A concise description of the Zionist program is available here.

For many people, exposed to decades of "information" from mainstream media outlets that are the organs of governments and the real powers-that-be, the suggestion that much of what they have been led to believe is simply untrue, may seem shocking and incredible. Governments lie? Governments lied to start a war with Iraq? The perpetrators of 9/11, London 7/7 and similar terrorist attacks were not Arabs? The Germans had labour camps for internees in WWII, but no "gas chambers" or extermination policy? These propositions become increasingly hard to believe. Mass circulation newspapers will argue in favour of the first; some will imply the second whilst taking care to couch in terms that suggest errors of judgement rather than chicanery. They will certainly shy away from the latter two areas. In the case of individuals running traceable prominent websites or making speeches, the authorities will tolerate some 9/11 scepticism (to discredit such sites, misinformation plants claim that the allegedly hijacked planes had "pods", or that the Pentagon was hit by a missile). In contrast, any dissent on the official WWII line attracts jail sentences, physical assaults, bombs or arson attacks.

In Consciousness Explained (Daniel Dennett, 1991), the author outlines the distinctions between Orwellian and Stalinesque revisions. In an Orwellian post-experiential revision, history is rewritten, possibly even years after the event. The concept of a Ministry of Truth that puts its own spin on incidents of 30 or 300 years ago, to suit a political agenda, is not too controversial. The other type of revision - Stalinesque - is pre-experiential, or at least, intended to be. Suppose B kills A, and a government-controlled press reports that C was the killer. A show trial then convicts and executes C, following a "voluntary" confession. Most folk believe that C killed A, and there was no intervening period in which they considered B the guilty party. Again, this scenario would be plausible in a totalitarian dictatorship. But in a democracy? Unfortunately, yes, the evidence is that democracies are far from immune to policies of a continuous, mostly Stalinesque revisionism.

Major events, from wars to assassinations to terrorist bomb attacks to skyscraper demolitions are rewritten with an entirely misleading slant. Governments can spin phony pretexts for a war right from the start, eliminating - e.g. "suiciding" - those who pose a challenge to the official view. Sometimes it may take hours for the truth to be modified. Initial reports of warnings provided to Jews are subsequently denied, or first reports of bombs hidden in sand, under tables or in false ceilings are replaced with assertions of "suicide bombers with explosive belts". These cases are best interpreted as the government aiming to operate a Stalinesque policy throughout, but having to revert to Orwellian revisions whenever the truth leaks out. The rulers' aim is to construct a prison planet with 99.9% of the population enslaved by the remaining 0.1%. The most efficient and sustainable form of slavery is that whereby the slaves foolishly imagine themselves to be "free".

Suppose a would-be conqueror intends to invade a nation, or better still, an entire world. He has almost unlimited time and resources, and the operation may be conducted over a period of hundreds or even thousands of years, as deemed appropriate. A purely military invasion, as in Iraq (2003), would be precisely how not to go about it. The indigenous population would not believe the invaders' propaganda that they had been killed, maimed, their land polluted with radioactive dust and cluster bombs, and their infrastructure destroyed "for their own good", even if some of the more naive citizens of the invader(s) were hoodwinked. Although the existing regime might have been ousted, the new rulers would continue to meet resistance. (The military option may have worked in 1066, say, but not in 2003.)

However, an Iraq 2003-style invasion is great when the conqueror has already gained his own country and attained nuclear power status, and now merely wants to loot the odd $8.8 billion from an Oil-for-Food fund, plunder treasures from museums, neutralise a neighbouring enemy nation, grab territory from which to conduct further invasions, and possibly get some oil flowing into Haifa at a knock-down price. As usual, satellite states are ordered or tricked into putting up the hundreds of billions of dollars to finance the operation and supply the thousands of young men to be killed and maimed. The fact that the whole scheme is a negative sum game, with the profit maybe 1% of the cost, is irrelevant as far as the planners are concerned. Those making the profits are not those who bear the losses.

