How Britain has become an Orwellian Plutocracy

George Orwell published his famous book about "thoughtcrime" in 1949. His prediction about individuals being persecuted for having the 'wrong' thoughts was spot on, but his date of 1984 was around 33 years too soon. Today in Britain and many other so-called "democracies" that pay lip service to free speech, you can say whatever you like about Christians, Muslims or atheists, but if you criticise our ruling plutocracy - the international money power - and expose their crimes and deceptions, then that is classed as a "crime".

Let's take a look at the press statement by the White-hating, British-hating, truth-hating, justice-hating, money-grubbing, grotesquely misnamed, self-styled "Campaign Against Antisemitism" [CAA] regarding the prosecution of a man for telling the truth about Jewish racial supremacist fatcats. After evaluating the accuracy of Jack Renshaw's statements, it is clear that the crooked elite perceive him as a threat to their position in the pecking order.

As is easily demonstrated and was proved in a 2012 paper published in a peer-reviewed journal by Jewish Israeli-born molecular geneticist Eran Elhaik, most Jews are not Semites. And most Semites are not Jews. The claim that telling the truth about lying, deceiving, parasites in our midst is "antisemitic" is a grotesque misnomer, since it is not peaceful Middle Easterners such as the Palestinians who are an existential treat to the British people and Whites across the globe. It is Jewish racial supremacists, of whom the vast majority are white-skinned Caucasians from ancient Khazaria in the Caucasus, and of whom only a small minority are truly of Middle Eastern or "Semitic" extraction.

From the CAA press statement:

"The Crown Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute National Action’s former spokesman, Jack Renshaw, after lawyers for Campaign Against Antisemitism wrote to declare our intention to launch a private prosecution.
After waiting more than a year without taking action against Renshaw, the Crown Prosecution Service has now charged him after our pro bono legal team, led by Jonathan Mann QC and Pamela Reddy, partner at Simons Muirhead & Burton solicitors, wrote to the Director of Public Prosecutions telling her that unless she took action, Campaign Against Antisemitism would step in and undertake the prosecution ourselves."

Thus, by their own admission, the 'poor', 'persecuted' Jews have so much political power and influence in Britain today that they can, and have, persuade Britain's CPS to prosecute English people for stating pro-English political views that, save for the malign influence of these Jews, would have been regarded as acceptable discourse. This despite the fact that Jews constitute 0.44% of the British population, 290,000 out of an estimated 65,648,100 as of 2016.  The 1290 Edict of Expulsion by our great leader King Edward I has never been formally revoked. Jews don't belong here, they have no right to be here, and their nation-wrecking promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism, "multiculturalism" / "diversity", miscegenation (race-mixing), the European Union, wars for Israel, and their attacks on Christianity, are utterly alien to British values.

"Renshaw, 22, was the spokesman for pro-Hitler group National Action until the Home Secretary designated National Action a proscribed terrorist organisation, at the culmination of a long campaign by Campaign Against Antisemitism."

Again, due to Jewish influence, a political organisation has been banned in Britain and classed as a "terrorist organisation". None of its members have carried out or even prepared for any terrorist act. Amber Rudd, the Home Secretary who led the drive to proscribe the organisation, is a pro-EU, pro-"multiculturalism", anti-White, race-mixing woman who won a prize for a poem about contraception and was in a relationship with Ghanian-born Kwasi Kwarteng.

"Renshaw has now been charged with two offences of incitement to racial hatred in relation to speeches made in February and March last year, as well as his tweets."

Let's see what Renshaw actually said.

"In a video of one of Renshaw’s speeches in March last year, he is heard to say: “Now, the refugee problem is part of a bigger problem. It’s a symptom of a disease. That disease is international Jewry. In World War Two, we took the wrong side. We should have been fighting the communists. Instead, we took the side of the communists, and fought the National Socialists who were there to remove Jewry from Europe once and for all. That’s what the Final Solution was. Instead, we let these parasites live among us, and they still do. They get into our councils, they get into our institutions, they get into our parliament, they run our banks, they run all of the companies we see around us. But we let these people, we let these people destroy us, and they are still destroying us now. And we’re pointing fingers at the symptoms and not the disease. Let’s cure the disease and then cure all of the symptoms by default…You can call me Nazi, you can call me fascist, that is what I am.”"
This is all perfectly true. Jews, funded and orchestrated by the likes of billionaire George Soros, are behind the policy of flooding White nations with Muslims and other Third World immigrants to bring about a radical transformation into a multicultural 'paradise'. A 'paradise', in which White people's lives have been made more 'interesting' by introducing an element of danger. Now people fear the possibility of being attacked with machetes, having acid thrown into their face, being mowed down by a crazed driver whilst walking along a bridge, or seeing their little girl blown up and killed or maimed at a concert.

