Why We are Past the Time of Peak Jew


We find that the correlation coefficient between the percentage of information controlled by Jews and the degree of protection against "anti-Semitism" afforded to Jews is 0.8796. Given that Jews are losing control of the flow of information, we are past the time of peak Jew.

The Rise and Fall of Zionism

Start a supremacist religion, in which your Middle Eastern tribe on the shores of the Mediterranean have been "chosen" by your god. This religion will be known as Judaism. Circulate a story that the 'god' was heard by millions of people, at least a thousand years ago, speaking to a prophet on a mountain. After all, those people are long dead, and cannot deny it. Since your tribe believe that their 'god' will protect them and smite their enemies, they become cowards who refuse to give up their lives for the greater good of their tribe. In consequence, they are kicked out of their Palestinian homeland, and will spend the next couple of millennia as wanderers, to be taken in by any host population gullible enough to fall for their tales of woe - and their infiltration and subversion.

Order your hedonist, pagan, Khazar tribe in the Caucasus near the Caspian Sea to convert to the supremacist religion of Judaism. It is around 740 AD. As happened with the Semitic tribe centuries ago, you become cowards and are thrown out of your homeland of Khazaria, to become a wandering tribe. The Semites, darker-skinned and of Mediterranean stock, are relatively stupid, and gullible enough to fall for a story about a 'god' being heard by millions of people. In contrast, the Khazars have evolved for tens of thousands of years (since the migration out of Africa) under the greater cognitive challenges of harsher winters, having to maintain a food supply all year round, and having to shelter themselves. The Khazars prefer to exploit their religion for pragmatic purposes, such as trading as middlemen between Christians and Muslims. They will subsequently refer to themselves as atheist "Jews". Moreover, the Khazars outnumber the Semitic Jews by a factor of about ten.

As a wandering alliance of two tribes who share the same religion, you are welcomed and taken in by various host populations. You have an aversion to performing manual labor, and are quite happy to be restricted to certain professions such as banking, where you create vast fortunes for yourselves from usury and other scams such as clipping the coinage. Throughout the Middle Ages, times are hard, and it's a struggle for many to survive. For the Jewish merchant, the only thing that matters is his bottom line. If he can exploit the native population and grab the gold, his profits are large and he can survive and reproduce. Consequently, the Jew evolves to develop pronounced verbal and mathematical skills, but at a heavy price. The host population finds that the best way to interact with others is through a combination of competition and cooperation, and evolves with a mix of intelligence and conscience. In contrast, the Jew fails to develop a conscience or the slightest empathy for the host population.

Your group of Jews can only fool the natives for so long before they realise that they are getting ripped off left right and center in return for the hospitality that they extended to you. When this happens, your tribe will be expelled by the host population. This occurs at more than 100 locations throughout the centuries, and instils a paranoia and sense of 'unjust' persecution in your group. Instead of accepting responsibility and changing your ways, you will blame each backlash against you on an inexplicable, irrational "anti-Semitism", that keeps arising for no reason at all. Apart from being absurd, the charge of "anti-Semitism" is a misnomer, given that the vast majority of you Jews are not Semites. However, the "anti-Semitism" card will be played to generate sympathy for your cult so frequently that it will become perceived as a worn-out record.

Your cult is bent on world conquest, but requires a Machiavellian strategy that will allow you to shepherd the Gentiles towards dispossession, defeat and enslavement. Rather than create a strategy of your own (since you never created any civilization or anything of value), you plagiarize a strategy out of an 1864 book by Maurice Joly. The strategy includes taking control of the press in order to shape and control public opinion, and operating a phony system of "democracy", in which the host population falsely assume that they are being governed by politicians who represent them rather than their Jewish 'guests'. You will have your press cater for various shades of political opinion from left to right, and the people will feel that they are "following the organ of their party". However, your press bestows you with great political power, which you exploit to propel your puppets as 'leaders' of the major political parties. The populace merely "follow the flag which [you] hang out for them". The candidates for president and prime minister will promise the earth, and will be heavily touted as "brilliant", a "man of the people", etc. by the Jewish press, but after coming to power will deliver nothing but the Jewish agenda such as world wars, wars for Israel, and mass immigration. This will be 'explained' either as "incompetence" and "mistakes", or sold as a noble fight against "racism", "bigotry" and "anti-Semitism", or necessary for "the economy".

