The Holocaust Believer's 'Logic' Flowchart

For "Holocaust" believers, click on your chosen answers in the Questionnaire to continue to the next point. (Hint: there is only one answer that results in a "pass", but this can still be obtained after several "fails".) After proceeding to the end, you will arrive at the explanation of how the various absurdities inherent in Holocaust dogma were derived from the evidence.

For non-believers, you can either click here to jump down to the explanation of how this flowchart was derived, or might find it amusing to look into the mindset of a "Holocaust" believer by clicking on various answers. The flowchart itself takes up two sides of A4 with at least ten oddly-shaped boxes per side, when the details are written in the boxes. See the Appendix for the basic flow chart, merely for boxes 1 to 10 below. And this is all before even going into issues such as Treblinka, mass murder by Diesel exhaust fumes, the 45-year wait for Hoaxers to get the Auschwitz death toll 'correct' to the nearest three million after they 'predicted' in September 1919 that "6,000,000" Jews were going to be "completely exterminated", lies about quicklime, steam chambers, electric plates, pedal-operated brain-bashing machines, etc.

To try out other permutations, either scroll up or use the Back button on your browser. No matter which hoops the Holocaust believer jumps through in an attempt to rationalize his beliefs, he will always end up with a mixture of absurdities and denials, depending on which particular brand of Hoaxer lunacy he falls for.


(1) Do you accept the thousand-fold difference in cyanide levels for delousing rooms and alleged "gas chambers" at Auschwitz-Birkenau? NO, go to (2); YES, go to (6)

(2) You deny the forensics evidence (e.g., Leuchter, Rudolf, the earlier Krakow Institute study), you deny the laws of chemistry under which hydrogen cyanide can react with iron in masonry walls to form the stable cyanide compound known as Iron Blue, you deny the empirical evidence proving the latter (e.g., fumigation of Protestant church at Wiesenfeld, Lower Bavarian, Germany with Zyklon B to exterminate woodworm), and you support pseudoscience and tampering with methodology to obtain a politically motivated conclusion (i.e., Markiewicz et al, Krakow Institute 'study'). FAIL! Go to bonus failure question (3)

(3) Do you believe that the patchy blue staining on and in the walls of the Auschwitz-Birkenau delousing rooms is "paint"? YES, go to (4); NO, go to (5)

(4) You postulate a "paint" that exclusively uses Iron Blue when paints do not exclusively use Iron Blue; you postulate "painters" who bizarrely chose to apply this "paint" only to delousing rooms that are to be gassed and, most of the time, will not be occupied by people who could admire the decor; you postulate "painters" who apply this blue "paint" over a coat of white lime paint; you postulate a "paint" that does not contain fillers, binders and other additives contained in paint, a "paint" that leaves no brush strokes, and a "paint" that permeates deep into the walls and even through to the exterior in contrast to the properties of paint. FAIL! Go to next question (11)

(5) You are unable to explain the origin of the Iron Blue in the delousing rooms. FAIL! Go to next question (11)

(6) Do you maintain that, at Auschwitz, the 'Nazis' began "exterminating" the Jews en masse in the early part of 1942? YES, go to (7); NO, go to (10)

(7) Do you believe that the 'Nazis' used approximately 8,500 tons of Zyklon B for delousing at Auschwitz in 1941? YES, go to (8); NO, go to (9)

(8) You claim that the 'Nazis' used ~8,500 tons of invisible, non-existent Zyklon B for delousing in 1941, when delousing would have used in the order of one-thousandth of that amount. FAIL! Go to next question (11)

(9) You contend that the 'Nazis' (generally regarded as highly "efficient") were crazy enough to use hundreds of kilograms of Zyklon B per month in delousing rooms to save their prisoners' lives, at the very same place (Auschwitz-Birkenau) and time (1942-1944) that you allege they were using a mere hundreds of grams of Zyklon B per month to murder their prisoners. FAIL! Go to next question (11)

(10) You contend that Holocaust believers were wrong in previously claiming that "exterminations" began early in 1942, and it was in fact in the summer of 1944; you contend that the 'Nazis' could gas and cremate 1,300,000 people in five months, which is 8,542 per day, or one every ten seconds, including herding into "gas chambers", gassing, waiting for cyanide to disperse, dragging out the cyanide-contaminated corpses, dragging into a goods elevator that could take only five corpses at a time, unloading, dragging and loading into the ovens, and cremating. FAIL! Go to next question (11)

