Scene One: Late 1999, Mossad HQ

EH: Shalom. Our plan is to blow up the World Trade Center. We'll blame it on the Muslims, naturally. Call them the toilet, the database or something; the Arabic al Qaeda will sound more scary. There's a guy who's dying of kidney disease who can play the role of Emmanuel Goldstein, the arch-villain. His group were funded, trained and armed by the CIA. His family does business with the B family. Given a few shekels, they'll go along with the legend, and after the death of this OBL character the CIA can pay off actors to play his role. Ideally, assets should be bribed with Viagra, so they don't draw attention by suddenly coming into cash and buying gold rings or something. The operation will serve as casus belli for our quote-unquote allies [a few stifled chuckles] such as the US to go to war for us. Our enemies such as Afghanistan and Iraq get democratized, the policy of occupation and collateral damage or collective punishment serves to provide us with the so-called terrorists and insurgents that are needed to justify the continuing occupation and the ensuing so-called war on terror, the former regimes' central banks become more independent of government, we get to keep making profits from the opium by reversing any cuts in production by the Taliban, and we can toss our puppets a few morsels after looting the oil wealth.

DY: BN wrote about militant Islam bringing down the WTC in his 1995 book. We must remind him to claim after the event that his father came up with the idea, i.e., predicted it, in the early 1990s. And let's hope people forget how our security officials inspected the garage of the Zim-American Israeli Shipping Company in the WTC in 1991, and concluded that the WTC garage was vulnerable to a car bomb, two years before the WTC garage was hit by a car bomb after our mole AA had infiltrated the plot. The great thing is, the wars will cost the US alone more than a trillion dollars and thousands of troops, and we get all the benefits and none of the costs. Rabbi DZ has all the necessary expertise and access to Flight Termination Systems, so we can electronically hijack and remotely control a number of planes, following our preliminary tests. Whenever we stage synchronized bombings in future, we can say it has all the hallmarks of al Qaeda.

EH: Sounds good! Speaking of Zim-American Israeli Shipping, we must warn them to move out of the WTC, say, a week before the attack. As for the building complex, LS is friends with BN, AS and EB. And FL is a friend of EO. We'll have LS and FL take over the WTC lease and insure the buildings for $billions against terror attacks, six weeks before the buildings are destroyed by terror attacks. Say it was just a coincidence or something. And we can say the same about LS not showing up for breakfast that morning at the Windows on the World restaurant on the top floors of the North Tower, and about his children also not turning up for work. If anyone says there are too many coincidences, call them a dirty, lying anti-Semite who has got no evidence or proof of our wrongdoing.

DY: What about documenting the event?

EH: We'll get some young lads to set up their video cameras in advance of the first impact. If they're caught dancing and celebrating with cries of joy and mockery, with high fives, or by holding a lighted lighter with the smoldering wreckage in the background, we'll have their lawyer say it was immature conduct and they can deny laughing or being happy. We already have a very good patsy: ZaJ, the cousin of our asset AaJ who's been posing as a supporter of the Palestinian cause since 1983. AaJ has already cost us hundreds of thousands of shekels for his services. That's money well spent - until he gets caught! - but we'll be recouping that many times over. And we need to steal a few more passports for the other patsies. We need enough of them so that Joe Sixpack can swallow the myth about several Boeing aircraft getting hijacked by Arabs with box cutters on the same day. The hardest part is finding those who can be passed off as good pilots, who also won't subsequently turn up alive and well. Or be found to have died at the wrong time, for example, exactly a year too early in a mid-air collision over Florida.

DY: And if any of our teams are caught in vans with explosives, or our other spy-rings are caught, we'll have to pull a few strings at CNN and the rest, get them to treat it as a non-story. Have a panel truck in King Street as a decoy, with a painting of a remote controlled plane flying into the World Trade Center.

EH: Don't ever accuse us of lacking chutzpah! If they're caught, we'll have the occupants described as "ethnic Middle Eastern people".

DY: By way of deception! L'hitraot.

