Jews Relegate Daily Stormer to the "Dark Web" How to access the Daily Stormer via Tor, and how Jews lied about the events at Charlottesville.

How Britain has become an Orwellian Plutocracy George Orwell's predictions in 1984 merely got the timing out by 33 years. In 2017 Britain, prosecution for 'thought crime' is commonplace.

Theresa "Canute" May's Four-Point Plan To Defeat Islamist Terror May's plan is akin to building a house of sand on the beach and having thousands of men run around with buckets attempting to stop the tide.

The Problems of the Skype and the Google In Operation Google, euphemisms are used to evade Google's system for flagging words that might lead to hurt feelings.

IQ By Religion The average Muslim is found to have an IQ of 81, which shows the folly of flooding Europe with them.

The Parable of the Six Million Tumors This analogy shows how liberals, social justice warriors and others who support much of the status quo are human haters who are sanctioning the destruction of their own race and culture.

The Strange Case of Michael Cravey aka Thomas Brinkley A "conspiracy theorist" who made lots of YouTube videos bizarrely leaves home at about 6 a.m. to go on a 50-mile drive, stabs a stranger, evades the police for three hours, and finally raises a hatchet above his head and charges at an armed cop.

Mars data debunks man-made global warming Claims by anthropogenic global warming (AGW) alarmists about excess CO2 being responsible for temperature anomalies in the order of 1 C are contradicted by the fact that Mars has more CO2 than Earth, but has no greenhouse effect.

The Frame-Up of Edgar Steele How a politically incorrect Idaho lawyer was railroaded on trumped-up "murder-for-hire" charges. This contains all the information on a single page for anyone to see that Edgar Steele is innocent, without needing to wade through 100+ page threads. For latest news, see the blog at the Free Edgar Steele site. Mr. Steele was found guilty on all charges after a corrupt judge - Judge Lynn Winmill - agreed Monday May 2 that audio expert Dr. George Papcun would be allowed to testify by video link from Bora Bora in the Pacific Ocean where he was on vacation. The next day, as the trial was nearing its conclusion, the judge set an impossibly tight deadline: Papcun could only testify in person and would have to get back to Boise from the Pacific by 8:30 the next morning.

Jews: Saints or Sinners The reality behind the painstakingly-constructed myth. Shows some of the scandals, and connections between the players.

Banned Post Uncensored These facts were evidently too hot to handle for a certain pro-Zionist blog. Explains how a rationalist epistemology leads inexorably to the conclusion that one should not support Israel, as opposed to the criminals' claim that such views stem from "latent anti-Semitism" or other such nonsense.

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