HoloHoaxers and Occam's Razor

"Oy vey! Boo-hoo-hoo! We Jews have endured terrible suffering! Six million of us were murdered in gas chambers by the evil Nazis."
"Who says so?"
"We say so; we have witnesses to prove it such as Henryk Tauber, David Olère, Irene Zisblatt, and Moshe Peer, who was gassed six times but escaped."
"But you're all Jews."
"It's not just us Jews who say so. The Nazis confessed to their crimes."
"But that was after crushed testicles and the use of brass knuckles, rubber hoses, etc.. Don't you have any other evidence apart from 'witnesses' and 'confessions' under duress?"
"Yes. More than 20 tons of Zyklon B for making poison gas was delivered to Auschwitz over 1942 to 1944 when the Nazis were exterminating us."
"But the hydrogen cyanide gas was for saving human lives by exterminating typhus-infested lice in clothing and bedding."
"We admit it was used in delousing chambers, but there were gas chambers too. The witnesses said so."
"Jewish witnesses, like Moshe Peer. Where were these 'gas chambers'?"
"They were in the semi-basement rooms that you call morgues."
"But forensic tests have been conducted on the walls of the delousing chambers and your so-called 'gas chambers'. The walls of the delousing chambers had up to 13,500 mg of cyanide per kg of building materials; the corresponding 'gas chamber' walls had cyanide concentrations ranging from zero up to 7.9 mg per kg of building materials."
"We can explain that. There must have been something about those gas chambers that prevented the Iron Blue from forming. We don't know what it was, but it was something. The witnesses are proof of that!"
"But conditions in those morgues - sorry, 'gas chambers' - were more conducive to formation of Iron Blue, by a factor of at least ten. The cool, moist walls of the morgues had a higher tendency to absorb hydrocyanic acid compared to the warm, dry interior walls of the delousing chambers. Moreover, the cement mortar and/or concrete walls of the gas chambers means that they had longer-lasting alkaline properties and a greater specific inner surface area, and so they were able to adsorb and bind hydrogen cyanide for a longer time and more strongly, compared to the cement-poor mortar and plaster of the delousing chambers. Do you really think the 'Nazis' would have used 99.99% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners' lives whilst using the remaining 0.01% to kill them?"
"Goyim, we have another explanation. It is very hard to kill lice, but easy to kill humans, so they needed less gas to poison us."
"But that doesn't change the proposition that the 'Nazis' used 99.99% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners' lives whilst using the remaining 0.01% to kill them."
"Wait a minute! We have another explanation. The gas chamber walls were hosed down after each gassing!"
"But your 'witness' Tauber said only the floors were washed, Nyszili said the bodies were washed, and Bennahmias said the walls were whitewashed with a quick-drying paint after each 'gassing'. If the first two were telling the truth, the increased humidity would be more conducive to Iron Blue formation. If the walls were whitewashed after each 'gassing', the HCN would be locked inside after having penetrated the wall, and cyanide compounds would be found across the interior as in the delousing chambers, yet they are not. Even if the witnesses lied and the walls were hosed, the HCN would have penetrated inside and evidence of it would be apparent."
"We have another explanation. Dr. James Roth testified for the Irving trial that hydrogen cyanide could not penetrate more than 10 microns into the wall, which is one-tenth the thickness of a human hair."
"But that contradicts what Roth himself said a few years previously at the Zundel trial, before he would see how Fred Leuchter's career was ruined by the Holocaust industry! Roth said, 'In porous materials such as brick or mortar, the Prussian blue [he really means hydrogen cyanide] could go fairly deep as long as the surface stayed open, but as the Prussian blue formed, it was possible that it would seal the porous material and stop the penetration.' Moreover, Rudolf's samples showed a high cyanide content throughout the depth of the walls of the delousing chambers, and there is blue staining on the outside of those walls for all to see."
"Well, maybe Roth was lying the first time out. And maybe the blue staining in the delousing chambers was paint!"
"A 'paint' that exclusively uses Iron Blue when blue paints do not exclusively use Iron Blue because it is unstable in the alkaline, slaked lime environment of a freshly plastered wall, and will precipitate, leaving a patchy blue which gradually degrades? 'Painters' who bizarrely chose to apply this 'paint' only to delousing rooms that are to be gassed and, most of the time, will not be occupied by people who could admire the decor? 'Painters' who apply this blue 'paint' over a coat of white lime paint? A 'paint' that does not contain fillers, binders and other additives contained in paint, a 'paint' that leaves no pattern of brush strokes, and a 'paint' that permeates deep into the walls and even through to the exterior, in contrast to the properties of paint? 'Painters' who are equipped with X-ray eyes who can imitate the brick structure lying beneath the plaster? And another novel type of 'paint': 'Iron White', that accounts for the high cyanide concentration in the superficially white, iron-poor material of the walls of the Building 5b delousing chambers?"
"Well, maybe it wasn't paint. There must be some explanation, but we can't fabricate - sorry, think of any more. After all, we have only had seventy-one years to come up with something, so it isn't fair."
"Okay, so how do you Jews explain how 1,000 people could be made to fit into a 'gas chamber' that was 64 cubic meters? If the average person weighed 64 kg, and had a density equal to that of water, then 1,000 people would take up a volume of 64 cubic meters, which is a packing density of one."
"It could be done, provided German methods were employed."
"How do you account for the fact that the Germans were very meticulous about records, but the Auschwitz death books recorded only 68,864 dead, of whom 29,125 were Jews and 31,814 were Roman Catholics?"
"It was, it was a conspiracy. A conspiracy to make it seem like there were no exterminations. That's what it was! Those evil Nazis were so cunning that they didn't register people who were selected for gassing upon arrival; the victims were simply gassed without their deaths being recorded."
"But you Jews have told us that the very young and the very old were selected for gassing because they were unable to work. However, in that case, by what you said just now, the death books should have an age distribution that does not resemble a bell curve, but one that cuts off sharply at the age limits selected for gassing, in contrast to the fact that the age distribution in the death books does resemble a bell curve, with 2,584 registered dead under the age of ten, and 557 dead over the age of 70. And why do the death books show roughly the same number of Jewish and Roman Catholic deaths? If Jews were being selected for gassing, and the gassings were covered up, you would expect to see very few Jews."
"We can explain. Those evil Nazis must have been very cunning!"
"How do you Jews reconcile your allegation that between 1.1 and 4 million people were supposedly murdered and cremated at Auschwitz, according to which Jew is making the claim, with the fact that the known coke deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau total 1,037 tons, documented on approximately 240 delivery notes dating from 16th February 1942 to 25th October 1943, with the data for February 1942 to March 1943 being corroborated by calculations from 'Nazi' engineer Jährling, that a generous extrapolation to include 1944 and thereby cover the complete period of alleged exterminations would take it up to 2,000 tons of coke, that data from the Topf double-muffle oven at Gusen shows that 47.9 kg of coke per corpse was consumed in semi-continuous operation when run every other day over 260 days in 1941 (138,430 kg of coke for 2,890 corpses from January 29 to October 15), and in continuous operation, 30.6 kg of coke per corpse was consumed when 677 corpses were cremated using 20,700 kg of coke over 13 days from October 31 to November 12, 1941? 2,000 tons divided by 30.6 kg of coke per corpse would allow a maximum of 65,359 corpses cremated in the ovens. Add some 35,000 in wood-fueled cremations in pits in 1942, when the three double-muffle ovens at Auschwitz I were wholly unable to cope with the load resulting from the typhus epidemic, which peaked in August of that year (which is when the order was given to commission the new Krema II to V triple-muffle and eight-muffle ovens), and you have some 100,000 dead at Auschwitz-Birkenau. This elegantly matches the figure documented in the death books. The 68,864 was up to the end of 1943, and so extrapolating for 1944 would take it up to the order of 100,000. Some 65,000 cremated in ovens also tallies nicely with the upper limit of 108,000 dictated by the firebrick durability. A lifetime of 3,000 cremations before firebricks needed replacing was achievable in an electric oven, where the temperature distribution was more uniform. However, for the coke-fired ovens, the limit would have been 2,000 cremations per muffle. The records show that the firebricks were only replaced once in one oven, the second double-muffle oven at Auschwitz I. Thus, the three double-muffle ovens at Auschwitz I had a capacity of 6 x 2,000 + 2 x 2,000 = 16,000 bodies. The 46 muffles of Birkenau had a capacity of 46 x 2,000 = 92,000 bodies, making a total capacity of 108,000 bodies."