Scene Two: Months later, at a Zionist Mafia dinner party

EW: Ziknei HaAm. I was reading Popular Mechanics at the age of four, and if necessary I can persuade them to write a so-called debunking article about conspiracy theories. I'm gonna pay off that bent New York cop, Kerik, the Mayor's friend, with a $250,000 quote-unquote loan. Rather than leave a money trail that's too obvious, I'll have an intermediary - Brooklyn marble and stone merchant Shimon Cohen - pay his wife. And Steven Witkoff can pay his rent; it'll be well over $200,000 after a couple of years. We'll get Kerik to say a hijacker's passport was found. [Laughter breaks out.] I know, I know, it improbably separates from the hijacker's clothes or suitcase and from another hundred tons of aircraft debris including passengers and baggage, it survives the fireball even though it's soaked with jet fuel, it floats down to the street in almost pristine condition, and they find it because it somehow escapes being covered by two to three inches of ash. You can bet your last shekel someone will believe it; there's one born every minute! I just hope they don't **** it up and forget which plane the so-called hijacker was supposed to be on - whether it came from the north or the south - and end up claiming the passport was found in the wrong street.

EH: Eitan, we're going to have Jerome Hauer go on TV within hours of the attacks with the spiel about how Osama did it, and how the World Trade Center collapsed because of the velocity of the plane and because intense heat probably weakened the structure as well. And there's a Fox News freelancer who will reinforce that by saying the Towers collapsed mostly due to structural failure because the fire was just too intense. Don Radlauer of the Interdisciplinary Center will prepare a report to publish within days of the attacks. It will show the flight paths of the alleged four hijacked planes, and pretend that hijacking and steering the planes would be a quote-unquote easy task. And Eddie Guigui Shalev will say that Hani Hanjour was a quote-unquote good pilot, to counter honest reports of his flying skills. If we can fix it, Henry, you'll be in charge of the official investigation. [Laughter.] The art students are already in place, assisting with our Ecstasy operation, and will be promoting the idea of the so-called Muslim hijackers by providing the CIA with some of those names already decided upon. As for warning our people, there is an instant messaging company with offices in Herzliya and New York. We'll provide them with two hours' advance warning of the attacks. As I said before, if anyone complains there are too many coincidences, such as the NRO's exercise of a plane crashing into one of their towers just as the planes crash into the Twin Towers, we can call them anti-Semites or Jew-haters.

EW: The steel is to be recycled as rapidly as possible. We don't want them finding too much heavily sulfidated or partly evaporated steel. We'll have the Mayor restrict access and ban photography at the site. And we have Plan B, to be used in the event of a plane being shot down and failing to reach its target. It's a possibility that might occur, say, if the plane is delayed because of airport congestion. The war games exercises provide us with a window of opportunity, but the stand down will not be maintained indefinitely. In Plan B the detonation will be delayed by several hours, so we can pretend the high-rise completely collapsed because of office fires. And of course the operators must remember to detonate from the lower floors first, rather than the intended impact zone. We'll say the fires were out of control. But years later, someone will have to make up some bull to explain it. They could cite thermal expansion, or whatever absurdity they think people might swallow. Something that will sound technical and impressive to those with scant knowledge of structures or fire engineering, especially if they're not aware that this phenomenon that leaves molten steel and active thermitic material, and supposedly totally demolishes three high-rises on 9/11, has never done so at any other time. In the scenario where no plane ever hits the building, we can't employ the ruse about fireproofing being widely dislodged by an aircraft impact. We could have Silverstein concoct some story, such as a falling antenna that does a lot of damage and ruptures fuel lines. And there is a risk of the delayed demolition causing some confusion over the timing. It will be embarrassing if the BBC or CNN say the building has already collapsed, when it can be seen standing in the background behind the reporter's head, for example.

HK: We'll have the Emir of Qatar broadcast the so-called al Qaeda videos on his Al Jazeera channel. It is at least supposed to be Arabic, whereas CNN would be all too obvious. The broadcasts will show the chosen arch-villain Osama bin Laden - or the actor, if Osama dies or refuses to play along with us and say he orchestrated the attacks. The Emir is an old friend of Dick Cheney, and we can also have him meet with George W. Bush, Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Myers, so it should be easy to get him on side. If we can't find anyone who looks even remotely like Osama, we can just use audio tapes and pretend that al Qaeda couldn't afford a camera.

EW: Efraim, make sure you get the right names for the patsies. If the FBI needs to change some names in the early days because the guy either turned out to be still alive and we haven't whacked him in time, or he died in the wrong year, it's another nail in the coffin for our claim that the so-called hijackers were all on the passenger manifest. To account for the so-called initial confusion, we would have to claim that some identities were stolen. And the stealing of a disproportionate number of pilots' identities would expose our attempts to make it look like those patsies flew the planes into the buildings, since there is no reason for would-be aircraft hijackers to assume the identities of pilots. And it ain't gonna look good if some of the changed names are of guys for whom we end up planting evidence, such as a rented Nissan Altima to be found in Portland, Maine. It will already look bad enough if the hijackers drive from Boston to Portland for no apparent reason, and then have to catch a connecting flight back to Boston at the last minute, almost preventing them from making their final flight. People might twig that we lured a couple of them to Portland with the possibility of getting jobs as pilots, then fabricated the story about hijackers going from Boston to Portland to Boston because our available so-called video evidence of hijackers at an airport didn't end up matching the required departure airports of the hijacked flights. People might realize that the official conspiracy theory of suicidal pilots and hijackers with box cutters is so plumb crazy that it may be dismissed as patently false.

EB: That's one possibility, Eitan, luring some patsies to an airport. If we don't do that, and the only photographic evidence we have that can be passed off as some of the hijackers shows them wearing open neck shirts, and the ticket agent who checks in the Mossad guys - sorry, the hijackers - says they were wearing jackets and ties, and the security camera behind the ticket agent's desk just happens to be out of order, it won't look good. Especially if the ticket agent is found to be an unreliable source who promotes misinformation he obtains from a friend about an unnamed ticket agent who supposedly kills herself after checking in the same hijackers, and the suicide story is subsequently denied and found to be mere hearsay.

EH: We can attempt to cover for missing or incorrect names on the passenger manifests by claiming the news media only published quote-unquote partial lists, because they hadn't received permission to publish from the so-called hijackers' families. But if, say, the Bukharis are found to be alive or to have died too early, and we try to claim that their replacements from the new, revised list of hijackers - the al-Shehris for example - were actually the Bukharis, it'll make us look like we're desperate. How long would it take a six-year-old child to deduce that a person who was alive and well and living in Florida between 5:00 and 5:30 on the morning of September 12 could not have been a so-called suicide hijacker who was killed in a plane crash the previous morning? Three seconds? Six seconds? And if the cops were to arrest the so-called suspect, or even go to such lengths as evacuating nearby houses in case the suspect's house was rigged with explosives, they would certainly be exhibiting excessive zeal. There would be nothing to support a claim that the al-Shehris were on the manifest until we get someone to fake it. Honest researchers will conclude that if any suspects were on the manifest, it would be the original suspects, e.g. the Bukharis.

HK: And Efraim, if we hit London a few years later, don't write an article about simultaneous explosions to be published the same day in the Jerusalem Post. Y'know, it might take the local cops a couple of days to fathom out the correct timeline; they're barely more advanced than the Indians. And pay off Scotland Yard in advance, so we know they'll play along with reports that they, not the Mossad, were the source of any advance warning. It also won't look good if an Israeli company is handling video security and the videos mysteriously malfunction at the crucial times.

JR: Our influence is more than sufficient to resolve any little problems we encounter in presentation. Now for some of the good news. The Pentagon's finances are in such disarray that they had to make $6.9 trillion of adjustments to reconcile their bookkeeping discrepancies. $2.3 trillion of those accounting corrections lack receipts, and the financial information exists on standalone computers and documents at the accounting section. By having Dov Zakheim as the Pentagon Comptroller, we can take out a proportion of the $2.3 trillion - after all, even ten percent amounts to $230 billion! Thomas E. White, who was at Enron, should be able to assist, and can get the US admin implicated so they'll be forced to cover for our WTC hit. I love it! We wipe out the Pentagon's accounting section, and have Zakheim later boast that he managed to find some of the money that was unaccounted for, and they've got the $2.3 trillion down to, say, $700 billion and the amount continues to drop. He could say that unfortunately, given the quote-unquote Muslim [several sinister chuckles] terror attack on the Pentagon, it will never be possible to account for all of the money - or where it went. Our false-flag operation is financed by public money, i.e. the American taxpayer, and the profits roll into private accounts - mostly our accounts! Our return on investment is infinite.

EB: Brilliant! So we crash a plane into the Pentagon and the WTC...

