Evidence for the authenticity of the Protocols of Zion



Evidence for forgery

Ironically, both of those are evidence for authenticity, not for forgery. Of the hypothetical "anti-Semite" and the hypothetical Jewish supremacist conspirator, it is the Jew who had the stronger motives for plagiarism, which would allow Jewry to cite it as 'evidence' of "forgery". As to Jewish assurances that nefarious "anti-Semites" fabricated the Protocols, apart from the fact that the allegation is refuted by reams of evidence, Jewish claims of "forgery" should be judged in the context of previous statements by Jewry. Here's the sort of thing:

When we killed thirty-three Syrian and Lebanese farm workers who were loading plums and peaches in Al-Qaa in 2006, we didn't really mean to do it, you know; there was a building nearby that we thought was being used to store weapons.
Our attack on the USS Liberty (in international waters), in which thirty-four American sailors died and 174 were wounded, was an accident. Okay, we carried on attacking for well over an hour; I believe the technical term for it is a sustained atta... sorry, a sustained accident, yeah, that's what it was. It just lasted longer than most accidents do.
We promise that the UN observer post will not be targeted in this 2006 war on Lebanon.
Red Cross ambulances are never deliberately targeted by Israeli forces; we must have hit the very center of each cross on each ambulance by accident, and it was a coincidence.
Look, we hit a UN base in Qana in 1996 and killed 100 people who were sheltering, and you have to believe us, it was an accident then, so now that we've gone and done the same thing again in 2006, with our massive bomb causing a building in the town to collapse on top of dozens of sheltering people, killing more than 60 including 37 children, it must have been another accident, right? Or, shall we say, a mistake?
When the Palestinian Ghalia family were blown to smithereens as they were picnicking on a Gaza beach, we stopped shelling the beach nine minutes before they died, and we were targeting an area of the beach about 250 meters from where they were, so it proves they must have done it themselves with one of their own bombs; we were not responsible.
Although we, the Mossad, did have foreknowledge of the London 7/7 bombings, the information only reached us six minutes before the first explosion.
When a bomb exploded in a false ceiling at the Radisson Hotel in Amman on 11/9/05, we Israelis didn't put it there and never knew it was there; it was actually a suicide bomber who was responsible for the killing of the wedding party, and when the suicide bomber's bomb went off - don't look skeptical, of course there was a suicide bomber there, someone else must have already placed the other bomb without being spotted, and it was just coincidental that the suicide bomber set off the other bomb too, Israelis were evacuated in advance of the blasts, the only Israeli casualty was an Israeli Arab, blundering Arabs targeted Arabs rather than Jews or Americans, and Israel didn't want to have King Abdullah II mediating between the US and Syria.
More than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza, mostly civilians, have been killed by Israeli forces, whilst at the same time a mere three Israeli citizens have been killed by Palestinian rockets or mortar, but that's not evidence that we Israelis engage in deliberate slaughter of Arab civilians; it's all just a long series of one accident after another, and the fact that we keep having such accidents is purely coincidental.
When our Israeli commandos boarded a Turkish ship in a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters and killed nine of those on board - with a tenth going on to die in 2014 after being in a coma for four years, our peace-loving commandos were merely defending themselves against attacks by the dangerous peace activists, who were pretending to be humanitarians whilst spoiling for a fight.

A truthful statement by organized Jewry is a rarity indeed.


The Protocols documentation exists as evidence for a Jewish conspiracy, corresponds with external events that prove the existence of a Jewish conspiracy, and the burden of proof rests with those who are attempting to refute it. After more than ninety years of trying, Jewry has singularly failed to do so.

The Protocols of Zion is an authentic document detailing Jewry's plans for establishing a world despotism.


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