Tony Blair's 2000 Terrorism Act introduced 7-day detentions without charge or trial. A January 2004 amendment extended the maximum period to 14 days. As Tony Blair attempts to get his proposed 90-day detentions through Parliament, he has challenged his opponents to offer alternative policies.

He should cut the current 14 days back to 7 days or less; give the 4 million Iraq war gratuity to charity (after selling the Connaught Square house and two Bristol flats); dare his blackmailers to release any pictures of Cherie and Caplin or TB and Mandelson, and point out that we have nuclear weapons too; stop lying about mythical suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots and admit who the real terrorists are (hint: one of their ilk has just died in a Phoenix jail after being attacked by another inmate); recall our troops from Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, etc; outlaw secret societies and lodges and sack all police chiefs; publicise the true purposes of the World Wars and Bolshevik Revolution; and last but not least, emulate Edward I's policy of expelling undesirables rather than creating scapegoats.

This would greatly mitigate his past mistakes, enabling Blair to take his place in history as a great leader rather than an also-ran traitor.