JR: Hang on, I'm not proposing that we actually use planes. We can fake the planes. Use a missile for the Pentagon, maybe have a plane fly over the building, plant plane parts and body parts, fake the DNA - or just get the military to lie - and have CNN, etc, fake the news footage for the WTC using blue screen technology to make it look like planes hit the Towers. Call it TV fakery, or a cloak, or a projected image. We'll have the FBI say most of the videos from around the Pentagon didn't show anything much of relevance. We can always cherry-pick a few frames, and even tamper with them if necessary.

EB: But isn't it easier just to use planes? If we fix it so there are no clear images of a plane hitting the Pentagon, we still have the benefit of the subsequent 9/11 truth movement arguing for years over whether it was Flight 77, another plane or a missile, instead of nailing us and proving how the Towers and Building 7 were demolished with aluminum powder plus oxidizer. Diversionary arguments about the Pentagon will help to take the heat off Rabbi Zakheim and others. The longer it takes before scientists publish a paper about the Pentagon controversy explaining how erroneous data from a Flight Data Recorder can be reconciled with eyewitness reports of a large plane hitting the Pentagon, or the truth movement gets wise to how people have been beguiled by divisive speculation masquerading as research, the better. And it ain't gonna look very credible if we pretend the aircraft impacts alone immediately knocked down the Towers. The 1964 white paper found that the Towers would be capable of surviving a 600 mph impact with a large jetliner, or a 100 mph wind after all the perimeter columns on one side and some columns on adjacent sides had been cut. Of course, we must hope people forget about how John Skilling the head structural engineer said the building structure would still be there, even if a plane hit and all the jet fuel was dumped inside causing a horrendous fire that killed a lot of people. So what about the impact holes in the sides of the buildings, before they are supposedly brought down by ventilation-controlled compartment fires of carpets, workstations and office stationery? How are we gonna fake plane entry holes?

JR: We'll have explosives experts rig the walls with charges, and do such a great job cleverly placing the charges that the explosions will blow out holes resembling the silhouette of a Boeing 767.

EB: Sounds too far-fetched to me. And what about the Pentagon? If we aren't gonna use a plane, will we just use explosives?

EH: No, we'll use a missile. I admit it'll mean hundreds of extra people have to be in on it, planting plane parts, pretending they saw a large plane, and lying about the bodies and the DNA. And rather than conveniently getting rid of William Caswell, John Yamnicky, Charles Burlingame, Wilson Flagg, Stanley Hall, Bryan Jack, Chandler Keller, Dong Lee, Barbara Olson, Ruben Ornedo, Robert Penniger and others who would not keep shtum when they realized what had happened, we'll divert the plane to a military airbase, shoot all the passengers and crew, then shoot the executioners to stop them talking, then shoot the executioners' executioners, etc. Then we can blow up the plane, have the aluminum recycled, and shoot those who saw the missile who refuse to say they saw a plane. And those who saw no bodies, who refuse to lie about that. And those who refused to lie about DNA tests. And those who blew up the plane, and recycled the aluminum...

HK: Too expensive on ammo. [Laughter.] It's quite obvious that we should just use planes, rather than resorting to all these other improvisations in an attempt to clear up a proliferation of loose ends. If it is necessary to have Rumsfeld mention the $2.3 trillion, or have reports published about the Mossad's ability to target US interests and make it look like Arabs did it, then the day before the attacks would be a good time to bury bad news, as it were.

JR: Speaking of bury, shut up, or I'll arrange with Edgar to have you ventilated! I'm in charge.

HK: Enough, already. I'm not happy with this. We need a sensible plot that we can all agree on.

EB: That's right Henry, and I ain't gonna have you put to sleep with the fishes, like we're considering doing with those shmucks by telling them they're all set to make a killing and have them visit Abramoff's boat. Lord R, with respect, maybe you're getting too old for this sort of thing. This new-fangled technology isn't all it's cracked up to be. Blue screen technology? Holograms? (Shakes head, smiles.) And Efraim, you don't sound like you have much enthusiasm for the fake-planes thing. I didn't invite Rabbi Israel today, as he would have eaten all the bagels. Pass the Eau de Vie de Marc d’Aquitaine de Mouton Rothschild.