"Goyim, you must believe us. It's because the ovens were being run continuously when they were exterminating us!"
"But when the Topf oven at Gusen was being run continuously in 1941, they could only get the coke consumption down to 30.6 kg of coke per corpse. Most cremations at Auschwitz-Birkenau were done on the triple-muffle ovens of Krema II and III, and heat balance calculations for that oven show that the minimum fuel consumption - that assumes continuous operation, i.e., no pre-heating - was 20 kg of coke per corpse for moderately thin (55 kg) corpses and 24 kg of coke for emaciated (40 kg) corpses. For a normal corpse of 70 kg, you could get down to 16 or 17 kg of coke, but as everyone agrees, the prisoners at Auschwitz were at least moderately thin, if not thinner. The available 2,000 tons of coke divided by your lower claim of 1.1 million murdered at Auschwitz equates to 1.8 kg of coke per corpse; and divided by your larger claim of 4 million murdered at Auschwitz obtains a consumption of 0.5 kg of coke per corpse. The Germans would not have been able to suddenly get from 30 to 48 kg of coke per corpse in 1941 down to 0.5 to 1.8 kg of coke per corpse over 1942 to 1944 just because Jews were being exterminated, unless we propose a novel 'biology' for Jewish bodies, or we postulate 'anti-Semitic', supernatural, sapient, sentient laws of thermodynamics, thermochemistry, photons, and cremation ovens, that collude amongst themselves and collaborate with the 'Nazis', helping them to 'cover-up' their 'crime'."
"We have an explanation! Our witness, Henryk Tauber was there, so he should know! He said they found that 'fatty bodies burned of their own accord', and so the cunning Nazis were able to use the bodies of fat Jews as kindling, to cremate the rest of the corpses. What's more, Tauber said they stuffed up to eight bodies simultaneously into each muffle."
"First of all, bodies are not self-burning. Secondly, each muffle in the triple-muffle oven was only 2,000 mm length x 800 mm height x 700 mm width or about 79 ins x 31 ins x 28 ins. The other muffles were 700 mm in height. Stuffing in eight corpses would be physically impossible, which proves Tauber was lying. Thirdly, the ovens were designed to accommodate one corpse at a time, and multiple corpses would firstly speed up the velocity of combustion gases, thereby increasing the quantity of heat wasted by venting out through the flue and chimney - whilst damaging refractory material there, and eventually block the flow of gases so much that the cremations would fail completely. Fourthly, simultaneous cremations cannot possibly provide any advantage in terms of either fuel economy or time required per corpse cremated. Fifthly, simultaneous cremations would increase temperature fluctuations and reduce the durability of the firebricks. Sixthly, operating with minimal auxiliary fuel would increase temperature fluctuations and reduce the durability of the firebricks. Seventhly, operating with minimal auxiliary fuel would cause the cremations to fail, particularly during the final phase of calcining the bones, leaving the 'Nazis' with the problem of how to dispose of 1.1 million to 4 million skulls, 2.2 million to 8 million thigh bones, 26.4 million to 96 million ribs, etc., comprising a total of at least 226,600,000 to 824,000,000 bones. Eighthly, any attempt to operate with minimal auxiliary fuel would require modifications involving the drilling of new, smaller air inlet holes into the gasifiers, in order to maintain the correct stoichiometry for semi-indirect heating, and there is no evidence of such modifications. Failure to do that would result in such a lean mixture that the coke would burn to completion in the gasifier, failing to produce carbon monoxide that would not combust until meeting fresh combustion air in the muffle."
"We have another explanation! On October 26, 1942, Fritz Sanders of Topf drew up a patent application for a continually operating corpse combustion furnace for large-scale operation, and revised it on November 4, 1942. Once the device was running, it was reckoned that each additional corpse could be cremated for very little additional energy."
"But this oven was never built. It was a speculative design that Topf themselves did not have sufficient confidence in to go any further with its development. And there is a very simple reason for that. It was unlikely to achieve a substantial improvement, if any, over the models that were actually produced, and it was certainly not going to make the order of magnitude improvement  that you Jews need in order to support your extermination allegations."
"But goyim! We have some more evidence. There is a document dated June 28, 1943 attributed to Jährling that states 4,756 bodies could be cremated daily at Auschwitz-Birkenau. And so 1.1 million bodies would take only 231 days. So the Holocaust happened!"
"That claim of 4,756 bodies daily in the 'Jährling' document exaggerates by about four times the theoretically possible maximum output for the Auschwitz-Birkenau crematoria over 24 hours, and it ignores the fact that insufficient coke was available to sustain that, and it ignores the limits imposed by the lifetime of the firebricks, and it ignores the fact that 24-hour operation would be unsustainable because the ovens had to be down for a few hours each day for cleaning out slag and general maintenance. It erroneously supposes that four bodies could be cremated per hour in each of the 46 muffles of Krema II to V at Birkenau, and assumes 25-minute cremations for each of the six muffles of Auschwitz I. As an average, the fastest realistic estimate for the burning rate is a cremation rate of one body per hour per muffle, as was confirmed by statements from Topf engineers Kurt Prüfer and Karl Schultze. However, Jährling was not the author. There was a reference to Jährling on the left-hand side of the document, and the archivist (Cossens) erroneously inserted his name at the bottom right, thinking that Jährling was the author. The SS-Sturmbannführer is Bischoff. The document is not necessarily an outright fake; it's most likely an alteration of a genuine document. The true author clearly understood very little about cremation ovens, and most likely was some junior employee who was trying to impress. No further correspondence was generated from that letter, indicating that it was a draft that was never sent, after the errors became apparent."
"But oy vey, our Shoah happened. We know we went through all that suffering. And the 4,756 bodies daily proves it!"
"No, the 4,756 bodies daily was physically impossible, as is a coke consumption of 0.5 to 1.8 kg per corpse. When you take into account the time that the ovens were actually operating at Auschwitz-Birkenau after allowing for breakdowns, it turns out that you Jews need a mass burning rate per muffle of 177 kg of organic material per hour. And that is taking your lesser claim of 1.1 million murdered. Look up Sixty Reasons Six Million Did Not Die to see how that figure is arrived at. In reality, each muffle could achieve no more than one corpse of 55 kg per hour, so they needed to operate more than three times as fast as they actually could to make your claims stick. But the 55 kg per hour presupposes availability of adequate fuel - some 30 kg of coke per corpse for continuous cremations. With less than 2 kg of coke per corpse, the cremations would simply fail. With intermediate values, the cremations would take longer and the mass burning rate would be lower. So the practical test is what fuel consumption is required in modern animal cremators and incinerators to achieve a mass burning rate of 177 kg per hour. It turns out that at that required mass burning rate, 11 kg of coke per 55 kg moderately skinny corpse is about the best fuel economy achievable from modern animal incinerators or cremators. Lower burn rates can go under 10 kg of coke per corpse, but still considerably off the requirement of less than 2 kg per corpse. Both are ruled out in terms of coke consumption at Auschwitz-Birkenau. The lower burn rate also fails due to the time taken for cremations. On both counts, the data proves that the 'Holocaust' is a hoax. And look up the page quoted in this paragraph to check that out."
"Oy vey, goyim! We were Holocausted! We know it happened, because the witnesses said so. What about the 870,000 gassed at Treblinka? Surely you believe in that?"
"But no mass graves of 870,000 were ever found."