Conversely, for a long-term professionally planned and executed global conquest over a timescale of up to 6,000 years, the first step would involve becoming highly skilled as merchants, moneylenders, speculators, investment bankers, arbitrageurs, spies and swindlers, etc, with the goal of amassing a substantial share of the world's wealth. The advantage of commencing in the Iron or even the Bronze Age is that a number of alternative religions may be promoted, to bamboozle the natives (it is not desirable to encourage philosophic freedom, and personal initiative is the greatest threat to the conquerors) and create divisions which may be exploited for profit. Wealth amassed is initially used to bribe rulers. Later, those set up as political leaders will be those who are susceptible to bribery/blackmail, and also with the excess of white matter and deficit of grey matter brain chemistry of habitual liars. Gaining control of a nation's money supply provides a powerful leverage to apply to a government.

Rather than simply commit the whole strategy to memory, it should be comprehensively documented. The texts would be regularly revised and updated. Here, in order to avoid confusing the invader vis--vis this brilliantly planned and executed Machiavellian conquest with invading "Allied forces" who are to be bribed or blackmailed into attacking nations that put up any resistance to the scheme (or even with migrants), we shall refer to the former as "Zionists". (That is what they call themselves on Earth.) Hence, a typical documented set of memoranda might be entitled, say, The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion. If some particular set of protocols is ever leaked to the indigenous population, previous revisions may be employed to very useful effect. After a suitable delay, a previous edition would be said to have been "discovered", with the "discoverer" coincidentally noticing strong similarities between both texts. Some editions would either be claimed to have been authored by non-members of the Zionist race, or this would genuinely be the case after an author was provided with manuscripts, with an agreement that the completed work could be published in his own name. It could then be claimed that the leaked document was a "forgery", intended to stir up an irrational hatred of the Zionist conqueror race or "religious group".

Throughout the millennia of the conquest, the Zionists would gain a reputation as spivs, renegades, charlatans and degenerates. They would turn this to their advantage, always trying to present themselves as innocent victims of an irrational hatred. For example, they would fake phony "hate crimes" against themselves, vandalising their own cars or graves, or poisoning their dogs and defacing their houses with swastikas, or cutting their clothes and drawing swastikas on their stomachs. The Zionists might refer to themselves as "Semites", in which case they would refer to the fictitious irrational hatred (as opposed to a rational mistrust) of them as "anti-Semitic". When another race such as Arabs are also classed as Semites, and when Zionists foment racial hatred of Arabs by framing them for Zionist-staged phony terror attacks, and trick other nations to go to war against Arabs on a false prospectus, and also practise racial discrimination against Arabs in a Zionist apartheid state, the irony is that Zionists would try to smear opponents of these policies as "anti-Semites"!

In order to become truly untouchable and extremely powerful, the Zionist Mafia must obtain their own country and become a nuclear power. Sooner or later an opportunity will arise, enabling the Zionists to concoct a massive hoax of an alleged genocide having been perpetrated against, say, six million of their own people. The ramifications of this are stupendous. They can gain their own country as a "safe haven from the irrational anti-Semitic hatred", and extort a substantial proportion of the world's wealth. Much of the monies would be taken from the country that was the victim of this massive, fraudulent blood libel. After gaining control of governments, judicial action could be taken against any of the natives who dared to expose the imposture. Funds would also be looted from the world's wealthiest nation, after lobby groups, spies and blackmailers had achieved a massive political influence. Eventually, with their own country, their own nuclear weapons, and their own submarines capable of firing nuclear-armed modified cruise missiles with a range of 900 miles, the Zionists could impose their demands on the world's governments. For example, governments could be forced to initiate wars against Zionist target countries on phony pretexts (which is the derivation of the above example of wars against Arabs on a false prospectus).

In order to achieve nuclear status, it might be necessary to "disable" - i.e. eliminate - any presidents who stand in the way. A Stalinesque revision could propagate a suitable theory, e.g. of a "lone assassin".

In order to obtain the sanctuary of a state which may then be used as a centre for international crime, deception and terrorism, the claimed genocide death toll must be low enough to be just credible to those who do not take the trouble to investigate the tale too carefully, and it must be sufficiently high to be exceptional. If scientists and forensic experts start prying around in areas unfavourable to the Zionist agenda, they can then be persecuted for "publishing false news" or "defaming the memory of the dead", etc. The fact that the news was truthful, and the exercise was having the effect of correcting falsehoods and preventing defamation of the memory of actual dead rather than defaming exaggerated or fictitious dead would be to no avail. Where Zionism is concerned, truth and fiction are interchanged and the real truth is not a permissible defence for the natives. Of course, it is not possible for the Zionist to debate the sceptic, since the sceptic would win hands down in any argument. Judges who know what is best for their careers will imprison or impose severe financial penalties on the dissidents. Officials in professional or educational institutions can ruin sceptics' careers, and there will always be a barmy army of hotheads prepared to fight for the Zionist race with boots, bombs, petrol, acid, etc.

It is always useful for the Zionists to instigate wars. There are ample opportunities for profit, and no Zionist need personally fight. Others can always be persuaded to engage in combat. If at first the Zionists do not succeed in propagating a myth about millions of their number being killed, then they should start a world war. If that doesn't work, then start another world war. Eventually, some opportunity will arise, where a combination of half-truths, bare-faced lies and palpable nonsense can be presented as "fact", and used to gain sufficient sympathy for the "persecuted" Zionist race that the rest of the world will be tricked into carving up some country - e.g. Palestine - to form a Zionist State.

For example, suppose there has just been a world war and the Zionists claim six million dead or starving, but no one will believe the unsubstantiated assertion. Starting another world war might bring about an opportunity where the defeated side, for example, used hydrogen cyanide to fumigate the clothing of the internees of concentration camps used as labour for the war effort, in order to kill lice and reduce the toll from typhus. The Zionists can then concoct a grotesque perversion of the facts, with the aid of the corrupt victors - the "Allied" (or all-lied) forces. This twisted, nonsensical, alternative, Stalinesque view of history would allege that the hydrogen cyanide was used not to save human lives by killing lice, but to carry out mass murder on the camps' population on an industrial scale, utilising "gas chambers". The fact that there would be not one iota of scientific or forensic evidence to support the allegations, and the fact that the laws of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, logic, and psychology would require considerable revision in order to make the "mass murder by gas chambers" theory work, would not stop the Zionists. Prominent figures of the conquered nation would be tortured into providing "confessions", and it would be possible to find "surviving victims" who would go along with the ruse for a cash incentive, or for the good of the tribe. Any scientists and historians who dared to question the nonsense of the official dogma would be vilified, sued, sacked, beaten up, bombed and/or imprisoned under "nonsense denial" legislation.

Total control of the media is always an integral part of the Zionist strategy. Such control is a prerequisite for enslaving a world and simultaneously minimising resistance by duping most of the slaves into imagining themselves to be "free". It also provides the means to broadcast the fake gas chambers propaganda to the masses. However, in order to preserve the illusion of free, democratic societies, another vital element ironically is the totalitarian state. A "cold war", with the world divided up into "free" and totalitarian states, would help to establish the gas chambers hoax as an established, popular legend.

Ideally, the territory of the defeated leader who valiantly resisted the Zionists (whilst the remainder lay on their backs with their tails wiggling, selling out their own kith and kin for thirty pieces of silver) would become part of a totalitarian nation. The problem is that in the early stages, if too many people are allowed to visit the alleged crime scene, they would be able to see for themselves that the "mass murder by gas chambers" hoax was a complete pack of lies. If the totalitarian states' land, behind an "Iron Curtain", only covers the victors' territories, it would be necessary to claim that the conquered regime - bizarrely and inexplicably - did not have any "death camps" within its original territory. The gas chambers were only to be found within new territories that the pro-human anti-Zionist regime had temporarily been in possession of and which had then become part of the totalitarian regime.

East Germany, for example, was not partitioned off until 1948, was officially established as the GDR in October 1949, and was only about 108,000 sq km compared to West Germany's 248,000 sq km and Poland's 312,000 sq km. The Zionists can always try to set up a myth about mass murder being carried out within the conquered regime's original borders (Plan A). If travelling sceptics check the claims and this myth collapses, Zionism can revert to Plan B, which holds that the "death camps" were only ever within totalitarian regime territory. When someone points out the absurdities of the story, the Zionist can label him as an "anti-Semite" and cry, "And look at the consequences of anti-Semitism - The Holocaust!" In a characteristic snippet of sophistry, Zionism has combined argumentum ad hominem, circulus in demonstrando, argumentum ad nauseam, argumentum ad baculum, argumentum ad consequentiam, argumentum ad populum, hasty generalization, etc, in one fell swoop.

For example, the logic of allocating massive quantities of fuel and manpower to exterminate eleven million "undesirables" in occupied territory, whilst fighting a war for survival on two fronts against the US, Soviet Union, UK, and subjugating the French, Poles, Norwegians, Greeks, etc - rather than fighting the war first and gassing and cremating the millions afterwards - can never be satisfactorily explained. It is rather like the US and UK, after having invaded Iraq, finding themselves at war with Russia, China, Japan, France, Germany, India, etc. Then, rather than defend their homeland, they ship massive amounts of hydrogen cyanide, coke and second-hand motor oil to Iraq to gas and cremate eleven million Iraqis, or turn them into soap and lampshades.

If we assume only 10 kg of coke per corpse with some economies of scale - a more realistic figure would be 30 kg - then cremation of six million Jews and five million non-Jews using coke alone would require 110 million kg or 110,000 metric tonnes. Wood has about half the calorific value of coke, so some of the coke could be substituted by twice its weight in wood. In Auschwitz in 1943, for example, monthly coke deliveries in metric tonnes were 144.5 (March), 60 (April), 91 (May), 61 (June), 67 (July), 71 (August), 61 (September), 82 (October); a total of 637,500 kg over 8 months, or about 80 tonnes per month. The monthly cremations capacity would therefore be in the region of 8,000 (wildly optimistic) or 2,667 bodies (more realistic estimate). To cremate the revised (down from 4 million) 1.5 million currently claimed for Auschwitz would therefore take between 16 years (wildly optimistic) and 47 years (more realistic), even before considering the durability and number of muffles (ovens) in operation and a cycle time of about one hour per muffle per body. Hence, the records for coke deliveries at Auschwitz support the fact that only bodies of the inmates who had died from natural causes could be cremated. It is safe to assume that the Zionist media will never focus on such issues.

The above Plan B should enable the hoax to be maintained for decades. However, there are two critical factors that jeopardize the fraudsters:-

If the alternative media sufficiently displaces Zionist-controlled news outlets, and the totalitarian regimes collapse allowing individuals to see for themselves the lack of empirical evidence and absurdity of the hoax, the Zionists would be in a very precarious position. It might be possible to browbeat resistance and limit it to a manageable level. However, if the mass media monopoly in the "free" world collapses, and a number of individuals are able to see for themselves that nonsense denial is not nonsense, then the resulting revolution could see the hoaxers facing a lynch mob. Ideally, due process would prevail and a deal would be reached whereby the arch-villains' sentences were commuted to life imprisonment in return for telling the truth. If they refused, were they to wind up in gas chambers after decades of propagating a myth concerning the same, it would be poetic justice.

Governments, specifically of those nations that are lucrative prospects for long-term covert embezzlement, would be ordered to put into practice a policy of mass immigration. This allows Zionists to inconspicuously mingle with the natives. Moreover, the religious myths can be employed to useful effect. The Zionist should promote the view that his group is distinct not by race, but by religion. Governments are bribed, blackmailed and tricked into a social engineering experiment - multiculturalism and political correctness - which weakens and debases the original culture.

Suppose the original global system was based on the ORION principal: our race is our nation. Rather than simply arbitrary geographical areas with each ruled by some corrupt cabal, the world would be divided into, say, 200 different cultures. At one extreme, a nation would be comprised of people who believed in values such as honesty, diligence, enterprise, tolerance and respect for others and the rule of (non-asinine) natural law, and a scientific, rationalist, evolutionary epistemology. The antithesis would be a nation of those who believe internal subjective mental states are more important than the real world. Consequently they devote much energy into distributing poisonous chemicals designed to distort perception and chase a will-o'-the-wisp feel-good factor, fighting each other to obtain them, believing in invisible, inaudible, odourless, undetectable "entities" and fighting those whose "entity" is claimed to be different, living in a tiny internal fantasy world, and little effort is put into producing goods, supplying services, or maintaining peaceful social interactions. Two hundred alternative societies allows for a great variation in lifestyle choices - all shades of grey between both polar opposites.

Allowing limited migration between nations should not have a serious effect on culture, provided the migrants make an effort to integrate into the new society. Serious problems arise when mass economic migration is combined with multiculturalism. Economic performance cannot be decoupled from the attitudes of the individuals within a society. At its most extreme, if people who believe in a lifestyle of robbing or killing others to obtain drugs migrate to a nation because of its superior living standards, they are trying to get the benefits of a production-geared, objective reality-based society without contributing to that success. On the other hand, those who take a more laid back approach to life and prefer to work shorter hours, for example, would not be part of the problem. In general, though, a policy of mass migration, multiculturalism and political correctness leads to conflict between those who hold opposing belief and value systems, and debases an originally strong culture. This, however, suits the Zionist conqueror's agenda.

Migration is not necessary in order to sabotage a thriving nation. Imposition of high taxation and red tape to strangle the business sector, and creation of an overblown welfare state with people paid to do nothing, no questions asked, will do the job equally well. Distortion of the natural set of incentives and deterrents will lead to the creation of an underclass, who turn to drugs and crime. In earlier times, the system would have motivated these people to become valued members of society. Under Zionist-style socialism, they are merely useful to the Zionist agenda.

A range of political views should be promoted such that this phony opposition has the illusion of a "free press". However, any editors who overstep the mark will be dealt with ruthlessly. For instance, if too critical of Zionist-driven government policy, they could be tricked into publishing faked photos of abused prisoners (if the abuse was actually taking place it would be ignored until after the editor has had to resign). Rebellious journalists will also find they are committing career suicide. Reporters in a war zone who refuse to toe the line and report on the use of white phosphorus or napalm on civilians, for example, are even liable to be "accidentally" shot after being "mistaken for terrorists".

It is necessary to operate a system of a phony democracy, where the two main political parties with any realistic chance of power are both in the pocket of the Zionists - the shadow government or real powers-that-be. The media will then generally determine the outcome. Sometimes, despite the Zionists having one of their own agents as the opposition candidate in an election - a candidate who is desperately trying to lose to the best of his ability (e.g. John Kerry alias Kohn) - that is still not enough when the incumbent has the intellect of a chimp and the motor skills of a drunk. In this case, electronic "voting machines" will be employed in order to swing the result by the crucial few percentage points, e.g. Ohio, 2004. If some leader has been a faithful lapdog so far and the election process does not feature Diebold machines, then the same basic principle is applied. The Zionists' agent (e.g. Michael Howard alias Hecht) will "take a dive in the first round" as opposition candidate. Provided the incumbent can swallow a pretzel, ride a tricycle and has an IQ above 85, even serial lying, deception and war crimes should not prevent his re-election.

The natives must not be permitted time to think and take note of what is happening; hence their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. In order to keep them in a bemused state during any leisure time, when they might otherwise seek to check out some of the supposed "truths", it is useful for the Zionist to encourage ingestion of drugs and alcoholic liquors. Secret societies such as Freemasonry are a Zionist front, acting as a screen [Protocol No. 4] and invisible force for shaping societies according to Zionist goals. For example, police chiefs are ordered to argue for repressive measures such as 90 days' detention without charge, in order to fight "Muslim" terrorists. They will also make ridiculous claimes, e.g. two hundred or two thousand "Muslim" terrorists plotting to strike in the UK. Education is "dumbed-down", in particular, the natives should be discouraged from showing any personal initiative.