EH: Edgar - and Eitan, you mentioned about whacking them earlier - we may not need to resort to any such theatrics with the patsies. Naturally, I don't rule it out! But our intelligence tells us that Saudi Airlines will be recalling its flight engineers from pilot training in Florida, which is the very reason we selected Saudi patsies. Or at least, we have sufficient influence at Saudi Airlines that we can encourage them to introduce the policy if they're stalling. We just need to get the timing right, and the Saudi so-called suicide pilot hijackers will disappear as desired. If they show up in Saudi Arabia and kick up a fuss, or if there are any protests by those whose identities we stole, we just push the idea that it's a case of mistaken identity. I know it doesn't explain the coincidence of these people having been in Florida, having had passports stolen, or having the exact same names, birth date, place of residence and occupation, and it sidesteps the issue of what the real identities of the hijackers are supposed to be, etc. But we'll ignore that. And it's just unfortunate that we have to pin the blame on Saudis, when we want our puppets - oops, sorry, allies - to invade other countries.

JR: Okay, I wasn't being serious, and Efraim was in on my little plot. We had to demonstrate how the concept of no-planes will serve us so well, a fact recognized by the Mossad since this operation was in its infancy. We shall promote theories of no planes at the WTC and no plane at the Pentagon. To help fuel the controversy, Rumsfeld can pretend to make a slip-up by mentioning quote-unquote the missile. We can even have MI5 agents, CIA agents, Bush admin members, etc, come out and say they're ex-MI5, ex-CIA, ex-Bush admin, pretend to be critics who've had a disagreement or something, and then promote the no-planes theories. They can mix in other absurdities, such as about the Moon having 64 percent the gravity of the Earth, a breathable atmosphere in the craters, lakes, forests, and snow-capped mountains on the dark side, and a soul catcher tower on the near side. We could even have 'em claiming to be the Messiah! [Laughter.] After some of our critics fall for this disinformation, they'll be divided, debunked, and discredited by association.

EB: Mazel tov! To the Mishpucka!

Scene Three: Six months after 9/11, on the lawn outside the Pentagon

DZ: To tie the freedom of the country to the memory of the Rebbe is a marvelous thing, especially when we have made a trillion shekels and rising. Our operation was a resounding success. When Flight 990 plunged into the Atlantic, setting the stage for our media to promote the concept of suicidal Muslim pilots to a gullible public, and killing 33 of Egypt's army officers 22 months and 11 days before the target date, I never dreamed that the Pentagon opportunity would present itself. On October 31, 1999, we'd already had the World Trade Center in our sights for years, but the Pentagon's accountants hadn't announced how many trillions of dollars of corrections had been required for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1999, or how much of those corrections lacked receipts. Information suggests that some small-time fraudsters - by our standards [chuckles] - have made the odd few million here and there from the Pentagon. We'll let them go for a while, rather than draw immediate attention to it. America is the greatest country in the world - for parasitizing, that is! There are enough honest, hard-working suckers who can be bled dry without it killing them. And their endeavors get to finance the Zionist cause and our New World Order. Damage the host, but don't kill it. We're not parasitoids. Except for when we're getting our own back on the Rus, for example. Now for the dvar Torah. [...]

AS: We must be prepared since it is coming, the big change, the coming of Moshiach. The Rebbe did not leave a legacy. He left marching orders.

DZ: I can also tell you that we have a contingency plan to take control of the internet if the truth movement is too successful in debunking our lies. Our agent will pretend to be exposing secrets in a way that, naturally, does us good rather than harm. We'll call it Leaks, Leaksopedia or something...

The "no planes" asininity brings to mind a conversation between a "Creator" and his assistant...

The Fake 'Brains' of No Planers

Creator: Israel, with support from its puppets, is going to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9/11/01 by crashing planes into the buildings.

Assistant: Oh Great One, after the attack happens, won't there be a bunch of nutcases who propose all sorts of silly conspiracy theories about faked aircraft and similar baloney?

Creator: Certainly, and I not only knew of the so-called new Pearl Harbor long before the first Pearl Harbor, but I have already created the brains of these self-styled investigators. I took three pounds of sawdust, sprinkled it into a circle, cleverly placed some shaped charges outside the circle and set them off so as to knock the sawdust into a heap in the center of the circle.

Assistant: Why didn't you just put the sawdust in a heap to start with, and not bother with the shaped charges?

Creator: Why let simplicity get in the way of a brilliant bit of creative engineering?

Any references to persons living or dead in the above hypothetical discussions are just as "coincidental" as: