anti-Semite n. person hated by Jews for exposing their lies, deception, bigotry, warmongering, brutality and terrorism 2. historical revisionist, 9/11 researcher, or other person who exposes Jewish atrocities, scams and lies

biased a. 1. slanted in favor of truth, reality and justice as opposed to personal inclination or prejudice 2. tendency not to grovel before the Jews and show sufficient deference for their lies

death camp n. labor camp used in wartime to intern people of dubious allegiance and to utilize their labor towards the war effort

denial n. act of telling the truth

document n. report (q.v.)

education n. act of brainwashing children with fake, politically motivated alternative histories that encourage them to despise themselves and revere the Jews

evidence n. allegation, however far-fetched and incredible, that supports the view that the Jews are a poor, oppressed, exterminated people and the National Socialist regime was full of psychopathic mass murderers

extermination n. resettlement and transport of Jews to eastern Europe

extremist n. 1. forthright person who is not overly impressed with political correctness, typically an idiot (q.v.) -a. 2. of honest character

gas chamber n. 1. delousing chamber used to exterminate typhus-bearing lice in order to save human lives 2. shower room used to promote good hygiene and human health 3. air-raid shelter that was reconstructed by the Soviets after the war as evidence (q.v.) of German atrocities 4. morgue, falsely presented as room for killing humans by poison gas

hate n. strong dislike of liars, cheats and scoundrels

historian n. 1. cuckolded traitor who sells out their own race by presenting Jewish lies as fact 2. Jewish charlatan who peddles a hoax for financial and political purposes

Holocaust n. fictitious variation of history that holds that six million Jews (q.v.) were murdered, many of them in gas chambers (q.v.)

Holocaust denial n. real history based on facts, evidence and laws of nature

idiot n. person capable of critical thinking, supports the scientific method, applies reason and common sense to develop a worldview, which frequently leads to biased (q.v.) conclusions that are perceived as a threat to the unbiased (q.v.) self-professed views and chicanery of lying, thieving scumbags

imbecile n. idiot (q.v.)

insane a. person who has exhibited stupidity (q.v.) or racist (q.v.) tendencies

Israel n. land that belongs to Palestinians but was coveted and stolen by the Khazars (q.v.)

Jew n. self-styled Chosen One; member of a group that parasitizes the efforts of a host population as an 'engine' for their own enrichment; generally a person of Khazarian (q.v.) descent, whose ancestors converted to Judaism approximately 700-800 years after the birth of Christ

Khazars n. tribe who pass themselves off as Semitic 'Jews' with a right to land on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean, when in fact their ancestors lived in the vicinity of the Khazar kingdom on the western shores of the Caspian Sea -Khazarian a. of the Khazar tribe

persecuted a. having faced justice, e.g., more than 100 instances of expulsion, in retribution for their crimes against the host population

proven pp. any lie that has been repeated so incessantly in the Jewish mass media that it has come to be taken as fact

racist a. 1. biased (q.v.) -n. 2. White person who opposes the extermination of his/her own race and exhibits biased tendencies

refutation n. pack of misleading lies concocted by Jews or their sycophants as propaganda to counter statements of idiots (q.v.) and anti-Semites (q.v.)

report n. document, either faked, quoted out of context, mistranslated or misinterpreted, purporting to demonstrate some far-fetched claim, such as 2,955 Germans shooting three million Jews without anyone ever noticing in a war zone far outside of Germany and eliminating all physical evidence without a trace

Shoah n. Holocaust (q.v.) industry, as in 'there's no business like Shoah business', perverting history for political and financial gain

stupidity n. the ability to evaluate evidence in a biased (q.v.) manner, which has a tendency to lead to conflict with the opponents of imbeciles (q.v.)

unbiased a. slanted in favor of the lies of thieving, cheating, murderous liars and terrorists

Zionism n. 120-year-old conspiracy for world conquest by deception; involves control of the press, promotion of propaganda, seizure and occupation of Middle Eastern land, and infiltration and occupation of 'democracies' by stealth; presented to the gullible as establishing a homeland for the Jewish people and combating racism (q.v.)