Take over the central banks. Create the Federal Reserve banking system in the US (have one of your tribe's bankers draft most of the plan), and use the fractional reserve banking system to create wealth for your tribe (or tribes) whenever you need to. Have the masses believe that the Federal Reserve is not owned by private shareholders, but is a government organization (after all, it sounds like it).

You still run the risk of being expelled if the natives get wise to your evil schemes, and you still have no homeland of your own. It is necessary to generate a massive amount of public sympathy for your cult by playing the "anti-Semitism" card to the nth degree. Create a hoax about "six million" 'dead' Jews, which can be exploited to demand your own homeland. Pretend that Zionism is not really a program for world conquest, but is merely about establishing a homeland for your people. Call this "political Zionism", which is the overt form. The covert form, or "secret Zionism", is about world conquest. Since you would rather have land in the Middle East, such as Palestine, given its mineral resources, create another lie about your origins. Pretend that almost all Jews are of Middle Eastern origin, when in fact some 90% are from the Caucasus and only around 10% are actually a Semitic tribe. (Hence, the reason for the nonsense about "anti-Semitism".)

Start a world war. In the immediate aftermath, ply your hoax about "six million" 'dead' or 'dying' Jews. You also seek revenge on the Rus' for driving you out of your Khazarian kingdom. To this end, have your bankers fund a Jewish Bolshevik Revolution. The "American" Jewish banker Jacob Schiff, who was head of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., can provide Trotsky with $20,000,000 in gold, and the "German" Jewish banker Max Warburg can provide Lenin with $6,000,000, with the logistical support of the Marxist Jew Alexander Parvus aka Israel Gelfand. A list of fifty Bolshevik leaders either in government or responsible for establishing the regime will show forty-three of them (86%) to be Jews.

If your "six million" ruse should fail to work on this occasion, then start another world war, particularly if a truly great leader has arrived on the world stage, and this brilliant patriot threatens to bring down your crooked Zionist enterprise. Whenever patriotic nationalists come to power, use your press to whip up hatred against them and have your puppet leaders take action to effect regime change.

If the anti-Zionist, anti-globalist, nationalist side utilizes poison gas to save the lives of their slave labor camp inmates by exterminating typhus lice, invert reality by pretending that the work camps were "death camps", and the poison gas was used to exterminate "six million" Jews. The fact that you orchestrated a revolution in Russia three decades earlier, funded by your bankers, allows your collaborators to deny independent observers access to the sites, and at those sites behind the Iron Curtain you will be able to claim that they were "death camps". For example, build a "gas chamber" at Auschwitz I after the war, and tell tourists that it is a "reconstruction" rather than a construction. Cover up the lack of evidence by blowing up morgue basements that you want to pass off as "gas chambers", and claim the 'evil' nationalists did it to "cover up" the "evidence". When asked why there is no physical evidence of six million dead Jews or a massive extermination program, propose a conspiracy theory about a massive "cover up", in which the nationalists supposedly went to extraordinary lengths to eliminate the 'evidence', and all because there was a minuscule possibility that it might save them from facing war crimes charges in the event of them losing the war.

Use your press and burgeoning Hollywood movie industry to push your "six million" hoax. Milk the sympathy for all it's worth. Carry out terrorist acts in Palestine, such as blowing up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem with the loss of more than 90 lives. Don't stop until you have been awarded Palestinian land as your own sovereign, Zionist state.

If an American president should oppose your Zionist state's plans to obtain nuclear weapons, then have him assassinated. Claim the culprit was a lone nut who was nothing to do with your cult.

If you are engaged in a war and you want to get the Americans to enter the war on your side, then try to sink one of their ships and blame it on the Egyptians. Better yet, if you are systematically exterminating hundreds of helpless Egyptian POWs and forcing them to dig their own graves, and you suspect a US Navy electromagnetic audio surveillance ship might have been listening in on the atrocities, then try to sink it and blame the attack on the Egyptians. You stand to gain from the dual benefit of covering up your crime and tricking the Americans into fighting for you. But if the attack should fail and most of the sailors live to tell the tale, you will have to fall back on the claim that it was an "accident", and have your stooge in the White House help with the cover-up.

Your strategy is based on divide and conquer, but following the collapse of communism and the Berlin Wall, there is talk of a "peace dividend" and things are looking up. You need to create a new "enemy". In 1991, your security agents notice that the underground garage of the Zim "American"-Israeli Shipping Company at the World Trade Center is vulnerable to a car or truck bomb attack. In February 1993, the underground garage at the WTC is hit by a truck bomb, which provides a pretext for fireproofing "upgrades". Ensure your FBI supervisor agent calls off a plan to substitute a harmless powder for the explosives. Have your BSc architecture-qualified Sayeret Matkal Captain, Benjamin Netanyahu, use his expertise, together with access to blueprints of the WTC - either from his close friend Larry Silverstein, who built the original WTC7 in 1987, or from Lewis M. Eisenberg, a member of the Planning Board of UJA/United Jewish Federation and the Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, to calculate that it is necessary to take out five contiguous floors in a Tower before the lack of bracing will raise the slenderness ratio of enough core columns above the critical slenderness ratio, such that Euler buckling and global collapse of the tower will ensue.

The fake replacement fireproofing (SFRM) with embedded accelerants can be shipped across from Israel via the Zim "American"-Israeli Shipping Company, and applied to the five contiguous floors 94-98 of WTC1 that are vacated after Deloitte & Touche (formerly Deloitte Haskins & Sells) is badly disrupted by the 1993 WTC bombing and has to move elsewhere. These SFRM upgrades are to be performed in 1996 and 1998, and the replacement Cafco Blaze-Shield II SFRM destined for Manhattan originates from Isolatek in Stanhope, New Jersey, and so you will need Israeli moving companies to be operating in New Jersey and New York in the late 1990s, in order to intercept and switch the SFRM for floors 94-98. You need to have the hijacked aircraft accurately target the very floors 94-98, as well as having a roll angle of 25° on impact so that the damage zone and ensuing office fires encompasses five floors. Hence, although the destruction of the building will be blamed on "militant Islam" (as your Netanyahu will 'predict' in a 1995 book "Fighting Terrorism"), you cannot afford to risk jeopardizing the mission - after ten years' planning and preparation - by relying upon Muslims (including one who will be described as a "very bad pilot" who "could not fly at all") to fly the Boeing aircraft. And indeed, it would be ridiculous not to exploit the resources of Rabbi Dov Zakheim, whose company SPC International produces "Flight Termination Systems" whereby remote operators can electronically hijack multiple in-flight aircraft "several hundreds of miles" away, fly them via the "Command Transmitter System", and simultaneously steer them into targets. Thus, the operators, who can have the skills of ace fighter pilots, can steer the planes into tall buildings, or the first floor of the relevant section of the Pentagon. In order to prevent the crew from regaining manual control, have someone like Daniel Lewin (Sayeret Matkal Captain, MIT alumnus, lived in Denver and Jerusalem, all in common with Benjamin Netanyahu) aboard the aircraft as a 'passenger'. After all, even though it will be admitted that Lewin was a man who "knew how to fight with knives and take knives away from people" and "loved jumping out of planes", you can concoct some story about him being a hero who was stabbed (or even "shot"!) from behind, by a crazed Muslim. A "devout" Muslim who loved eating pork chops, playing video games, wearing sneakers and jeans, driving a red Pontiac Grand Prix, snorting cocaine, throwing money around, swilling vodka, frequenting strip clubs and gambling, but had such a hatred of Western culture that he was prepared to kill himself and thousands of others.

As your WTC false-flag terror attack is under preparation, let's suppose it becomes evident in March 2000 that the Pentagon's finances are in such disarray that almost $7 trillion of bookkeeping adjustments were required in order to balance the accounts, with $2.3 trillion of those corrections lacking receipts. This is too good an opportunity to turn down, especially since members of the Bush administration can be roped into a Pentagon attack, and the administration will thereby be forced to cover for Israel's demolition of the WTC. Have Rabbi Zakheim, who incidentally can co-sign the September 2000 PNAC paper Rebuilding America's Defenses that calls for a "new Peal Harbor", nominated as Pentagon Comptroller, which will allow him to hire and fire those who do the data backups. And have a "hijacked" plane 'coincidentally' smash into the Pentagon's accounts section, killing dozens of accountants, bookkeepers and budget analysts, and destroying documents and outdated standalone accounting computer systems. Thus, you can siphon off a proportion of the $2.3 trillion, and the paper and electronic money trail will be destroyed. In order to find Arabs to frame for the "Islamist" attacks, you will need to have Israeli "art students" in the US, say, from January 2000 to September 2001, to 'shadow' these people who will be described as the "future hijackers". As for the moving company workers, when they have finished their task transporting the SFRM, they can be given cameras the day before the WTC attacks, in order to "document the event" on the day. Given that the SFRM contained embedded accelerants, there is a risk that a bomb-sniffing dog will react as if their van contained explosives, although subsequent lab tests will prove negative.

On the day of the attacks, have one of your vans filled with "tons" of explosives that can do great damage to the George Washington Bridge. Set up decoys to divert attention. For example, have an Israeli phone the Jersey City police, claim to have seen a van "heading toward the Holland tunnel", that the occupants "look like Palestinians", and one of them is "mixing some junk" (i.e., constructing a bomb) and "dressed like an Arab" in "sheikh uniform". Should the plot go wrong and the van be stopped by police, then the New York City Police Commissioner who made a 4-day trip to Israel (August 26-29, 2001) two weeks in advance of the attacks to meet with Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer, and who will subsequently receive a $250,000 'loan' from Wertheimer for his part in the cover-up, will claim that "there was no explosives in the van". Kerik can also announce the 'discovery' of a "hijacker's" passport. A passport that was handed in by a mysterious stranger who immediately ran off and was never seen nor heard from again. A passport that was said to have been "soaked in jet fuel", yet survived the fireball and was found in pristine condition. The Zim "American"-Israeli Shipping Company, who are in on the plot, will be well aware that they need to move out of their offices in the WTC, a week in advance of the attacks. Similarly, Benjamin Netanyahu's close friend Larry Silverstein can obtain a 99-year lease for the Twin Towers, and secure 12-layer, 22-company insurance coverage against terrorist attacks aggregating $3,546,809,904 "per occurrence", to include property damage and business interruption, six weeks before the buildings are to be destroyed in two "occurrences" of terrorist attacks. On the day of the attacks "Lucky Larry" must of course not turn up at his daily breakfast at the Windows on the World restaurant on the 106th and 107th floors of the North Tower, and similarly, his children must not turn up for work that day in order to spare themselves a fiery fate. Silverstein can claim to have had a "dermatologist's appointment", and his children can be said to have been "running late".

At this point, you have the casus belli to have your puppet leaders launch a series of wars against "Israel's" neighbors. Sometimes you can just have your 'allies' intervene to stir up trouble. The result will be the same - patriotic leaders who stand up for their own people are replaced by fawning sycophants whose job is to serve the interests of the Jews, a fomenting of terrorism, and creating the necessary conditions for Islamist terrorists to control some territory of their own. In the early days, the Muslims will not be sufficiently motivated for perpetrating their own terror attacks, and you Jews will have to conduct operations such as detonating bombs simultaneously on the underside of London Underground trains. Blame it on the Muslims, naturally, as in the case of the WTC and the Pentagon. Just make sure an Israeli company takes over the video "security", months in advance of the bombings, so that your operatives have unfettered access to the trains and the tracks. If possible, try not to have your former head of the Mossad declare in a newspaper article on the day of the attacks that the explosions were "simultaneous", in case the British authorities initially believe them to have occurred over a period of nearly half an hour, and take another two days to deduce that they occurred simultaneously. And if you must have Benjamin Netanyahu, the 9/11 mastermind, in London on the morning of the attacks, try not to reveal the fact that he has advance knowledge of the bombings. Pretend he was warned by Scotland Yard or something.

However, within a few more years, the Muslims will be so riled up by Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) nations attacking their lands that they will engage in terror attacks of their own creation, and there will not be a need for staging Mossad false-flag attacks. Muslims will never be capable of pulling off anything on the scale of the 9/11 attacks, but they will be capable of driving trucks into crowds, beheadings, shootings, stabbings, etc.. The irony is that your puppet 'leaders' will ostensibly be conducting a "war on terror", but, far from stopping terror, it will actually enable and act as a recruiting sergeant for terrorism. If you have problems with one of the regime change operations (e.g., Syria), pretend that you are fighting the terrorist group that has been created and allowed to flourish in parts of several nations in the area. Since your phony 'fight' against the terrorists must result in failure, pretend you are fighting not only the lawful, patriotic regime (which you will describe as an evil "dictatorship"), but also the extremist opposition to the regime. Pretend there is both a "moderate" opposition and an extremist opposition, when in reality there is only your pro-Zionist extremist opposition to the regime; it can be used to 'explain'  why your "war on terror" is an abject failure.

Let's suppose a pro-White, patriotic candidate emerges for president of the USA, who wants to "make America great again". Have your press hit him with everything you've got. Pay whores to claim he molested them ages ago (they can come up with some bullshit about not speaking out at the time because they thought no one would believe them). If you can find a tape that shows him engaging in "locker room talk" about grabbing women "by the pussy", then so much the better. Call him a "racist" and a "misogynist", and compare him to the much maligned Adolf Hitler. As long as you control the press and there is no source of alternative news (e.g., through the internet), you retain sufficient monopoly on the flow of 'information' so as to brainwash enough White people into voting for your puppet. They will do their level best to destroy White civilization and culture, and to genocide Whites into becoming a minority in their own countries through mass migration and miscegenation, and if necessary, to start WWIII, e.g. by shooting down a Russian plane in Syria as your puppet Zionist forces attempt to thwart the Russians' attempts to destroy the terrorists.

Of course, your Zionist State of Israel will neither have open borders nor race-mixing, since you are well aware that it would lead to a very real extermination of the Jewish races - the Khazars (Ashkenazim) and the Semites (Sephardim and Mizrahim). Israel is officially "not an immigration country". But at the same time, Jews such as Barbara Lerner Spectre openly admit that "...at this point in time, Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we [Jews] are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It's a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role."

So, you Jews (funded by the likes of George Soros and implemented by your marionettes) impose the 'benefits' of diversity upon White nations, but you don't want to enjoy those 'benefits' - rape, bombings, stabbings, trucks mowing down crowds, etc. - in your own Jewish State. You hope that no one notices your hypocrisy, or if they do, pretend that you are a special case because your tribe has endured so much 'suffering', 'persecution' and 'hardship'.

You are well aware that your hoax about "gas chambers" and "six million" 'dead' Jews is the only thing propping up the corrupt post-war political system you have set up in Western nations. Due to the internet, people will come to learn the truth, and so you will need to use laws restricting free speech in order to prop up your false 'truth'. For example, if a brave, patriotic, nonagenarian grandmother asks questions about the risibly absurd, physically impossible "Holocaust" tales, have her sentenced to jail. If a singer writes a song mocking so-called "Holocaust survivors" who made up some claim about eating and defecating diamonds hundreds of times, and the public prosecutor is so bogged down with prosecuting people for "racism", then have your tribe pay for a private prosecution against her to shut her up. With the aid of your press, TV and Hollywood movies, you may persist with fooling enough of the people for a few more months or years. But it is no longer a question of how many more years the hoax can endure, but whether its final collapse will take years, months or merely weeks.

For example, by January 31, 2017, you have already been forced to admit that your claim of "5 million" non-Jews "Holocausted" by the Germans is a hoax that was concocted by the compulsive liar Simon Wiesenthal. He carefully chose the "5 million" figure so that it would be enough to foment hate against the Germans, whilst being lower than the headline figure of the alleged "6 million" Jews. Thus, you Jews lied about millions of 'dead' people in order to advance Jewish tribal interests, which demonstrates that you would be prepared to lie about millions of 'dead' Jews in order to advance Jewish tribal interests. And almost to a man, you went along with the compulsive liar Wiesenthal and promoted the "5 million" lie for the benefit of your tribe.

You will no longer be able to get away with tricking brainwashed people into imagining that Jewry's critics do so because they are "haters", "anti-Semites", "neo-Nazis", etc.. People don't become "neo-Nazis" for no reason at all, and then lie about the 'poor', 'persecuted' Jews. The truth of the matter is that people learn the truth about the Jews, and then realise that the problem demands a solution. An "anti-Semite" or "neo-Nazi" is one whom the Jews hate for knowing the truth about them, and for informing others about that truth.

As the internet grows, you will still have migrants and Jews working to advance their own interests by calling for open borders in Western nations (but never, of course, in "Israel"), and they will still be supported by retards, the lowest of beta males, homosexuals and feminists who are either stupid enough or brainwashed enough to assist with the genocide of their own race and the handover of their hard-won lands to Jews and their third-world pets, e.g., by protesting with placards reading "refugees are welcome here", etc.. The 'refugees' are of course a rape and terror threat, and the only groups who benefit from their presence in White nations are big business that gets a supply of cheap labor, and the Jews who seek to replace Whites with coffee-colored worker drones to serve the Jews, to be ruled over and exploited by the Jews' planned world government in Jerusalem. However, most White males will be sufficiently informed that they will not vote in your treasonous stooges. Similarly, you will no longer be able to persuade people of the 'benefits' of nation-wrecking, sovereignty-destroying, over-legislating, supra-national institutions such as the European Union, and you will not be able to convince them that such a money-wasting tier of government is somehow 'necessary' or even desirable for international trade and a healthy economy.

By this point, you Jews have had your day, and it is all over. However, there are various tactics by which you may delay the day of reckoning.

Pay some failed spy to fabricate some nonsense about "golden showers" as 'evidence' that the patriotic, pro-White leader is working for the Russians. If a laptop unconnected to the power grid at a utility in Vermont is found to be infected with regular malware (as is commonplace) of Russian origin, then pretend it 'proves' that "the Russians" (presumably authorised personally by Vladimir Putin) hacked into and "penetrated" the "U.S. electricity grid". And if the only election fraud that took place was of illegal immigrants voting for your puppet Hillary, then pretend that the presidential election was "hacked" and influenced by the Russians. For example, if Democrat whistleblowers release more than 30,000 emails and attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton's private email server dating from when she was Secretary of State, for example, showing how Hillary is a puppet of billionaire (((George Soros))) who orders her to take action against "unrest in Albania", ignore all the incriminating content of the emails, and instead, falsely accuse the Russians of "hacking" the emails, and releasing them so as to influence the election in favor of Donald Trump. Of course, these stories about the Russians controlling a compromised Trump, and about "Russian hacking", are fake news. But as ever, the Zionist spin machine will turn reality on its head and claim its own propaganda is the 'real' news, and the real news from alternative media outlets is "fake news".

Have George Soros's organization pay protesters to make it seem like there is widespread hatred of President Trump, when in fact most people support him.

Have your (((media))) feature these protests in their news headlines (including online on Google News).

Have cuck politicians that (((you))) own, pontificating about the "need" to stop Trump from carrying out his plans to protect the American public, such as visa suspensions for immigrants entering from Islamist nations whose officials lack the machinery to prove the individuals' identities. Have much weeping and gnashing of teeth in your (((media))) about how it 'proves' Trump is literally like Adolf Hitler, etc..

Have cuck judges that (((you))) own, either crypto-Jews, or possibly compromised by "some Panama or other" such as pedophilia, overrule Trump's executive orders on spurious grounds. For example, make up some garbage about the visa suspensions being "unconstitutional", and hope that enough people either have not read the US constitution, or will not bother to read it. For example:

Amendment 1: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

This is about Americans having the freedom to start worshiping a sand god, the Moon, Jedi Knights, or whatever else they like if they so choose. There is nothing to say that any Tanwir, Dizhwar or Haroon from Somalia, Sudan or Syria must be allowed to enter the country and become Americans. Moreover, Section 8 contradicts the assertions of the shitlibs:

Section 8: "Acts of Congress define the requirements by which immigrants can become citizens. Only the federal government, not the states, can determine who becomes a citizen."

As a similar battle takes place in Britain when the people vote for Brexit because you no longer have a sufficient monopoly on the flow of information to bamboozle enough of them into voting for your anti-White, globalist agenda, use all legal means at your disposal. Jewish judges and cuckold judges will vote in your favor. But ultimately, parliament will be unable to override the will of the people.


Let's suppose the percentage of information controlled by the Jews at various times is as shown in the table below. They have 0% control of the sources of information in 1895 and earlier, and 50% control during the period 1896 to 1945, increasing to a peak of 95% control for 1946 to 2000, and then declining to 75% over 2001 to 2009, down to 55% for 2010 to 2015, and diminishing further to 45%  from 2016.

Period % of information controlled by Jews Observed phenomena Degree of protection against "anti-Semitism"
Prehistory-1895 0 Expulsions, worldwide 0
1896-1945 50 Expulsions, regional 50
1946-2000 95 No expulsions; Jews most powerful, richest group 100
2001-2009 75 Increasing criticism of Jews 95
2010-2015 55 "Holocaust" hoax is starting to seriously unravel 90
2016- 45 Supporters of the Jews' agenda become a minority 88

A period with 0% Jewish control of information is associated with Jewish expulsions anywhere in the world, and the degree of protection against "anti-Semitism" (on a percentage scale of zero to 100) is clearly zero. (Or close to zero; bribery could provide some temporary protection.) A period with 50% Jewish control allows for localised expulsions in territory controlled by a very strong nationalist leader, the sort who only arises every few hundred years. We take this as 50% protection against a backlash. The Jews have their press, but TV and Hollywood is either non-existent or in its infancy. At 95% Jewish control, there are obviously no expulsions, and Jews enjoy a privileged position as not only the richest group, but the only group that is too powerful to be criticised. They are the only group that can pull off a fraud in which wartime atrocity propaganda about "gas chambers" is passed off as "fact", with those who tell the truth about that outrageous lie being suppressed by thought crime laws. (Initially, violent measures such as smashing their jaw or even killing them by blowing up their car are taken, whereas imprisonment is widely used as the Hoax starts to go past its sell-by date.) And for the 20th century, we estimate some reduction in the protective effects of enjoying information control, as shown in the table.


The (Pearson) correlation coefficient between the percentage of information controlled by Jews and the degree of protection against "anti-Semitism" afforded to Jews is 0.8796 (the values of the variables can be inputted at this page for those who like to check the calculation, or would like to try adjusting the variables to their own estimates). And the degree to which "anti-Semitism" is suppressed is analogous to the extent of the brainwashing and cuckoldry.

So, as expected, there is a strong correlation between the extent of the brainwashing and cuckoldry, and the extent of Jewry's monopoly on the flow of information. There were lots of expulsions of the Jews up until 1891, which was five years before Adolph Ochs took over The New York Times in 1896. In the 20th century Jews were expelled from areas controlled by national socialists, but after Jewry's puppets were ordered to come to the aid of the Jewish money power, the Whites lost the war, and the Jews got to write 'history' with the aid of their press, TV and burgeoning Hollywood motion picture industry, there were no more Jewish expulsions for the rest of the century. And then as the internet emerged as an alternative information source to the Lügenpresse, Jewry gradually lost the ability to hoodwink the public into voting for their corrupt, crooked, anti-White, warmongering candidates, and their nation-wrecking, sovereignty-destroying policies. So in 2016 the Jews failed to get their Crooked Hillary elected, and they failed to persuade the British electorate to vote to remain in the EU.

The time of peak Jew was approximately 2001, around the time of Israel's massive false-flag terror operation. They could never have got away with it for a minute, but for their control of the mainstream media. And Benjamin Netanyahu, the chief architect of 9/11, was well aware of that. Apart from his BSc in architecture that enabled him to understand how to take down the buildings, his 1976 thesis for his MSc in business management, with Zeev Zurr of Tel Aviv University as co-author, was on "Computerization in the Newspaper industry". Netanyahu ("Nitay") wrote: "The integration process will be facilitated by advances in three areas: data compression, data base management and distributed processing. [...] Computerization may enhance the political power of newspapers by providing them with data banks and the ability to compile and disseminate pertinent information on issues or people at a very rapid rate." He continued: "The political power of newspapers is based on the ownership structure of the media. The Editor Publisher has from the days of Benjamin Frnaklin [sic] been a powerful political force precisely because he was both the source and disseminator of news. It is not clear whether this pattern will be altered by computerization. If anything it may be reinforced, because fewer people will be involved in production and even fewer people will engage in editorial decisions. Political clout is also based on the capability to hold public official [sic] accountable for past promises. In this respect, computerized data retrieval allows a kind of 'instant playback' to all reporters, not just the more enterprising and persistent ones." (Our emphasis.)

But the internet was already emerging as quite a powerful alternative media source at the turn of the century. The Jews knew that they needed to infiltrate and subvert (we've seen that behavior before!) the 9/11 truth movement, in order to discredit the so-called "conspiracy theorists" by inserting retarded nonsense such as claims about planes that were faked by holograms. And eventually, the shills would go so far as to claim that not only were no planes used, but no one died on 9/11/01 and all of the deaths were faked!

It's to be expected that there would be some lag between the percentage of Jewish-controlled information and the observed phenomena. After a crippled epistemology is replaced by multiple sources of information, the brainwashed believer in the "gas chambers" tale and the 'benefits' of globalism and the genocide of one's own race will persist with his or her delusions for a time as a result of confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance. However, when the tide finally turns, it will do so surprisingly quickly. (A similar lag would take place in the other direction around the turn of the last century, as Jews took increasing control of the press. There would be some decades when Jews controlled 50% of the information sources but received less than 50% of the protection. This is not shown in the table over a 50-year time frame.)

Given that you Jews have already been forced to admit that your claim of "5 million" "Holocausted" "goyim" was a hoax concocted by Simon Wiesenthal, that suggests that you know the jig is up and are seriously considering coming clean about the whole "six million Jews" / "gas chambers" baloney. Most likely your plan is for a further limited hangout, such as admitting the "Holocaust" is a hoax whilst denying responsibility for 9/11.

You Jews clearly fear that if Americans got to know who really murdered 3,000 Americans in 2001, you would not be able to get off lightly with a simple expulsion as in the previous 109 occasions. Instead, you fear a very real holocaust of six million 'American' Jews. There would be no messing about with gas chambers, or transporting Jews hundreds of miles to camps to be dealt with. You would be dragged out of your homes and shot, bayoneted or beheaded in the street (thus, enabling the "liberation" of your homes and possessions with no need to clean blood off the carpets and walls), and then the bodies loaded onto garbage trucks to be incinerated at massive, new crematoria sites. And this time, there would be no dumb goyim to fight their White brothers and come to the aid of Jewry. Apart from the fact that the whole world and his dog would know about Jewish crimes and deceptions, it would be an act of national suicide for nations like Britain and France to declare war against the US.

Solution to the Jewish Problem

However, here's the deal. In return for Jews confessing to all of their crimes, the bulk of millions of ordinary Jews are guaranteed safe passage to some parcel of land in Eurasia, say, part of Kazakhstan, for which the locals would be paid handsomely with Jewish bankers' fortunes. Kazakhstan has only 7 people per square km, is large enough to accommodate 15 million Jews, is in the vicinity of 90% of the Jews' racial origins, and has mineral resources such as oil. Jewish bankers could easily afford to come to an arrangement with the natives to hand over a substantial proportion of their fortunes as compensation for accepting them, and to pay for a wall to isolate and contain the Jewish sector. The Jewish bankers will also need to compensate people of White European descent and repay their ill-gotten gains from scams like the holohoax, and they can also pay to support the resettlement of Muslims, Negroes, and other non-Whites, given that you Jews were responsible for mass immigration and open borders. Meanwhile, certain Jews will be arrested and put on trial for their role in 9/11 and other crimes against humanity. Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabbi Dov Zakheim will be charged with terrorism and the mass murder of 3,000 innocent people. Larry Silverstein and Eitan Wertheimer will be charged as accessories to the crime and for their role in the cover-up. Jews such as Abe Foxman will be charged with treason and subversion. Others such as Richard Perle (lead author of a 1996 paper entitled A Clean Break, for the attention of then Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, that advocated "removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq" and "weakening, containing, and even rolling back Syria") will face charges such as treason, and warmongering for the benefit of a foreign country.

There have been 109 well-deserved expulsions of the Jews from various locations throughout history. It is high time for expulsion #110. People are increasingly becoming to realise that our sick societies are analogous to a cancer patient, and the Jews are the tumor.

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