In a 2010 interview with Israeli IBA News, the vile Jewish supremacist Barbara Lerner Spectre openly admitted that Jews were the driving force "at the center" of the "transformation". And in characteristic fashion for a Jewish supremacist, Spectre blames "anti-Semitism" for the fact that not every White person supports the ongoing White genocide, and not every White person is prepared to meekly accept this preposterous program that the Jews seek to impose upon us.

Spectre said, "I think there's a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role."

Yet Jews don't want to enjoy the 'delights' of a "multicultural mode" - rape, bombings, stabbings, trucks mowing down crowds, and dilution of their racial stock through miscegenation, etc. - in their own ill-gotten Zionist State of Israel. They operate a closed border policy, even going so far as to build a wall. Israel is officially "not an immigration country".

Jews aim to rule the world from a Greater Israel, whilst turning the rest of the world into a gigantic prison - a borderless cesspit of mixed-race mongrels who would be smart enough to toil for the Jews but not smart enough to stand in the way of Jewish supremacy. Jews have been foisting mass immigration and "multiculturalism" upon White homelands as part of the Jewish program for world conquest.

From "Judaism 101", "Mashiach: The Messiah":

"Belief in the eventual coming of the mashiach is a basic and fundamental part of traditional Judaism. [...] The mashiach is the one who will be anointed as king in the End of Days. [...] The mashiach will be a great political leader descended from King David (Jeremiah 23:5). The mashiach is often referred to as 'mashiach ben David' (mashiach, son of David). He will be well-versed in Jewish law, and observant of its commandments (Isaiah 11:2-5). He will be a charismatic leader, inspiring others to follow his example. He will be a great military leader, who will win battles for Israel. He will be a great judge, who makes righteous decisions (Jeremiah 33:15). But above all, he will be a human being, not a god, demi-god or other supernatural being."

And, crucially:

"He will establish a government in Israel that will be the center of all world government, both for Jews and gentiles (Isaiah 2:2-4; 11:10; 42:1)."

Moreover, one need merely watch the video "When Israel is Mighty" (it's spoken in Hebrew, but has English subtitles) to see some of the downside of this Jewish 'master race' 'paradise', in which the bigoted fanatics can kill Gentiles or rape 3-year-old Gentile girls with impunity. (See here for a full transcript of the video.) When they come to power and realise their Isaianic fantasy, it won't matter if you're Black or White, Muslim or Hindu; they'll still expect you to serve them. Naturally, these Talmudist hypocrites will accuse any critics of being "racists", "bigots", etc.. They project their own vices onto their critics, in a tactic that has been described as inverting the accusations.

Apart from policies of open borders and mass immigration, international Jewry has been creating a refugee problem with its warmongering strategy of having the Jew-infested "democracies" go to war against Muslim nations. This was done under the guise of fighting terrorism, eliminating (non-existent) "WMD", and ousting 'evil' "dictators". The result was creating a new Islamist terrorist threat where one had not existed (in 2001, when Jews carried out their false-flag terror attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon as the pretext for the new series of wars for Israel), by antagonising Muslims and turning Muslim nations with strong, patriotic leadership into cesspits that are a hotbed of terror. The wars would go on to injure 1 million US veterans including nearly 270,000 brain injuries, kill nearly 7,000 of them before we even count other coalition members and civilians, cost the US alone $4 trillion to $6 trillion, result in hundreds of thousands of excess civilian deaths in Iraq alone, displace millions of civilians, increase childhood cancers by five times and lead to terrible birth defects.

So, as Renshaw said, the refugee problem is a symptom of a disease - international Jewry. They are working to wreck our nations, and to pervert the world into an unnatural 'order' in which various races and religions are flung together and forced to coexist within a giant "melting pot", rather than living a peaceful, contented existence in their traditional homelands. Adolf Hitler and his national socialists recognised the problem and understood that the solution was to remove the Jews from Europe, which they did. And not by "exterminating" them, but by putting some to work in labor camps towards the war effort, and sending others away to the east via transit camps.

We fought the wrong people in World War Two. We fought our White brothers, who wanted to honor their ancestors' legacy, and who wanted to preserve White culture and civilization so that their descendants would have a homeland of their own. Instead, we fought on the side of the filthy, corrupt, parasitical, pedophiliac, Talmudic banksters and the Jewish supremacists who have taken over our media and banks, and have leading politicians in their pocket, so that they can push their anti-White nation-wrecking agenda of wars for Israel, mass immigration, homosexuality, gender ambiguity, feminism, and mass abortion for Whites. "Anti-racist" is code for anti-White.

"Echoing his normal rhetoric, a Twitter account allegedly operated by Renshaw was used to attack Jews, with one tweet on Boxing Day last year declaring: “Jews are financial and cultural parasites, destroying Europe. Let’s actually start the ovens this time. #Holohoax #WithJewsWeLose #NSForever”. Another tweet claimed that the Holocaust was a hoax: “2.4 million Jews were living in Nazi territories, 3.8 million of those Jews applied for reparations and 6 million died? #BasicMath #Holohoax”."
There is no denying that the parasitical, greedy Jews leech off the efforts of hard-working White people, and have been doing their level best to destroy White culture. With Jews we lose. As for the retarded kookspiracy lunacy about "gas chambers" disguised as shower rooms, that's been fully debunked all over the internet and on this site (see here, or here, or here). Or look up "Germar Rudolf" or "Robert Faurisson".

As of 1869 and 1889, there were reckoned to be six million Jews worldwide according to the Jews themselves, as published in The New York Times (before the Jew Adolph Ochs took over the newspaper in 1896). And as of early 2015, the number was around fifteen million, give or take a million. Yet we are supposed to believe that "six million" of the blighters were "exterminated" by 'evil' Germans in the early 1940s!!!!!!

What actually happened is that in the 1890s, in the early days of the Zionist project that had the medium-term goal of allowing the Asiatic Caucasian Khazar 'Jews' to seize Palestine for themselves, the Jews came up with the idea of a hoax about "six million" 'dead' Jews. It would generate massive public sympathy for the Jews - if only they could get enough mugs to fall for it, aided by Jewish control of the media. Of course, the Hoaxers didn't then know who would ultimately be the 'culprits' in this fable. Rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise spoke of "six million living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism" in June 1900, two years after he met Theodor Herzl at the 2nd Zionist Congress, instantly "felt a bond with him", and "agreed to serve as American secretary of the world Zionist movement".

In 1906 for example, Jews were claiming that the Russians were going to carry out a "systematic and murderous extermination" of "6,000,000 Jews" (our emphasis). As late as 1921, Jews were still alleging that "Russia's 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre". However, in 1919, Jews were hedging their bets by trying several approaches. The Federation of Ukrainian Jews in America was pushing a claim that "6,000,000" Jews in Poland and the Ukraine were "going to be completely exterminated" (they described their allegation as a "fact"!), and the American Hebrew ran an article that was attributed to Martin H. Glynn: "The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop!" That promoted a new idea - that "six million" Jews might perish from starvation in the wake of World War One, in a "threatened holocaust of human life".

So Jews began inflating their population statistics, such that whenever conditions conducive to an "extermination" hoax might converge, they would be able to 'reduce' the figures to make it appear as if millions of Jews had died. The Jew Joseph Jacobs revised the worldwide Jewish population total upwards by almost two-and-a-half million in 1896, and then again by more than two million again in 1906. The amusing thing about this is that Jacobs was a fairy tales editor. If you plan to fabricate a fairy tale about "six million" 'dead' Jews, who better to have than a fairy tales editor to assist in pulling off the scam?