"We have an explanation for that! There was a massive cover-up. The bodies were originally buried. In February or March of 1943, Himmler panicked and issued an order to exhume and cremate all the bodies to get rid of the evidence. So that's why there is no evidence - the cunning Nazis eliminated it!"
"Problem is, there are no topsoil disturbances commensurate with 870,000 having been buried and exhumed. Moreover, open-air cremation of 870,000 corpses requires 870,000 x 300 kg of green wood per corpse = 261,000 tons of wood. Green (wet) wood is what was available at Treblinka. In peacetime, six Italian woodcutters, fed on bread and cheese, sausages, eggs and bacon, and equipped with good quality, sharp hatchets and a variety of saws, were known to be capable of cutting and sawing 50 tons of wood in 15 working days, working from sunrise to sunset, which is 0.555 tons per day per woodcutter. According to Czech Jew Richard Glazar, a witness at Treblinka, the camp had 25 Jewish woodcutters. Thus, the time taken for them to gather sufficient wood is 261,000 tons / (25 woodcutters x 0.555 tons per day per woodcutter) = 18,811 days = 51.5 years = from early 1943 to late 1994, assuming they can achieve the same productivity on wartime rations as the well-equipped, sausages-eating, bacon-eating Italians. And if Himmler was so worried in late February or early March of 1943 that the Allies might discover millions of alleged buried corpses in Russia and Poland, including nearly 900,000 Jews at Treblinka, that he panicked and issued an order to exhume and cremate all the bodies as part of a massive cover-up, then why would the same Heinrich Himmler go on to talk openly about exterminating the Jews in a 'secret' speech - and have it recorded so that it could be used as evidence against him (!) - at Posen later that year, on 4 October, 1943?"
"We are only Jews. We do not understand the depravity of those wicked Nazis. Surely you believe that millions of Jews were murdered by the Einsatzgruppen? There is even a book by Yitzak Arad, Shmuel Krakowski and Shmuel Spector that includes documents that prove 33,711 Jews were murdered at Babi Yar."
"Well, those three are all Jews, and Yitzak Arad was an alleged war criminal and mass murderer of civilians who was on the run from the Lithuanian authorities, hiding out in Israel. What's more, the Jewish 'document' only accounts for 33,711, which is barely more than 1% of the millions that you Jews need to claim were 'shot' by a mere 2,955 super-fighting Einsatzgruppen to get your claimed 'six million' headline total after the Auschwitz figure was cut from four million down to a little over one million, and so even if it were true which it isn't, you still need to account for another 1.966 to 2.966 million, for which you don't have even so much as a forged 'document'."
"There is no evidence of those murders because the cunning Nazis eliminated it, just like they did at Treblinka and elsewhere. They murdered the 33,771 Jews at Babi Yar in two days in 1941, and returned later to dispose of all the bodies over a period of 33 days, from August 18 to September 19, 1943. You goyim have to believe us, we would never lie. We are your friends!"
"Millions cremated in the open-air to 'eliminate' the 'evidence', and it was never captured on aerial photography, and never spotted by Allied air crew? Did the 'Nazis' have the help of tens of billions of trillions of trillions of supernatural, 'anti-Semitic' photons that were 'in on' the 'conspiracy' and colluding together by adjusting their energies, so that the flames and smoke from all the cremations never showed up on aerial photographs? Were there supernatural 'anti-Semitic' 'smart plants' and 'anti-Semitic' topsoil that collaborated with the 'Nazis', so that the areas of massive soil disturbances from the mass graves and the regions of deforestation were replaced by the pre-war landscape, just as if the 'extermination' allegations were a hoax?"
"We Jews have an explanation for why there was no mention of gassings in encrypted communications (intercepted and decrypted by British intelligence) or in private diaries, and there was no 'Hitler order', no budget, blueprint or central office for exterminations, and no evidence apart from witnesses and confessions. It was because the Nazis were very cunning, and eliminated all the evidence to make it seem like the exterminations never happened."
"We Gentiles have a better explanation. The exterminations never happened."

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