The Unravelling Shoah Business

How one lie leads to another; the vile "Holocaust" hoax


Holocaust "mathematics": If the sum of the addends is six million, and one of the addends is reduced by up to three million, the sum will remain constant at six million, provided it represents dead Jews.

Holocaust "physics" / "thermochemistry" / "biology": Jewish bodies can be cremated with 1.6 kg of coke apiece, whereas Gentile bodies require more than ten times as much fuel.

Holocaust "chemistry": When hydrogen cyanide (HCN) gas is used to kill Jews, there is no formation of Iron Blue and visible blue staining on the walls, but when the same HCN is used to kill lice, there is formation of a massive quantity of stable cyanide salts in the form of Iron Blue.

Holocaust "forensic pathology": When autopsies on Gentiles indicate they died from typhus or malnutrition, that is indeed the case; when autopsies on Jews indicate they died from typhus or malnutrition, they were gassed with HCN that killed them all almost immediately without leaving a trace of death by poison gas.

Holocaust "biology": When Jews are gassed with Diesel exhaust fumes, they all die within 32 minutes, and their skin turns blue. When Gentiles are gassed with Diesel exhaust fumes, it takes hours, days or weeks before any of them die, and their skin turns cherry-red or pink.

Holocaust "geometry" / "psychology": Although 1,000 Jews each weighing some 55 kg have a total volume of approximately 55 cubic meters, it is possible to persuade 1,000 Jews to march into a 10 x 4 x 1.6 m = 64 cubic meters gas chamber, so that they are all lying on top of each other and piled up to the ceiling, and the packing density is 0.859. This will only work if "German methods" are employed.

Holocaust "document analysis": When Jews have died at Auschwitz, the "evil Nazis" have meticulously recorded the deaths in their death books, the documents show ~70,000 dead up to 1943, a reasonable extrapolation is ~100,000 including 1944, and a totalitarian regime has seized the documents, the actual total is interpreted as four million. If the documents are released 45 years later, the total is revised downwards to somewhere between 1 and 1.5 million.

Holocaust "intelligence" / conspiracy theory: When encrypted communications are intercepted and decoded, contain nothing about gassings or exterminations, but do include the numbers of Jews passing through transit camps, then the numbers refer to exterminations.

Holocaust "condensed matter physics": When Jews have died at Auschwitz and calculations based on the durability of the firebricks indicate 162,000 dead as an upper limit, the death toll is in excess of one million.

Holocaust "forensics" / "preservation of crime scene": If a room was used as an air raid shelter, convert it to a fake "gas chamber" to show to gullible tourists. Should this deception be exposed, then claim it is a gas chamber that was converted to an air raid shelter and "reconstructed" as a gas chamber. Where possible, blow up rooms such as morgues to cover up the lack of evidence for extermination, and then claim the "Nazis" dynamited the "gas chambers" to cover up the "evidence". If blast damage is insufficient to prevent people from seeing that there were no holes in the roof, then drill new holes in the roof and/or forge 'holes' onto aerial photos, and claim it was a "gas chamber".

Holocaust "justice" / "legal system": Almost without exception, historical events do not need to be propped up by force of law. The "Holocaust" is the exception to the rule.

Holocaust "history": If a group of fanatical Jewish supremacists and bankers need to float a hoax about six million dead Jews in order to con the world into awarding them their own sovereign state, then the historical narrative is based on financially and politically motivated "witnesses", forced 'confessions', falsification of 'evidence', a deliberately delusional interpretation of documents in the manner of a paranoid tinfoil conspiracy nut, and is guaranteed to be in contravention of widely accepted laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.

Occam's Razor: The "Holocaust" never happened. Mass murder by Diesel exhaust fumes (Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Chelmno) is absurd, and the only "gas chambers" at Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek were delousing chambers to save human lives by fumigating clothes and bedding to kill typhus lice. The Auschwitz death toll was ~100,000 over three years, almost all from natural causes (e.g. typhus and starvation, exacerbated by a lack of food and medicines resulting from Allied bombing of supply lines), and includes more Roman Catholics than Jews.

Conclusion: The "Holocaust" is a myth and a vile, vicious, racist defamation, which serves as the State of Israel's "sword" and "shield", allowing policies of apartheid and genocide against the Palestinians, and a leeching of wealth from the Western nations. Holocausts did occur during WWII, but these were all perpetrated by Allied forces against Gentiles, e.g., firebombing of Dresden and Hamburg, nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In the internet age, there should be no excuse for anyone to believe in myths such as the "Holocaust", the Flat Earth or the geocentric solar system. For those who are ten to twenty years behind the learning curve and still encumbered by decades of brainwashing, there are a multitude of resources available to rid oneself of delusional beliefs concerning the events of WWII. See our page The Non-Destruction of the European Jews, or others such as: