Here is an interesting piece on the role of the Rothschilds, with a detailed timeline going back to 1743. Most of the pre-1913 era places the emphasis on accumulating vast riches and gaining control of a nation's government by taking charge of its banks, money supply and economy. From 1913, the focus moves to politics and control of popular opinion through spinning the media. Creation of the ADL, which uses charges of "anti-Semitism" to deflect criticism of the move to a World Dictatorship, may have been a response to the lynching of a Jewish, bisexual, drug-addicted, paedophiliac child killer whose sentence was commuted from hanging to life imprisonment. Zionist plans for world domination and a world police state clearly also include measures such as faking a "holocaust" to obtain their initial kingdom, and staging false flag terror attacks to turn pockets of resistance run by honest, principled leaders into satellite states, and satellite states into "democratic" dictatorships, as detailed elsewhere on this site. In trying to establish the masterminds of Zionism, often referred to as the Illuminati, it is likely that the Rothschilds are, at a minimum, very close to the top of the pyramid. Several Rothschilds probably wrote The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion and ghost-wrote its previous editions.

Governments have always benefited through portraying some particular group as villains or the arch-enemy. Libya, for example, was supposed to be an international pariah back in the Eighties, with Ronald Reagan tricked into an air attack following a clandestine operation by Israeli secret agents broadcasting from a transmitter in Tripoli. The La Belle Disco in Germany had been bombed by Israel's Mossad (with CIA collaboration) in 1986, with the fake transmissions designed to incriminate Libya. Also around this time, the media pushed the concept of "blacks" as the archetypal street criminal.

Some time later, around 2000 when George W Bush was elected (with a little help from his cronies, as was also the case in 2004), a new villain emerged - the ubiquitous "Muslim suicide bomber". After witnessing the destruction of Iraq, Libya could offer no further resistance and was said to have been "rehabilitated". This conveniently disregarded the fact that they had always been innocent of their alleged crimes, such as the Lockerbie bombing, and the shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher. The real powers-that-be reap the vast majority of the profits from playing one side against another, tossing a few crumbs for their puppet leaders. For example, the 4 million with which the Blairs were able to invest in property in Connaught Square, London and Clifton, Bristol. And presumably, "Shrub" has enough to keep himself in bomber jackets, tricycles, frogs and firecrackers.

Any Gentile truth-seeker who decides to conduct his or her own independent investigation, will soon find a substantial Jewish / Israeli connection to global skulduggery. For example, early warnings provided to Jews in advance of terror attacks. We know that thousands of Jews were warned to stay away from the World Trade Center, by the Odigo instant messaging system, two hours in advance of the 9/11 attacks. Corroboration is provided by the low numbers present in the Twin Towers at the time of the attacks.

The normal occupancy of WTC 1 plus WTC 2 was said to total more than 50,000. According to NIST, there were a total of some 17,400 occupants inside WTC 1 and WTC 2 at the time of the attacks (with about seven-eighths subsequently escaping before the collapses). Let us underestimate and suppose that the total present would typically be only half the normal figure of "more than 50,000" at 8:46 to 9:02. These were career-minded major players in insurance, finance, law, etc, based in prestigious offices in the world's 13th most expensive city. They are not going to crawl out of bed and saunter in through the office doors in the middle of a Tuesday morning. So we have (more than 25,000) - 17,400 = (more than 7,600). This is certainly consistent with internet reports of "4,000 Jews" having been warned to stay away from work. Apart from Israeli foreknowledge, implication in espionage, and dirty tricks, there is also the not inconsiderable matter of the Hollow Hoax of "Nazi gas chambers in Poland" with supernatural processing capacities, and the associated multi-hundred-billion dollar, multi-hundred-billion mark racket.

On having identified that Muslims are not the villains they are made out to be, it is easy for the researcher to fall into a similar trap, in concluding that "the Jews" are the arch-conspirators, and responsible for all the world's evils. It is true that those who deny the Jewish connection are either Zionist trolls or inept investigators who have been hoodwinked by government propaganda. The movers and shakers, by way of their control of the mainstream media, know that they can trick the majority of Western Gentiles into believing that Muslims are menacing ne'er-do-wells ruled by evil dictators (who just happen to own oil wells), to be thwarted through "anti-terror" legislation and use of military force to instigate regime change. However, these same organ-grinders also benefit if the remainder decide that Jews are all part of the grand conspiracy. Playing the "anti-Semitic" card enables Zionists to stifle criticism of the policies of Israel and the crooked cabal. In reality, on one level, Western Gentiles are being played against Arabs as a pretext for tricking satellite states into invading and despoiling Israel's enemies and turning "democracies" into police states; on another level, Gentiles are played against Jews so that the "Nazi anti-Semites" diversion allows the criminals to continue unabated with their lucrative business of mass murder for profit.

Although there is a great overlap between Jews and Zionists, there are anti-Zionist Jews and Gentile Zionists such as the swindling Conrad Black. Clearly, there is a big majority of ordinary Jews who are not terrorists or criminals, but there is an evil minority, just as in all races. The Mossad's katsas who set up bombs that blow up Gentiles or demolish skyscrapers (with Arabs set to take the blame) are similar to an invading Christian army that kills and maims civilians, and Mossad's Jewish sayanim assistants are equivalent to military support staff. Most Gentiles still believe in the myth of the "Holocaust". The motivation for Jews to doubt it is weaker still, and it is likely that most sincerely believe in the "gas chambers". From their point of view, families were separated and lost contact. Some of the missing would have perished from typhus or starvation; in other cases, survivors would have ended up unaware that their loved ones had also survived the war and were residing hundreds or thousands of miles away. There is a powerful deterrent to prevent Jews questioning the approved version of history. David Cole, a Jew who had serious doubts about the "gas chambers" story, for example, was forced to recant his revisionist views following death threats from the terrorist "Jewish Defense League" organization.

