20+ Killed in Bali Blasts

Israel carried out the October 2002 terror attack in Kuta, Bali, murdering over 200 to ensure Australia would join the coalition of the killing in Iraq. On October 1, 2005, just days after it was suggested that Australia would soon be withdrawing 450 troops, a powerful message was sent to show who's boss - the same as happened on 7/7/05 (London) and 7/23/05 (Sharm al-Sheikh) just after the UK announced plans for a phased withdrawal, and just after British Gas did a deal with Egypt on Palestinian gas that was not sanctioned by the Jewish Mafia. Israel is demanding that Iran be attacked next, under the same lame pretext of "WMDs". Iraq has already been looted and ruined; its main importance now is as a beachhead from which to launch further invasions.

Expect to see the usual nonsense about "Islamic militants" and noises from the Australian Government to indicate that they will "stay the course" in Iraq, after all. Invariably, the "Muslims" are somehow clever enough to prepare highly unstable home-made highly explosive compounds and transport them without blowing themselves up en route, but stupid enough to guarantee never to hit the right target at the right time. Ten out of ten for practical chemistry, but zero for game theory, group dynamics and applied psychology.

The authorities have variously claimed that the attack was carried out by "suicide bombers wearing explosive belts or vests", or alternatively, backpacks. Unfortunately for Zionists, the "suicide bombers" theory has once again been proven to be a total fabrication, concocted for political purposes. Police found three unexploded bombs in Jimbaran, which failed to go off after Bali's mobile phone network had been hastily shut down after the first blasts. Israel's Mossad would use mobile phones to detonate bombs, rather than risk blowing themselves up, or another fiasco like the Lavon Affair. The official theory Mk I has Muslims combining three suicide manually-triggered bombs with three mobile-controlled bombs. Surely sacrificing three of their operatives simply to save the price of three more mobile phones is cutting off their heads to spite their noses?!

After the Indonesian authorities realised the ridiculous nature of their position, a spin operation was conducted to attempt to deny the original reports of unexploded bombs. This was rather like the original reports of Israel's prior knowledge of London 7/7 undergoing Orwellian revision to try and make out they were not warned until "after the first explosion" (which still confirmed their guilt all the same). No matter, the more reliable reports are the original news items before the spin doctors have been able to get to work. The official conspiracy theorist is in an even worse position with the Mk II version, having to claim that the witnesses of unexploded bombs were all hallucinating!

The official story Mk III holds that mobile phones were used to trigger the bombs that were strapped to the "bombers". If - and it's a big if - three individuals were strapped with remotely-controlled explosives, why didn't they just use a rucksack instead, leave it on a chair, and walk away to fight another day?

The decapitations are not proof of suicide bombers; a number of victims' severed limbs and heads were found on the beach. Bombs have a tendency to dismember and scatter body parts of innocent victims. Witnesses reported that many of the dismembered bodies at the scene were of foreigners.

The whole point of the suicide bombing strategy is supposed to be that enemy casualties will be maximised whilst minimising the cost to one's own side. Most victims were locals with at least 14 Indonesians killed and 83 injured. Unlike Indonesia proper which is about 88% Muslim, the island of Bali is 93% Hindu. Even if the bombers were Muslim and not Hindu, it does not make sense to use a suicide bombing strategy that fails to accurately target the arch-enemies of Islam: the big Western powers (countries that are a victim of their own success, having been expropriated by Zionist leeches, with their armies now acting as Israel's proxy army, for example).

A spokesman for the spiritual leader of the group that wants to turn the region into an Islamic state denied that any Muslim would have carried out the bombings.

An eyewitness report at Jimbaran Bay provided the final nail in the coffin for the suicide bomber theory. The second Jimbaran bomb was seen to have exploded underneath a table. In addition, Major General Mbai asserted that the bombers' heads were found up to 70 metres away from their legs: "Their faces are normal; their heads have been cut off". This is actually a true statement, albeit misleading. The problems is that the bombers' heads and faces were supposed to have been within inches of a detonating 10kg TNT shrapnel bomb. Calculations suggest that the overpressure at short range could suffice to propel a head for up to 70m. However, all three faces were so well preserved, with no damage from shrapnel or radiant heat from the fireball, that identification would be straightforward. It is not only convenient, it is wildly improbable.

The police chief Pastika and the anti-terror official Mbai were clearly ordered to make it look like a suicide bombing. Three men in custody with normal faces, apart from a few bruises where they had been beaten up, had their heads cut off, whereupon the heads were "discovered". At least six bombs were assembled and placed by Israel's Mossad agents. An electrical signal from a mobile phone would have been connected to an electric ignition assembly which triggered a blasting cap, in turn setting off the det cord which detonated the TNT. Three bombs on Jimbaran Beach failed to go off after the authorities hastily shut down the mobile phones network. Mossad spies have been caught at their nefarious activities in New Zealand; there is no part of the globe which is immune to Zionist skulduggery.

Click here for a longer version of this article complete with calculations on possible trajectories for the severed heads, inverse square law attenuation of shrapnel density, forces and impulses involved in severing the heads, etc.

Revised October 19, 2005