As the programme progresses into the endgame, it is necessary to stage phony "terror" attacks in increasing frequency. Some scapegoat - e.g. "Muslims" - is selected so as to fit the Zionist global agenda. If it is possible to defraud insurance companies to the tune of billions of dollars by demolishing a high-rise office complex after concocting a ruse involving remote-controlled aircraft and strategically placed thermite and charges, then all well and good. There are also likely to be opportunities for looting trillions of dollars from, say, the defense HQ of the richest satellite state. These terror attacks are used as the pretext to legislate authoritarian measures that strengthen the host puppet state's powers over its citizens, and to invade countries whose leaders courageously refuse to sell out their own people. Such countries have rich rewards for the taking - billions of dollars can be looted from special funds or from the banks. It may be possible to pin the blame on the deposed regime. Priceless treasures can be stolen from museums and archaeological sites. Peace activists are kidnapped and executed by "insurgents" (actually Zionist agents), to discourage such behaviour.

Finally, the plan is that the world's citizens will become so weary of constant wars, terror attacks, and government incompetence, that they will clamour, "Away with them and give us one king over all the earth who will unite us and annihilate the causes of discords - frontiers, nationalities, religions, State debts - who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives". The result: a world government - a leviathan police state - run by the Zionist conqueror. The slaves offer no resistance, since they have been duped into believing that serfdom is freedom, and that in any case there is no practical alternative to world government.

The above plan is an accurate description of Zionism. It is not only a get-rich-quick scheme, but also and most importantly, a very long-term strategy for inexorably gaining absolute power and immense wealth - world domination.

Zionism: Guaranteed - rule a world within centuries or millennia with this winning system! Never fails! No upfront investment; simply pay a cut of your proceeds! If, after following the methods described above for 6,000 years, you have still not assumed total control or feel that this system is not for you, then we offer a full and total refund.

(The system can fail if the mainstream media monopoly collapses and the dupes wise up to the scam. Purveyors who offer "Double your money back!" etc, would have to make themselves scarce after a few millennia.)

The "anti-Semitic hatred" hoax has been immeasurably useful for Zionists, but this canard may readily be debunked. For simplicity, suppose we divide the world population into four groups:

  1. The general Gentile population
  2. The general Jewish population
  3. Gentile leaders
  4. Jewish leaders

Some Zionists are not Jews (e.g. the crooked Conrad Black), and some Jews are not Zionists (e.g. Jews against Zionism and Jews not Zionists), but there is a considerable overlap. Due to the brilliance of the Zionist supremacist programme (much of it detailed in The Protocols and observed in world events), Zionists and consequently Jewish leaders have gained the upper hand over Gentile ("goy") leaders. The controlling force is therefore a Zionist cabal - a (mostly) Jewish Mafia - a band of outlaws. Victor Ostrovsky's By Way of Deception states that Jewish people are recruited into the Mossad as katsas by being told that they will be part of an elite serving their country, or enticed to help Mossad operations as sayanim by being told they will be helping to save Jews in the diaspora. It is reasonable to accept this at face value; the alternative would require proposing that all Jews are part of an evil conspiracy of world domination.

At present, our leaders - driven by the Zionist cabal - are deliberately fomenting racial hatred between (nominally) Christian societies and Muslims, by framing Muslims for Mossad-staged terrorist attacks. The citizens of the Western "democracies" should not have any quarrel with the general population of the Arab states. Similarly, were it not for the conductors of the orchestra - the criminal Zionist mobsters - the Gentile and Jewish peoples should enjoy a peaceful, mutually beneficial coexistence. Jews are of above average intelligence, and exhibit loyalty to their race. Both Gentiles and Jews are in the same situation - both have been grossly deceived, misled, and exploited by their leaders. To carry out an extermination policy against Jews would be not only the gravest crime imaginable, but the height of folly. Neither should there be any ill-treatment of people or injustices based purely upon race, religion or creed. It is high time for a new alignment based on ethics rather than ethnics. The archaic practice of humankind fragmenting into various tribes, each pitted against the other, merely serves the criminal elite. It would be more sensible for non-criminals of all races to join together in bringing criminals of all races to justice. Hence, the moral majority would benefit, rather than an evil, profiteering, genocidal clique.

Of the four groups above, the two ruling classes are clearly the guilty parties. In the absence of empirical support for an "all Jews are supremacists" (or even a comparably-sized, millions-strong Gentile group) theory, it should be assumed that the general Jewish population is innocent of plotting world domination and killing for profit. Apart from bringing the criminal ruling classes to justice, measures should be taken such that no particular racial or religious group should be permitted to gain substantial control of the media, the banks, and government that would be out of all proportion to the size of the group. This does not mean that no Jew should ever be allowed to produce a newspaper, manage a bank, or stand for election. And expelling Jews from England was the correct policy in 1290; it would not be appropriate in the 21st century.

Germany's National Socialist "Final Solution" programme was one of emigration and deportation, not extermination. Since prominent Zionists - Jewish leaders - had betrayed Germany in 1916 by bringing the US into WWI and changing the outcome, there was a perceived risk of Jewish disloyalty. Nowadays, for example, innocent Muslims who have been caught in the wrong place at the wrong time - e.g., some Islamic country that happened to have just been illegally and immorally invaded by Western forces - are imprisoned, abused, tortured and killed simply for propaganda purposes - to promote the concept of a war on "militant Muslim terrorists" and "suicide bombers". German Jews were potential disloyalty suspects in wartime, and interned (as for example the UK government's policy for Irish terrorist suspects in peacetime). There was no extermination, either planned or practised. Injustices occurred on all sides. The internees of the concentration camps, who were provided with employment at labour rates slightly below Germany's then market rates, suffered from typhoid outbreaks, and a collapse of supplies towards the end of the war. Casualties were, at a minimum, well into the tens of thousands. But the true figure was closer to that minimum than to eleven million.

Adolf Hitler was a rare mix of courage, intelligence, integrity, and oratory - a kindly genius and mankind's noblest leader in seven hundred years. No leader will ever be 100% correct, but unlike today's pygmies and dilettanti, Herr Hitler was right on much more than he was wrong. The invasion of Poland had resulted in German military losses of 10,572 killed, 30,322 wounded and 3,404 missing by 30 September 1939, according to a speech by Hitler delivered before the Reichstag on 6 October 1939. So total casualties on both sides could have run into several tens of thousands. There was undoubtedly some persecution of ethnic Germans in Poland prior to the outbreak of war. This may or may not have been sufficient to justify the invasion, but there was at least a partial casus belli, in contrast to the Zionist Mafia's totally unprovoked attacks on Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003). It could also be argued that it is possible to be too fastidious about fighting fairly and sticking to international law in wartime, when your enemy does whatever he pleases. But Hitler was one of the very few great leaders whose innate humanity drove him to act to benefit not only his compatriots, but also the rest of humankind save a tiny minority of parasites and scoundrels.

Decades ago, the perceived threat to racial purity would have been an entirely legitimate concern. Indeed, for a leader born in 1889, to ignore it would have been a betrayal of one's own kinsfolk. Nowadays, this threat is becoming obsolete. No civilization with weapons of mass destruction will long endure, unless it exploits technologies such as stem cells, therapeutic cloning, vitrified cryonic suspension, and nanotech cell repair machines to liberate its people - of all races alike - from the scourge of disease, ageing, and age-related natural death. In time, changes will be not as a result of mongrel in-breeding, but due to Earth's people re-engineering themselves, firstly augmenting their brains and eventually uploading themselves into a vastly superior hardware platform. (It would be necessary to retain the logical equivalent of the brain's microtubules and the associated electron dimers, in order to retain a capacity for free will on random decisions such as pushing a button at some particular time.) Optical technologies will allow brains to be speeded up by a factor of up to a millionfold. As life becomes more complex, diversity will increase rather than decrease. It is primitive species who more closely resemble a homogeneous slime.

As it transpired, the Zionist menace was not beaten, since Churchill and Roosevelt were both greedy, hypocritical, corruptible, cowardly traitors. But ironically, if Hitler had won the war, the consequences for humankind could have been worse. If the Zionists had not obtained their own country in 1948, as a base for atomic weapons, terrorist training camps and international embezzlement and deception, they might have instigated a Third World War at a time when several states had already joined the nuclear club.

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