Far from representing the collective interests of Jews, "anti-hate" organizations place them in grave jeopardy. "Hate" crimes are any actions that interfere with the Zionist NWO goal of an extremist, right wing World Dictatorship consisting of billions (or possibly just one billion with any excess exterminated) slaving away for a tiny global elite of avaricious iniquitous bankers.

In the WWII era, most governments were only too pleased to sell their people down the river, as throughout the rest of history. A benevolent genius - Adolf Hitler - stood head, shoulders and torso above the intellectual midgets and cowardly traitors who passed themselves off as 'leaders' of other nations. Hitler was not perfect, but to take a medical analogy, most governments were akin to a physician who uses leeches in a crude attempt to cure a cancer patient. The Fuhrer was equivalent to one who uses chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The leech treatment will fail; the other may work, but could (in theory if not in practice) be better targeted at rogue cells.

To be more specific, quislings who deliberately escalate a just, minor local war into a World War at the behest of their paymasters, with casualties increased from tens of thousands to 50 million or more, are genocidal war criminals. Their hands are stained with the blood of fifty million, including the several hundred thousand real concentration camp victims, who perished from typhus or malnutrition following a wartime breakdown of supplies. Had Hitler been able to target the arch-Zionists - quite possibly the Rothschilds - rather than many (but not all) Jews, it might have been possible to avoid WWII, the creation of Israel, the Suez crisis, the creation of the EEC/EU, the attack on the USS Liberty, the JFK assassination, the Vietnam war, the Gulf Wars, 9/11, the London 7/7 bombings, the Madrid 3/11 bombings, the invasion of Afghanistan, the Lockerbie plane bombing, the Millennium bug hoax, the holocaust hoax, the embezzlement of trillions of dollars from the US and hundreds of billions of marks from Germany, the replacement of a number of European currencies with the euro, the persecution and jailing of historians and the loss of free speech, the dumbing down of education, the promotion of alternative lifestyles, the inanity of political correctness, etc. Now that we have the internet - to our fortune and to the misfortune of the crooked cabal - we should not miss this opportunity to prevent future atrocities inflicted upon mankind.

Apart from Jews receiving some advance warnings of terror attacks, they have also been treated as pawns and badly exploited by the crooked cabal. Shortly before the outbreak of World War Two, top Jewish Zionist bankers were the largest regular contributors to the Nazi party. Zionists were well aware that a great many Jews and Gentiles would perish in the war, yet this was perceived as a price worth paying for the great prize of Palestine. In order to rule the world, they needed to establish a Zionist state with its own nuclear arsenal, submarines, air force, terrorist (Mossad) training camps, police force, banks - and preferably conveniently located near major oil reserves. On February 18, 1943, Izaak Greenbaum stated, "One cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland!" Mossad katsas will loyally provide Jews with early warnings; those nearer the top of the pyramid will gladly sacrifice Jew and Gentile alike to further their evil schemes.

Part of the Zionist plan involved setting up a close knit community - a race with little genetic divergence who would be taught that they were the "chosen few" - who could be relied upon to help out, often unwittingly, their leaders in their diabolical schemes of world domination. Paradoxically, there is doubt as to whether the evil Zionist leaders are truly Jewish. They appear to be Khazars, having originated in the Ukraine region, and have hijacked the Biblical Jewish label for their own nefarious agenda. The benefits of the plan are stupendous, including the ability to play the anti-Semitic card (whilst practising racial discrimination in their own apartheid state), and having a willing army of potentially millions of loyal sayanim volunteers who will sleep with the enemy (Marilyn Monroe - who converted to Judaism in 1956, Monica Lewinsky, Edwina Currie, Peter Mandelson, Carole Caplin, etc), act as intermediaries (Paul Wolfowitz, Lord Levy, Lord Kagan, etc), or help the katsas with no questions asked.

Rather than persistently fighting each other along ethnic lines, as directed by their manipulators, it is time for the moral majority of all races and tribes to fight on the basis of ethics (which is mostly what the racial divisions are claimed to be about, with each perceiving the others as evil or idle), and, rather than continue to carry out the orders of a criminal elite, bring them to justice. Inter-tribal fighting has already been done, and it hasn't worked. Trying to solve the world's problems through further wars and pogroms is rather like an octogenarian gambler who walks into the betting shop or casino in threadbare clothes saying, "My losing streak must finally be coming to an end".

The armed forces of Western 'democracies' should quit working for a cabal of genocidal megalomaniacs, and immediately return to their homelands to conduct dozens of public military tribunals. After dealing with the motley bunch of knaves, cretins, flunkeys and parasites responsible for the world's ills, the police and military could revert to serving the moral majority of decent, honest, hard-working folk.

Revised December 23, 2005

Germany's eastward expansion from the borders imposed by the Treaty of Versailles was justified because:- (i) World Zionists had declared economic war against Germany. At the time, 46 million Englishmen claimed the right to rule over 40 million square kilometres of the earth, yet the Draconian terms of the Treaty of Versailles limited 82 million Germans to a few hundred thousand square kilometres. With the Zionist trade blockade disrupting food imports and the available land area being too small to provide for agricultural self-sufficiency, territorial expansion was necessary in order to ward off famine. (ii) Poland, with its inhibitions swept away by the wretched Zionist-devised Anglo-Franco-Poland pact, was busily persecuting and terrorising the ethnic German minority to the extent of theft, torture, rape, mutilation and murder.