear a couple of genuine anti-Zionists explaining about agents, listen to Michael Collins Piper's November 12, 2007 show, available from:

...or Daryl Bradford Smith's show of the same date from:

On June 6, 2007, Christopher Lee Bollyn, 50, was found guilty of aggravated assault and resisting arrest relating to an incident when he called the police to his home in August 2006. Sentencing was due June 25, and he faced up to a year in jail. However, Bollyn never showed up in court, and the judge issued a no-bond arrest warrant. Afterwards, both Chris and Helje Bollyn were in email contact with people, and Bollyn's website was updated several times. According to Christopher's brother Jay, the Bollyns had been heading for Sweden, and might have gone from there to Estonia, where Helje's family live. Daryl Smith and Eric Hufschmid peddled a ludicrous conspiracy theory about the Bollyns having been abducted and possibly "murdered", and continued to promote such nonsense in spite of all evidence to the contrary. However, in the transcripts and audio at The Darylgate Tapes page, Smith says that he never believed the "Bollyns missing" nonsense, and it was all Hufschmid's idea.

Christopher clearly wanted nothing more to do with TFC, possibly because his assignment as agent saboteur had been completed. Hufschmid had to try to spin an 'explanation' for the consumption of TFC's dwindling band of supporters, who would otherwise be querying why Bollyn was not doing any more interviews or posting any more articles at TFC. Likewise, Bollyn had to explain why he had broken off relations with TFC, as he attempted to reinvent himself as an honest, reliable reporter.

As Hufschmid has become increasingly exposed as a Zionist operative, it is amusing to observe his increasingly ludicrous position of having to assert that he and his associates are the only "genuine" anti-Zionist activists, and that those who see through their all too transparent guise and expose them are "liars", "Crypto-Zionists", "Zionist agents" or "members of the criminal network". Smith complained that he, Hufschmid and Bollyn were not being supported, but that was because folk had woken up to the fact that, by accident or design, these characters were part of a Zionist operation to cover for Israel's role in 9/11. The hapless trio's claim that it is not they who are the Zionist agents, but everyone else, is rather like the inmates of a lunatic asylum declaring that they are the sole representatives of sanity! By the last week of July 2007, they were even describing Chris Jon Bjerknes as a "Zionist agent", and the Palestinian Dr Hesham Tillawi as "suspicious"!

Bollyn's questionable stories include his misquoting of Mark Loizeaux regarding where the molten steel was found, his misquoting of Arthur Lerner-Lam as to alleged "seismic spikes", the Sam Danner "Global Hawk" report (which Russell Pickering identified as highly suspect right from day one, the "thermite disguised as batteries" red herring which any demolitionist worth their salt would recognise as nonsense, a satirical article from The Onion submitted as Bollyn's "original work", a suspect article that Bollyn tried to get into the Barnes Review, the "Flight 93 was not shot down but landed at Cleveland" theory, the claim that Benjamin Chertoff is a cousin of Michael Chertoff, etc.

In the email below, posted by Chris Bollyn under his alias of Sam Brand to Mike Piper and a few others associated with AFP, he states that he was married to an Israeli woman who worked for Israeli military intelligence.

I have lived in Israel/Palestine for years and seen my friends shot, maimed and killed. I was married to a woman who worked in Israeli military intelligence. I was the subject of an Israeli inquiry when I was 21 years old. I have been to Iran, Syria, Jordan, Gaza, Egypt, Tunisia, Turkey, and other Middle Eastern capitals since I was 18 years old. I know what has gone on in Israel and Lebanon since 1977-78 when Israeli Air Force bombers used to scream over my head at 5 a.m. in the morning when I cleaned the pool on the kibbutz in the Jordan Valley. I learned Hebrew and Arabic because I needed these languages on a daily basis.


And in an interview with David Duke at, Bollyn says (27:57) he had personal relationships with a couple of Israeli girls, one that lasted a while. He says she went into military intelligence and she was based in Herzliya. Listen from 38:10, which leads to Bollyn stating that he married the Israeli woman in Puerto Rico. Or click here to listen to or download a three-minute compilation clip of his statements on his first wife, including an admission that it was a "marriage of convenience".

An article on Chris Bollyn in the February 6, 2001 (Chicago) Daily Herald article confirms that his first wife, Bosmat Merimsky, was Jewish. They married in Puerto Rico in 1983, and divorced a couple of years later.


"I reject any charges of anti-Semitism whole-heartedly," Bollyn said. "I lived in Israel. I speak Hebrew. I was married to an Israeli woman."

Bollyn's first wife, Bosmat Merimsky, was a Jew from a Kibbutz in Israel. The couple married in 1983 in Puerto Rico and divorced two years later. Bollyn remarried in 1995 in Sweden to wife Helje Kaskel. The couple has two children together, living in Bollyn's childhood home on Kingman Lane.


Bollyn has lived in the village most of his life, having left on occasion to travel. He graduated from Conant High School in 1975 and afterward began a sojourn in Europe and the Middle East that lasted about three years.

During that time, he learned to speak several languages, from German, Spanish, Swedish and Norwegian to Hebrew and Arabic.

He began his college career in Norway studying Biblical Hebrew and Egyptian at the University of Oslo, Norway, and then returned to the United States to attend the University of California at Davis. But during one winter break, he found the call of Lake Tahoe's ski slopes too tempting, and didn't return to school the following quarter.



At the above URL, entering the search term "Bosmat Merimsky" and the time frame of "all years" will display the first six lines of the February 6, 2001 article, and they charge $2.95 to view the whole article.

Chris's brother Jay has confirmed that Chris said he married an Israeli whose first name was Bosmat, and that Bosmat was interested in marrying an American so she could live in the US, in LA, California. So, it was a marriage of convenience as Chris openly admits. Whatever his remuneration, the Israeli intelligence agencies would have had him on their books as someone with whom they could do business. In advance of their forthcoming major false-flag operation, Chris would have been approached and given the assignment of infiltrating The Spotlight, using a cover story about a library banning a book. His job would be to align himself with the evidence of Zionist involvement in 9/11. Then, when the other staff at AFP began to suspect him and his cover was about to be blown, he would deliberately discredit himself with hoaxes such as Sam Danner's "Global Hawk", and staging a stunt whereby he would call the police out to his home and get himself arrested. A Jewish judge would be instructed to let him "fly the coop", and after being paid off, his assignment would have been concluded. He would then not need to have any more to do with TFC, and could remain in Europe and attempt to re-invent himself as an independent "honest" journalist. Although, given his record, that would be easier said than done. 

However, in this video of a speech by Chris Bollyn, he starts talking about his time in Israel (41:30): "I'm a Christian ... as a Christian, you cannot get married to an Israeli, you cannot own land in Israel." That is misleading, as it seems like he was never married to an Israeli.

Note that Bollyn, 50 (as of June 2007), claims to have been to Middle Eastern capitals since he was 18 years old (1974/5), to have been the subject of an Israeli inquiry when he was 21 years old (1977/8), to have known "what has gone on in Israel and Lebanon since 1977-78 when Israeli Air Force bombers used to scream over my head at 5 a.m. in the morning when I cleaned the pool on the kibbutz in the Jordan Valley", and to have lived in Israel / Palestine for "years".

If he moved to Israel in 1977-78 and lived there for "years" with an Israeli intel op, it seems a bit odd that he should have two convictions for theft in 1981 out of California.

Pontrelli also said Bollyn had two theft convictions in 1981 out of California, as well as an assault charge. Pontrelli sought to have Bollyn's bond revoked, but that was denied.

Source: / cached

And if you cannot trust a man with your money, heaven only knows how he can be trusted to provide a truthful account of events.

It would be a rather bizarre 'anti-Zionist' and 'short of cash but forthright reporter' who had previously lived in Jerusalem whilst married to an Israeli intelligence operative, who spoke fluent Arabic and Hebrew, who was as noted above a close associate of the self-styled 'anti-Zionist' half-brother of a $9 billion Zionist media empire heiress, in addition to having lived in Norway with an "erudite Swedish countess" in the 1970s, and now having a high-maintenance wife who has the Jewish name Kaskel, and who was previously married to the late rock star Urmas Alender whose band Ruja has been compared to Genesis, Yes, Emerson Lake and Palmer, and King Crimson. Bollyn was supposedly with the Israeli woman by the age of 21, so must have been even younger when he was with the Countess.

Chris Bollyn claims to have returned to the U.S. in the late 1970s. That contradicts his claim in the email about moving to Israel in 1977-78 and living there for "years" with an Israeli intel op. The about Bollyn page has no mention of a previous Israeli wife or of living in Israel for "years". It says that he learnt about the Middle East at the universities of Oslo and California, and this account tallies with his record of two theft convictions from California in 1981. However, in Bollyn's interview with CNN (download the unedited audio file here) on Paula Zahn Now, he tells Deborah Feyerick (25:05): "I've lived in Israel, I speak Hebrew, I was married to an Israeli." Also listen at 07:25 when Bollyn says [about 9/11]: "I wish I knew who did it."

So CNN, RBN, AFP, the Daily Herald and David Duke get his "Israeli wife" story; most other folk get the "one wife" version.

Bollyn has all the characteristics of a bullshit artist rather like Robert Freegard, who masqueraded as an MI5 agent and was so convincing that he even fooled people into sleeping out on park benches for several nights, or letting him beat them up as a "loyalty test".

But either way, Bollyn was always the sort of character whom the likes of the Rockefellers, Hufschmids, Murdochs, Rothschilds, etc, would either employ or manipulate. They would forge a link between him and anti-Zionist truth seekers who had deduced that Israel did 9/11. Bollyn's appearance on the Paula Zahn show on Israel's role in 9/11 was part of the agent saboteur operation. Hence, the honest truth seekers and the evidence of Israel's guilt would be tarnished by association when Bollyn went down, whether as a paid agent in receipt of money from an overseas account, or an unfortunate who learnt the hard way that the likes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds will not exhibit any loyalty to a Gentile who has outlived his usefulness.

Christopher Bollyn is no Zundel, Rudolf or Duke, martyrs who were targeted by the Zionists and jailed precisely because of their anti-Zionist activism. Bollyn claimed that the ADL, Homeland Security, the Hoffman Estates police force, Michael Collins Piper and others were all part of a "conspiracy" to engineer his arrest and Tasering. If the event had been engineered by the latter group rather than Bollyn himself, how could they have known in advance that driving past Bollyn's house would have prompted him to call 911, handing them the pretext they required in order to call at his home? And how could they have known that Bollyn himself would turn away to go into his home, yelling at the police that he would "get the militia to take them down" and was going to get his "reinforcements", providing the very pretext with which they could assault and Taser him? And wouldn't it have been easier for someone to just knock him off his bike as he cycled to the "wine" (liquor) store?

The career history of the three officers involved demonstrates that their role was related to traffic stops and drivers under the influence of drink, rather than consistent with the theory that they were some sinister, Zionist-controlled federal hit squad. Officer Tim Stoy had been given a DUI enforcement award for making 25 arrests, Officers Michael Barber and Darin Felgenhauer had received "Honorable Mention" awards relating to DUI, and Michael Barber had a Police Dept. Meritorious Police Duty Award relating to Hurricane Katrina. They were tactical officers in the area for a traffic stop. Bollyn had tried to make a mountain out of a molehill, claiming that he believed they were federal agents targeting him.

The likes of the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds are hoping that anti-Zionist truth seekers will fail to take time out to look into the details of the case, and go on to make a logical error known as post hoc ergo propter hoc (after this therefore because of this) that confuses correlation with causation. 1) Bollyn is an anti-Zionist who has been digging into Zionist involvement in 9/11. 2) Bollyn has got into trouble with the law. 3) Bollyn got into trouble because of his anti-Zionist activism.

Firstly, anyone with more than a passing familiarity with the case will see that premise 1) is false. Bollyn was posing as an "anti-Zionist" in order to set himself up as a straw man who could be knocked down, and, by extension, the case for Zionist involvement in 9/11 with which he had closely aligned himself. But in any case, even if 1) were true, the causal fallacy still applies.

There is no credible causal link between the events if we posit that the Hoffman Estates police, the ADL, Homeland Security, Piper, Scott Makufka, the Bronfmans, etc - think Occam's Razor! - engineered an assault on Bollyn. It was Bollyn himself who dialled 911 and called the police, they didn't turn up uninvited! The conspiracy theory that the Zionists targeted Bollyn for his anti-Zionist views and 'work' requires the postulate that the Zionists have virtually acquired ESP powers of precognition! They would have needed to have perfected mind control, or a methodology for predicting behavior from stimuli, to such extent that driving in an unmarked car could guarantee the target would call 911. And the police would have needed to have perfected a technique guaranteed to induce the target to turn away, yelling out that he was going to get his reinforcements, thereby providing a pretext for a Tasering and arrest.

If Bollyn engineered his arrest as a publicity stunt, then everything falls into place. In this version of events, there is a credible causal chain, with earlier events acting as the cause of subsequent events. It was Bollyn who called 911, and Bollyn who turned away yelling about getting his reinforcements. It was Christopher Bollyn who caused events to unfold as they did!

It also appears that Christopher was convicted on the testimony of his wife Helje, who is almost certainly Jewish as was his alleged previous Israeli wife, when she admitted that one of the officers had displayed a small badge. That also supports the theory that the Bollyns are getting quite a decent payment from the Rockefellers for engineering the stunt, as corroborated by AFP's private investigation into Christopher that showed that he was receiving money from overseas. Listen to:

...which is an excerpt from the March 8, 2007 Piper Report, available from:

It was part of the Bollyns' job to ensure that Christopher was convicted, and they did their level best to guarantee it.

So this is how the Zionist scam works: 1) Install your agent to pose as an "anti-Zionist" exposing Israel's role in 9/11. 2) Have him on Paula Zahn's CNN show to portray him as an "anti-Semitic conspiracy nutjob". 3) Have him engineer a stunt where it appears to the uninformed that the cops 'attacked' him because of his 'work' in exposing Zionism. 4) The evidence for Zionist involvement is tarnished by association with a "paranoid anti-Semite" with a recent conviction for aggravated assault and resisting arrest. As a bonus, the 9/11 truth movement is split by in-fighting between those who see through Bollyn's deceptions and those who don't. Zionist 'debunkers' and neutral skeptics alike of the case for Zionist culpability have a field day, and honest patriots are left floundering as the real criminals go scot-free, or rather, jew-free.

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are certainly not stupid. Are we supposed to think that they would not have the wherewithal to counter the truth movement with a plan like that, a plan which is much less risky and far more economical than the ludicrous "million agents" theory which has so many people who must be paid, blackmailed, handled, and forced to keep quiet? Of course, there are thousands of other Zionist agents in the alternative media, mostly relatively rudimentary agents who are quickly exposed, including the likes of Tom Flocco, along with a whole host of internet shills. The Smith / Hufschmid / Bollyn trio - or quartet if we count Christopher's wife Helje Kaskel - with Smith evidently sincere but having been deceived by people he trusted, are among the sophisticated agents contingent which probably included the late Joe Vialls. These operatives pose as "anti-Zionists" in order to spread disinformation, sow discord, poison the well and sabotage the anti-Zionist truth movement.

The arrest incident was probably Eric's idea, after Bollyn's cover had been blown at AFP and the Sam Danner hoax debunked. Eric and Christopher would have known that the Hoffman Estates police used unmarked cars, and note how often Eric suggests that a person is "suspicious" for having "mysterious" links with someone else, or an event is "suspicious" for no good reason.

So Eric would have come up with the idea of a "suspicious" car as the pretext which would allow Bollyn to call 911. They decided to pretend one of these unmarked cars seemed "suspicious" to Bollyn. Having less distance to travel, there was a good chance that Hufschmid and Bollyn would hit the jackpot and the "suspicious" car would arrive first. Bollyn's role was to present himself as a belligerent, paranoid nutjob, to put the icing on the cake of his "anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist" persona that had been promoted by CNN, Paula Zahn and the ADL. After the police arrived, he would provoke them and continue to escalate the confrontation, so blatantly that even his young daughter would warn, "Daddy, they might arrest you!"

Bollyn would wave his fist at the cops, then imply he was going to get a gun by yelling at them about "going to get his reinforcements" and getting "the militia to take them down." He would ignore their repeated exhortations for him to quit, and would turn to go into the house, leaving the reluctant cops with no choice but to tackle him. He would then continue to struggle in order to ensure charges were brought, with resisting arrest added to aggravated assault. If they Tased him, so much the better, as he had some articles prepared and it would help to promote him as an "anti-Zionist martyr". He could always pretend to have a 'broken' arm, too, and use promotional photos of him with an arm in a sling. Helje's testimony would have to confirm that police badges were displayed.

The Bollyns would get laundered Zionist Mafia money, channelled from overseas, allowing them to continue living the high life after Christopher had served any sentence.

Bollyn was probably not particularly intoxicated at the time of his arrest, but would have made sure he smelt of alcohol as part of the show. And the cops probably thought that only someone who was under the influence, or was a total idiot, would be looking for a confrontation with them.

The Zionists are smarting because so few have fallen for their deceptions involving Bollyn and Hufschmid, the Bollschmiders. Folk are increasingly seeing through TFC deceptions and publicity stunts, and seeing TFC trio for what they are: A Jewish brother of a multi-billion-dollar Zionist media empire heiress, an amoral convict with connections in high places and a predilection for telling tall tales, and a cantankerous but sincere anti-Zionist with a talent for online rants and manipulating interviewees into dishing out malicious gossip about rival truthers.

Christopher Bollyn was convicted fair and square by 14 of his peers on charges of resisting arrest and aggravated assault. And the testimony of his own wife helped to convict him, when Helje admitted that an officer had shown a small badge.

But prosecutors argued that the three men showed their badges and wore gear that clearly identified them as Hoffman Estates police officers.

"This defense is ridiculous," said James Pontrelli, an assistant state's attorney. "Even the defendant's wife testified that one of the officers 'showed me a shiny, little badge.' "

Source: Chicago Tribune / cached

It was Bollyn who called 911 and asked the cops to call at his home, it was Bollyn who waved his fist in an officer's face, it was Bollyn who yelled at the police that he was going to "get his reinforcements" and then turned away to enter his house after the police had been attempting to prevent the situation from escalating. For all the cops knew, he could have been going to get a gun and they were therefore in lethal danger.

The "aggravated" nature of the assault stems from the threat of a lethal weapon. Generally, aggravated assault is treated as a felony, but the Chicago Tribune reported that "Christopher Bollyn, 50, was found guilty of misdemeanor aggravated assault and resisting arrest after a four-day trial in the Rolling Meadows branch of Cook County Circuit Court."

Bollyn's previous criminal record included two convictions for theft out of California in 1981, although information is not available as to whether the sums involved were over the $400 or $500 limit to qualify as a felony.

If the 9/11 truth movement does not disassociate itself from this aristocratic charlatan, our opponents will have a field day and the real criminals will escape justice until the day they die. We cannot afford to make such a mistake.

Bollyn Arrest FAQ

Where's the injured police officer that Chris supposedly committed aggravated assault on?

Refer to the Wiki entry on assault:

... in other jurisdictions, such as the United States, assault refers only to the threat of violence caused by an immediate show of force.

Re common law: As the criminal law evolved, element 1 was weakened in most jurisdictions so that a reasonable fear of bodily injury would suffice.

Re modern American statutes: Some states also define assault as an attempt to menace (or actual menacing) by placing another person in fear of imminent serious bodily injury.

So it would appear that Illinois could be one of those states. The "aggravated" nature relates to Bollyn's implying that he was going to get a gun. However, aggravated assault is generally classed as a felony, whereas in the Bollyn case the prosecutors have recognised that it is more appropriate to rate it as "misdemeanor aggravated assault" and resisting arrest.

Where is the videotape evidence? Where is the audiotape evidence?

Apart from the cops, they had the testimony of Bollyn's wife and neighbor(s). Bollyn himself did not dispute that he had turned away to go into his home. He claimed videotape evidence was "destroyed", but is there any independent corroboration of that?

Why would two Jewish prosecutors be chosen?

Interesting if true, but seeing as the whole incident was obviously a Zionist-staged stunt intended to promote Bollyn as a "martyr", the prosecutors could also be part of the conspiracy. The fact that Helje admitted that an officer had displayed a badge suggests that the Bollyns wanted to make sure Christopher was convicted, most likely because they are receiving quite a substantial sum for their part in the stunt.

Why would supposed 'truth seekers' not support his defense; and instead launch a broad smear campaign?

As noted above, Bollyn's tendency to be economical with the actualite, and the post hoc ergo propter hoc trap that the Zionists have set for honest truth seeking anti-Zionists, primarily in order to tarnish them by association with this convicted criminal who presents himself as an anti-Semitic nutjob and paranoid laughing stock. As a bonus, the more gullible would be tricked into contributing to Bollyn's "legal fund", thereby providing personal information that could be used against them. In general, truth seekers, along with Bollyn's jurors, recognise that his account of events has bigger holes than the Titanic.

Why did American Free Press collect money for Bollyn's defense and then not give it to him?

AFP sent about $5,000 to Bollyn, and returned almost all the remaining $15,000, apart from one contribution from Scotland that they didn't have an address for, according to Mike Piper. (Refer to his January 9, 2007 show, from 34:45.) Piper says that he was arguing that all the money should have been sent to Bollyn, but the rest of the AFP staff were so outraged at Bollyn's Hufschmid-influenced "bizarre behavior", that they made a decision to send the remaining money back.

The Bollyn - Hufschmid - Murdoch "Coincidence" / Bollyn's Claims on the R.J. Hender Show

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