The Jewish Problem

Some people still do not know why the Jews are so hated, and why they have been hated throughout history.

The Jews:

Ignorance regarding the true nature of the Jews arises because of Jewish control of the mainstream media and the banks. That provides the Jews with more political influence than any other group, and allows them to shape public opinion.

As to why the Jews evolved to become the kind of 'people' that they are, see here. But anyone who recognizes the Jewish problem will understand that they need to be removed from White nations, rather like an infestation of cockroaches needs to be removed. They must not be allowed to continue destroying White civilization and culture, and replacing the White population with half-breeds and foreign invaders. A race that allows its own homeland to be stolen from under its very nose will be condemned as race-traitors and despised by the surviving White minority in future generations. We must take our countries back from the hook-nosed bankers, the child rapists, the degenerates, and their servile, grovelling political underlings!

Take Our World Back!