David Blunkett Resigns from Blair Government for Second Time

The Blunkett saga is yet another example of Israel's field agents latching on to those in a position of power like moths to a flame, in order to influence them by bribery and / or blackmail.

With Tony Blair himself, the intermediaries included Carole Caplin, Peter Mandelson, Lord Levy (TB's tennis partner), Jack Straw, etc. Blair's payment for the Iraq war was 4,000,000 which was spent on the 3.6 million Connaught Square house and the flats in Clifton, Bristol. It was agreed that they would make up some story about the money being "an advance for his memoirs"; the banks would be accommodating. If Blair refused to go along with the invasion and to compile the "dodgy dossier", etc, there was the threat of the compromising pictures of Caplin "flushing out Cherie's toxins", and possibly pictures of Tony and Peter Mandelson. Israel could have also used the threat of a nuclear attack on Iraq, which is the most charitable interpretation for Blair. There is still a tiny chance that Blair's actions were partly altruistic - condemning 100,000+ to death in a war and countless more from cancer, leukaemia, and systemic organ failure from dumped radioactive waste, in order that a million might have been saved. Even this has Blair guilty of giving in to terrorism whilst claiming to do the opposite, playing God with other people's lives, profligate lying and deception, and fails to properly account for the source of the 4 million.

Kimberly Quinn, a Jewish publisher, would have passed on any information gleaned from Blunkett, which could then be used as leverage to, for example, compel the UK to launch wars for Israel's benefit against Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. Or bring in Draconian "anti-terror laws. Or continue with a policy of mass immigration and multi-culturalism. Or legislate for 24-hour drinking. Or bring in casinos. Once again, the natives of the conquered land along with the armed forces and taxpayers of the dupe satellite country are those who bear the blood and financial price; greasy fatcats in Tel Aviv, New York and Barnet are those who bank the profits.

David Blunkett's next appointment will probably be at the European Commission. Once Blunkett was no further use to the major players, he would have been discarded like a well-worn toy. He wanted more sons, and two-year-old William arrived whilst Blunkett was in favour with the Zionist cabal. The DNA test of early 2005 showed that he was not the father of Mrs Quinn's recently born baby, Lorcan. It is interesting to note that Blunkett's interest in DNA testing companies developed just after a DNA paternity test did not go the way he wanted...

Revised November 3, 2005