(11) Do you accept that 2,100 tonnes of coke from 1942 to 1944 inclusive is a reasonable extrapolation from the known records for coke deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau that demonstrate a total of 1032.5 tonnes from February 1942 to October 1943? YES, go to (12); NO, go to (15)

(12) Do you believe that bodies are practically self-combusting and can be cremated en masse with as little as 1.6 kg of coke per corpse? YES, go to (13); NO, go to (14)

(13) Your belief is refuted by the laws of nature, such as the law of conservation of energy, which is corroborated by the fact that manufacturers of modern animal incinerators (which allow for simultaneous cremations of multiple carcasses) cannot come anywhere even remotely approaching 1.6 kg of coke per 55 kg of animal tissue. FAIL! Go to next question (18)

(14) You would need to postulate a new 'mathematics' in order to claim 1.3 million corpses cremated with 2,100 tonnes of coke at more than 10 kg of coke per corpse. However, in fairness, this could be the same 'mathematics' that allows the headline "6,000,000" dead Jews to remain unchanged when the Auschwitz death toll is revised downwards by nearly 3 million. FAIL! Go to next question (18)

(15) Do you accept the documented fact of 1,032.5 tonnes of coke delivered to Auschwitz-Birkenau from February 1942 to October 1943? YES, go to (16); NO, go to (17)

(16) You must postulate that coke consumption suddenly rocketed from 71 tonnes per month to ~1,700 tonnes per month in November 1943, 'coincidentally' just at the time that the known coke delivery records stopped, and that the 'Nazis' somehow managed to deliver tens of tonnes of invisible coke daily for a year without anyone noticing, and were crazy enough to dedicate so much scarce resources to indulge in "exterminations" just as the German nation was fighting for its very survival against the Soviets, the Americans and the British. FAIL! Go to next question (18)

(17) You not only deny the documents demonstrating coke deliveries for most of 1942 and 1943 (were they "faked" by the 'Nazis' to cover up "exterminations"?), but must postulate the deliveries of 600 tonnes of invisible coke each month over three years, which no one noticed, and was secretly used for "exterminations", and which the 'Nazis' were sufficiently crazy to continue dedicating towards "exterminations" whilst fighting for the survival of their nation. FAIL! Go to next question (18)

(18) Do you maintain that more than a million people were murdered at Auschwitz-Birkenau, mainly by gassing? NO, go to (19); YES, go to (20)

(19) PASS!

(20) Your belief is refuted by the thousand-fold difference in cyanide levels for delousing rooms and alleged "gas chambers", Auschwitz-Birkenau coke consumption, durability of firebricks, Auschwitz death books, British Intelligence decrypts, aerial photographs, autopsies on the dead that failed to show cyanide poisoning as cause of death, documents that failed to include even a single written order or budget for an extermination program, a total lack of any photographs or footage of "gassings", the lying, contradictory testimonies of "witnesses", and much more too numerous to mention. FAIL!

(Note: For simplicity's sake, we haven't even started on Treblinka, open-air cremations, mass murder by Diesel exhaust fumes, claims of death camps in Germany proper, etc.)

The Absurdities of "Holocaust" Dogma

We present the data, and derive from that the rational conclusions and the various physical impossibilities and absurdities of the "Holocaust" fable. Note: no one denies that there were concentration camps in wartime, or that Jews and others were put into these camps, or that some people died. Non-believers in the Holocaust religion contend, quite rightly, that the official narrative is absurd, physically impossible, and contradicted by the evidence. There was no program to "exterminate" the Jews or any other group, and there were no homicidal "gas chambers". The only gas chambers were delousing rooms aimed at saving lives by killing typhus lice. The "Holocaust" is a hoax.

(1) Zyklon B deliveries (by Tesch) to Auschwitz-Birkenau: 1942, 7.5 tons; 1943, 12 tons; 1944, 6 tons. (These are the years that the "extermination" by "gassings" was allegedly carried out.)

(2) Average cyanide levels in walls: Delousing rooms, 1,035 to 13,500 mg/kg; alleged homicidal "gas chambers", 0 to 7.9 mg/kg. Ratio of delousing rooms to "gas chambers" is more than 1,000:1.

(Note: In order to prevent the page at the above link from scrolling away from the relevant section as images are loaded, you may need to close the tab or window and click on the link for a second time. Once the page has been cached, then that, and subsequent links to other anchor tags, should remain at the correct point on the page.)

Conclusions from (1) and (2): Auschwitz-Birkenau was a work camp; the delousing rooms were used to save the lives of the workforce by fumigating clothes and bedding, and allegations of homicidal "gas chambers" are a (politically and financially motivated) tissue of lies.

Some Hoaxers contend that the difference in cyanide levels came about because it is very easy to kill humans with hydrogen cyanide, but the lethal dose for bugs is much higher. This leads to an absurdity, because it means that the Germans were crazy enough to use 99.9% of their Zyklon B to save their prisoners' lives by fumigating clothes and bedding at the very same time and place that they were allegedly using the remaining 0.1% for killing them.

There are several ways for Hoaxers to avoid this particular absurdity, but only by creating other absurdities or denials of reality. If the Hoaxer tries to argue that live-saving fumigation preceded an "extermination" program involving "gas chambers", then their problem is that Zyklon B consumption should have plummeted by a thousand-fold when delousing ceased.

For example, they could claim that they were wrong in alleging exterminations began early in 1942, and it was in fact midway through 1944 (after all, Hoaxers took 45 years to announce that they'd been wrong about the Auschwitz death toll, and instead of "4 million", it was about 1.1 to 1.5 million; in spite of that, the headline "six million" figure was not revised accordingly!). This could explain why Zyklon B consumption halved in 1944 compared to 1943, but it then requires that the 'Nazis' must have gassed and cremated ~1.3 million people in five months, which is 8,542 per day, or one person every ten seconds (working 24/7). That exacerbates other absurdities (see below regarding coke consumption), in which the Hoaxer must either deny the law of conservation of energy, or must posit invisible, unrecorded deliveries of vast amounts of invisible coke (~600 to 1,638 tons per month, depending on whether or not the Hoaxer denies Hoaxers' own data). Either way, they must also postulate various other suspensions of chemical and physical laws such as a bizarre speeding up of chemical reactions to reduce cremation times, along with the sheer impossibility of herding people into "gas chambers", gassing, waiting for the cyanide to disperse, dragging out the dangerous, cyanide contaminated corpses, dragging into an elevator that could take only five corpses at a time, unloading, dragging and loading into an oven, and cremating, at a rate of ten seconds per corpse for completion of all of those tasks.

Another possibility for the Hoaxer is to claim that "exterminations" began at the start of 1942, and the delousing policy preceded that, but the 'Nazis' somehow managed to conjure up 8,500 tons of invisible Zyklon B out of thin air, which they used for delousing in 1941, and then the Zyklon B consumption reduced a thousand-fold to average 8.5 tons annually for 1942 to 1944. Again, anyone who believed that would need to be a few clowns short of a circus.

Another alternative is for the Hoaxer is to deny the laws of chemistry, to deny the empirical evidence (e.g., gassing of a church at Wiesenfeld, Lower Bavarian, Germany with Zyklon B to exterminate woodworm) showing that fumigation with hydrogen cyanide (HCN) can produce the stable cyanide compound known as "Iron Blue" / "Prussian Blue" / "Berlin Blue" upon reaction with iron in the brickwork, to deny forensic studies (Leuchter, Rudolf, the earlier study from the Krakow Institute for Forensic Research) that failed to give Hoaxers their ideologically required result, and to cite the fraudulent 'study' by Markiewicz et al (the later 'study' from the Krakow Institute). The Markiewicz team tampered with their methodology by looking only for unstable cyanide compounds and excluding stable cyanide compounds, in order to obtain their politically required result of similar cyanide levels in delousing rooms and alleged "gas chambers". They justified their decision with a claim that they could not imagine how HCN could form Iron Blue by reacting with iron in the brickwork, despite the fact that it can and does.

Some Hoaxers attempted to 'explain' the origin of the Iron Blue in the Auschwitz-Birkenau delousing chambers, with a ludicrous claim that it was "paint". In this case, the "painters" select a paint that exclusively uses Iron Blue for its blue coloring, despite the fact that blue paints do not exclusively use Iron Blue because it is unstable in the alkaline, slaked lime environment of a freshly plastered wall, and will precipitate, leaving a patchy blue which gradually degrades. And the "painters" bizarrely apply this paint exclusively to the delousing chambers, not only at Auschwitz-Birkenau, but also at the Majdanek and Stutthof camps, despite the fact that, in a room to which poison gas is to be introduced, people are not going to hang about very long to admire the decor. For some unknown reason, the "painters" of the Auschwitz delousing chamber applied a coat of white lime paint, before applying their mysterious blue "paint", which strangely did not leave a pattern of brush strokes, and did not include fillers, binders and other additives as would be expected for a normal paint. And this peculiar "paint" permeated right through to the exterior of the delousing room walls even though it would not have done so, with the same high cyanide levels and visible patchy blue on the outside, and with high cyanide levels but with no blue discoloration in samples taken from deeper layers of the plaster, again, to which the "paint" would not have permeated.

Of course, the Hoaxer always has another counter-'argument'. They can simply scream, "You're a dirty anti-Semite / Nazi scum", etc..

The above absurdities exist in parallel with the narrative's other fatal flaws as described below.

(3) Coke availability, known deliveries to Auschwitz-Birkenau, February 1942 - October 1943: 1,032.5 (metric) tons (or tonnes). A generously high extrapolation for 1942-1944 is 2,100 tonnes.

(4) Coke required to cremate human body in a Topf oven (averaging out double-, triple- and eight-muffles as at Auschwitz-Brikenau): 18 kg per corpse (generously low assumption).

(5) Bodies cremated at Auschwitz-Birkenau, based on coke consumption: 2,100,000 kg / 18 kg = 116,667 (generously high assumption).

(6) Coke available at Auschwitz-Birkenau per corpse, if the official narrative is true, and taking the death toll at 1.3 million = 2,100,000 kg / 1,300,000 = 1.6 kg per corpse.

Conclusion from (3) to (6): The Auschwitz-Birkenau death toll was in the order of 100,000, and there was no "extermination" program.

In order to maintain the new, improved, revised claim of somewhere between 1.1 million and 1.5 million as the Auschwitz death toll, the Hoaxer has two or three options here. Most Hoaxers will claim that bodies are virtually self-combusting and will burn with negligible fuel, after the cremation oven has been heated up and the first body starts to burn. This is simply yet another blatant lie, which Hoaxers desperately needed to concoct in order to prop up their tissue of lies of a so-called "Holocaust" of "six million" Jews. Modern animal incinerators are considerably more efficient than the Topf ovens of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Nevertheless, the most economical of these modern cremators can only go down to a fuel consumption equivalent to 8.7 kg of coke per 50 kg of animal tissue, at a burn rate of 50 kg per hour, so for a typical 55 kg moderately undernourished human, the coke required is 9.6 kg and the cremation time is 66 minutes. Alternatively, a large animal cremator can burn at up to around 249 kg per hour, but at the disadvantage of a greatly increased fuel consumption, equivalent to 27.1 kg of coke for a 55 kg human corpse. Even 9.6 kg is a far cry from 1.6 kg; it's still a factor of six.

In one variation of this, the Hoaxer will claim that multiple corpses can be introduced into a single muffle of a cremation oven, such that the fat burning from one body will burn the bones of, or dry out, another corpse. This is another lie. Such a scheme cannot possibly increase efficiency; there remains the same combination of combustibles (fats, proteins, carbohydrates) and non-combustibles (water, minerals). The Topf ovens were designed for a single body per muffle per cremation cycle, and the introduction of additional bodies for simultaneous, multiple cremations per muffle would impede or even block the inlet and outlet holes for the necessary flow of combustion gases. For two bodies, say, the mass has doubled, but the surface area seen by the refractory walls and the hot gases for heat transfer purposes has increased by a factor of less than two. And that is borne out by calculations which show that the cremation time per body actually lengthens.

Another way of looking at this is that an attempt to increase efficiency through multiple, simultaneous cremations is tantamount to a Ponzi scam. The first phase of the cremation cycle involves drying out the corpse (evaporation), and is endothermic (it requires a supply of energy). The following exothermic (heat-releasing) fat / protein / carbohydrate burning phase is a relatively small part of the cremation cycle. This is followed by the final endothermic phase of calcining the bones. And there is a tremendous energy drain at this point because it is necessary to (i) supply air (ii) heat that air.