Finally, five decades after the "six million" 'dead' Jews hoax had been concocted, a confluence of factors enabled the Hoaxers to peddle their allegation to a critical mass of people. These factors included tens of millions of actual dead, the bribing of Franco's generals not to enter WWII on the Axis side, the bribing of Churchill by Jew-funded pressure group The Focus and other secret benefactors such as the Jew Sir Henry Strakosch, the use of poison gas in disinfestation chambers that could be passed off as having a sinister purpose, the establishment of Jew-run Hollywood as a major player in the motion picture industry, the motivation for Jew-backed governments to peddle atrocity propaganda to distract from their own mass murder of civilians (e.g. Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki), the Soviet motive to tamper with evidence and coerce witnesses in order to pin the blame for the Katyn massacre on the Germans as revenge for the Germans' discovery and exposure of that Soviet war crime, and the seizing of territory in Poland by the Soviet communist totalitarian regime that prohibited access to the alleged extermination camps and constructed a fake 'gas chamber' after the war.

And so, in the end, in this opportunistic hoax, it was supposedly 'evil' Germans who did the "exterminations". Whether it turned out to be the Russians, the Germans, the Italians, the British or the Americans, you could have quite safely wagered that Jews would end up blaming White people for their 'losses'.

There are honest anti-Zionist Jews who have admitted that the "gas chambers" stories were a hoax. For example, in his book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil, Gerard Menuhin (son of violinist Yehudi) wrote:

"A good lie takes time to plan, and this was a very good lie; one which a defeated and demoralized enemy was in no position to refute. Misrepresent the purpose of a conventional delousing gas at the concentration camps, inflate the figures of typhus, typhoid and malnutrition deaths in the latter months of the war to match a symbolic figure, support with endless faked and staged photographs, purposely edited films and statistics, “find” a few “eyewitnesses” among the “survivors” – and the improbable becomes fact." [pp. 26-27]

Other statements from Jews include:

"The 6-million-gas-chambers myth is an arithmetic and technical nonsense. As a matter of fact the howling, snivelling, Shoah business, 50 years after the war, is disgusting, debasing: it is a disgraceful shame." -Roger Dommergue
"The trouble is, that the forensic, topographical, documentary, chemical, photographic etc. evidence, all contradict the narrative." -Paul Eisen
"I know from years of my own research and the research of others that proofs of the Holocaust are few. Literally, all there is are the 'eyewitness' testimonies and the post-war confessions. There's no picture, plan or wartime document dealing with homicidal gas chambers or a plan to exterminate Jews." -David Cole aka David "Stein"
"World War II was a Zionist plot to make way for the foundation of the Jewish State in Palestine." -Joseph G. Burg aka Josef Ginsburg

Jews have already been kicked out from scores of locations more than 100 times throughout history when the host population got wise to their parasitical, subversive, nation-wrecking nature. That's exactly the same as happened in national socialist Germany. Get thrown out of a bar two or three times and you could argue that it was not your fault. But after it's happened more than 100 times, that line of defense is no longer valid.

There is a powerful moral argument for exterminating Jews; such an action would confer the greatest good upon the greatest number of people. After all, a cancer surgeon would not remove a tumor from the breast, merely to re-implant it in the bowel!

However, there is a gigantic difference between the ethics of Jews and Whites. Jews are psychopaths, totally devoid of a conscience. This is a consequence of the centuries that they existed as wanderers, as outsiders living within a host population that granted them entry and showed them every hospitality. Jews got into white-collar professions such as banking (usury), trading, and scams such as clipping the coinage. They had a niche as intermediaries between Christians and Muslims prior to arriving in Europe, and so many carried on their tradition as merchants.

Over centuries of evolution during the Middle Ages, times were hard and it was a struggle for everyone to survive. The Jewish merchant was only interested in his bottom line - in getting the gold in his hands, because if he could successfully rip off his Gentile host, he could survive and reproduce. There was no room for conscience, compassion, a "soul", or empathy for the host population.

In contrast, normal people, i.e., those who live in their own homeland, evolved with a mix of intelligence and conscience, and an understanding that the best way to interact with others is through a combination of competition and cooperation. For example, Whites involved in agriculture or manufacturing would need to cooperate with other Whites. Judaism encouraged racial supremacist attitudes with its concept of Jews being the "Chosen People", and its Talmudic contempt for non-Jews, but Christianity took the entirely reasonable view of treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

And so, whereas Jews are perfectly happy to carry out genocide on their opponents - as they did in Russia against Whites in their Jewish Bolshevik Revolution for example, Whites regard the taking of human life as morally wrong. This is why Hitler and the "Nazis" did not have an extermination program, and their only use of poison gas was in exterminating insects such as typhus lice for the purpose of saving human lives. Unfortunately, Whites' principles place Whites at a disadvantage. If one player holds himself to a higher standard whilst the other flouts the rules at every opportunity, then the cheat is more likely to win, other things being equal.

So the final solution to the Jewish problem will probably not involve extermination. However, that will depend upon the Jews' willingness to come to a satisfactory arrangement. It would be folly for Whites to rule out any possibility of extermination, under the principle that the negotiator who signals that he is anxious to reach a deal at any price will not get a good deal, and no deal is better than a bad deal. There are some honest Jews (as mentioned above) who could be given the choice of remaining in White nations or leaving for a new Jewish state. But the vast majority of Jews are Zionists who, for whatever reason, side with the Jewish supremacists who have power in occupied Palestine / "Israel" and plan to rule the world. The vast majority of Jews cannot be allowed to remain in White nations. Their political power must be extirpated and utterly annihilated.

The debate is no longer about whether or not millions of Jews can remain in our nations as parasites bent on White genocide and the destruction of White culture and civilization. It is about whether the Jews should be exterminated or expelled, and the terms of any series of expulsions.

However, as Adolf Hitler ordered, discipline must prevail, and there should be no persecution or harming of individuals merely on account of their race or religion. Jews should not have swastikas daubed on their walls or their gravestones, they should not be beaten up (in stark contrast to their treatment of Professor Robert Faurisson, for example), and not even a hair on their heads should be harmed. On March 28, 1933, in response to Judea's declaration of a "holy war" against Germany that involved an economic boycott aimed at starving the Germans into submitting to regime change, Hitler said:

"The action committees are responsible for the utmost protection of all foreigners, regardless of their faith, origin, or race. The boycott is merely a defensive measure exclusively directed toward Jewry in Germany. [...] It must be made clear that the battle against the atrocious Jewish hate propaganda is purely self-defensive. The action committees are responsible that this whole effort proceeds in the most peaceful way and with greatest discipline. Don't even hurt as much as a hair on a Jew's head! We will defeat their provocations simply with the far-reaching impact of these given [economic] measures!"

For pragmatic reasons, a compromise will probably involve the Jews being sent somewhere such as Kazakhstan (it has only 7 people per square km, is large enough to accommodate the Caucasian Jews, is in the vicinity of their racial origins, and has mineral resources such as oil). Such a deal would involve Jewish bankers compensating the local population, Israel handing over its nukes, and Benjamin Netanyahu handing himself in to stand trial for the 9/11 attacks. Jewish bankers would also need to pay for building a perimeter wall around the new Jewish land, so that the Jews could be safely quarantined. If Jews are to be spared, it is also imperative that "Holocaust" museums across the globe be replaced by Holohoax memorial museums. Education of Jewish crimes and deceptions would need to be so widespread that we could never again be tricked into falling for their tales of woe and allowing them back into our countries to wreak havoc.

In a slightly more complex version of this arrangement, the 90% or more of Jews who are of Caucasian extraction could still be sent back to the Caucasus, and the up to 10% of Jews who are truly of Middle Eastern origin could remain in or return to Palestine. That way, Jews and Palestinians might be able to coexist peacefully as they did prior to the advent of Zionism, the Khazar impostors would be removed from occupied Palestine, and everyone could have a homeland that is in the vicinity of their ancient homeland. Nationalism for one group - which is what Zionist Jewish Israelis want - is racial or religious supremacism. But nationalism for all is a fair system, that has a better prospect of being stable and sustainable.

Updated June 8, 2018: Another example of thoughtcrime in Britain is the persecution of the musician Alison Chabloz, who has been prosecuted and found guilty over her songs, which mock the outrageous lies of "Holocaust survivors", and were a response to Jewish trolls who had been harassing her. Jews claim the videos are "grossly offensive". Sentencing is due on June 14.

Two charges involved placing a hyperlink on her blog to a video of songs she'd performed at a London Forum meeting; she did not even upload the video. Another charge involved uploading the following video (((Survivors))). In Zionist Occupied Britain aka the JewNighted Kikedom, the video is "not available".

Anyone who thinks Irene Zisblatt is telling the truth about repeatedly eating and defecating diamonds at Auschwitz for months, washing them off in her soup or water each time, would have to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic. There is already an excellent article by Lasha Darkmoon: Blood Libel: The Ritual Persecution of Alison Chabloz, which shows how free speech is under threat in Britain, thanks to con artists such as CAA's Gideon Falter and Steve Silverman, both of whom are of course Jews.

The following video (now unfortunately taken down) is of a performance of several songs at a meeting of the London Forum. For example, the song Nemo's Antisemitic Universe [13:54] is about a troll named Nemo who was harassing Chabloz.

The trolling and harassment wasn't simply name-calling, arguing, or sending things by post addressed to "Mrs. Holocaust denier". Death threats were sent to Alison's blog. And the trolls would target places where she was hired to play, and would get her banned, e.g. by asking why they were hiring an "anti-Semite". Listen to her discussing this with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock; download or listen here. (The death threats are mentioned around 22:25-24:00, and the targeting of her professional life around 19:00-20:00.) Chabloz called the police, and there was an investigation, but they dropped it. A couple of weeks later, she was arrested for posting politically incorrect songs.

Now compare the failure to prosecute senders of the death threats with the case of Joshua Bonehill-Paine. He sent no death threats, but was sentenced to two years' imprisonment for posting five blog articles critical of the obnoxious Jewish Labour MP Luciana Berger, and for posting something on Twitter. For example, he posted an image in which Berger's face was superimposed on a rat's body. Moreover, the two years was to run consecutively with another three year four month (40 months!!!!) sentence that Bonehill-Paine was already serving for posting "anti-Semitic" material.

And John Nimmo sent a couple of death threats to Berger, and was jailed for 27 months. Those who sent the death threats to Chabloz have the charges dropped because they're Jews attacking a White person, whereas Nimmo gets 27 months because he's a White person attacking a Jew.

Surely someone who decides to run for public office must expect to face some criticism, teasing and satire? But Berger played the victim card, as the poor little 'innocent' female 'victim' who also happened to be a Jew, the group who cannot be criticised. To learn who rules over you, simply identify which group cannot be criticised.

Part of the reason for the Jewdicial system making an example of Bonehill-Paine is that Berger had been trolled by Daily Stormer readers in their "Operation Filthy Jew Bitch". Trolls in the US, for example, were outside British jurisdiction. However, the trolling of Berger was in response to the jailing of Garron Helm for sending Berger an "anti-Semitic" tweet that included the hashtag "Hitler was right". Helm was sent to prison for 4 weeks for the 'crime' of sending a tweet that Berger claimed was "grossly offensive".

WTF? Is there anyone on the internet who can honestly say that they've never been called names or received uncomplimentary replies? A prison sentence merely for pressing a few keys on a phone or computer? Helm is also accused of being pro-White. So if you're White, it's supposed to be illegal to stand up for your own race, but Jewish supremacists can carry on with their program of White genocide with impunity - open borders, miscegenation and "going into a multicultural mode" for White nations, but closed borders, a wall, and the banning of mixed marriages for Israel.

If Berger and other Jews are so worried about "racism" and "anti-Semitism" or whatever they call it, then why don't they fuck off to Israel and quit their wrecking of White nations? Doesn't Berger understand that if she hadn't whined like a cry-baby about the tweet she got from Helm, and hadn't had him jailed, she would not have been the target of a troll storm?

The answer is that Jews are not satisfied with Israel; they want the whole world. They want all non-Jews to serve them, and they want the riches of the non-Jews to pass over to them. They want to create a mongrelised race of slaves to serve them. And in the meantime they want to maintain their privileged position at the top of the pecking order, in charge of the central banks, and running the media so they can install their Israel-friendly puppets as leaders of political parties. And they are desperate to shut down free speech in Britain and elsewhere, because they know that their fairy tale about a "Holocaust" with "gas chambers" will not stand up to the slightest scrutiny. It is simply wartime atrocity propaganda that was useful to the Allied (All-Lied) governments in the wake of the war, and they never found the courage to admit that it was a lie. Not even after more than 70 years!

The jail sentences would be merited if these people had committed violence, such as throwing acid into Berger's face. Let's consider Berger's voting record. She has voted for equal "gay" rights, smoking bans, allowing same-sex marriages, promotion of "equality" and "human rights", UK military forces to be used in overseas combat (i.e., wars for Israel), more EU integration, UK membership of the EU, allowing EU nationals to remain in the UK, a requirement for mass retention of information about communications, mass surveillance of people's communications and activities, measures to "prevent climate change", and against investigations into the Iraq war, against a stricter asylum system, and against stronger enforcement of immigration rules.

Berger is clearly working towards the Jews' globalist, Zionist, pro-degeneracy, anti-freedom, anti-deportation of terrorists, mass immigration / miscegenation / White genocide, nation-wrecking, anti-free speech / pro-police state agenda. When Whites take power there is an argument that she should stand trial for treason and anti-British activities. In any case, she and other Jews will need to leave, and so the trials can probably be limited to the arch-villains such as Benjamin Netanyahu. In the meantime, there should be no violence against Berger and others of her ilk. But she should expect criticism from those who are awake, as well as acclaim from brainwashed cretins or servile, fawning flunkeys.

Updated June 8, 2017: Jez Turner, who would make an outstanding British prime minister, has been prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to twelve months' imprisonment for telling the truth about Jewish power. Again, this is a result of the behind-the-scenes machinations of the vile Jews Gideon Falter and Stephen Silverman, who persuaded the CPS to reconsider its decision not to prosecute. Turner described "lib-lab-con politicians" as "nothing but a bunch of puppets dancing to a Jewish tune", and added that "the ruling regimes in the west for the last 100 years have danced to the same tune." He added: "Let's free England from Jewish control."

That is all perfectly true. It is predominantly Jews who control the mass media and the central banks. They even boast about how they control the media. With the gold and the press in their hands, Jews can act as kingmakers and install their puppets as presidents and prime ministers.

For example, Tony Blair's mentor and "tennis partner" was Lord Michael Levy (aka "Lord Cashpoint"), whom he met at an Israeli diplomatic dinner in 1994. In 1997 Blair was elected prime minister following strong support from the press, including Rupert Murdoch's The Sun, which switched sides to back Labour for the first time in 20 years. In 2003 Blair chose to go to war against Iraq despite strong opposition and protests in Britain and worldwide. More recently, after the British people voted to leave the European Union in a referendum, Blair is working to build a movement to overturn the Brexit vote, and is putting 8 million pounds of his own money into it.

David Cameron (who is part Jewish) also has a Jewish "tennis partner" who is his "best mate" - Lord Andrew Feldman (aka "Lord Crony"). The two have known each other for more than 30 years. Consequently, the Jew-press praised the Jew-puppet Cameron rather than the original favorite David Davis, so that Cameron would win the 2005 Conservative leadership election. As P.M., Cameron did the Jews' bidding in turning Libya into a cesspit that would foment terrorism and send a flood of African migrants into Europe. He also introduced an insane policy of spending a guaranteed 0.7% of gross national income on "foreign aid", benefiting Jewish bankers at the expense of the British indigenous population.

Conservative prime minister John Major had been "bonking" the Jewess Edwina Currie from 1984 to 1988 before becoming P.M. in 1990. He was ashamed and afraid that the affair might be made public, and consequently was merely putty in Zionists' hands. Major proved to be a pro-Jewish, pro-globalist, anti-British traitor, who would refer to Euro-sceptic members of his Cabinet as "bastards".

Similarly, when Jews considered Theresa May would make a better puppet for them as prime minister than Andrea Leadsom, they had their press do a hatchet job on Leadsom. They asked her if her role as a mother would give her an advantage as P.M., and when she understandably replied that having children would give her more of a stake in the future, the Jew-press presented it as an 'attack' on the childless Theresa May. Speaking at the Finchley United Synagogue in April 2015, May claimed, "Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain."

No. Without its Jews, Britain would be Britain, rather than a Zionist state that pursues anti-White policies and then has the gall to prosecute Whites for resisting. (See here where May praises the Jewish terrorists who murdered British troops in the run-up to the HoloHoaxing Jews' 1948 theft of Palestine.)

In 1910 the Jewish banker Paul Warburg was the leading player in drafting plans for the US "Federal Reserve System". In 1913 Jews had Woodrow Wilson (described as "the most pro-Jewish president in American history") sign the Federal Reserve Act into law. From that point on, under their "fractional reserve" central banking system, Jews could print themselves a virtually unlimited amount of money, and certainly enough for their nefarious schemes.

In 1917 they went on a spending spree to satiate their lust for White genocide. The Jewish banker Max Warburg (Paul's brother) provided Lenin with $6,000,000, with the logistical support of the Jewish Marxist Alexander Parvus aka Israel Gelfand. And Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, the head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., provided Trotsky with $20,000,000 in gold. The Cause of World Unrest (various authors) has a list of fifty Bolshevik leaders either in government or responsible for establishing the regime. Forty-three of them (86%) were Jewish. Once the Bolsheviks had assumed control, Christian wealth was looted, in what has been described as "history's greatest heist".

Jewish Bolshevism soon led to terrible events. For example, in February 1919, a report "ATROCITIES PERPETRATED BY THE BOLSHEVIKS IN ESTHONIA" described the fates of Esthonian victims of the Bolsheviks:

"All the bodies showed signs of the rage and revenge of the Bolsheviks. The victims were all robbed of everything except their linen, their boots also having been taken. The Bolsheviks had shattered the skulls of thirty-three of the bodies, so that the heads hung like bits of wood on the trunks. As well as being shot, most of the murdered had been pierced with bayonets, the entrails torn out, and the bones of the arm and leg broken. [...] The women were to be killed first, as their cries were so heartrending the murderers could not listen to them any longer. One woman tried to escape, but did not get far. They fired a volley, and she sank to the ground wounded. Then the Bolsheviks dragged her by the feet into the grave. Five of the murderers sprang after her, shot at her, and stamped on her body with their feet till she was silent. Then a further volley was fired at the other victims. In the same way they were thrown into the graves and done to death with butt-ends and bayonets. After which the murderers once more stamped on the bodies."

The 1939 book A Program for the Jews and An Answer to all Anti-Semites; A Program for Humanity by Rabbi Harry Waton, a Marxist Jew, admitted that Communism is Jewish and the Jews aim to conquer the world. Waton wrote, "Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth."

So, to get back to what Renshaw said, these psychopathic Jews are the people that we Whites should have been fighting, rather than our own White brothers. Decades of pre-internet media domination enabled Jews to temporarily brainwash many Whites into a self-hatred and an irrational worship of the Jews. But Whites united will never be defeated. People are waking up to how they've been fooled. There are some 1 billion Whites, but around 15 million Jews. We are past the age of peak Jew.

Since Renshaw, Chabloz, Turner et al are telling the truth, Falter and those at the CAA are hoping they will be able to suppress the truth for a little longer by using their money and their domination of the media. They hope to be able in 2017 to do as they did in 2000 with the David Irving vs. Deborah Lipstadt trial, in which it is easily proved that Irving was telling the truth about no "gassings" at Auschwitz (see our page about the Jews' 'expert' van Pelt at the Further Reading appendix below). Irving won the arguments but lost the case because, as Nick Herbert said, the judge preferred to ruin Irving's career rather than his own. The (((media))) had been blatantly anti-Irving, and so had Judge Gray found in favor of Irving, his verdict would have been at odds with what most casual newspaper readers - unfamiliar with the facts about the Holohoax - believed the evidence to be. The judge would have committed career suicide by giving a verdict in favor of an alleged "anti-Semite".

However, consider the shift in opinion and knowledge over the last 17 years, as people have had increasing access to independent information via the internet. Back in 2000, anyone who was apparently "denying the Holocaust" and taking the side of the "Nazis" would have been deeply unpopular, as it would seem to go against everything that people had been taught. Now in 2017, one merely need take a look at the comments on YouTube videos and in news articles. Look at the ratings of the pro-Zionist comments and compare with the anti-Zionist comments, and the latter will be seen to have the most up votes or likes. Of course, the range of comments that are accepted by the mods on news articles will be quite narrow in comparison to those seen on YouTube, but the newspaper mods cannot police the ratings, and the pro-truth, anti-Zionist comments will generally receive more up votes.

The "goyim" know!

Finally, here is why people are critical of "God's Chosen People". "Anti-Semitism" does not occur without a reason. The cause of "anti-Semitism" is Jewish behavior.

The Jews:

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