Mossad in Phony 'Beheading' Caper

In August 2014, the "beheading" video of James Foley was released. This was clearly a fake, although there remained the possibility that Foley might have been duped into posing for a video and killed later when he was least expecting it.

Then, in September 2014, the supposed "beheading" of Steven Sotloff confirmed that the series of videos is clearly fake and staged. No beheadings are shown, the videos are sophisticated and professionally edited, the murder 'weapon' is barely more than a little butter knife, there is no blood as the 'knife' supposedly saws at the throat without harming the actor, and extraordinarily 'brave' prisoners are about to meet their fate yet willingly obeying their captor to the letter without the slightest protest. James Foley was/is anti-Assad the same as ISIS, and Steven Sotloff, a Jewish dual citizen "American-Israeli" and fluent Arabic speaker, was trained at the Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya, which is linked to Israeli intelligence. The videos have dispelled the last vestiges of any possibility that ISIS, Islamic State, al Qaeda, or whatever they call themselves this week, are Muslims, as opposed to Jews and their assets posing as Muslim fanatics to further the Zionist global agenda.

Towards the end of the Steven Sotloff "beheading" video, the frames depicting the "body" appear to be a composite of a video on the left of the image and a still on the right. To the left of the waistline, the live actor is lying on the ground with a few spots of 'blood' on the orange jumpsuit, which is blowing in the wind, giving the impression that the entire left and right of the picture is a video. To the right of the waistline is a still image containing the part that was hardest to fake - the "decapitated head". In this section there is not the slightest movement of the jumpsuit in the strong breeze; we are supposed to imagine the weight of the head on the stomach and the arm being conveniently tucked beneath the back suffices to prevent any movement.

SotloffBeheading photo SotloffBeheading_zpsf68ffe8a.png


By having disinformation agents such as Jim Fetzer and James Tracy peddle tinfoil lunatic claims about Sandy Hook and the Boston Marathon bombings being faked, the Jews kill two birds with one stone. They get to paint 9/11 truth tellers as raving nutters who think Boston was faked with amputee actors, smoke machines and tomato ketchup, and after so much nonsense of crying fakery, such as with the Woolwich soldier murder, when something is really fake such as "beheading" videos, more rational people will start to imagine that those must be real as well.

Even if a Mossad agent or two were beheaded, it isn't sufficient reason to start a new war for Israel and the Rothschilds that will lead to thousands or millions dead. People should not fall for the latest chicanery.