Given sufficient fuel (e.g., around 20 kg or more per corpse, and certainly not as low as 1.6 kg per corpse!), the evaporation phase might take 15 minutes, the exothermic phase another 15 minutes, and the calcining phase 30 minutes. If corpse B is introduced as corpse A goes into the exothermic phase, then the fat burning from A could conceivably be used to dry out B. If a third corpse is introduced 30 minutes into the process, that leaves two corpses - A and C - in endothermic stages in the cycle, whilst only B is releasing energy. If a fourth corpse is introduced 45 minutes into the process, then both A and B are in the calcining stage over the next 15 minutes, C is in fat burning, and D is taking energy released from C to dry out D. Stuffing in additional corpses does not release sufficient energy to compensate for all the extra bones that have to be calcined, rather like the new investors coming into a failing Ponzi scam are insufficient to compensate for all the investors trying to get their money out. Even with two corpses, after 45 minutes, both are into the calcining phase and the heat must be supplied from an auxiliary fuel source.

Calcining the bones ideally requires temperatures of around 850 °C, in which case it might be done in 30 minutes. By the time you go down to the absolute minimum temperature of 500 °C, the time for calcining increases to seven to eight hours per body. The cremation needs about 3,000 lb of combustion air per hour, and heating that air from 20 °C to 850 °C requires 0.406 MJ/lb = 1,219 MJ. Even if the various losses (heat of the smoke, non-combustible slag, etc.) are ignored, 1.6 kg of coke only yields 48 MJ at best, which can heat the air for 2.4 minutes over a 60-minute cycle. And if these cremations worked - which they wouldn't - the fact that they are skimping on fuel means that they would take much longer than an hour per corpse. Even if cremation times of one hour per corpse were achieved, the ovens would need to be running for forty-two hours per day. If you use the coke merely for pre-heating and attempt to cremate by using the refractory walls as heat accumulators, that doesn't work either. The exposed surface of the refractory walls cools during the calcining phase. The remaining organic material increases in temperature until it reaches an equilibrium at which it is losing heat to the cool air by convection at a rate equalling its heat gained from the refractory walls by radiation, and then its temperature proceeds to decline along with the walls temperature, and the cremation fails.

Calcined bones are pure white, friable and porous - they can easily be reduced to powder, whereas bone that is not quite calcined is not as fragile and is quite strong. If there is no air supply during calcination, the bones merely char or carbonize and turn black. This would have left Auschwitz looking like a coal mine, and the perpetrators might as well have left signed confessions nailed to the oven room walls. If the Germans were carrying out murders on an industrial scale, it is preposterous to imagine that they would have settled for half-baked measures in which the bodies were not properly cremated, making it very hard to grind and crush the bones. At Auschwitz-Birkenau alone, they would have been left with 267,800,000 bones to dispose of, including 1.3 million skulls, 2.6 million thigh bones and 31.2 million ribs, amounting to thousands of tons.

On a more philosophical note, if there exists some parallel world in which bodies are quite flammable, then life would not have evolved to the point of being capable of building gas chambers and cremation ovens; it would have been snuffed out almost as quickly as it started.

Another Hoaxer ploy - which really smacks of desperation - is to argue that the records of coke deliveries to Auschwitz are irrelevant because they are incomplete - they don't include the period after October 1943. As we shall see, the Hoaxer would have to argue that deliveries suddenly rocketed. But Hoaxers never think about the implications of their extravagant allegations, and they hope everyone else does likewise.

Given the numbers of each type of oven, the average works out at around 18.5 kg of coke per corpse, and even 18 kg is generously low, considering that consumption is higher whenever an oven is still warming up.

TopfCokeConsumptionMinimum photo TopfCokeConsumptionMinimum_zps0f4c42fa.png

Source: Auschwitz: The Case for Sanity [p. 271] - Carlo Mattogno

The difference between Hoaxer claims and reality is an order of magnitude, at minimum, and this is because the actual death toll for Auschwitz-Birkenau is about 100,000 (almost all from natural causes, and more Roman Catholics than Jews - as meticulously recorded in the death books), as opposed to Hoaxers' unsubstantiated and physically impossible claim of 1.3 million dead, mostly by "gassing".

Taking the average Hoaxer claim of 1.3 million murdered at Auschwitz, Hoaxers require 1,300,000 bodies multiplied by 18 kg of coke per body, which is 23,400 tonnes of coke in total. The documented quantity delivered is 1,032.5 tonnes between February 16, 1942 and October 25, 1943, and a generous extrapolation for 1942-1944, allowing for the fact that monthly deliveries increased to an average of 71 tonnes from April to October 1943, is 2,100 tonnes. The Hoaxer needs to conjure up an extra 21,300 tonnes. If those extra tonnes were delivered over the 13 months from November 1943 to November 1944 inclusive, then that's an extra 1,638 tonnes monthly in addition to the actual 71 tonnes indicated by the paper trail. In this scenario, then, the Hoaxer must propose that monthly coke deliveries suddenly rocketed from 71 tonnes up to around 1,700 tonnes.

Hoaxers might try an extra level of denial and claim that the February 1942 to October 1943 records are themselves incomplete (despite being endorsed by the late Jean-Claude Pressac, who was on their side of the argument), but even then they still need 23,400 tonnes over 35 months, which is 669 tonnes per month. In one case they need about 600 tonnes of invisible, undocumented coke per month, and the other needs more than 1,600 tonnes of invisible, undocumented coke per month. As David Irving pointed out, the fuel cellars at Auschwitz would only hold about twenty tonnes of coke. If deliveries were daily, someone would have noticed. It would have been absurd to dedicate tens of thousands of tonnes of coke to indulge in an extermination program, going right up to November 1944 as the nation was fighting for its very survival. It would also have been absurd for the Germans to use 0.7 kg of Zyklon B at Auschwitz-Birkenau each month to "gas" their prisoners at the same time and place that they were using 700 kg of Zyklon B each month to save their prisoners' lives. But that's Hoaxer 'logic' for you.

The Hoaxer might try arguing that the Germans were crazy enough to use 0.1% of their Zyklon B to gas their prisoners at the very same time and place that they were using the remaining 99.9% to save their prisoners' lives, yet were clever enough to circumvent the law of conservation of energy, which itself is a delicious absurdity combined with a denial of reality. Of course, there was nothing absurd about the events of WWII, and the laws of physics and chemistry were not suspended. Objective reality and the laws of nature have nothing to do with the subjective 'reality' that exists in the dysfunctional minds of Hoaxers.

If 'evil' 'Nazis' really had been "exterminating" Jews on an industrial scale, they'd have built massive industrial incinerators, gas chambers that worked, and massive cellars to accept the massive amounts of fuel required for the incinerators, and they wouldn't have manufactured Zyklon B for delousing chambers to save the Jews. And the gas chambers would be on the same level, or higher than, the cremation incinerators, rather than gas chambers in the cellar which necessitated having to drag the thousands of cyanide-contaminated bodies up for cremation.

(7) Durability of firebricks, before needing replacement: 3,000 cremations per muffle.

(8) Upper limit, based on durability of firebricks: 52 muffles x 3,000 cremations + 2 x 3,000 (for replacement firebricks, one double-muffle oven at Auschwitz I) = 162,000.

Conclusion from (7) and (8): The Auschwitz-Birkenau death toll was in the order of 100,000, and there was no "extermination" program, consistent with conclusions above, and corroborated by evidence already cited.

(9) Auschwitz Death books, 1941-1943: The recorded deaths are in the order of 70,000, so 100,000 is a generously high extrapolation for 1941/1944.

Conclusion from (9): The Auschwitz-Birkenau death toll was in the order of 100,000, and there was no "extermination" program, consistent with conclusions above, and corroborated by evidence already cited.

The Hoaxer may try arguing that, whilst fighting a world war, the Germans were sufficiently cunning to leave "exterminations" off the books, so that it would look like no exterminations were carried out. However, the idea that those unfit to work were simply gassed upon arrival, and kept off the books to conceal the crime, is refuted by an examination of the ages of the 68,751 registered prisoners who died at Auschwitz up to the end of 1943. If inmates had been selected out for murder below or above specific ages, the age distribution curve would be expected to fall sharply at the specific ages. Instead, the curve is more bell-shaped, with 2,584 (3.7%) below the age of ten, and 2,640 (3.8%) above the age of 60. There were 75 deceased of age 80 or older.

DeathBooksBellCurve photo DeathBooksBellCurve_zps0c894cbb.png

Source: Lectures on the Holocaust [p. 263], Germar Rudolf, .pdf download

If Hoaxer dogma were true, then the Germans would have to have been cunning enough, not only to leave "gassed" prisoners off the books, but also to fake fictitious very young and very old prisoners, in order to cover up evidence of an invisible extermination program. But these are the same Germans who, according to Hoaxer dogma, are supposed to be too moronic to realize that it didn't make sense to allocate 99.9% of their Zyklon B for saving their prisoners' lives whilst they were using the other 0.1% to murder them!

(10) British Intelligence decrypts: Not a word about any "gassings" or an "extermination" program.

Conclusion from (10): Auschwitz-Birkenau was a work camp, not a "death camp"; there was no "extermination" program, consistent with conclusions above, and corroborated by evidence already cited.

(11) Autopsies: Of thousands of autopsies conducted at concentration camps in Germany by Dr. Charles P. Larson and other doctors, not a single one provided evidence of death from poisonous gas ("gassing"). It was originally alleged that concentration camps in Germany were "death camps", but that claim had to be abandoned when refuted by the evidence. Stalin, knowing full well that there was no evidence of "gas chambers", "exterminations", etc., wouldn't let anyone in to investigate the camps after annexing Eastern Europe, and that is why the legend of "gas chambers" and "exterminations" in Poland held up for so long. However, even the Soviets did not manage to produce any autopsies of "gassing" victims.

Conclusion from (11): Auschwitz-Birkenau and other 'Nazi' camps were not "death camps"; there was no "extermination" program, consistent with conclusions above, and corroborated by evidence already cited.

(12) Documents: Not a single written order for extermination, and no budget for extermination. Hoaxers have to resort to an unsubstantiated allegation of "an incredible meeting of minds, a consensus-mind reading by a far-flung bureaucracy".

Conclusion from (12): As per previous conclusions above.

(13) Aerial photographs: No evidence of extermination.

Conclusion from (13): As per previous conclusions above.

(14) Topology: No evidence of disturbed topsoil or mass graves at Treblinka that would be consistent with the claim of nearly a million "exterminations".

(15) Green wood (not seasoned, as available at Treblinka) required to cremate human body in open-air cremations: 300 kg.

(16) Bodies alleged to have been buried, dug up, and then cremated in the open air (within seven months!) at Treblinka: 870,000 (claims vary).

(17) Wood required for alleged cremations at Treblinka: 870,000 * 0.3 = 261,000 tonnes.

(18) Time it would take the 25 Jewish woodcutters at Treblinka to chop and saw 261,000 tonnes, assuming the same productivity as woodcutters in peacetime who are fed on bacon, eggs, sausages, bread and cheese, and have good quality, sharp hatchets and a variety of saws = 261,000 tonnes / (0.555 tonnes per woodcutter per day * 25 woodcutters) = 18,811 days = 51.5 years = until September 1994.

Conclusion from (14) to (18): Treblinka was a transit camp, not a "death camp".

(For more on that, see: Treblinka: Extermination Camp or Transit Camp - Carlo Mattogno / Jürgen Graf.)

Summary of conclusions: No systematic "extermination" or "gassings" at Auschwitz-Birkenau, death toll around 100,000 from natural causes, exacerbated by Allied bombing of supply lines causing lack of food and medicines. It was a work camp. No systematic "extermination" or "gassings" at Treblinka, or anywhere else in Nazi-controlled territory for that matter; Treblinka and other camps in the East were transit camps for resettlement of Jews to the East.

There are so many more resources for further reading, but the important thing is to get the word out and share this information, before the liars have a chance to restrict internet access or to extend the group of nations that legislate against truth telling in order to prop up the 'truth' of the "Holocaust". The post-war legal system has been built on the tissue of lies known as the "Holocaust", and the sooner it collapses under the weight of its own falsehoods, the less bloodshed there will be during the transition period. The prospects for a future that's based on lies are bleak - more wars and an existential threat to humankind. Future generations deserve a culture that's based on truth.

The long version of this page is The Non-Destruction of the European Jews, which goes into full details of the above-mentioned evidence. It begins by presenting honest Jews' statements on the "Holocaust", and the rest of the material corroborates their position that there was no "Holocaust" of the Jews as touted by Jewish fanatics, Zionist mouthpieces and their dupes. The preceding part of that trilogy sets out the context of why a bunch of lying, racist fanatics and greedy, grasping fraudsters would fabricate a hoax about a so-called "Holocaust", although one can get quite a good idea merely by watching the 12-minute video mentioned below by Yossi Gurvitz.

For the layman who doesn't want to delve into the technicalities too deeply, but still wants to be aware of the mountain of overwhelming evidence proving that the "Holocaust" is a hoax, a great place to start is with the already mentioned Lectures on the Holocaust by Germar Rudolf (available as a free .pdf download - the print edition is worth getting, too). For example, Hoaxers are always telling us that testimonies by "witnesses" and "confessions" by the 'Nazis' themselves demonstrate the truth of the so-called "Holocaust". This is refuted in the Fourth Lecture.

There is an excellent 133-minute audio from Red Ice Radio: Nicholas Kollerstrom - Breaking the Spell, The Holocaust Myth and Reality (February 25, 2015), and there's a useful transcript of the show. Kollerstrom explains the reality of the work camps, the delousing chambers, how there is a total lack of any documents or intercepted communications that provide evidence of an "extermination" program, and much more. He tells of how more and more people have been waking up to the true motives of the Holocaust industry (at around 112 minutes), and he points to 2010 as a turning point, citing Israel's actions in Gaza. 2010 was also the year that Israeli forces boarded a ship from a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters and killed nearly a dozen Turkish peace activists in cold blood.

Hellstorm - The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany is a ground-breaking 90-minute video about the truth that the victors still do not want you to know. The real Holocaust of WWII was that inflicted upon the German people by the Allied victors, including mass murder, rape, torture and slavery. For example, the Allied firebombing of Hamburg and Dresden amounted to a systematic, deliberate extermination of civilians. In fact, more Germans died in Dresden than Jews died at Auschwitz, and, unlike the premeditated extermination of civilians by Allied forces, almost all deaths at Auschwitz were from natural causes, due to a lack of food and medicines in wartime. The same goes for Dachau. Yet the politically correct 'reality' (propagated by Hollywood, the Jewish-owned mass media, and Zionist Occupied Governments still trying to cover up and deflect from Allied war crimes after all these years) holds that WWII was a "good" war, the Allied side were heroes, the Germans were evil brutes who carried out atrocities against the Jews, and the Jews were the "victims". And photos of corpses - in many cases, of German civilians - are supposed to 'prove' that. And it was the Germans - who'd been trying to care for their prisoners until Allied bombing interrupted supply lines - who were raped, machine-gunned, tortured, vilified, forced to pay "reparations", etc., after the war, not the British who'd systematically exterminated German civilians!

The Jewish-owned mass media always love to portray David Duke as a "former Klansman". Duke would be the first to admit that he had his faults in his younger days, but in this 89-minute video of Duke and the global economist Adrian Salbuchi appearing on an Argentine TV station, it can be seen that Duke is entirely reasonable, and is speaking candidly about the problems with the post-"Holocaust" world of today. He identifies the real racists, and they're not "neo-Nazis" or "anti-Semites"; they're fanatical Zionist Jews. Watch and decide who you think is the greater threat to human rights and world peace: the likes of David Duke, or the likes of Benjamin Netanyahu and Zionist puppet 'leaders' such as George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Continuing on the theme of fanatical Jewish supremacists, in this 12-minute video When Israel Is Mighty, Yossi Gurvitz, who is Jewish, tells of their ultimate plan to create a 'paradise' in which Jewish fanatics can rape three-year-old Gentile girls and murder Gentiles with impunity. This is the future that these Talmud-thumping psychopaths plan for us, if their vile program is allowed to run to its conclusion. Gurvitz speaks in Hebrew, but there are English subtitles. For the transcript, see here.

(When the subtitles are actual YouTube subtitles as opposed to having been composed on the video, there is the useful facility that, by clicking "More" and "Transcript", it is possible to view a transcript, and scroll through or copy and paste. That doesn't work for the previous video, but it does for the next two.)

A brave 86-year-old German lady is risking her liberty to speak out about the "Holocaust" in Germany, where the laws against thought crimes are heavily enforced in order to prop up the so-called 'truth' of the "Holocaust". Ursula Haverbeck speaks German in this 19-minute video with English subtitles. Also see her 49-minute Panorama interview, again, with English subtitles As she says [5:45], "...if we want a future that is humane and sustainable then we can't get there with lies. For then we need a solid foundation — among the different peoples too — and that solid foundation can only be the truth." At the end, when the interviewer remarks that Frau Haverbeck could land up in prison for stating her views, she replies that it's a risk she'll have to take.

The irony is that those who are opposed to the current lie-based system of an elite group of Jewish bankers, warmongers and hate-filled racial and religious supremacists creaming off most of the Gentiles' wealth for themselves, and pursuing a divide and conquer strategy that has the Gentiles fighting amongst themselves whilst letting their real enemy walk all over them, are accused of being "racists" and "right-wing" extremists.

Finally, the blog of Paul Eisen, who is Jewish, must be credited for having alerted the writer to the above-mentioned videos.


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