The esteemed Professor Fetzer correctly states that it is necessary to revise hypotheses in the light of new evidence. But what "evidence"? Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence, and he has never presented any evidence against the official Sandy Hook narrative. A few reporting errors, glitches with Google's date logs, attempts at practising psychiatry without a license, and unsubstantiated, unbridled speculation that makes Inspector Clouseau look the consummate professional, does not constitute evidence.

For example, an article entitled "Sandy Hook: The curious case of Emilie Parker" was posted on January 14, 2013 by "Dr. Eowyn". But the comment by "Rich in NJ" on that page [i] is dated December 14, 2012 - a month before the article was posted!

Anyone who watches this video [ii] of Benjamin Wheeler's parents and sincerely thinks they are "faking" their distress is obviously suffering from some sort of autistic spectrum disorder. Have Fetzer and Friend actually seen it? It's bad enough that these people must reveal their grief to the world as they fill in for Obama's weekly address, but to have Sunstein shills (who lie and pose as retards and cranks in order to prop up the official 9/11 conspiracy theory) accusing them of faking it is beyond the pale.

Ben Wheeler's uncle Andrew "Drew" Wheeler [iii] is a scuba dive instructor and underwater videographer [iv] from Hawaii. He has a website for which the domain was created in April 2003 [v], and messages about him posted on an internet forum in 2009 [vi] refer to his plans to document the Great Pacific garbage patch (aka "Pacific trash vortex") that summer.

The Sandy Hookers should state which of the following they believe:

  1. Andrew Wheeler is a fictitious person, but in order to make his online presence appear realistic, Sandy Hook Hoaxers created his website's domain in April 2003, had other conspirators post about him on internet forums - e.g., in 2009, obtained a photograph of a person to use on his website, and tricked or persuaded various newspapers into using another photo of the same person in reports stating that he traveled to Connecticut in December 2012.
  2. Although Andrew Wheeler loves his island lifestyle, he was inexplicably recruited as a "crisis actor", a job that involved him traveling from Hawaii to Connecticut to pose as the uncle of one of the "fake" victims, as part of an operation to back up a false Sandy Hook narrative.
  3. A "crisis actor" resembling Andrew Wheeler was hired to travel to Sandy Hook and pose as Wheeler, with backup plans to shoot or otherwise eliminate the real Andrew Wheeler if he ever found out about it and talked, and a second backup plan to shoot anyone who found out that Wheeler had been killed, and a third backup plan to shoot Wheeler's killer if he talked, and so on, with another series of backup plans to shoot the "crisis actor" if he talked, along with thousands of conspirators bribing, blackmailing and threatening thousands of co-conspirators to play their part in the plot.

And whichever the Sandy Hooker selects, he or she must provide evidence to prove it. Otherwise, the Sandy Hook "hoax" theories can be consigned to the garbage bin, for once and for all.

Fetzer "knows" that the children's deaths were "faked" (after claiming they were killed by a three-man Mossad hit team!), yet he and his team of 'researchers' don't know whether their relatives actually exist. Shouldn't Fetzer and friends first determine whether or not the bereaved family members exist, before declaring that they are willing participants in a money-making fraud or are simply roles played by crisis actors?

How long will it be before Fetzer and friends assert that no one died on 9/11/01 and the WTC buildings never collapsed? [Update: Some of them already are, lol!] The difference between that and their current position of no-planes-on-9/11 and no-one-killed-at-Sandy-Hook is less than the width of a cigarette paper.

Real conspiracies do occur. Israel's central role in 9/11 can be proven to the same certainty as two plus two equals four [vii], and there is no doubt that Israel deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, and the Mossad has carried out plenty of false-flag terror attacks such as London 7/7/05 and Amman 11/9/05. Similarly, the official account of WWII is not consistent with the laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, and ultimately probability. As long as Sunstein shills and their misguided followers post outrageous conspiracy theories that anyone with an ounce of commonsense will instantly recognize as crazy, genuine research into conspiracies will be discredited by association.